No Man’s Sky Coming to PS4 in August

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No Man’s Sky Coming to PS4 in August

No Man’s Sky

Hello, Sean Murray from Hello Games here, working extremely hard on our game, No Man’s Sky.

The game really has come together, and it’s such an incredible relief. As we sit an play it now, and as I watch playtesters every day, I can finally let myself get excited. We’re actually doing this.

However, as we approached our final deadlines, we realized that some key moments needed extra polish to bring them up to our standards. I have had to make the tough choice to delay the game for a few weeks to allow us to deliver something special.

After a short delay, No Man’s Sky will launch in North America on August 9, in Europe August 10, and in the UK August 12.

Diplo on No Man’s SkyCreature on No Man’s Sky

We understand that this news is disappointing. Making this game is the hardest thing I’ve ever done in my life, but we are so close now, and we’re prepared to make the tough choices to get it right.

The universe of No Man’s Sky is incredibly vast. More than you can imagine. This is a type of game that hasn’t been attempted before, by a smaller team than anyone would expect, under an intense amount of expectation.

And despite all of that, development is genuinely going well. This is the hardest working, most talented team I’ve ever worked with, and I’m so proud of what we’re doing. For all our sakes though, we get one shot to make this game and we can’t mess it up.

To the loyal community who’s stuck by our side since the unveiling of No Man’s Sky years ago, we hope you’ll accept our sincere apology and I am humbly asking that you’ll still look forward to exploring our universe despite the slight delay.

Thank you so much,

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  • Noice! Looking forward to it!

    • Take your time and release it when it’s done, all of us will be patiently waiting for the new release date.

      Sad to hear this but August isn’t that far away

    • 2 months, really 2 months!!! Just give me the game now I be happy to test it. I booked time off, I bought equipment to make YouTube videos. You have had 6 years. I am seriously miffed.

      Thank you for making my depression worse.

    • Wolf_Of_War_MLG

      A delayed game is eventually a good game :D

    • Hello Games, take your time! A game this masterful deserves the extra attention however, maybe give the Playstation Access guys and gals another gameplay demo of something we haven’t seen! Till then I’ll see you in the center!

    • Maybe can you give us a demo

    • When will we be getting our pre order refund?


    • Quit crying about a delay you entitled jerks.

      Sean Murray
      Grant Duncan
      Ryan Doyle
      David Ream
      Aaron Andrews
      Gareth Bourn
      Simon Carter
      Harry Denholm
      Jake Golding
      Beau Lamb
      Hazel McKendrick
      Levi Naess
      Matthew Reynolds
      Charlie Tangora
      Suzy Wallace

      According to the hello games website, this is their team. While many will run out of fingers counting, most will not run out of toes. You guys gotta expect delays when you’re working with teams under 20-30 people. Heck you have to expect delays when you’re working with teams over 30 people.

      Expect servers to not work on online games for the first week maybe 2 as people hammer the servers, expect games to get delayed, like this is stuff that happens every couple of months, on a regular basis for decades… How have people not seen these regular occurrences, and just expected them to be a possibility by now?

    • + BRAVO_SIX98

      Well people, I found the immature 10 yr old.

      To the rest of the Hello Games Team, I look forward to the release. I am excited to see the game. This delay will allow me to save up more money and snag one of those new 1080 GTX G-cards. Oh Yeah.

    • So if we pre ordered it we still get the game at no extra cost right? I’m not upset about the delay as much as I would be if I had to buy it again.

    • Kept up the good work, release a playable demo while people wait

    • I’m still excited for the game but this is a big screw over as you’ve delayed so many times and I’m really considering cancelling my pre order trust me you’ve made a mistake you should release the game in June and make a update after for what you was going to be doing !

    • Why the extra delay for the UK??:

    • Lol, +kingcrute88 I don’t think you can blame Hello Games for your depression. Clearly you’re depressed because you take life WAY to seriously. It’s a game for Christ sake. You’ve waited this long, in an extra few weeks REALLY that much of a hardship.

      Guaranteed, all the people complaining about the delay would crucify Hello Games if they’d released the game and it wasn’t working.

    • Take as much time as you need my friend! I am absolutely fascinated with this game, and can’t imagine how difficult it is to work on something so ambitious. Can’t wait!


      I’m not trippin. I’ve been onboard since day one, and will continue to be. No Man’s Sky is gonna be a great game. You are changing the course of the gaming industry. And I can’t wait to look forward to other procedural generated games you have in the back of your remarkable mind. Keep up the good work home boi!

      P.S don’t sell your procedural generation game engine to NO ONE! THEY WILL RUIN YOUR WORK!

    • That’s fine no worries however I hope there won’t be a price increase of the game as £49.99 I’d a respectable price as it currently stands

    • ii-ABO-SHAFI-ii

      2months are you kidding me at least give us a demo

    • + BRAVO_SIX98

      Are you for real?

      A video game being delayed makes you this angry.

      Oh deary me.

    • Thanks for the honesty, me and my friends are realy looking forward to play your game, please take the time needed to make it awesome, broken games are never interesting for long.

    • PurplarScorpion

      I’m in agreement with the hello game team. You guys sitting here pissing and moaning need to really relax. Some of the best games I’ve ever played had been delayed for years. So to everyone at Hello Games working on this project thank you. Thank you for having the passion and drive to be willing to wait until the game is at the point that you want before releasing it. I am happily looking forward to it and if for some reason there was more delays. I would still be happily looking forward to it. thank you for taking the time it needs.

    • In a time when most publishers decide to launch (or are forced to launch due to external/publisher pressures) before a game is truly ready, I applaud you in taking a deciding action of this kind. Not only that, but how rare is it to be allowed to delay games nowadays? I, for one, am excited by this game and any reasonable delays are celebratory in my book. Good on you, Hello Games! Much respect and can’t wait to play No Man’s Sky!

    • I know how it is. Being a musician, I’ve worked hard on one of my songs and listened to it over and over. There where a few KEY parts that wasn’t clicking with me. HINT, HINT. It had to do with a keyboard part! Then one evening it just came to me and it’s the best decision I’ve ever made! This song just hits at a certain part that changes before the solo! Like Sean playing his game over and over he realized, you only get one chance to make a first impression! I know how he feels. Releasing his game, his baby to the world, on June the 21, knowing certain parts aren’t just right. He would be kicking himself in the ass after the fact. This is how artists work. And he and his crew are true artists and it will show!! To Sean, I know you will knock this one out of the park!

    • Not happy about the push back. Had some vacation time that worked out perfectly with the June date. All pre ordered and ready to go. I think that they should do something nice for those that have all ready have the game paid for like upgrade us to the legendary package for free. Just my thoughts I am looking forward to playing.

    • I can’t tell you how excited I am to play! Sean, you’re actually making my dreams of exploring space and it’s unknown true. I can’t wait!

    • I’m
      fine with this so as long as I don’t have to buy the game again .

    • To everyone saying “cancel your pre-order, you won’t be missed.” Is the flat out dumbest response ever. Games with this many delays rarely deliver, and while 1 canceled pre-order may bit hurt, 100k+ will, and I have canceled. I’ll take the wait and see approach. I refuse to dump money into a failure, I’m take too grown, and lived through the LJN Nintendo days of garbage afyer garbage, I don’t need to repeat that. This screams Spore all over again. I’ll find out about 2 weeks after launch, just like I did with The Division. That game was so broken, and lame it’s an epic failure, and I didn’t get suckered out of $100 like all my idiot friends who haven’t played it on weeks.

    • my man, my brother, my fellow traveler, you in particular but also i well imagine everyone on your team, are the very epitomy of what makes me glad to be a gamer, a lover of sci fi, an explorer of virtual worlds and experiences ive not yet seen. despite anyones understandable (to a degree, a small degree at that) dissapointment, what is penultimate here is that this incredible, original, absurdly ambitious new experience the likes of which i could not have imagined as i grew up devouring heinlien, asimov, bradbury, hoyle, clark, dick (ya ya, ha ha), saberhagen, niven, varley, pohl, brinn, benford, bear, (christ the list could obviously go on, sorry for that), is everything you hoped it would be. at that point it will be what we are all so excited for, and any sooner would simply be the real dissapointment that the believers would be most bothered by. take whatever time you need to deliver this universe. i think a little more waiting is the least we can do as fans, to equal what you are expecting of yourself, your team, and this new experience. ivs got far harbor for now so ive got time. word.

    • Very gutted because I planned my holiday around the release and have been waiting for ever, but glad there taking the time to get everything perfect. Just please please don’t let go under!

    • While I appreciate a sincere apology, I am also sincerely hoping that this is the final change of any kind to the release date, if so, apology accepted. If you by chance ever need more people to playtest, who are more than qualified, I’m sure you won’t have any trouble finding willing participants ;)

    • You guys who are being supportive of this are way too forgiving. In no other industry is this acceptable at least not to the extent that it has permeated the video games industry.

      There comes a point where you can’t even identify let alone fix even the major bugs in each new version you compile.

      It’s been like 6 years this guy needs to release it already.

      Stop quoting Miyazaki too, he’s unique. He’s got the focus and drive to make his games good and knows when to delay. Sean isn’t Miyazaki. Nobody else is, not everyone is a genius auteur.

      This behavior needs to stop and his publisher needs to Crack the whip and force him to release.

      Glad Im not hyped for this just commenting on the situation.

    • Some absolutely entitled, childish little idiots here. A small team building something that has never been done before with 0 load times and you get all irritable about a month!? To the guy claiming he was gonna post YouTube videos literally nobody gives a damn nor would watch them. Sean, you shouldn’t have given dates to this 0 patience, fast cut, new generation. In future, just say “when it’s ready”. Thanks for making my 80s childhood, sci if book cover fantasies an imminent reality. Much respect to you all. Most of us understand and wouldn’t be able to make this ourselves even if we wanted to.

    • Its understandable but disappointing. We all know you guys are working hard and I dont blame you at all, Ide rather you guys make it right rather than rush it. But a short playable demo would be great. Seriously if at all possible please release one.

    • I really don’t mind waiting another 3 months, but question is, when will NMS be released in ASIA

    • Ole-HenrikNorway

      Well for us who start working basicly 200% this summer 9 weeks straight (for me it starts the last week of june) hoped to atleast get to play the game a bit before intense work starts… but sadly now I wont have the chance to play it before the end of august… If I knew it would have been delayed again I wouldn’t have pre ordered it.

      Was really excited for this game, the hype is kinda lowered at this point. I would have played the game how it was when gameplay was released. And there is a reason game updating was invented, it was kinda to prevent delaying and fix bugs after release. They could have released the game to the intended date, and then release patches and updates to fix and add what they have delayed the game to fix and add. Every game has huge updates days or weeks after launch anyway.

    • let’s be honest that you should have given yourself more enough time for the release and if you got done early than release it early so you don’t get death threats. Anyhow, I for one am extremely disappointed and I hope you guys figure out how to make it up to all the fans of this game who have been waiting patiently for 6 years.

    • When will it be back up in the playstation store? I was going to pre order when I got paid, but it yas been taken off the store since then. Any info would be great.

    • I’m fine with the delay I was just excited that it was coming out during the summer. Im a junior in high school and I go back to school the day after it is releases. I guess I have one day to play and then wait for the glorious weekends.

    • I’m glad we’re getting a triple a game in dog days of summer

    • Don’t worry about the delay you are working on a truly remarkable game with such a small team and its good to see a development team that understands the community and isn’t just in it for the money great work guys at hello games keep it up

    • Was looking foreward to this game until they moved it back, and now taking my preorder and getting final fantasy.
      I suggest others do the same, we gave them plenty of time and not even a beta.
      So thanks hello games but no thanks you jad your chance and nnw square gets my money and you lost out.

    • Man!!!!! This is the most disappointing news ive gotten this year!!!! Ive been waiting for this game since the talk about it first coming out. It looks great when i see you guys play it, i tgink everybody would ve happy with it for the 21st date which i had preordered it for. I know you want it to be perfect, but evdryone knows that there is just going to be updates anyways. No games have gotten around that, if you manage to do that then the 2 extra months is worth it. If not , then you should just stick with June 21st , seriously. It will be a great start to the summer if it comes out on the original date.

  • RegrettableDeed

    Oh Sean. I’m happy that you were the one to write the blog post.

    I want to apologize for the way the community has acted in the last few days regarding the delay. We are by your side until the end. I can’t wait to get my hands on it, just disappointed that the NMS Birthday LAN Party won’t pan out. <\3

    Hope the team is well.

    • Really not trying to be rude, but speak for yourself. If people want to be mad, they’ll be mad. What gives you the right to speak for someone else just because you have one common interest? Dontt interfere with other’s people’s opinions just because you don’t agree with it.

    • @riparbella

      Oh yes, because releasing a game with issues is the better route to go. They don’t make their money earlier releasing it later. June would have been a great time to release the game being so close to E3. That is another 2 months that they have to continue working/fixing whatever issues they found, without making money an income off of sales. They don’t owe you, or anyone else, a damn thing. Let them finish the game.

      People can be mad. People can be happy. People can be depressed, like @kingcrute88 above. That’s super exaggerated if you ask me, but valid to feel that way, I suppose. If @RegrettableDeed wants to apologize for the community who whines and whines making nasty comments, or in some cases criminal threats, for an freakin’ game, then yeah…That deserves apology. And since they certainly aren’t going to formally say sorry, because they feel they are protected by a keyboard and screen, then at least someone else has the balls to be the better person in their stead.

    • (Continued)

      This isn’t a delay of the cure for cancer. This isn’t the answer to solve world hunger. This isn’t a new invention to solve our ever growing energy crisis, fix the global weather issues of global warming, or how to secure the 2016 presidential collection to anyone but Donald Trump. This is a video game. A video game made by a very small group of people, that is delayed by less than 2 months.

      This may be my opinion, and it may clash with others, and I don’t really care. Deal with it. If you don’t want people to disagree with your opinions, get off the internet…Cause that’s the stupidest thing I heard today. On behalf of @riparbella, I apologize to you @RegrettableDeed. It’s disappointing that people can be so ignorant towards their own views conflicting with others. Quite the hypocrite.

    • ^high horse.

    • Anyone who doesn’t expect games to have broken online for a week or 2 after launch, and anyone who doesn’t expect games to get suddenly unexpectedly delayed… is an idiot.

      That’s just all there is too it. Launch windows have been crap shoots for decades, whether or not a game’s servers will function properly has been a crap shoot for years.

      People have to expect the worst, and if you can’t do that, you’re an imbecile and your anger is your own fault. This stuff happens, it’s incredibly complicated. It’s not a movie that once you make it’s ready. We’re talking about software, where sometimes you fix a problem, and then you end up creating more problems.

      Worse we’re talking about a game with seemingly infinite possibilities since everything is procedural generated with a team of like 15 people. People need to stop throwing tantrums, and start thinking for once. Stop mindlessly consuming, and start appreciating effort.

    • @drd7of14 watch out everybody, we have an internet warrior over here. these are opinions nobody but a pathetic person would feel compelled to apologize for someone elses opinion, get off your high horse

    • It’s a matter of finding the middle ground. Delays should be avoided in an ideal world. Most of the time one delay can’t be avoided. When you start having many delays lasting at minimum a couple weeks or a whole quarter that’s an issue.

      There does come a b point when you can’t make it much better. Two weeks isn’t going to make any real difference.

      Also the idea that games are being rushed more is a fallacy. Games are being delayed much more than they were at any previous point in time. Developers have a narrow focus and want to fix absolutely everything especially when they’re small ones like HG.

      That kind of artistic mindset works when you’re making a painting or sculpture but games are not just art, they’re also mass market products. Products are supposed to be delivered and available when their release is announced.

      Letting the artistic side win out is just as bad as letting the mass market side dominate. Extreme delays or rushed out the door, neither one is good.

      At this point HG should release and Sony should stop enabling Sean just so they can hype up themselves at E3 and pad their profits.

  • I hope people will agree with me when I say that you guys ought to take as much time as needed. Like you said, this game has huge expectations, so it only makes sense that you do the best job you can do with it, and if that means delaying the game a few weeks, then you don’t need any more reason than that. So what’s a little more waiting for this game? I know it’s going to be great. :)

  • No need for an apology Sean. Most of us (I hope.) understand that game development is no easy job, and the tasks can be insurmountable, especially for a small team doing something new on the market. Do what you need to do, we can wait.

  • We believe in you Sean… Don’t quite get why a game developed in our fair country is the last to get it though? Seems a bit unfair to not just do a global release, or if you’re favouring anyone country it isn’t the one where the game has been made.

    But there is time for this little thing to be ironed out along with the rest of the stuff causing the delay.

  • BlitzkriegBlue26

    Of course I’m going to support you @NoMansSky A delay will not destroy our love for this game that has everything to be the BEST in the world. I’m sad about the delay but I trust you Sean. And ENVY everyone that is playtesting this game right now! =D S2

  • Do what you need to do. The game looked amazing back in December 2013. It, somehow, looks even better now. Can’t wait to see what it looks like in August!

  • No need to apologize, do what’s right for you, your team and the fans; take whatever time you need to accomplish these goals.

  • This game has generated a lot of hype, and could consequently disappoint. If more time is needed to deliver the quality then take it and git ‘er done!

  • Go ahead, Sean & team… GO AHEAD!

  • I haven’t finished my naming protocols yet anyway.

  • In terms of ability to hit a deadline, I’d say your “hardest working” team is about as hard working as naughty dog… I was beyond excited for this game when I saw it at the first PSX two years ago but that energy is long gone now and you won’t see a cent from me for it. I wish others to find all the enjoyment they can from the game whenever it does actually come out and you’ve decided your moments are polished enough.

    • lol I can’t believe some people. A game catches your interest and it gets delayed enough times that you don’t want it anymore? Imagine if a new GTA or something of similar caliber repeatedly got delayed. No longer willing to purchase that game in question is laughable, as you have allowed your emotions to cloud the enjoyment you could potentially get from the game. :(

    • Yeah….Definitely better to release an unfinished buggy mess like other companies. Gotta hit that deadline. That’s what makes a good developer. People like you making statements like this put the community to shame.

      Keep an eye out for any planets discovered by @SiloEyes. See how much of the nonsense he spouts is actually true. Although I wouldn’t be surprised if he made another account just to ‘show’ he didn’t play the game. What garbage.

      “hardest working” …Do you really know the meaning? Hello Games, take your time. If they are taking 2 more months to support it before release, I can’t wait for the support they give after release.

    • Why does everyone act like it was canceled, chill out it’s still coming out

    • Wait, since when is Naughty Dog the example for a dev team that doesn’t work hard. That seems…very wrong

    • I never understand all the hate when games actually get delayed. To me this is a good thing if it ends up meaning a better game at launch. I’ve played so many games that just weren’t ready at launch and are patched a month and a half later after half the community moves on to other games in frustration. Games that get delayed are usually always better games in the end. It’s just a video game so it should not drastically change you life as some make it out to seem.

    • 15 people making a game bigger and more dynamic than you usually get out of 100.

      So… what’s with the snide remarks, saying that them and Naughty Dog are lazy? Why because they don’t release games to rigid deadlines like Ubisoft did with Assassin’s Creed? Or like how the PC version of Arkham Knight was released, then they had to create a game refund policy on some of the digital distribution platforms, then re-released it shortly after still broken?

      Delays happen. Especially when you have less than 15 people on a team. It’s not like bringing in more people would help. Do you know why? Because there’s a learning curve on how the engine and the game are programmed, and it could take a couple months to bring new talent up to speed on how the game works.

  • Sean, please PLEASE show as more of this game. it is frustrating to no end that HG has been 100% silent for week and then suddenly the game is delayed. please show us some more of this game that we paid for, and keep us up to date.

    • Never pre-order something unless you’re confident enough in the product to gamble with your money. If you’re asking to be shown more at this point, then you probably shouldn’t have gambled in the first place.

    • I was completely fine with spending my money until the delay happened. I just want some more information is all. I dont want HG to be quiet and not show anything new until August.

    • So let me get this straight…you are upset that it’s delayed, but you want them to STOP working on the game, to sit down and show you more of the unfinished product? Why not just let them keep their heads down and work?

    • You can always cancel your pre order like I did for nms.

  • Does that mean you’re expanding it out to a procedurally generated universe? Just kidding, but seriously man, you need to drop ‘galaxy’ from your web site ;)

  • blazindigniggle

    Not trusting any release date from you guys now

    • Well the only people you can trust are basically Bethesda and annual games. Indie or AAA studio, doesn’t matter, there have been delays from the smaller to the largest of video games this gen.

    • + Darknightsszz

      Axiom verge took 1 guy 6 years to make. Aliens Colonial Marines was developed for 12 years. Duke Nukem Forever was 14 years, 10 years on Final Fantasy XV, 12 years for Mother 3, 8 years for Team Fortress 2, etc…

      The thing about small developers is that they don’t have people they can grab from other teams to help out. They can’t just walk down the hall and ask for help from the people working on the Networking code of some other game to help out during a slow part of another games network development cycle.

      Big companies, small developers, they all struggle with making interactive experiences, where things don’t go horribly wrong, because it’s very easy to break something when you fix something else.

    • I know but i am just angry and mad for the delay. Well I don’t mean all of that and I understand what Sean means but I planned my summer and the delay just destroyed that.

      But any way Sean take as much time you need and I am sorry for what I said!

  • id like to know why. with less then 3 weeks before the release , why now to delay it for a couple months more. yes its better then a year. but next to some extra polishing. is there any other reasons on why you guys are delaying the game.

    • Playstation Vr

    • doesnt playstation vr come out in october or has it pushed up. I havent been following vr so i dont know.

    • VR is October.

    • “A couple months more”? More like a litte over a month.

    • Basically it’s like a director who doesn’t want to edit anything out of their movie.

      It’s his baby and he wants it to be perfect. Which would be one thing if this was a really small relatively unknown game but this is one of the most hyped games of the last 5 years.

      Realistically a couple weeks isn’t going to make it better. By now the game is more than playable and most likely quite fun.

      I also think a part of it (obviously this is just speculation) is that he’s afraid. Sean has so many people hyping him up and so much attention on him that he now feels compelled to deliver a perfect product no matter how long it takes.

      He’s under a tremendous amount of pressure and the release and nervousness of whether people will like it or it will bomb is something that I personally believe he is deathly afraid of. I’d want to put it off as well.

      Unfortunately someone needs to help him get perspective. Ease the pressure and tell him that he needs to get it over with and release the game.

  • Take all the time you need, Sean! But if it is delayed even one more day, so help me I will… continue waiting patiently.

  • jah_92_rastafari

    Aww man, that sucks, at least you sound confident you can hit this date, you know what would make for some really special moments, vr support ;) joking but not really, one day!

    best of luck mate, cannot wait for the game, if it’s half as good as what we’ve seen so far it will be my most beloved game of my life, also have to say a global release date really would of been cool but I guess that’s Sony’s department.

  • It is a bummer to see that we have to wait longer but I would rather see a completed game over problems any day so I will sit and wait with much anticipation like I have already. Keep up the good work Sean and team at HG.

  • Still excited as ever and still plan on buying it. Thanks for the update!

  • Two more months and it comes out along with PSVR! ;)

  • No problem, dude. Release it when it’s ready.

  • Unlike some people, I don’t care about delays since I WANT the game to succeed. Too many games these days are rushed for release and have a plethora of problems.

  • Guys this can be a good thing! While they’re polishing what may be the coolest concept ever on PS4, I can finish The Division, Witcher 3, focus on Mirror’s Edge, and look forward to a more reliably great experience. Sure I’m screaming like a spoiled child on the inside, but I’m gonna hold that in for now. :)

  • This is actually very terrible news for me. I go on deployment at the end of June, a few days after the original release date, and this game was one of the few things I was looking forward too while I was floating around. But nope. Now my dreams are crushed. I guess the silver lining to this is that it’s only a few months, so I’ll hopefully get it one of the ports I visit. If they have good wifi. I just reaaaaally hope that this game is worth the extra month and a half.

    • Dude I know plenty of people in the military that are on deployment playing World of Warcraft, Hearthstone, etc. Are you sure you won’t be able to play games on a PC while you are deployed?

    • They either play in port or they work on the ships internet, so they would have access to it and could do whatever they wanted with it. I don’t have such privileges unfortunately. And if I did, the download would probably take days due to the very slow internet we have.

    • Wow, that has to be one of the worst situations impacted by the delay. Feel for ya, and hope you get to enjoy it asap.

      But your comment, in the context of what this game is, gave me a sort of funny thought. Imagine if your deployment was actually for a space mission, like the next NASA shuttle to the space station or something. And you were ****ed because you couldn’t play No Man’s Sky before boarding your space shuttle :)

      Anyway, it was just a random thought I found amusing. Stay well!

    • Major bummer! I’m sorry to hear that. When I was deployed back in 2004 I was able to order PS and Xbox stuff via Perhaps it may work for you as well?

    • I know the feeling brother.

      My dad and I play Paradox games and we were going to play hoi4 before he goes to we’ll somewhere overseas that’s dangerous as all hell.

      Hearts of Iron 4 keeps getting delayed and we thought it’d be out before D-Day since he leaves the day before.

      Then after he bought us a pre order for like 90 bucks we saw that it was June 6 release.

      He was more crushed than I was that we wouldn’t be able to play it till he comes back many weeks later. It isn’t the money it’s just something we share that we wanted to do before he left we’ve been looking forward to the release for two years and this just really sucks.

    • + Septhaka

      Most guys on deployment don’t have access to internet. Certainly not if they’re somewhere that’s underdeveloped and they’re not in the Navy or Air Force as an officer. Phone calls are one thing but bandwidth is precious in many places and most soldiers don’t get those privileges.

      They should, and if they do get access it’s not going to be long enough to download a game thats bigger than maybe a gig.

  • If we have something to learn about this delay is that people got really passionate about No Man´s Sky… Me?. I just want to play it until my fingers dissolve into pulpy streaks of red, pink & white. :S

  • I sincerely hope that the delay isn’t for PSVR. That would suck. I already think that the handling of this announcement has been bad. Three weeks before release? Seriously? Yes, we all want a finished game rather than a mess, but you led us to believe that you were super confident of a June release. Oh well, guess I’ll go buy Overwatch…

  • Sean, no sweat dude. Do what you need to do to get it right and also take care of your team to ensure they don’t kill themselves getting it right.

    However, might I suggest an open beta? :) or at least some expanded play testing (I’ve got someone in mind :) ).

  • eddyliversausage

    Take your time @nomanssky but why doesn’t your home country get first release? I know biggest market and country’s release date but come on. Anyway get some sleep and get back to work.

  • Dang, I was hoping this news was false, but oh well. If you don’t think it’s ready then by all means take your time. I’ll be here patiently waiting for the game of the decade to come out.

    I was just wondering. Will there be a specific forum where people can come and talk about future ideas after the game comes out? A Hello Games forum would be cool, but I guess Reddit would work as well.

  • I’ll believe it when i see it. You’ve lost my faith.

  • I just wish for once that a PS4 game would actually hit the original date…..

    • Go play Knack then. I’ll play the games that didn’t treat date as higher priority than quality of play.

  • Thank you sir for your personal response and clear statement as to what is going on. I for one wish you all the best and continue to eagerly anticipate the release of NMS. Be well and best wishes to all the team at HG.

  • Some things are worth the wait.

  • well shoot, i’m not going to say i’m disappointed by this, but it also makes me happy. I’ve played enough games that got rushed out by the publishers, before they were ready, to say, good for you guys for saying nope you guys can publish it when we are done with it.

  • Sad to hear it. We just hit the 25 day mark, too. But if you can get a good game out to the people that have waited an extremely long time for, I’m fine with it. Take as long as you need but hopefully you won’t have to delay it again.

  • No worries, Sean! Take as much time as you need to make the best game you can :-)

    As excited as I am to finally play it, I wasn’t quite ready to inevitably lose all my waking time to exploring this virtually infinite world, anyway ;-)

  • Not Cool man..Rly? 3 weeks left?..I very Disappointed with HG right now.

  • a delayed game is a good game. take your time i havent finished uncharted and ds3 anyway.

    • “a delayed game is a good game”
      I have 2 words for you, Duke Nukem.

    • NMS has a grand total of 1 delay. DNF was delayed multiple times switched developers and had lots of other problems along its 15 year journey. NMS will make it out this year after around 4 years development. He was quoting Shigeru Miyamoto btw. he said “A delayed game is eventually good, a rushed game is forever bad.” Never a truer word has been spoken on the subject.

  • Thanks Sean. Even though it’s delayed and I almosted cryed, I want the game to be right. Keep up the hard work and can’t wait to play. Much love!

  • You have to be kidding. You can’t do a beta or alpha or anything??? Just gonna push it back 2 months?? it’s been years, I am a patient person but at least give us something to whet the appetite

  • Thank you for the update Sean. I have been waiting for several years but I understand. You want it to be right. I’ll wait.

  • Although I’m sad about the delay I know they are working hard. Much respect for hello games!

  • From what I’ve seen it looks ready, but if Sean Murray feels it’s below its his expectations then I’ll wait. I have no problem with this news. Just have to bump back my vacation a few weeks.

  • bartholomewgold

    Since you are not going release in june like you promised can have my money back its not worth waiting anymore oh and next dont post a release date if your just gonna delay it especially when its less then a month away

    • If you look closely at the terms of agreement that YOU SIGNED, you’ll find that the release date is subject to change.

  • I’m really disappointed, and a bit distrustful of HG now. Waiting this close to the release day to delay it was a bad choice, it should have been done weeks ago. With that said, No Man’s Sky looks like its going to be my favorite game for a long time… if I live long enough to get my copy that is…

  • Aero_Guardian17

    Take your time Sean. I will continue to wait for this beautiful game. Hopefully, this means that I can get a Limited Edition! Also, does this mean the soundtrack is delayed as well?

  • Kill me please :((((((((((

  • Thank you for taking your time and getting it right!!!

  • I want to say hmm “Why does this seem so framiliar.” Was nice meeting you in person Sean Murray however it has been few.;)

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