BlazBlue: Central Fiction Launches this Winter on PS4, PS3

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BlazBlue: Central Fiction Launches this Winter on PS4, PS3

BlazBlue: Central Fiction

Brace yourselves, brawlers! Aksys Games and Arc System Works proudly announce that BlazBlue: Central Fiction is coming to the PS4 and PS3 Winter 2016!

The latest entry in the BlazBlue franchise, Central Fiction introduces an all-new story and features tons of characters, new and old alike. Demon/cyborg hybrids, vampires, cat people, berserkers, and science experiments run amok are but a fraction of what you can expect to see on the packed fighter roster. Familiar faces return to wreak havoc while new challengers emerge from the sidelines with flashy moves and insane techniques.

BlazBlue: Central Fiction

Blazblue is a series that has always been known for its over-the-top gameplay and Central Fiction continues that tradition with two new game mechanics. Players have even more strategic possibilities for combat with the additions of Exceed Accel and Active Flow. Exceed Accel is activated during an Overdrive and unleashes a chaotic attack that deals massive damage to the opponent. Active Flow utilizes the Heat Gauge and once activated, boosts your attack power as well as your Exceed Accel damage.

BlazBlue: Central Fiction

Adding more mechanics and offensive weapons to your move arsenal might seem overwhelming, but options are a fighter’s best friend and one can never have enough to add to their bag of beat down tricks. Still not convinced? Fear not! If you’re getting clobbered on the learning curve, simply choose Stylish mode and tune up the competition with simplified move inputs. A fighting game is nothing without battlefields to brawl on and Central Fiction weighs in with tons of arenas and level variations. New locales and familiar stomping grounds are all rendered in 3D and offer a unique contrast to the intricately hand-drawn 2D fighter sprites.

Dust off your knuckles, fighting fans! Like a well-timed 2D punch, Central Fiction bashes massive amounts of content into one slick title that hits hard (in all the right places!) and keeps the pummeling steady. Coming to PS4 and PS3, BlazBlue: Central Fiction steps onto the battlefield this winter!

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  • WaveLightning777

    Wow, that’s happening a lot sooner than expected. Can’t wait, though!

  • Can we get a Guilty Gear/BlazBle all star game? Thanks.

  • Nice :D

  • Is Central Fiction not coming to Vita, or will it just be at a later date IE Central Fiction Extend?

    • Considering the effort it looked to take in order to get CP/E on Vita at all (long load times, split content to account for retail, boss’s frame rate halved, huge file sizes), I wouldn’t be surprised if it didn’t come to Vita. Disappointed, yes, but not surprised.

    • Unless there is a function to filter out vitas from match making like in SFxT I hope not.
      The connections are never gonna be good.
      I am playing The Last Blade 2 on my Vita but I will never use it to go online because that is just rude.

  • Well at least we all know now that the Ps3 will last though the end of this year :-D

  • KanakanaKo_Exia

    Yes yes yes! My favorite fighting game of al’ time!

  • I’ve only and always played BB on a Sony handheld. Started with PSP and now PS Vita.

    If it isn’t going to be on PS Vita, then BBCP(E) will be the last BB game I’ll play.

    I hope there is a chance BBCF comes to Vita. I’ll buy it day one like I always do. Its a great Fighter.

  • How come BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger is on PS Now but not on the PS Store?

  • These games come out so frequently that I keep telling myself I’ll just wait for the next release and now that this has a release date, I feel like waiting for the next version. You know it’s coming.

    • I really like Blazblue, but they completely push me away with their awful sequels/upgrades model.

  • looks like ill have to get this for ps3 since my ps4 is kaput.

  • so later on EXTEND version will be released too? I will stick to Guilty Gear cos it hard to follow all of the unnecessary releases of BlazBlue

  • I love fighting games and visual novels. The last BlazBlue release and half (CP and CP/E) definitely scratched that itch. But as others have pointed, their two last release were each re-released with EXTEND versions. In other words, they tweaked, patched, and upgraded a few things, and expect you to buy the game all over again. Other titles can get massive updates and not expect you to buy the title again. Of course another fighting game franchise really lowered the bar with a ridiculous amount of re-releases.

    I encourage gamers not to support publishers/developers like Aksys Games and Arc System Works that do this kind of predatory behavior. Support publishers like CD Projekt RED (Witcher series) which have done massive upgrades and overhauls and don’t try to milk the same customer twice.

    • I agree with you BUT I don’t believe a DEVELOPER or PUBLISHER EXPECTS you to buy 2 versions of the same game. I do believe however they HOPE YOU WILL.

      That being said, ya it’s getting ridiculous considering the amount of games everyone releases every year. There just isn’t enough $$$ to buy everything including the same game twice with minor changes. The current exception is Guilty Gear: Revalator. This has a completely new story, tweaks, characters & supposedly (don’t know don’t own it YET) a seriously long 2 or more hours of anime/Disney story. The amount of additions and new content is pretty impressive so Aksys should look to themselves & GG: Revalator as an example to follow.

      I will either buy the 1st version of this Blazblue & skip Extend version or skip the initial release & buy the Extend after the 3-6 month wait. I’m done buying the same fighting game over & over.

    • What a disgusting message to send.

      The work that goes into handdrawn games and games in general always gets underestimated by the entitled millennial generation.

      I have bought every single version of BlazBlue since launch of the series, as they are simply amazing.

      Look at the amount of effort in their story modes for just one example. Look at how many modes each version comes with.

      Now look at Street Fighter V. One of the biggest games companies puts out a shell of a game like that, and you dare to say companies like ArcSys arte the villains?

      Good lord.

    • Street Fighter V is actually rather impressive. Especially for players like me who will never have to put actual money in to buy characters. Plus Street Fighter V has more story than the previous games and the updates have been great. This month is also the cinematic release. The biggest hate it gets is from not having a true arcade mode.

      People hate on Street Fighter IV because of the future releases. However Super was the only one you had to buy from scratch and had all new story from Street Fighter Iv vanilla. The rest could be done as $14.99 expansions that added 5 characters on top of new modes.

      BlazBlue with the Extended versions not only really added only like one to two characters, but gave you the characters that were $7.99 a piece to add to the previous title. You got one or two additional story scenes, but overall it was the same game again.

    • Continuum Shift Extend had the most changes out of any of the upgrades.

      However none of the games got as much support as Street Fighter has even in terms of just balance updates.

      I play almost all of the fighting games out there, but Street Fighter has overall offered more to the players. Even with the hate against Street Fighter V, it actually has a lot to offer more to offer than what it is goven credit for

  • It is true that BlazBlue did a lot of Extend editions or II for portable devices. However Guilty Gear used to follow a similar path with Guilty Gear XX/X2 came out. Guilty Gear changed the setup from Xrd -Sign- to Xrd -Revalator-. Granted Guilty Gear X2 took years to get all of its re-releases out, but it has many of them with tiny upgrades.

    However a lot of this helped support the fighting game community as updating these games is the only way to keep people interested for an extended period. The other problem is how often the teams behind these games actually manage to get funding from the publishers. If they cannot prove its worth, they will not get funded for new titles. It sucks, but games cost a lot more to make now and the expectations are much higher. If the community was as large as games like Call of Duty has, they could get away with it, but they are often spending a pretty penny.

  • Still need to get other Blazblue titles but this one looks great as well.Will be getting it at a later date.And I gotta say that its great to see it coming to PS3 as well,thanks for the support cuz I’ll be buying it there probably.

  • GrimmestCreaper

    I’m really excited! I’ve never played a BlazBlue game, however, this seems amazing! Is this coming to Vita?

  • I have a crazy question now. Will this have English Dubs? Sort of missed that with Guilty Gear Xrd -Revelator-.

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