Yomawari: Night Alone Comes to PS Vita October 25

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Yomawari: Night Alone Comes to PS Vita October 25

Hello there, dood! This is Judith from NIS America here to bring everyone some thrilling news! Yomawari: Night Alone will be arriving on PS Vita October 25, 2016! As an added bonus, the retail edition will be bundled with htoL#NiQ: The Firefly Diary, for the ultimate 2-in-1 spine-chilling experience. Moreover, we have a Limited Edition that comes complete with the original soundtrack and two art books packaged into a gorgeous collector’s box!

Unlike some of our zanier titles, Yomawari: Night Alone allows you to revisit your childhood fears, especially the fear of the dark. For fans of survival horror, mystery and stealth action, this will be the perfect little gem (or would that be two gems?) to add to your collection!

Yomawari: Night Alone

The story begins with a little girl who lives with her beloved dog and sister in a small town. A routine stroll at dusk leaves her devastated as she runs home, with only an empty leash in hand.

As if losing her dog wasn’t already traumatizing enough, the little girl’s sister goes missing the same night. With only a flashlight and a backpack to store the different items and clues she finds around town about the mysterious disappearances, a dark and dangerous tale begins.

Yomawari: Night Alone

Yomawari: Night Alone features a unique blend of survival horror with stealth action gameplay. Along the way, you will find all sorts of objects from keys to slippers to cat biscuits, some of them vital to solving the mystery of the town and its eerie inhabitants at night, while others useful to distract evil spirits when they attack. As the story unfolds, more answers will lead to more questions, and the open-world environment of Yomawari: Night Alone allows for maximum freedom to wander anywhere at almost any time. But remember that everything has eyes and ears…

Yomawari: Night AloneYomawari: Night Alone

With every step around the corner or into a dark alleyway, you will not only need reflexes to outrun bloodthirsty monsters and spirits, but also wits as you outsmart the ones that strike faster than you can blink; letting down your guard for even one moment may spell instant death. Only the silence of the night, the unsettling chirping of crickets, and your own lonely footsteps will accompany you as danger lurks around every corner, waiting to strike without warning.

As mentioned earlier, along with the launch of Yomawari: Night Alone, familiar faces Mion and her two firefly friends Lumen and Umbra from htoL#NiQ: The Firefly Diary return for a physical release! Using two fireflies, you must guide Mion out of the labyrinthine ruins and back home, but not without running into vicious monsters, crumbling corridors and dangerous traps! With two mysterious tales coming together to form one fantastically eerie set this October, this is a combo pack that you definitely can’t miss!

For more information about Yomawari: Night Alone, check out the announcement trailer. If you would like a refresher on htoL#NiQ: The Firefly Diary, please check here!

Until next time, dood!

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  • This looks and sounds absolutely fantastic. I’m a huge fan of both survival horror and stealth gameplay and the story sounds very interesting. This will definitely be a day one purchase for me!

  • Is htoL#NiQ: The Firefly Diary a digital code or on the same cart at Yomawari?

  • I’m so glad the days of unique Japanese games not coming to North America are over. Been looking forward to this one for awhile.

    • Me too. But if we could just get Sony to stop thinking about Europe for a second and give us physical copies as well that’d be great. *Looks at Revelstions 2″ Plus I would actually like a dubbed option. I know it’s easier to localize and translate the game rather than dub the whole thing, but despite people’s complaints, they know we have a lot of popular voice actors that can get the job done. I myself just have been getting tired of all these subtitles lately. SAO, Digimon, Ray Gigant and probably Gods Eater when it releases even though we already have an English cast for the first game.

    • This one will definitely be worth waiting for. So glad to see you and everyone excited for this, dood!

  • I still haven’t gotten around to playing htoL#NiQ: The Firefly Diary yet. I started it but stopped cause I was playing something else, plus I play a lot of competitive multiplayer and I also wanted to do a playthrough of this. I may still do it, it just might be a while. I’ll definitely keep an eye on this game as well though!

  • So will the Limited Edition come with both games? If so that’s an instant buy.

  • Can’t wait, hopefully finish HtoQ by then. Very Difficult…been avoiding it for a bit/

    Hope it has a platinum and thanks for supporting the Vita like always.

  • Vita!!!!!!!

  • Thundercleese_83

    Wow… I’m not a fun of horror games, but this one looks different and really fun. I’ll buy it!

    • You’re right; Yomawari: Night Alone is a very unique title, and we’re sure you’ll love it, horror fan or not! :)

  • I love the fact that we appear to be getting more Japanese games, especially the niche one localized then we probably did in the past. I always feel happy to buy these games and show my support to the Dev’s and Publishers.

  • This game has been on my radar for a while. Can’t wait to pick it up. I’m a huge NISA fan and I’m glad you guys are localizing this. And thank you for continuing to support the vita.

    If you guys could localize Hero Must Die for Vita next, that would be fantastic. ;)

  • I have been keeping an eye on this game ever since it launched in Japan and I am SOOOO EXCITED to see it come to the West! Thank you so much.

  • Amazing news, will buy!

  • Good news. Not long after my birthday! Can you confirm PSTV Support?

  • Looking forward to this game. Probably a day one purchase since I’ve wanted a survival game on my vita for a while now

  • This looks incredible! I will *definitely* be picking this up. The gameplay sounds like a ton of fun, and I love the art direction.

  • Awesome news! Will definitely pick up.

  • Will the retail version be exclusive to the NISA online store, or will it be available from other retailers?

  • Hey from the looks of the trailer, it has silent hill theme and spirited away theme.

    So nice artwork.

  • Already preordered the LE on Amazon!

  • Cheers for the info, Judith!

    I’m totally purchasing this!

  • Awesome! Already pre-ordered! Thank you for bringing this! A 2-in-1 cart with PSTV support? Yes, please. ^_^ Thanks!

  • Really glad to see this. I’ve been waiting on this since watching a JP Let’s Play of the first hour. Definitely interested in getting this one in front of my viewership. =)

  • Judith, would you know approximately how long is Yomawari? I bought “Firefly Diary” when it released, so depending on the length of the game, it may not make financial sense to buy it upon release.

  • Just got done pre-ordering the limited edition. :)

  • For those who already have htoL#NiQ, will there be an option to pre-order a physical copy of Yomawari without htoL#NiQ?

  • I see more & more PS Vita games coming out never lose hope.

  • Wow Awesome!
    Thanks a lot for support the best handled out there.. Day one buy obviously !

  • I wish I still had my Vita for this one. I might pick it up on steam.

  • Looks great. Definitely looking forward to getting this digitally!

  • As someone who has and enjoys a PS Vita, I would much rather play this on a PS4. In a dark living room. With friends.

    If that doesn’t end up being a possibility, I’ll probably just get it for Windows, I guess.

    • Why would you rather play this on a PS4? Seems like it would be even more claustrophobic and engaging on the Vita. If anything, a game like this would lose some of its impact on a PS4. Just take the Vita, fire up the game, and turn the lights off.

      Problem solved.

  • This looks promising. Glad it’s coming to the ps vita.

  • This is a release I’m actually excited about. I even considered getting the Japanese version before hearing this news.

  • This game looks great! Thank you for supporting the Vita. Will it have a platinum trophy?

  • Bought a PS Vita this month and I’m very happy the unique japanese games are coming to the west (via PS Vita). October 14th is my birthday, so I’ll buy this one on day one ;) as a gift to myself

  • Stop releasing games this year… there are already too many /cry

    (but seriously, this looks pretty cool… I just hope I can find time for it!)

  • game looks creep as hell. Ill be picking up the LE. Also thanks for the free game thrown in.

  • ShadowDelta1138

    Awesome!!! Glad to see we get more horror games on the vita, instant day one buy for me!

  • Wow a cute horror game for the Vita, already planning on buying this for my girl friend!

  • Is this a sequel or in anyway related to HTOL? I got a 100% file on The Firefly Diaries and can kinda see the similarities in graphics and tone. Plus it would explain why they’re bundled together :P

    Either way, thank you for continuing to release physical Vita games at NIS!

  • Thank you so much NISA for bringing this over – physically too! I’ve been interested in this since it was announced in Japan and I was wondering if you guys would ever consider bringing over your other Vita/PS4 series Hayarigami? Especially since there is a new one coming out soon in Japan that re-introduces the series to everyone? Also, visual novel adventures are a big hit in the west now. Would you guys consider this? Thanks a lot!

  • This is Amazing! i could not buy htoL#NiQ, now i can get both physical!
    You guys are amazing!

  • Hey Judith Pi. Will this also be available for the PS TV? Because I would buy it if it comes their

  • This is fantastic news. I am very excited. I read a brief write-up on the game some time ago and am happy to see a release date. Cannot wait!

  • While I find htoL#NiQ’s background story weird (but still enjoyable to see it developing), I have to say the *only* thing that kept me from buying the game was the touchscreen gameplay.
    Don’t get me wrong, I know this is a Vita feature and you guys made use of it because sony requires it to be that way, but for someone with huge hands like me, they do get in the way, making only a small portion of the screen visible during gameplay. No way I could enjoy the game like that. Now *if only* the game gave us an *other option* in order to use the physical buttons, htoL#NiQ would’ve been mine day-1.
    So I do hope the story is different this time for Yomawari. I’ll get the physical one to show my support.

    Thank you for supporting the PS Vita.

    • Hmmm, this went way under your radar then… HtoL DOES have Analog Controls. Touchscreen is 100% optional.

  • Thank you for supporting Physical Releases on Vita. I’ve locked in my pre-order for this title. Some other publishers (Square Enix, for example) could learn a lot from your business practices.

  • Glad to hear it’s still scheduled to come out! Great news!

  • Love the Vita support! Will definitely be picking this game up. :)

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