Riktor Revealed: A Look at Paragon’s Newest Hero

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Riktor Revealed: A Look at Paragon’s Newest Hero

Hey PlayStation Nation,

We’d like to introduce you to the latest Hero for our MOBA, Paragon. This Support Tank is a cyborg with serious reach — we call him Riktor. Get your first look at him in action below. You’ll be able to play Riktor as part of our update on Tuesday, May 31.

Riktor and his Master Challenge are part of the Paragon Essentials Edition available on June 7.

The TL;DR on Riktor is that he is a melee tank who specializes in crowd control. He’s a powerful initiator who brings order to the battlefield by locking down targets and pacifying enemies. His Riplash ability reaches out with his electric chain and pulls in enemy Heroes and/or minions while dealing damage. His Shock Therapy disrupts enemies by silencing them, and his Skewer Ultimate uses a web of chains to damage and stun everyone in his path.

As always, all Heroes in Paragon are free, so if you’re in Early Access you’ll be able to jump in as Riktor on Tuesday. If you’re not in Early Access yet, you can pick up a Founder’s Pack to get into the action. See you on the battlefield!


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  • Sweet!! Can’t wait. Never been a fan of MOBA but paragon has change that

  • Well Riktor looks like he is going to be really cool. I can’t wait to try him out. I’m guessing he is Steel’s uncle that just got out of jail?

  • Reminds me of Blitzcrank from LoL.

  • Looks so menacing! Can’t wait to check him out. I won’t be home until the 1st however so I’m missing the open weekend and Riktor’s release. Bummed!

    Great job on this game so far! Love the transparency with information and where the game is heading. A tier 3 or 4 skin of Riktor is going to be so damn cool!

  • this game looks amazing but can it be played offline

    • No, moba stands for Multiplayer Online Battle Arena, you can practice offline but it’s not really balanced against AI it’s mostly for testing characters and learning the game , online is where it shines, but not solo que go in with a couple friends in party to talk to.

    • Epic doesn’t care about making single player games anymore. They literally said that – go Google “Epic Games Tim Sweeney Single Player Games” and read one of the stories from PCGamer or Polygon or any other outlet that gets a hit. That’s why all their current games – this, Unreal Tournament 2K16, Fortnite – are all Online games. It’s a purposeful move on their part; they say single player is too big budget and too high risk. They’d rather try to make a hit online game with limited content and run it like a service (a la Dota2 or LoL or TF2) continuously. So they’re committed now to just finding a game like that; that’s why they sold off Gears of War to Microsoft. We’re never gonna get single player titles from Epic Games ever again :'(

      Still don’t know why they wouldn’t at least license out their IP for other developers. Like when id Software let MachineGames make Wolfenstein New Order. If a studio like Flying Wild Hog came along and said “We have an awesome idea for Unreal 3 (or heck, Jazz Jackrabbit) – let us make it, please”, Epic should totally do that.

  • I got into the beta weekend that’s currently running and just tried Paragon for the first time. It’s a lot better than I expected. The card system is quick and easy to use. I wish they had a way to cancel out of porting back to home base though.

  • So they added another tank and only have 1 healer (muriel)……Why????

  • After a second look he could pass as a MGS boss.

  • Does anyone know when the open betal will come out? because I want to try this.

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