Minecraft: Battle Minigame Coming to PlayStation in June

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Minecraft: Battle Minigame Coming to PlayStation in June

Hi everyone! Team Minecraft at Mojang, 4J Studios and Microsoft have been working on some cool free content for Minecraft: Console Edition — and we’re really excited to introduce minigames to you today.

Of course, coming up with improvised rules and new ways to play with friends are already popular activities among Minecraft: Console Edition players (and long may it continue)! But our new minigames help you quickly and easily jump into competitions with tailor-made rulesets. You can have fun straightaway without having to fuss around with manual countdowns, laborious loot chest prep or keeping score.

Sound good? Great – you won’t have to wait very long for this to come out, so get your enchanted fishing poles ready. The first minigame, Battle, hits PlayStation Store next month.

Minecraft: Battle Mini Game

Battle allows you to set up a competitive multiplayer fight for survival, where speed, strategy (and sometimes pure luck) lead you to victory. Players in Battle matches use randomly generated resources from chests located in specially-designed PVP maps to combat one another in a free-for-all deathmatch until the final victor is determined. But the fun doesn’t end after defeat; fallen players can spectate the combat among remaining players in the match by flying freely around each arena as a bat.

Battle matches can be played with up to four players in split-screen and up to 8 players online (4 players on PS Vita). Play with friends or find other community members to join your game via an in-game matchmaking system.

Free for all owners of Minecraft on PS4, PS3 and PS Vita, Battle rolls out in June via game update, along with three maps for you to try out. If you like Battle and want more, we’ll be supporting it with additional Map Pack add-ons periodically after release for $2.99 USD or local equivalent.

See you in the arena!

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  • YAAAAAAY FINALLY!!!! console is catching up to PC

  • So if we already own the game on the systems we still have to buy it at $2.99 to keep playing it. Is it a free trial for the new maps? How long will the free part last.

    • Where did you get that from its nowhere on here? The only thing $2.99 is extra maps that come out for it.

    • Hi NYR144,
      Battle will be part of a free title update for consoles on June and it includes 3 cool maps to play on. No time limit on it. You can buy more maps, but only if you want to.

  • Wow, I have to confess I did not expect this nor did see it coming.
    It’d be very interesting to see how this plays out. I don’t have to say that this update will make the game even more popular, but something just crossed my mind, how about a racing mini game?
    I dunno, just tell us where to grab or mine stuff from, let us build our own motor engine and then bang, you have a brand new car to compete against the world, just like Need for Speed World (Rest in peace, great game BTW). So how about that?
    Congratulations, Mojang and Microsoft – you both are doing a great job and above all else, you guys are much BETTER than sony, which gave up on their own handheld.
    Nevertheless, I just pictured shuhei yoshida bowing down to a Microsoft rep and thanking him for making the Vita so popular worldwide, since all sony “does” for the Vita is releasing colored ones in Japan and removing more 3rd party support – not to mention their “stability updates”.

    • Microsoft has almost nothing to do with Minecraft content. Battle Arena content is basically just officially supporting what the community had to go out of their way in order to accomplish.

      Sony supports cross-buy, they clarified that they are still making games for the Vita just not AAAs that cost more millions to make than the userbase has the numbers to support.

      I don’t know what being snarky like that on the boards is supposed to accomplish. The reason the Vita didn’t do well is because Sony doesn’t perpetually release games from 20 years ago the way Nintendo does, and when you go to a Vita section almost every game is adult in nature, Uncharted Golden Abyss, Call of Duty, Assassin’s Creed, Killzone… etc…

      You got a 10 year old kid and you choose between Pokemon, or Mario bundle, and Borderlands bundle, or the Walking Dead bundle… which one are you going to pick?

      Their mistake was that the Vita should have been focused on kids, instead they focused on older gamers.

    • @MakaiOokami PS TV came bundled with lego movie game. You don’t’ have to play the bundled game.

      Marketing to kids is a bad idea. A lot of stuff is aimed at older gamers, due to the content, but they are played by kids anyway.

    • never go full….well never mind . you have went and surpassed it.

    • @ MakaiOokami

      While I agree with 90% of what you said, Microsoft actually has 50% control in what happens to the game. Mojang must get it approved by Microsoft.

    • Espanish| Español
      Cuantos servers gratis habrá??

  • Pretty neat to see all the ongoing support this game has been getting!

    (Also, funny to see mentions of Microsoft on the PlayStation Blog :-)

    • Mojang is owned by Microsoft. Still, its funny.

    • And this is just the first mini game! The team is always working on new projects as well as our regular updates for the core game. Never a dull moment.

  • VITA!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • 4 players online for ps vita?!!!! It’s awesome that we getting this but the fact that only 4 players can the mini games online for vita is depressing at least 6 players would’ve been somewhat better…

    • The PS Vita can only handle 4 people because it’s running at a high PPI. people talk about resolution but Pixels Per Inch actually means something relevant. The PS Vita is being pushed very hard to run the same game PS3 and Xbox 360 players get, at less power than those 2 have with a higher pixel density. The console itself has to host the game and the Vita only has so many resources before the game becomes unplayable and 6 people is probably unplayable.

  • So…no actual content? No new blocks, banners, 1.9 mobs, 1.9 features? Sorry but that’s a pretty boring and disappointing update.

  • This is exactly what I *don’t* want to see in Minecraft. I’d much rather see inter-operability with Minecraft on other platforms before introducing explicitly competitive mini-games.

    At least the Vita version’s support continues. Hopefully it’ll eventually get some of the optimizations that improved frame rates and draw distances on other mobile platforms?

    • Same!

      I guess they can only go so far. Its a sandbox, and adding new items just gets tiring after awhile.

      Rather than this, they should have started working on the long rumored Minecraft 2 and added this feature. For people who don’t want this, they could stick to the first game.

  • My wife and i play minecraft on the ps4s with our two kids. We start a new map and work as a team to create some pretty amazing stuff. Wait till my daughter finds out attacking her little brother will actually be allowed…keep up the great work.

  • I wanted to know (if its possible) the date of releasing please

  • Just 4 players on VITA? :´((

    We need more players to play this minigame!

    • It’s just a physical hardware limitation. There’s only so many players a Vita can host. You’ll just have to settle for having 4 people at 1 house with a PS4, and 4 people at another house. It would likely be worth it and a ton of fun.

  • It still baffles me to see Microsoft games on a Sony console now.

    • Because they want to make some of their 2 billion dollars back, and shutting out 130 million consoles from monetization is a very backwards way of doing that.

  • It’ll behilarious to be talking to 9 year olds and trolling them. Also, 3 free maps may not be enough because players get too familiar with th maps and get bored with it, so hopefully they add like 6 more free maps in th next title update to keep it fun for some players who cant afford more maps.

  • sony why does the psvita have 4 players only

  • essa-2-abual3es

    4 players on ps vita !!!!! we want more sony please #PSvitafans

  • ok sony it will release 1june or it will release on next day in june

  • Hi can you make update on console so its in 1.9

  • Is there gonna be Online leaderboard?

  • It’s June 2nd and I don’t have they update yet ›:(

  • quando vai sair essa autalização ???
    que saber muito

  • Is the comunity able to make battle mode maps ? O_o

  • So in PsVita it will have only 4 player because in the DLC Map it say 2-4 on Ad Hoc Mode and 2-8 In Network

    • Finally the day has come for hunger games and probably other mini games to join Minecraft consoles instead of just PC and PE reassess I’m so happy I’m crying

  • If i buy the pack do my friends have to have them to play with me ?

  • I be been playing it and I can’t seem the talk to anyone? Is there a way to fix it?
    Please respond thx

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