Announcing Absolver: An Online Martial Arts Action Game on PS4

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Announcing Absolver: An Online Martial Arts Action Game on PS4

Hi PlayStation community!

Sloclap is an indie studio you’ve probably never heard of, since it was created just over a year ago in Paris and has been working under the radar until today: we’re announcing our first game, Absolver, with this first reveal trailer – we truly hope you enjoy it!

We’re a team of experienced programmers, designers & artists; most of us became friends while we were working at Ubisoft in Paris, and we teamed up because we wanted to make a kick-ass online action game, with visceral martial arts-style combat in a fantasy world, in which players meet each other seamlessly during their travels. A new story unfolds at each encounter: what are the other’s intentions? Will we fight to the death or become allies, trading weapons and teaching each other new attacks?


You wake up in the ruins of a fallen empire, remembering vaguely a ceremony of vows: you have chosen to join the Absolvers, an elite corps of combatants, fighting to maintain stability in the world; but the road from Prospect to Absolver is a long and hard one. You’ll need the help of others like you to stand a chance in the trials you’ll have to face: from ritual combat arenas in which you are ranked in duels and team-based challenges, to the Essence mines of Adal, where only death awaits those who venture alone, your focus and skills will be put to the test!

Our gameplay system is based on choosing one of four stances, defined by your orientation towards your enemy, and it allows intense real-time melee combat with endless fluid combos. On your travels, you’ll learn different martial art schools, each with specific tactical moves and unique attacks. Choose your combat style, pick your weapon, and edit your attack set in the Combat Deck to create your unique fighting style. During combat, Tension shards refill progressively, allowing you to unleash powers to get a tactical edge in the fight.



Absolver is super intense, we’re having great fun doing internal tournaments with the team and with playtesters, and we’re really excited to be running our first live tests soon! We’ve done big-budget multiplayer games before, and we know that being online impacts everything from design to code architecture, so we’ve been working in an online environment since day one, to ensure that the gameplay is rock solid in real network conditions!

We hope you like our first trailer. We’ll be releasing more videos soon, so stay tuned during E3 for a look at hands-on previews and gameplay!

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  • Well well! This looks fantastic!

  • This looks great! Is this also coming to Vita? The trailer says PS4, PS Vita so I was just wondering if that was the case.

  • Hybrid MMO and Fighter; rather brilliant, and the execution looks on-point.

    Considering customization of fight style is a key aspect of the game, I’m curious if character customization is a core part of the mix as well.

  • This is very interesting. I can’t wait to get get more info about it.

  • Wow, what a pleasant surprise! This feels to me like a modern take on Bushido Blade set in an environment like that of Shadow of the Colossus.

    To that end, I’m already curious if in battle your foe can be wounded and if that impacts their ability to strike back. And if in between battles there are interesting environments to venture through together.

  • JuggaloHomie4321

    This looks really good I’m really interested in seeing more love online action games

  • Stunning visuals. The masks, the lighting, the setting–I am 50% sold already, and I’m genuinely interested to see more gameplay. Looking forward to it!

    • Im not into the masks, there should be hot chicks in this game kicking butt, not Dead or Alive style, but hot and masks are a setback and copout

  • Very stylish trailer. Would love to see some hands on gameplay where I can see the player and the game screen.

  • indie = ps plus?

  • Yea this looks awesome trailer has a great feel and left me with chills this is definitely a day one purchase

  • Looking great! Original and beautiful! Félicitations, ça prend du courage pour quitter une grosse boîte et se partir en affaires. Votre jeu est très intéressant, hype rising!

  • Maybe its me but is anyone else getting a Jade Empire vibe

  • Is this like an MMO?

  • Will the live test be open? If not, where can we sign up? Sounds interesting, but I definitely will want to try it before I’m sold.

  • this looks really cool!

  • This looks amazing.

  • the real question is will it be free to play?

  • Been watching this little corner of Ubi Soft for awhile now; it was clear to me that SOMEONE in that massive company REALLY WANTED TO MAKE A FIGHTING GAME. They just only got the chance through a license (like the great Ubi Naruto games for the 360), or through Kinect junk (Fighters Uncaged & Fighter Within, or Avengers). Heck, the combat system in 2008’s Prince of Persia! All of these things pointed to a group of Ubi employees who were fan of fighting games and tried their best to make something happen there, with whatever opportunity they got.

    I’m so happy that a bunch of ex-Ubi people are finally making their fighting game, because this looks stunning! What a cool universe and art direction! And I’m certainly a fan of any non-traditional (side-oriented) fighting game, especially with no Power Stone or Bushido Blade revival in sight (although LastFight seems cool, we’re still waiting for the console version). Anime games definitely pick up the slack far as free-roaming fighters go, like Naruto Ninja Storm or One Piece Burning Blood, but I am definitely interested in seeing something different than anime too.

    Definitely putting this on my radar!

  • Wow. Rarely comment, but had to show some love to the dev team. This is looking fantastic. Hope to hear more soon.

  • This game looks OK but more like a watered-down Age of Wushu ok. Doesn’t look big budget to me I’m afraid.

  • Customization is my cup of tea, and the art of the game looks very promising, looking forward on this game!

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