Hitman Episode 3: Marrakesh Launches May 31

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Hitman Episode 3: Marrakesh Launches May 31

On May 31, Io-Interactive invites Hitman players to delve deep into Marrakesh with the release of the third episode of the game.

The City of Contrasts

Following up on the big fashion show event in Paris and the expansive nature of Sapienza, we knew that Marrakesh had to be something extraordinary. So the team set out to build a location that was both teeming with life and with things to do. Marrakesh has been built with a maze of alleys, a range of souks that line the medina walls, and a fully fletched shisha café. Moving upwards, players can enjoy the shade on the signature rooftop terraces of Marrakesh.

Hitman Episode 3: Marrakesh

Just beyond the busy marketplace, you will find an architectural marvel in the shape of the Swedish Consulate building. The very embodiment of minimalistic Scandinavian design, a mix of glass, concrete and wood offering a powerful contrast to the blazing heat just outside its walls.

The mission

As with any Hitman level, Marrakesh promises players the lure of voyeurism and the thrill of infiltration and it’s something we’ve been working hard on getting just right. Offering two targets, the “Gilded Cage” mission challenges players to eliminate private banker Claus Strandberg, holed up inside the secure Swedish Consulate, and army General Reza Zaydan, protected by his elite squad of soldiers at a temporary headquarters in the heart of the city. Both targets will be challenging to reach and both will of course have some entertaining special moments attached to them that will allow players to dole out some poetic justice.

Hitman Episode 3: Marrakesh

Tons of new live content

With Marrakesh also comes a lot more live content for players to engage with and the busy markets and locked-down consulate will provide us with great settings for our live features. Episode 3 will has been designed to keep players busy with a wide range of challenges and opportunities and along with an entirely new setting for Contracts mode, Elusive Targets and Escalation Contracts, we are dying to see what you come up with.

Hitman Episode 3: Marrakesh

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  • I can’t wait.

  • HellBringer1975

    so sad the amount of money they lost doing it this way , as i buy them when they release but i know personally at least 20 gamers that wont and hundreds i know online and they did not buy it because they like hitman for the story and playing through then they go back but replaying the same level over and over is just crazy that the devs thought this is what majorty of hitman players did and there own polls showed over 85% played the sp complete before ever redoing any missions . the worst even when it releases fully its to late for a lot of people as this day and age there are huge backlogs of games and every day ther are new games coming so now its passed by and thats sad because it is fun but i guess its also good that there not selling even close to on par with the numbers they were hoping because its the only way they will go back to releasing the game when its fully complete instead of sections.

    • I was initially saddened by the episodic releases of Hitman. But as a huge fan of the franchise, I gave in and bought the full pass (I even bought Hitman Absolution special edition, so maybe I can’t be trusted).

      But having now played dozens of hours in the new Hitman, I entirely support the episodic strategy. It works unexpectedly well to make me reply the maps over and over, and they’re so detailed that it’s still rewarding 10 hours later! If this was the full release, I’d have never gone back to Paris, which when you’re pushed into playing it again, you realise how great that level is.

      I’m still disappointed that it was actually meant to be finished last year, so this looks like a budget/development decision to go episodic, but it worked, and it worked really well.

  • The episodic content seems more realistic because it makes more sense that the hitman would get his contracts sporadically rather than back to back. Besides absence makes the heart grow founder

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