Uncharted 4 First Week Sales Surpass 2.7 Million

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Uncharted 4 First Week Sales Surpass 2.7 Million

It’s hard to believe that it’s been nearly two weeks since we officially released Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End on PS4. It’s one of the most beautifully crafted games I’ve ever played, and the great reception we’ve seen from the community has been amazing and humbling. Naughty Dog’s exceptionally talented team has created magic once again, carefully constructing an adrenaline-pumping, thrilling, and beautifully written culmination to Nathan Drake’s adventures. They truly outdid themselves.

Uncharted 4: A Thief's End, PS4

Millions of fans around the world have already joined Nathan Drake on his final treasure hunt. In the first week alone, I’m happy to report that Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End exceeded 2.7 million units in global sales*. For the North American region, Uncharted 4 is the fastest-selling PS4 first party title to-date.

A huge congratulations goes out to Naughty Dog for an incredible feat. The success of the game is a testament to the caliber of the team at Naughty Dog and their unwavering commitment to their fans.
Most of all, we wanted to give a special thank you to all of you who joined us so far on this incredible adventure, and have embarked with us on Nathan Drake’s final, wild ride.

* Includes worldwide sell-through data for both Blu-ray Disc sell-thru quantities and digital sales as of May 16, 2016.

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  • Naughty Dog deserves every bit of this and more. I loved the single player, and I am loving the multiplayer. So much fun through and through!

    • Totally agree. So much effort clearly went into this, and it’s both met and exceeded my expectations. Top work, Naughty Dog.

    • What a great game…!!! Thank you ND for giving as much attention to the story as to the game play! Now when does Cassy meet Laura Croft?

    • CommandingTiger

      Congrats Nd!
      Another great success under your belt.

  • Nice! good job #PSNation #TheCouncil :)

  • RiyaadhSeedat99

    ND deserve every single one of of those sales!!! Amazing game and truly a masterpiece!!! Best game this gen!!!

  • Great. But not surprised. To Me Uncharted 4 its the best in the series after UC2. The closing chapter of the adventures of Nathan Drake its superb. Thank You Naughty Dog for this masterpiece. Drake will forever live in out lives.

  • CFC-EdenHazard17



  • Congratulations naughty dog, you guys really deserved it :)

  • Holy bananas! Here to hoping we get to know what there other team is working on at E3.

  • The naysayers and haters of PlayStation are eating crow. I hope Horizon and the next upcoming PS exclusives do just as well as this did!! Let’s continue this support PlayStation Nation #TheCouncil #PSNation

  • fantastic news, well done naughty dog.

  • Huge congrats to the team at ND. You’ve created another masterpiece and all your success is well deserved.

  • Well done Naughty Dog, deserves this and more. You set the bar really high

  • Congratulations naughty dog! Definately well deserved, love every minute of the game.

  • Glad to hear it’s doing well, hoping for a strong multiplayer community!

  • Best game I ever played, hopefully they add level up progression in MP

  • I love this game just as much as I loved the first shemnue.

  • franciscomessi9

    Good job guys you guys deserve this and more. I cant wait for Uncharted 5

  • Currently on chapter 7. Man o man…I’ve streamed every experience so far. I love Naughty Dog

  • Congratulations! Best developers on the planet.

  • That’s what I’m talking about :D Thank you Naughty Gods for crafting one of the best games I’ve ever had the pleasure of playing :)

  • Congratulations naughty dog,best game I,ve ever played so far. Thanks guys at naughty dog you are amazing. just dont finish the game so awesome. we are waiting for Uncharted 5.

  • Naughty Doggive us Uncharted 5 and you will beat even that… You deserved!

  • The best game and series I’ve ever played in my long gaming life amazing work… Hope u guys continue this game with the new character or characters.. And hope to see another the last of us as well..

  • Congrats ND… well deserved. This is a system seller for sure! It’s not only the best Uncharted game, it’s by far the best PS4 game released to-date. Looking forward to the DLC.

  • Hail Shuhei, full of grace.
    Kaz Hirai is with thee.
    Blessed art thou amongst Gamers
    And blessed is the fruit
    Of thy Sony Worldwide Studios.
    Holy Kutaragi, father of PlayStation,
    Pray for our trophies,
    Now and at the hour of
    The next PSN outage.

  • uncharted 4 is the best game that i have played, the best looking game ever, thanks to Naughty Dog for this gift you deserve this grand success. Playstation Nation lives ETERNAL FOREVER

  • A next gen masterpiece!! Love every minute of this game. Well done naughty dog!!!

  • Amy Henning is really missed. The cliff scampering is overdone and ludicrous this time… unlike previous gamesit feels thrown in just for the heck of it. Story related collectibles are too easy to miss (missed 12 in a row despite intentionally looking in every cranny?), puzzles are blah. So far I prefer 2 and 3. Granted the volcano level is an improvement, maybe it gets better from here on out?

    • Amy Henning missed?…she couldn’t write something like UC4 not even in her wildest dreams.I agree that climbing is a bit overdone this time but she ain’t missed.

    • I agree with you! Uncharted 2 & 3 were the best in the series! And I felt more excited playing them. But with Uncharted 4 it was good but I didn’t feel that excitement like I did with the last two. Plus it didn’t help either when sony showed off the best part in Uncharted 4 story mode at last years E3 either. To me Uncharted 4 felt more like the last of us in story wise then an action adventure game. The story wise works out fine with the last of us but when it comes to Uncharted not so great. Just my opinion so gamers calm down. Its still a good game but not like I was hoping it to be.

    • The very best thing about UC4 is that it dumped the Amy Henning gimmick at the end. UC3 finale felt like a re-skin of UC1 and UC2 finale. Supernatural plot twist!!!!

  • ND Well done i just started this game as of last night and the game looks and plays fantastic i am enjoying it.
    Thank You.

  • Could’ve been better

  • ASleepingMonkeyy

    Does this include limited edition PS4 bundles too?

  • I have really been able to tell throughout playing this game that Naughty Dog really turned up the effort to bring Uncharted fans something they’ll never forget. Uncharted 1-3 were great fun and I still haven’t played all the way through Golden Abyss yet but this game just takes it to a whole new level. Nearly every chapter I’ve played so far has just had that “WOW!” factor over and over again, You think ok, surely they can’t top this and they still do with the beautiful environments, excellent gameplay and variety of situations that you are put in. The story feels like the best crafted and most well thought out in the series and the character detail is even more amazing than the previous games.

    I’m glad to hear that this is selling well as Naughty Dog has once again made a masterpiece and I’m so glad that you guys held off and made sure the game was near flawless before release. It was definitely worth the wait and I’m loving every minute of it!

  • The game deserves it!!!


    PS: And TLOU 2 ;)

  • Thank you Naughty Dog for making another fantastic game.

  • Great news…I bought both the digital and the blu-ray version and I’m glad to be a part of these numbers,ND really deserves it.For the last Uncharted…UC4 did its job exceptionally.As I was playing the game I was always amazed at the technical marvel that UC4 is and then I thought to myself “no way it can be more impressive than this” then I reached chapter 10 and I was like “NO WAY” !!!! then chapter 12 then chapter 13 ha the game just kept on impressing.Man am I glad I didn’t watched any trailers.

    “They truly outdid themselves.” this says everything because thats it,ND went overboard with UC4.The animations are the highest point of the game no doubt about it…the other games out there can’t even be compared.

    Not sure if it beats UC2 though,sure UC4 is basically perfect but ND dropped the ball in some things especially going too much TLoU style.

  • Phew thank everyone ! Uncharted 4 will become Game Of The Year 2016 for sure !!

  • Great to see a game primarily bought for the single player doing such headline generating sales. I hope this convinces all game publishers on the value of well executed single player story campaigns in games to gamers.

    A strong online component can extend life of game, but at least speaking for myself, I buy games for either the single player or co-op (couch over online) play.

    Titanfall didn’t get any attention from me precisely because completely missing any notion of proper single player. Same for Star Wars Battlefront. Hopefully companies like EA and Microsoft realize if they want gamers like me, they gotta have single player and / or co-op front and center of their lineups.

  • Congrats Naughty Dog. Although I’ve so far only played Uncharted 1, 2, 3, and Golden Abyss, I might check out Uncharted 4. However, it is quite stupid that Sony is slamming let’s players on YouTube with copyright strikes because they did/they’re doing let’s plays of this game, not knowing that let’s plays are protected under fair use for criticism and commentary.

    • Great news, best game company in the world!

    • I heard of this but it was all so they don’t spoil the story since some people did get it early and I must say I was one of those trying to avoid those videos or news about uncharted until I experienced it myself. In the end I’m glad I experienced it rather than watching someone else show me because it definitely takes you for a ride

  • Devilking-Nikkai

    Awghhh man! i was hoping for 3.5 millions to 4 millions in the first weak to be honest, but i can take this :).
    Long live PlayStation!

  • Devilking-Nikkai


  • I absolutely love this game. It’s even better than I imagined and the multiplayer is great fun.

    Well done Naughty Dog.

  • Once I heard this game is coming out with a collector’s edition I had to have it. Funny thing is that I got the Libertalia collector’s edition at launch then today I had to trade my ps4 to get the uncharted limited edition ps4 bundle! So now I have two copies of the game lol!

  • Now, onward to Last of Us 2!

  • I enjoyed Uncharted series very much, especially this one, great story and the best graphic I’ve ever seen, the end makes me very sad, hope there’s more. Thank you, Naughty Dog. Keep up the good work.

  • Now, onward to Jak 4!

  • I am loving Uncharted 4! If you ask me, it is every bit as good as The Last of Us. However, quick question: Is this the last Uncharted, or is it the last Uncharted with Nathan Drake as the protagonist?

  • Well deserved congratulations Naughty Dog!! I can not wait for your next title. Until then go out and play Uncharted 4 multiplayer

  • 2.7 million of ingenous people that bitten the bait XD

  • Amy Henning forever my friends (^_^)

  • Undoubtedly, one of the best looking games I’ve seen! You know damn well that those delays were worth the wait! Almost everything about this game is masterful! ****ed off my girlfriend a bit because I kept wanting to play the game non-stop! lol. Really good, amazing work Naughty Dog!

  • Amazing game. I’m currently on my second run and I am enjoying multiplayer. Thank you Sony and Naughty Dog.

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