Spotify Brings 3 Months of Premium to PS Music for $0.99

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Spotify Brings 3 Months of Premium to PS Music for $0.99

Good news! Today, Spotify is launching a special offer for PlayStation Music new-to-Premium listeners: three months of ad-free, offline music for $0.99. This limited-time deal comes hot on the heels of PlayStation’s one-year anniversary with the award-winning digital music service.

PSM & Spotify Special Offer May 2016

Thanks to you, Spotify has become one of the most downloaded apps in PlayStation history, and together we’ve reached more than five billion streams. Now, we’re excited to introduce our music-loving players to another level of listening.

Available to new and existing Spotify users who have not previously received a trial of Spotify Premium, visit through June 30th to redeem.

See the official terms and conditions here.

Happy listening!

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  • Wish I didn’t do the trial before.

  • Credit card details required

    Heh, no thanks, i pass, would be great to subscribe and pay with PSN wallet credit.

    But no, again, thanks

    • It’s 0.99 and all you have to do right after you paid for it, is cancel.

    • Seriously ????? Just Buy And remove credit card right after. Wow

    • Yea it’s crazy how credit card details are required to pay for things online…

    • It is completely normal. Either you don’t have credit cards or you are absurdly paranoid and ought tio get over it. There are seemingly-seedy shops I won’t give my information to, but there is no sensible reason to worry, here.

  • Bad news is, it’s not working for me.

    Good news is… I have a college discounted rate of $5.

    Other bad news is, I never really use spotify. XD DARN YOU NETFLIX! DARN YOU TO…. Hello there… Seven Deadly Sins a Netflix Original? I think I will watch you.

    What was I saying? Talk to you guys later, gotta watch this anime real fast.

  • It would be great if the app would be updated to allow full access to my library of songs. Often times I have to skip through dozens of songs to get to ones that I’m able to listen to. Otherwise a great service as I’ve been a Spotify premium member for over a year now.

  • yea the ps4 app def needs some an update, and more approachable UI

  • The PS4 app is horrible for Spotify, though I couldn’t care less since I just control it via my phone where the app is perfect.

  • its still saying 9.99 a mouth for me

  • Hello Carrie,

    I wanted to ask why we who chose to try the free trial last year are being punished. I am not eligible for this great deal because of trying out the premium last summer. I hope you and your team will reconsider this position. I enjoy Spotify but $9.99 a month or $119.88 a year is a lot. I wish you would offer for all customer this deal and then maybe after that offer a special for all customers a year of Spotify for $59.99 for a limited time.

    Also let us do our subscription transaction on the PS4 for these deals and not just the $9.99 monthly fee.

    Thank you,

    Rob aka Graf

    • It’s generally how subscription services work. If you previously were subscribed, or if you’re not a new user, promotions and deals like these don’t apply. It’s not exclusive to Spotify at all. Nobody is being “punished.”

    • $120/year sounds like a lot, but that’s just the full price of 12 MP3 albums, when put into perspective. IMO, Amazon Prime is a terrific value at $100/year. There are many free albums and singles, movies and TV shows, and free 2-day shipping on most orders.

  • While listening to Spotify they meant to keep the ads as annoying as possible just to force you to go premium

  • Great music selection but UI is so NOT user-friendly that $1 is over-priced.

  • requesting spotify for vita

  • Thanks for the offer, I signed up and really find I enjoy listening to the service, when I play hearthstone or sports games when I am gaming it really helps to keep me calmer when I ladder in HS for high ranks, and when I am cooking or just listening to music in general or with my son while he plays / eats / or does creative activities.

    A few notes based on other peoples feedback.

    1. You can use PayPal to pay or credit card your choice. I had no issue with PayPal.

    2. That is the nature of new account promos if you want to double dip then make a new account. 3 months for $1 is a good offer.

    3. The ads are not obnoxious and honestly the selection and service is unbelievable when you think about it, I hear one or two 30 second ads for Spotify premium during the course of a full album you cannot even find in poor quality in YouTube usually one.

  • 4. Even at $10 a month this is fair if you listen to music in the ways it is offered despite platform quirks. In Canada there is nothing that comes close, I’d actually buy a year of Spotify for my grandfather as a gift he loves music and before this Apple Store or tune in radio were best options.

    5. It’s not just ads and offline, it’s high quality audio as well for those with good audio setup with their tv or headphones with their phone tablet etc.

    Thanks for the promo I likely will keep the service going forward but a 1year promo would be nice to I’ve seen this in the past with PlayStation music. If you have Bluetooth and good audio this is a great value. Even just with a ps4 and a phone. I have a tablet and a laptop as well and with the service flexibility across all platforms with one account it’s a great deal, it is odd each version is a bit different between iOS android windows and ps4 but still a nice service. And I can still buy the 1-3 CDs a year from my fav artists and it’s still fair $120/year. I like being able to discover so much music I normally wouldn’t and I hate ads, (radio) also everything I have searched for has been there so give it a try.

  • So I bought the PS music for .99 but it doesn’t work for the Spotify app on mobile I wish I knew this before purchasing it

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