New Grand Kingdom Classes and Campaigns Detailed

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New Grand Kingdom Classes and Campaigns Detailed

In a game of strategy, the number of pieces on your board and the type of pieces you control can completely alter the outcome of a battle. In the careful balance of Grand Kingdom’s classes, that is especially true, and I’m happy to announce a few more pieces that you’ll be able to strategize with when Grand Kingdom launches on PS4 and PS Vita this June!

Those of you who’ve been following Grand Kingdom closely will recognize these classes as paid DLC from the game’s Japanese release — welp, we’re giving them to you for free and including them in the regular game! That’s right, you’ll have access to all 17 classes listed on our game website as soon as you install the game or slip in your brand-new disc on June 21.

Now, new characters are always cool, but how about some new game content as well? You bet your spoils of war! (That could be a saying, right?) We’ve also decided to include the four Great Nation campaigns that were DLC in Japan with the regular version of Grand Kingdom. Yup, that increases the game’s campaign content from 12 chapters following the exploits of The Guild, to a whopping 48 chapters of story delving into the far reaches of Resonail’s expansive lore and nations.

Grand Kingdom, PS4 and PS Vita

In each Great Nation campaign, you’ll align yourself with a particular nation and dig deeper into that nation’s motivations and history. You’ll be introduced to brand new characters, discover the deeper ties that bind rulers to family and nation, and perhaps even discover something about yourself as you decide which nation tugs at your heart the most.

These additional campaigns really flesh out each of the Great Nations of Resonail. While you’ll probably be jumping into Grand Kingdom’s Online War from day one, I found that in my endless quest to fill my mercenary purse by completing each Great Nation campaign, I discovered which nation I really connected with. After completing the campaigns, I decided that I’ll be exclusively supporting one particular nation in the Online War no matter who my friends are fighting for. I can’t wait to see whom all of you choose to support!

Grand Kingdom, PS4 and PS VitaGrand Kingdom, PS4 and PS Vita

And, as if that wasn’t enough good news, you can also pre-order the PS4 digital version of Grand Kingdom today on PlayStation Store to save 10% on the game, unlock an exclusive Theme, and snag yourself a few cool Charm Scrolls that will let you re-customize your mercenary units once they hit level 20. (Pro-tip: if you have a favorite mercenary troop after you finish the campaign, you can use the Charm Scrolls to make them match your favorite Great Nation and send them to war dressed properly!)

Phew. That was a lot to get off my chest. If you aren’t sure what kind of strategy Grand Kingdom holds in store, be sure to hop over to the official website to learn more. I’ll see you when the war begins on June 21, dood!

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5 Author Replies

  • Tons of good news and incentive here. I played the demo and I think I’m down with this game. I think it’ll appease my strategy lust. Thanks for all the free stuff. Cya June 21

  • As if I couldn’t be more excited for this game!!!

    Awesome news!

    So any word on future DLC plans beyond this for Japan? Wouldnt mind having a few direct player vs player modes. Like a private asynchronous war or direct PVP

    Maybe even an Ad Hoc Battler mode?

    Whats the word from Japan?

  • Not sure if there’s any other good news that they could announce for this…except maybe some balancing to the online war so it doesn’t cater to people who have an unreasonably large amount of time to play.

    • I didn’t play the game online so idk what exactly was wrong with this game.However, pretty much all online multiplayer games cater to people with more time to play. Whether it’s a higher level, better gear, or your skill with the game, all generally improve with more time.

  • My PlayStation Vita thanks you. Can’t wait to start this after I finish The Legend of Heroes : Trails of Cold Steel FC.

  • Missed testing out the beta sadly, but everything I’ve seen on Grand Kingdom looks fantastic. Thanks for including all of that extra content, more is always better and I can’t wait to get my hands on this. Come to me, Limited Edition….

    And damn June is going to be a crazy month for RPGs. Between this, Odin Sphere, Tokyo Mirage Sessions, and Star Ocean, I’m going to be a very happy man with no time.

    • Bummer about the beta, at least you don’t have to worry about getting in on the full release. ;D

  • Nice love to the vita, and I wish that you also launch a pre-order for PsVita

  • This is fantastic. I loved the demo!

  • All hail Nisa, got my grand edition pre ordered and I can’t wait for this game on my vita

  • I’m still interested in this game, despite it’s crowded HUD. I think I’ll still be picking it up day 1, though i have no interest at all in any online component in an RPG.

  • 2016 is killing me with quality releases. This month I’m skipping over so much, including Doom, to save for Overwatch. Next month, I’m gonna have to ignore Guilty Gear Revelator, God Eater Resurrection, Mirror’s Edge (that’s actually pretty easy, since DICE has been on a downhill slide with their releases for a few years now, I can wait on that), No Man’s Sky, Mighty No.9, Obduction, Tokyo Mirage Sessions and Star Ocean V to make sure I get Grand Kingdom. Jeez louise; wth 2016?

    Needless to say, you guys are lucky I enjoyed that Japanese demo so much :) I wish you would just release a demo for this region so people could get a taste, instead of the limited Beta thing. Grand Kingdom is charming af; a ton of people would enjoy this if they got their hands on it at all – a ton of people who, unlike me, don’t have JP region accounts ‘cuz they’re into importing :)

    Been gaming since the NES days; I thought 1998 was a great year for games, but holy heck, this generation is absolutely monumental.

    • Glad you’re making sure to get Grand Kingdom! It’s definitely a great (and crazy busy) year!

    • You sir know stuff.

      Past generations had only one thing that to me means awesomeness: MULTIPLAYER offline.

      Being at your friend’s house or on your own house playing Goofy Troop or Sonic… Playing Contra and power rangers that was a gold era… On PSOne so many games were made for that like crash team racing/bash, fightning force, twisted metal, tony hawk all was so great… now everything is online :(
      Kinda sad IMO.

  • Just so theres no confussion, the DLC will be out and free for BOTH the PS4 and the PS Vita?If so how will it be distributed on the vita?

    • The additional mercenary classes and Four Great Nation campaigns will be included on the PS4 disc and digital download, as well as on the Vita card and digital download. No need to download separate DLC for either system. :)

  • wow cool Thanks for the free dlc. The campaign dlc especially which sounds like it increases the single player by a freaking lot.

  • Thanks! Looking forward for this!

  • Any Nis game have my attention when announced, I’m sad to read some people had a chance to play the demo though :(
    I’m from Brazil and I really love Nis America/ Nippon Ichi work, but in here none of this happen…
    I don’t know if it is possible to release a demo of the game on Brazillian PSN as well, I’d be glad to play the demo as I did with Disgaea 5 even though I’ve bought it before the demo completed downloading. This game a new kind of gameplay, with that map “dungeon crawler like” and the battle system looks amazing. Testing it wouldn’t hurt.
    Thanks! :)

  • Where is the digital preorder for vita?

  • I am so glad i pre-ordered the grand kingdom grand edition of this for vita! Super Stoked to play!

    • Hey is this the sequel to grand knights history (the unreleased psp game)? If not is it apart of its universe?

    • This game has the same director as Grand Knights History, but isn’t a Vanillaware game.

  • Heeeeey, that’s pretty goooood.
    Maybe I’ll grab it…. someday… in a flash sale….

  • Will charm scrolls be available as separate dlc? I am asking for those of us who are ordering the 60$ day 1 edition, or for those getting the limited edition.

    With us paying more. I am hoping we would have some sorta ability to get charm scrolls?

  • I have the Japanese version of this game. You are making a huge mistake if you don’t play it!

  • awesome, thanks! I look forward to this

  • Fyi. Devs emailed me back. Seems Charm Scrolls can ONLY be had with the PSN download. It will not be released as DLC for the physical copies at all.

  • Saw this as an Amazon reccomendation….4 reviews and this article later and it’s preordered!

    Loving just about everything about how this game looks (except maybe the AI!)

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