Celebrate Powers Season 2 with Free Comic, PlayStation Theme

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Celebrate Powers Season 2 with Free Comic, PlayStation Theme

Hello once again! This is Brian Michael Bendis, executive producer of the PlayStation Original Series Powers and co-creator of the comic book series the show is based on.

The two week countdown for Season 2 begins (premiering May 31), and I’m back with some great news for the PlayStation community. We’re granting PlayStation Plus members free access to the first issue of the Powers comic book series! And a free PlayStation Theme for all!

Powers, Season 2

Free First Issue of Powers

Here’s how to access and start reading the storyline that inspired this year’s season:

  1. Visit Docs for PlayStation’s Powers page by clicking here.
  2. Sign in using your PlayStation Network ID.
  3. Redeem the comic book at PlayStation Store when directed.
  4. Re-visit the Docs for PlayStation Powers page and read away!

I hope you like the story that started it all and the fascinating take Powers brings to crime noir fiction, starring detectives Deena Pilgrim and Christian Walker, who are tasked with solving crimes done by and done against superheroes.

Free Powers Theme

Also, for those lovely PlayStation owners out there, we didn’t want you to walk away empty handed. Visit PlayStation Store to download your PS4 or PS3 Theme showcasing our beautiful Powers cast and the unique heroes that occupy the Powers universe.

Powers, Season 2

And don’t forget! Powers Season Two premieres on PlayStation Store May 31 in the United States and Canada and is free to stream with your PlayStation Plus membership. And just a quick note to our Canadian friends that Season 1 will also be available on May 31, also free to active PlayStation Plus members.

See you soon!

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  • First season, finally!

  • Can’t wait for season 2. A marathon might be the thing to do next week

  • Thoroughly enjoyed Season 1. Will be marathoning it shortly before the premiere. I’m very excited for Season 2

  • Open to watching this… It sounds quite interesting. Can’t wait for Season 1 in Canada :)

  • Is DOCS going to be a downloadable PS4 App? It seems that way on the Store with a release date of 5/18 but it does not have a download option when I pull it up on search.

  • Teal_Destruction

    can’t wait till for the next season the first on was amazing!!!!!

  • Sweet totally enjoyed season one. And for all people not in USA you should use your google skills and find it through other means cause it bound to be posted out there somewhere without region locks.

  • Really happy for Canadian fans able to see this now. I’m stoked to see season 2.

    I think there’s already tv rights to this IP in another studios hands, but I feel a tv adaptation of The Wicked + The Divine comic could work as a PS Original.

  • YAY finally some news for Canadian Fans of the series. Only have to wait anouther 12 days.

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