Mystery Chronicle: One Way Heroics Journeys to PS4, PS Vita This Year

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Mystery Chronicle: One Way Heroics Journeys to PS4, PS Vita This Year

Hello everyone, this is Dave Kracker from Spike Chunsoft. I hope you’re ready for the long haul because in Mystery Chronicle: One Way Heroics, once you start, there’s no looking back!

The kingdom is being swallowed by a destructive wall of light! But forget about saving the king, forget about saving the townsfolk — a true hero is one who lives to save the day, so you better keep moving.

Mystery Chronicle: One Way Heroics Journeys to PS4, PS Vita This Year

One Way Heroics is a roguelike RPG, meaning the procedurally generated game world is different with every quest. While roguelikes typically stick you in a narrow dungeon, One Way Heroics gives you an entire world to walk. But if you insist on exploring every nook and cranny, know that the forced-scrolling screen will push you to your death before you leave the starting castle.

How does an RPG incorporate forced-scrolling? Well, every action you make, be it swinging a sword or equipping armor, brings the shining wall of death one step closer. Do you risk taking a detour to score sweet loot, or do you play it safe and put more distance between yourself and annihilation?

But if your FOMO gets you killed, don’t worry. You may lose your progress but you can carry gear between sessions using the Dream Vault and earn points to unlock new perks, NPCs, and classes. Speaking of, with more than 20 classes available you’re guaranteed to find a few who scratch your strategic itch.

Mystery Chronicle: One Way HeroicsMystery Chronicle: One Way Heroics

Initially I liked the Pirate class because their brutal axe can one-hit KO most anything and their innate swimming and lock picking skills make them flexible on the field. But their low charisma makes it hard to recruit NPC allies, and NPCs lead the way to the best quests. Don’t be such a loner — you’ll see more of the world!

That applies to real life as well. You can share your progress on Twitter, or give friends passwords to unlock the worlds you’ve explored. I expect the community Wikis to explode with world codes and locations of the best loot. Study up because you’ll want every edge you can get before venturing into the PvP mode.

Mystery Chronicle: One Way Heroics

One Way Heroics is coming to PS4 and PS Vita with cross buy support, and it overhauls the gameplay and visuals of the PC indie hit. And since we love in-jokes, we couldn’t resist adding characters from our games Danganronpa and Shiren the Wanderer.

Travel to the end of endless worlds when One Way Heroics arrives this summer!

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6 Author Replies

  • I am assuming no physical release for this title?

    • I’m sorry to say that the title will be digital only. This is our first shot at self-publishing outside Japan so we’re not in a position to do physical releases (yet).

  • madmanwithabox12

    Interesting. I’ll be keeping an eye on this. =]

    Makoto and Komaru, anybody else from Danganronpa in this?

    • There’s one more hidden character but if I said who it was, it would ruin the surprise! Upupupu.

  • Any info about the release method and possible EU release would be greatly appreciated.

  • MagnificentMale

    I don’t know about this “Forced scrolling”. I’m curious what reviewers will say about it.

  • Heya will this be PSTV compatible?

    • Unfortunately it does not offer PSTV compatibility, sorry!

    • Can you explain why the PSTV isn’t supported? Considering this is a Digital Only title, not allowing PSTV support really hurts this title.

  • Nice, Danganronpa characters.

    This sorta reminds me of Half- Minute Hero.

    Release Date? and Price?

    Thanks for the cross buy support, only going to get for Vita.

  • I’m actually very curious – will this have any new mechanics or additions on top of the original ‘One Way Heroics” and “One Way Heroics PLUS”? As an owner of both previous entries ( bought this way back when) – I’d definitely buy this for my Vita while I’m on the go.

    The new sprites and artwork that’s going into this edition looks really nice as well, like another layer of polish.

    • Why, I’m glad you asked! Fans of the original will find plenty of new things to explore:

      -Japanese/English voice acting
      -Versus mode
      -New story/ending
      -New classes/monsters/allies
      -New soundtrack
      -Rebalanced gameplay

  • LOL, why did I have to confirm my age to watch this video?

    • I was surprised but the game received an “M” rating due to suggestive dialogue and a few sexy anime characters. Everything is humorous and pretty tame, really.

  • It made me remember SwapQuest… I’m in.

  • How much the game will cost?

  • Nice! I was not expecting this to ever come to consoles! Thank you guys! Looking forward to it!

  • Ps vita day 1 buy for me! Agree Swap Quest was great.

  • Is this the sequel to Mystic Chronicle on PSP?

  • I love Spike Chunsoft stuff – will check it out!

  • Huh, didn’t think this would ever get localized. I already imported it, but I might just double dip since I’m a big fan of One way Heroics

  • Even though I like the graphics, I will have to pass on this game. I will not get screwed buying another Swap Quest. I hated that crap game. I thought it was going to be good, I was mistaken. I even complained to the developer. They wanted to know what I hated, Everything! I will not waste my money or time on another game I will just not play.

  • Cool. I was skeptical at first but then I saw it who was developing it. Been needing something to scratch that Mystery Dungeon itch after beating Pok√©mon Super Mystery Dungeon. Super excited now!

  • Have you thought about getting in touch with limited run games.

    • YES
      One Way Heroics is the greatest game ever (legit one of my all time favorite games), so this is good news.

  • YES
    One Way Heroics is the greatest game ever (legit one of my all time favorite games), so this is good news.

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