5 Things You Didn’t Know About Homefront: The Revolution

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5 Things You Didn’t Know About Homefront: The Revolution

Hi everyone! My name is Craig Turner and I’m the Community Manager at Deep Silver Dambuster Studios, working on Homefront: The Revolution. The whole team here in Nottingham has been hard at work pumping our blood, sweat, and tears into the game so you guys can have an awesome experience when you get your hands on it as it launches tomorrow!

5 Things You Didn’t Know About Homefront: The Revolution

Here are a few behind-the-scenes tidbits directly from our dev team:

  1. There are 95 unique heads/faces as part of the Resistance! We scanned a lot of heads with our state-of-the-art face scanning technology, so many of the characters in the game are pretty special to us, because some of them are us. We are the Revolution!
  2. The open world of occupied Philadelphia is populated with more than 384 unique and individual NPC personalities! We have a wide cast of characters in Homefront: The Revolution, and the great thing about the Resistance is that it’s made up of people who come from all walks of life. We’re really excited that PlayStation fans will get to meet the cast and discover their unique stories.
  3. There are more than 50,000 lines of dialogue reordered to convey the story of Homefront: The Revolution. In order to deliver the level of storytelling we aimed to achieve, we focused on capturing the perfect performance to give our characters and story life. Speaking of dialogue, communication is key in the Co-Op Resistance Mode. You’ll need to work with your team if you want to stand a chance against the KPA.
  4. Gear up with 31 attachments across 6 different weapon groups. All of these can be accessed on the fly without going into any menu, even during combat! The KPA outmatch you when it comes to firepower, but with the Resistance’s conversion kit you can adapt your weapon in battle to stay ahead of your enemies. Out of those attachments, 9 are quite unique and can convert your standard battle rifle into, oh, let’s say, a freedom launcher!
  5. Lastly, you’ll be happy to know there are 136 1/2 rubber ducks in the game (don’t ask about the half one). This one is probably the most critical element to Homefront: The Revolution. You’ll catch glimpses of these little guys as you traverse through the city. Don’t be afraid to investigate abandoned buildings, you might find hidden resistance supply caches and rubber ducks.

Homefront: The Revolution, PS4Homefront: The Revolution, PS4

We’re all incredibly excited for you to learn more about Homefront: The Revolution come launch day, and we look forward to hearing about your triumphs as you ignite a revolution yourself.

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  • Hello Craig,

    I appreciate you and your teams hard work!

    I was wondering if you guys would provide players a roadmap of when DLC will be released and more on the Single Player campaign DLC. Also would you guys ever bringing back the Team Multi player modes that were in the original Homefront. They were a lot of fun and the battle’s were a great play with friends. If you did would not only make new maps, but bring back the orginal maps. I know I and may others would be willing to pay a little more to get this into the game.


    Rob aka Graf

    P.S. Please also consider bringing Avatar pictures to the PS4 as well, so we gamers can show our support of the game in our player gamertag.

    • Hey Graf!,

      There will be more information about the DLC and Expansion Pass very soon! As for the multiplayer modes and maps, you can definitely expect to see more content that will expend the Resistance Mode post-launch. This will actually be free for players! I can’t say if the maps from the original Homefront will make it into Homefront: The Revolution, however. Although the spirit of Homefront is still here, the game itself is very different. We hope that you enjoy how much we expanded Homefront: The Revolution.

      Oh, awesome feedback about the Avatar. I’ll let the team know!

      Thank you,

  • I think I will join the resistance tomorrow. Seems like a lot of love went into this game. It will be very hard to tear my hands away from Uncharted 4 but Homefront looks like it will be a welcome break from treasure hunting!

    • We feel your pain! It is tough to break away, but we hope you find time to enjoy Homefront: The Revolution. :D


  • Thanks so much for the hard work and will join this great game
    Wish story and gameplay is long in time ,also many ways to finish missions and controllers are good ,was wishing that you put the first part remastered for let us say remind of the story which i like .
    Thanks wish you happiness and success and progress

  • Wow… I didn’t know those things! :)

  • The trailers make this game look so awesome. I recently bought too many games and building too much of a backlog but I think that I will still get this game.

  • I can’t wait to join the resistance tomorrow! Well worth taking a break from DOOM.

    • The Resistance could use a few more soldiers like you! Looking forward to fighting alongside you. :)


  • I didn’t know Homefront: the Revolution was that story-focused with so much dialogue! That’s pretty cool.

    The original Homefront was an overlooked gem. In the aftermath of THQ’s collapse, it looks as if its sequel is being done by an entirely different team. The original developer, Kaos Studio, got folded into THQ’s Montreal studio. Anyway, I am really excited about this title. There’s a definite shortage of story-based shooters beyond the meager obligatory campaigns in some other franchises. I foresee game-time with Homefront: the Revolution tomorrow!

  • Out of all the FPS that come out every year there is nothing original gameplay wise from this.

  • I didn’t know this was a solo player centric game. Thought it was like cod. I might need to pick this up.

  • where are the reviews? That’s what I’ve been waiting for before pre ordering

  • Very odd that you guys didn’t discuss this more. People saw on yesterday’s “The Drop” that this game would be releasing soon. Most people didn’t even know there was a release date, and many hadn’t even heard of Homefront: The Revolution. Why was this kept so quiet?

    Also, I just read that this game was developed by Dambuster Studios. Is this correct? I thought Crytek was making it?
    Maybe I need to poke around Google a bit more.

    Anyway, congratulations and good luck with the launch!

    • Okay, I found this: “on January 23, 2013, Crytek acquired the Homefront franchise during a sale of the company’s assets for $500,000. However, they sold the game to Deep Silver after financial problems. The game’s current developer is the newly formed Dambuster Studios.”

      So, is any of Crytek’s work present in Homefront: The Revolution, or did Dambuster Studios develop it from scratch? Does Dambuster studios have any people who worked at Crytek? I’m just a little leery because I am familiar with Crytek’s games, but I’m not familiar with Dambuster Studios. They may be amazing, but I previously had an idea (probably wrong) of what to expect. Now, I am entirely ignorant.

  • I didn’t know it didn’t have competitive multiplayer, that’s what completely sold the first game, now I’m not interested. It was the only game to combine vehicles in a fast-paced shooter (best of both CoD and Battlefield) and with the BEST reward system yet, no one has done it since and now you’ve dropped the biggest selling point, huge lost opportunity.

  • Rubber ducks is not how you build hype. Also 95 unique heads on 384 unique NPCs. Isn’t that an oxymoron? That’s a lot of repeat heads on NPCs. :)

  • When did the PS blog turn into buzz feed? “10 things we learned in the Overwatch beta” “Five things you didn’t know about Homefront.”

    A little more on topic, the early word is that this game is a technical mess. I would definitely wait until the reviews are out for this one.

  • You know what, i might just pick this up when it comes out on Friday in the UK.

  • Got it coming in the mail. Have it wednesday, loved the first even with its flaws and it looks like you’ve made another great game. Really intrigued by the 384 NPCs and 50000 lines of dialogue part. I was expecting an interesting story but it sounds like theres actually a lot more of it than I expected.

    Now please tell me you’ve thrown a Sunny reference in there. Paddy’s Pub maybe? I would be so happy to find that.

  • 6. The game is apparently mediocre, if reviews are to be believed.

  • has psblog gotten rather lazy lately? barely and article per day

  • Too bad the reviews for this game mention a lot of bugs and issues with the delivered version. Maybe now it’s clear why this game was rumored to be completely cancelled and then somehow still got released. Bet it was really ugly at one point of the development cycle and almost got trashed completely for the technical issues.

    • Yeah. I was super hyped for the first Homefront, but it turned out to be absolutely awful (in my opinion). When I learned that this one was being developed by Cryket, I was really hyped for it again.
      But, we haven’t heard anything about this game since it was announced, which isn’t a good sign, and then I read that Crytek sold this game to Deepsilver and it ended up being created by one of their studios (Dambuster), so now the hype is dead again. I do hope it’s good – I hope all games are good – but my expectations have been reset to 0 after Crytek sold it.

  • This blog made it sound very appealing, but after reading the review from videogamer.com, the following comment took me back a bit, “…….The PlayStation 4 version is a completely different story: while it retains the look and feel of the PC build, it runs terribly, so much so that it is one of the worst-performing games I’ve ever played on the machine. Much of Homefront takes place outdoors, and the PS4 version simply doesn’t cope with it: an early-game raid on a house, which sees the player slip past enemies and into the street, slowed to a crawl in our playthrough, and likewise other exterior gameplay was little better. Texture quality is also worse, but the frame rate is the real killer, so much so that I would struggle to recommend the game to anyone at all (and that is with the day one patch installed)”

    Changed my mind!

    • Thanks. After buying the IP from Crytek, my feeling is that they should have also hired Crytek developers to create this game.

    • @ KySky1965 – Hmm that means devs who can’t develop for PS4…what a shame.Means I’m now wary to get this game.

  • I thought this game was being developed by crytek.Oh well it doesn’t matter really cuz game looks good and insanely better than the 1st one which was crap lol.

    I’m glad about what I’ve read on this post….if there is a thing I found funny and sometimes even annoying in open-world games is the amount of equal models of NPCs.

  • I’m glad that I waited to read reviews. Reviews for the PS4 version were kinda mixed in terms of gameplay, not so mixed in terms of performance–poor! If anyone thinks the PC version is better, think again. It’s off to a very rocky start there as well. Oh well, I really loved Valkyria Chronicles Remastered. Another play-through on my PS4 can’t hurt!

  • I played the first Homefront a little, it had some things going for it. It seemed a real shame that it didn’t catch on better.

    That there’s now a sequel out for it is really impressive. Hopefully things will go better this time – we could really use a non-CoD game on the scene to demonstrate that there are deeper experiences to be had outside of the random respawn, fast time-to-kill fare out there.

  • Why does this game look exactly like infamouse second son? That check point looks just like a DUP check point and it seems to have a karma aspect? Good or bad consiquences on the map? I do love taking over areas on maps so i may be interested in this game!

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