The Drop: New PlayStation Games for 5/17/2016

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The Drop: New PlayStation Games for 5/17/2016
The Drop

The United States has fallen, now occupied by a savage and superior military force. Lead a desperate resistance against this threat in Homefront: The Revolution, which launches this week on PS4.

In Homefront: The Revolution, players explore a living open world as they attempt to take back the United States from its oppressors. Employ the brutal art of guerilla warfare and wield ambushes against the opposing forces to inspire a revolution within the hearts of the people. Build up the resistance, establish bases of operation, and use a patchwork arsenal to fight for freedom.

For a full list of new games coming to PlayStation this week, read on. And enjoy the Drop!

The Drop: New PlayStation Games for 5/17/2016
New Releases: May 17, 2016
PS4 — Digital (Out 5/20)


Immerse yourself in the world of Cubikolor! Armed only with your logic and your Kube, move through the 150 levels outwitting the traps in the System, an evil, scheming entity, to confront the machine and pass the test! Will you achieve the highest score?

Homefront: The Revolution
PS4 — Digital, Retail

Homefront The Revolution

Homefront: The Revolution is an open-world first person shooter where you lead the Resistance movement and wage guerrilla warfare against a superior military force to ignite the Revolution. The dynamic, evolving world responds to your actions as an oppressed nation rises up in defiance against the occupation.

Letter Quest Remastered
PS4, PS Vita — Digital (Cross Buy)

Letter Quest Remastered

Ever wondered what would happen if you crossed Scrabble with an RPG? Now you don’t have to, because Letter Quest is here! Help Grimm and Rose, a couple of adorable grim reapers, defeat monsters, ghosts, evil bunnies, and more using the power of words!

Life Goes On: Done to Death
PS4 — Digital

Life Goes On Done to Death

Life Goes On is a comically-morbid platformer where you guide heroic knights to their demise and use their dead bodies to solve puzzles. On your quest to find the Cup of Life, you will summon knight after knight to be brutally sacrificed. In Life Goes On, death is not a setback. It is the only means to success.

My Night Job
PS4 — Digital

My Night Job

Black night, an abandoned mansion, and a bunch of monsters. Sounds like the perfect job. Players will have to use a variety of weapons to save their skin and master the challenge of leading survivors to safety, while also defending the building from invaders. Use more than 60 weapons, from vases and floor lamps to chainsaws, shotguns, and ginormous hammers.

Perfect Universe
PS4 — Digital

Perfect Universe

Perfect Universe is a collection of nine game modes with both single and local multiplayer options varying in complexity — all tied together with a beautiful art style and highly detailed environments.

Rugby League Live 3
PS4, PS3 — Digital

Rugby League Live 3

It’s Footy season and this is Rugby League Live 3! Featuring: Be a Pro mode, Fanhub Player Sharing, a Dynamic Tacking System, and Action replay! Plus all 2014/2015 rule changes, updates to current 2015 rosters and team uniforms.

Shadow of the Beast
PS4 — Digital

Shadow of the Beast

Explore the alien landscape of Karemoon, a world filled with beauty, brutality, and mystery, on a lone quest to overthrow the malevolent tyrant Maletoth. Survive epic boss battles and tackle hordes of enemies in ferocious adrenaline-fueled action. Develop abilities with skill points earned from the death of your opponents, unlocking increasingly brutal moves as you draw power from the blood of your foes.

PS4 — Digital


Shadwen is a stealth-action game where the only rule is to remain unseen. Stay hidden — or the ruthless guards will kill you on sight! Shadwen, an assassin, has a chance encounter with an orphaned girl, Lily. Lily follows Shadwen on her dangerous journey, but when the guards get too close, Shadwen must take action right in front of Lily’s eyes.

Soft Body
PS4 — Digital

Soft Body

Soft Body is a meditative action game where you control two beautiful, gooey snakes at the same time. In the game, you paint the world with your body and as you do so the world changes around you and reveals new obstacles and challenges. Although the action is tense, the mood and aesthetic are contemplative and calm.

Valkyria Chronicles Remastered
PS4 — Digital, Retail

Valkyria Chronicles Remastered

Valkyria Chronicles is back and now beautifully remastered in HD for PS4. Now with brand new Trophies and all the previously released DLC pre-loaded, take advantage of the visually distinctive classic.

VEV: Viva Ex Vivo
PS4 — Digital


VEV: Viva Ex Vivo‎ is a unique, pick-up and play action game with puzzle and survival elements. Players take control of a Virtual Eukaryote Visualizer, a single-celled artificial life-form which allows them to explore four distinct microscopic environments: freshwater, soil, blood, and cerebrospinal fluid.

Wild Arms 3 (PS2)
PS4 — Digital

Wild Arms 3

Experience Wild Arms 3 on PS4. Desolate wastelands and eroded memories are the remains of a dying world. Sparse settlements provide protection from the harsh environments. Few dare to roam beyond the town’s boundaries. The ones that do are proclaimed “Drivers.” The ones that survive are heralded as legendary.

PlayStation Music Logo

  • Montana of 300 — Fire in the Church
  • Webbie — Savage Life V
  • Tiger Army – V

PlayStation Video Logo

  • Triple 9
  • Gods of Egypt (plus bonus features)
  • Vinyl | Season 1

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  • Deadliest Catch — May 17 at 9/8c (Discovery)
  • Royal Pains — May 18 at 10/9c (USA)
  • Impractical Jokers — May 19 at 10/9c (truTV)

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  • Wild Arms 3 is a nice surprise. I never actually played the game, only a demo on a PlayStation underground disk, looking forward to playing it now. I liked how you actually had to watch the ammo you had.
    Gonna sit on Homefront and see if it’s for me.

    • oh man, I played that same demo on that same disk! been a long time!

    • You mean the demo that only features Virginia’s and Gallow’s prologues along with the following boss fight? If so….I swear, I played that demo over and over and OVER again.

      Because I never got the full game until well after I finished 4 and 5.

    • Playstation Underground…Oh, you have brought back so many good memories, sir

    • PlayStation Underground…I’ve had my PSN handle since the beginning…I think it became my handle once Sony went online with the PS2 and my account was “upgraded” into an online account.

  • Valkyria for me.

  • Ready to buy Valkyria Chronicles for the third time and never play past 2 hours

  • Wow, this week brings a pile of games I don’t recall seeing much about, and others I’m already eager to try. Could be some real gems in here :-)

  • Uncharted 4 is best game ever i played. Excellent story, excellent gameplay and graphic is mindblowing.. Shadow of the beast and Homefront Revolution for me this week

  • I didn’t realize there was a Wild Arms 3, the first two were pretty awesome though back in the day.

    • There are 5 Wild Arms numbered releases, as well as XF which is a PSP Tactical RPG.

    • In addition to the 5 Wild Arms numbered releases and Crossfire for the PSP MakaiOokami mentioned, they also remade the first game for PS2 (in between WA4 and 5).

      It’s a long running series, and it’s most likely going to make a comeback this gen (google “Confirmed New Wild Arms” and you’ll see plenty of stories about Media Vision wanting to do something for the anniversary, and beginning pre-production work on a PS4 entry). It’s kind of crazy that you missed MOST of it during the PS2 era :P

  • I’m waiting for VEV since it showed up here! I’d like to THE DROP put the prices!

  • Definitely Wild Arms 3 for me this week. This was one of the ps2 classics I was waiting for.

  • Alright. Squad 7, move out!

  • Shadwen? Shadow of the Beast? Wild Arms 3? Damn, Playstation – Doom and Uncharted just came out. I already have a massive backlog (heck, I own Valkyria on PS3 AND Steam and have never finished it, this reminds me). Weeks like this are brutal! Such good games, but no time and no money to play them :'(

  • Lot of interesting niche titles….a shame they aren’t on the Vita. Some of these platformers and puzzle games would be ideal on the Vita. Such a shame…such a shame.

  • No Vita’s version for Shadow of the Beast and Wild Arms 3? :/

  • Think I want shadow of the beast but pax south badges go on sale this week….

  • Shadow of the Beast!!! Day one baby!

  • No 3 on 3 freestyle basketball this week? I saw a site the says its out the 18th.

  • I disagree with the fact need a ps3 to transfer the game Valkyria chronicles 2 to the PS Vita . Why you do not remove the lock so that it can be downloaded directly? Besides this we have spent years hoping that allow us to play the entire catalog of PSP and PSOne .
    What is the sense of close access to the store from psp, have them available but need a ps3 to play them in PS Vita ?

    • Dragonslayer_023

      VC2 is now available on the Vita store in NA.

    • It’s been in the store for a while but still requires transfer as far as I know. I wont like to spend 10 bucks for a message from the download list that says its not compatible. I read from gamefaqs that you still need the ps3. Maybe is a rumor but I want to wait until someone confirm that you can downloaded and play it directly. Also thanks for you answer.

    • You can download from the Ps Vita. The acces as been remove for the if you want to play on the psp you need a Ps3 or a Pc and transfert with USB cable. You can download Psp title on vita directly and play

    • Nope Wrong! I purchased game that is on sale right now for $4.99 and when i went to download lists it says cannot download using this system so no it’s not fully downloadable to the vita which angers me so much but thankfully i have a friend who has a PS3 i can use temporarily to transfer the game to the Vita so fair warning people if you see game on the Vita’s PSN store and thinking of buying it because it’s downloadable DON’T, don’t buy the game it’s not downloadable to your system, wait for any announcement from SEGA about being downloadable to the vita or get a PS3 to transfer your game to your vita( if you already own a PS3 then you’re ok) again do not buy it its not downloadable to the PS vita.

  • Wild Arms 3!!!

  • OMG!!! Thank you for finally putting the PS One classic, G-Police, on the Playstation Store! After all, it’s only been on the European store for nearly a decade!!! The game has long been one of my favorites and it looks and plays great on my PS Vita. Oh, wait a minute…. I’m actually playing G-Police on my hacked PSP. Sorry, my mistake!

    • Well your joke was good once, but most of us reading all psn blog… so find a new one please lol

    • you do know for say hacked psp you pirating sony software they can take your name and and ip band you user name piracy is a legal and you can go to jail for that its like going to a store taking a game from walmart go to jail or get fined up to 5000$ sony could do that too hope they do i dont believe in piracy

    • Bear with me. I only have about fifteen more points to make.

  • Now we just need the other Wild Arms Games and Xenosaga Episode 1-3 (assuming an HD trilogy isn’t coming)

  • I hate to be that guy, and I own both systems, but honestly when is the last time xbone actually had such a blow out week full of great games, have they honestly ever had a better week in games vs ps4? I really try to look at both sides but it’s pretty clear ps4 is clearly the better system, I’m sorry it just so plain as day is.

  • BEAST!! Everyone must buy Beast!!! Original Amiga version included, you will drop your jaw when you see and play that game and remember it came out in 1989! No pixelated 8-bit FM synthesis bullcrap there.

  • Wild ARMs 3 and its Platinum.

    …’Nuff said.

    ….Other than that I assume there’ll be a trophy for defeating Ragu O Ragla, since just getting to him (in WA3) is an endeavor in of itself (since you cannot save inside the dungeon he resides in).

  • How Much Will the VC Remastered be??

  • Another great week and here I’m still making my way through Uncharted 4. Been playing Life Goes On and Shadwen and having a lot of fun with both of them. I’ll be picking up Shadow of the Beast and Valkyria Chronicles Remastered as well.

  • Nice to see a ps2 game on the list of release’s this week. I hope to see Burnout revenge, Gran turismo 3 and 4 and need for speed most wanted 2005 release really soon.

  • Woot Valkyria Chronicles is finally out. Hoping if it sells well enough we can get the new ps4 version.

    Didnt even know Homefront was coming out. Be curious about the reviews.

    Very curious about Shadwen. Game play footage looked interesting.

  • Sony I’m wondering and hoping that there is gonna be a sly cooper 5 game

  • Wild Arms 3 and Valkyria definitely for me. Thanks for these releases

  • Wildarms 3 woooo!!! Sony please try and release ps2 games faster, like weekly.

  • I see maybe 5 games I might grab. This is the best week this year, guys. Thanks for making me delay paying my bills this month. HA HA

  • Why isn’t Valkyrie Chronicles Remastered up for pre-order? Its not listed on Coming soon even on PSN store.

  • EVERYONE should try Valkyrie Chronicles. I have great memories of playing that game. Definitely a highlight on PS3.

  • Not a big fan of wild arms 3 didn’t think it was good as number 1 or 2 but valkyria chronicles was a pretty cool game on ps3 and shadow of the beast looks like a pretty good game. Good hope PlayStation.

  • Unbelievable. This is the most exciting DROP I’ve seen in a long time. Sadly, I have too much DOOM and Uncharted to get through before I can legitimize spending the money for a lot of these!

  • Wow a lot of interesting games this week,so much I won’t even quote them.I thought Homefront was cancelled by now,been ages since I saw any news about it,oh well glad its releasing…would love to have a demo.Definitely getting Shadow of the Beast in the future game looks great and VEV too.

  • you know back in the day we would get direct link to the psn stores, price points and even videos to see what the game is.

    Today, we got a ****** screenshot and thats it

    You guys should go back to the older format instead of alienating your clients

  • Just adding my voice to those asking for more Wild Arms on PS4. This was one series that got better with every new iteration. And while I am here, how about a brand new Wild Arms? Please?

  • you know back in the day we would get direct link to the psn stores, price points and even videos to see what the game is.
    Today, we got a screenshot and thats it
    You guys should go back to the older format instead of alienating your clients

    • TheHerbinator75

      Ryan is apparently too busy to simply list price points each week with the drop. *insert a heavy dose of sarcasm throughout*

    • Listen to this man!! Also in the PS3 store you can dowload 1080 P versions of gameplay and trailers, how it is possible that they are only streamed on PS4???

  • Too busy to do a simple copy paste job for price and psn link?
    How hard can that be?

    Hmm lets see…
    Since this is the US blog spot, prices should be in USD … nothing too complicated here
    Hmmm, copy paste a link to the PSN store… that is time consuming indeed.

    And almost forgot, got to add a trailer for the game … another copy paste time consuming issue.

    *insert a heavy dose of sarcasm throughout*

  • I suppose too many good choices is a better problem to have than not enough good choices

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