She Wants Me Dead Out Today on PS4

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She Wants Me Dead Out Today on PS4

Hello there! It feels awesome to be on PlayStation.Blog with some great news!

This time we want to tell you about She Wants Me Dead on PS4 — an unforgiving rhythm game with an evil cat that really, really wants to kill you. On the beat. To a dance song that will probobly dominate the clubs all summer long.

She Wants Me Dead, PS4

Long story short: super-house-producing-duo Cazzette (Sleepless, Blind Heart) came up with this crazy song called She Wants Me Dead. They brought in viral sensation AronChupa to feature on it and twist it even further.

The result was amazing and it instantly inspired us to make a game.

She Wants Me Dead is dark and quirky fun at the same time. It blends deadly traps with the feeling of both strategic and flowy platform puzzles. You play as Max, the owner of the cat Lula, who’s created a bunch of unmerciful gauntlets for him. The traps move in rhythm to the music and you better get your groove on to be able to bring Max to safety.

She Wants Me Dead, PS4She Wants Me Dead, PS4

We immediately decided to avoid the procedural feeling of endless runners and put a lot of work into thoughtful level design. This makes the game perfect for expert players looking for an amazing speed run challenge. Adding rhythm-synced visuals and level assets was also important to enhance the connection to the song. On top of that, we created an extensive wardrobe, packed with pop cultural references for players to unlock and use to personalize their Max-avatar.

One crucial part was merging the gameplay with the actual song that inspired us from the start. How to use one single song for an entire game, without wearing it out?

She Wants Me Dead, PS4

We tried a lot of designs — build-ups with layers of the track, scripted queues, and more. Finally we decided on a straightforward solution and after having replayed the game and its soundtrack track a ridiculous amount of times, we’ve still not stopped loving the song.

Hopefully, you will like She Wants Me Dead just as much!

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