7 Ways to Take Great Shots in Uncharted 4 Photo Mode

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7 Ways to Take Great Shots in Uncharted 4 Photo Mode

The deliciously detailed world of Uncharted 4 just begs players to hit the Share button and grab a few mementos of Drake’s latest adventure. Handily, the day one patch includes a special photo mode that, once enabled in the Options menu, will let you capture the action with a photographer’s poise.

There’s a wide range of options to choose from, so we’ve put together a few handy tips to help you nail the perfect shots.

Uncharted 4: A Thief's End, PS4

1.) Get Up Close and Personal
Uncharted 4’s Photo Mode Camera controls come equipped with “Dolly” settings that allow you to ease in and out (R1/ L1), tilt (Left/Right on the Directional Pad), and adjust focus with a “Field of View” option. Don’t be afraid to try some different angles and go a little rogue with your photography.

2.) Draw Focus
A great trick to highlight specific objects in an image is to place them in direct focus. Uncharted 4’s Photo Mode features a “Depth of Field” setting which will allow you to draw focus to objects at a certain distance, making it stand out within the image.

We’d recommend upping the intensity of the effect initially (R1), setting the exact distance you want and then gradually rolling back the intensity (L1) until you hit the perfect level.

Uncharted 4: A Thief's End, PS4

3.) Hide the Characters
Sometimes less is more. If you’d rather capture a dramatic landscape or a stunning piece of architecture without any of the cast photobombing you, you can always choose to remove them from the scene with the “Hide Characters” option.

Best of all, you don’t have to remove everybody: you can opt to remove the player character, your buddies, your enemies, or even civilians and just capture exactly what you want.

4.) Set Things in Motion
A little natural motion blur is a great way to add a sense of movement to a static image. Swinging across a ravine can take on a whole new sense of drama when the sheer cliff faces are whizzing by in a blur.

You can add as much or as little as you like, so play around until you’re happy with the balance.

5.) Add Some Finishing Touches
Once you’ve set up the perfect shot there’s a whole range of options to tweak the final look. Some of these you might have come across before, some might be less familiar. “Sharpness,” “Brightness,” and “Saturation” will likely be familiar to most, but some others may be less so:

  • Chromatic Aberration is a phenomenon commonly seen in photography where certain colors of the spectrum appear to “bleed” from the edges of objects in an image. We’d suggest playing with the filter to see what we mean.
  • Film Grain adds a filter to image that replicates some of the traditional “noise” found in analogue recording. It’s a funky effect that gives pictures a classically cinematic look and feel.
  • Vignette creates a bright focal point radiating out from the centre of your image, darkening away towards the edges. It’s great for adding a sense of brooding or foreboding to an image.

6.) Break Out a Filter
Uncharted 4’s Photo Mode includes a range of pre-set filters to add a unique twist to your images. You can add a warm vintage feel to your images, some moody noir tones, or go super classy with a black and white effect. Each brings its own particular feel or look to the image, so play around and find the one that works for you.

Uncharted 4: A Thief's End, PS4

7.) Use PNG Format for the Highest Quality
By default, the PS4 saves your screenshots in a compressed JPEG format. These are a great way to save storage space, but it does come at a cost to the quality. If you really want to capture every intricate detail, switch to PNG.

You can adjust this from the Share menu by pressing Options, then selecting “Sharing and Broadcast Settings,” “Screenshot Settings,” and toggling “Image Format” to “PNG.”

With all these tips in hand, you should now be poised to capture some breath-taking shots from Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End.

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  • I’m so glad photo mode is more or less becoming a standard for modern games, and that the one for Uncharted 4 is so robust. Some really breathtaking shots I see from all over the internet :-)

    • @paulogy question do you even own a PS4?

    • @tusunami

      There’s no point in owning one. Paulogy lives on the Blog.

    • No Need to be rude guys, whether he has a ps4 or not it doesn’t matter. He likes the playstation blog so what? Stop being jerks. I got your back Paulogy. @tusunami @I_am_rushin

    • @oste

      Jeez, lighten up, it’s just a joke. Who cares if he does or doesn’t have the system.

    • @tusunami Nope, PS4Neo.

      @I_am_rushin You got it ;-)

      @Oste18262009 <3

    • Well tbh it sounded like your being cyber bullies, i don’t like bullies so that’s why I said that. And obviously you care if he has a ps4 otherwise you wouldn’t have said that to him. @I_am_rushin

  • I’m so happy that this photo mode is like the one from The Last of Us. This game is too gorgeous to not screenshot! I can’t wait to go back and take more photos now that I finished my first playthrough.

  • Last night, I desperately wanted to at least get through a couple of chapters since I haven’t been able to play very much this week. But I found myself messing around with Photo Mode for almost an hour (15 minutes in this location, 20 minutes in another…) and got so caught up in the incredible surroundings full of such rich details.

    Another masterpiece, Naughty Dog, you all should be very proud with what you’ve accomplished here!

  • I really hope Naughty Dog patches the photo mode so that the camera can fly all around the scene like the photo mode for The Order 1886. Being so restricted is a real shame considering how absolutely amazing everything looks. I’ve never taken so many screen shots of a game before but being able to freely move about the scene would really take things up another level. Uncharted 4 is the best game I’ve played since The Last of Us. Thank you Naughty Dog!

  • I’d love to see a few more options you can share you images to.

  • 8.) Reduce ‘Sharpness’ to -100 (minus 100) to remove all artificial sharpening.

  • This game got amazing reviews. i beat all 3 others on the ps3. Got lost a lot on what to do gave me bad motion sickness at times. Still fun adventures though.

  • As soon as I was given the option in a firmware update, I changed my screenshot format to PNG. So, tip #7 already heeded.
    This game is truly gorgeous. I’ve only taken a couple pictures, but they’ve turned out really nicely.

  • Loving the photo mode, I already have dozens of photos taken from the game. Really glad this was patched in on day one! This is by far, the most beautiful game I have ever seen or played!

  • Share> That button that has never been touched on my controller…

  • Just more things that make this games SP great… granted that the MP is absolutely horrible!

  • I wish there was more control in the real time renderer cut scenes. I can understand why they wouldn’t want a full on controls, as some of the background might not be rendered, but the ability to at least center the camera and the subject when zooming in would be nice. Often times when you zoom in you are only getting the side of someone’s shoulder.

  • was expecting:
    1) share button
    2) photomode
    3) cell phone camera
    4) ???

  • Guys don’t forget to update your headset companion app for your PS headsets UC4 never sounded better. They added MLB the show and+ Ratchet and Clank also O.W.N.

  • Great tips!

    I’m only 3 hours in and can’t stop taking pictures. :P
    I’ve shared a bunch here. They are mostly spoiler free.

    I hope some day that there is a way to get the uncompressed PNG files from the PS4 to a PC without having to use a USB Stick.
    Maybe by way of Dropbox or emailing them to yourself. I guess direct to Imgur or a similar photo host which doesn’t re-compress or resize your images would also do.

  • hi guys , first of all i just want to say tank you for creating such an enjoyable experience , the action packed detailed environments and sequences are splendid. I havent enjoyed a game such as this for a long time tank you.

    Now i wanted to also mention the screen capture tool , not having seen this before in other games ( it may be used in other games ) i am amazed at the creations you can create. I do not take screen shots but after finding this hidden gem in your game and playing about with it, i ended up with over 100 screen shots , from film noir captures to alien landscapes. This feature allowed me to explore a different side to a game and also engaged me in a different angle then just a normal experience , this should be applauded and i take my hat off to its creator or who ever thought of it. Games are often beautiful but end when you have past the sequence and do not allow any deeper involvement. Having this tool allowed to me to appreciate the detail in this game and the time developers have taken to create such beautiful art..

    • As we all know playing a game becomes a passage of tunnel vision and your attention only really captures say a 10″ diameter of the screen and everything else is a blur as you concentrate on your character. This feature allowed my self to enjoy each and every environment or action scene in its full glory and is a credit to the game.

      I am going to now try and create some of these screen captures into 3d scenes and enjoy them even more. Being new to this may not end up in a great result lol but the fact remains , i will still be able to enjoy this game once i complete it and maybe give my own creative vision to some of the fantastic screen shots i have been able to create. Thank you for a fantastic game, and a fantastic tool to explore and enjoy the game out side the normal parameters of a normal action action game. I do not replay games , i never have but on this occasion i feel i may replay this game many times. So its a win win for its creators

      kind regards
      the funk.

  • Hi, Everyone! Is there a place where people are sharing screenshots of Uncharted 4? Would love to share mine too :D

    • You would probably have to join a UC4 community to shar them.

    • I’d suggest staring a Goggle Picassa or Imgur account to share. Somewhere that allows you to upload full resolution PNG files without them resizing or compressing to JPG.

      I’ve shared 100 of my favorite Unchared 4 screens (1920×1080 PNG) spoiler free images to my own personal page here.

      Uncharted 4 is an amazing game for sure. I really enjoy taking in game screen shots using the Photo Mode almost as much as I enjoy playing the game and that’s saying something. :)

    • Yeah…That too.

  • Biggest flaw of the newest R&C (aside from the underwhelming amount of story content) is the total lack of a dedicated Photo Mode like Uncharted 4. Been taking lots of snaps to use as wallpapers!

  • It’s absolutely insane. I did this quite a bit reliving Drake’s adventures on the Trilogy. But with UC4 looking so amazing, I think I’ve spent more time in photo mode than gameplay. I can’t leave Scotland yet. Every 20 paces and its photo time. I joined one of the really populated UC4 communities where plenty of ppl are sharing photos +Laranjeira. Loving deciding which filter and frame to use even though it’s excruciating to decide on one…. I’m like Mr. Blorange at this point ..someone will get that mashup reference, I hope. Great job Naughty Dogs.

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