Guilty Gear Xrd Revelator: New Fighter Primer

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Guilty Gear Xrd Revelator: New Fighter Primer

Welcome, warriors of the wastes! With less than a month to go until the June 7 launch of Guilty Gear Xrd Revelator, it’s time to take a close-up look at the new fighters and DLC options!

Guilty Gear Xrd -REVELATOR-, PS4, PS3

The world of Guilty Gear is loaded with fantastical fighters and insane warriors, all with their own unique agendas and motivations for fighting. If you’ve pre-ordered the game digitally on PS4 via PlayStation Store, you’ve no doubt been busy cracking skulls and solidifying your technique in the demo mode. While the full roster of characters is currently available in demo mode, two new characters will be available from June 7 to June 21 for free on PlayStation Store! These characters are Raven and Kum Haehyun.

Raven the “Undying Disease” is suitable for any style of play, but he excels as a technical mid-range character. Keep your enemies close (but not too close) and take advantage of his long reaching normal attacks.

Raven proves exceptionally difficult for fighters that have issues against zoners and he exploits this with a projectile that deals damage and slows down the opponent. Raven loves to take pain just as much as he loves to dish it out. Don’t believe me? Rattle off his “Give it to me here” move and see it for yourself. If you miss out on downloading Raven during launch for free, you can unlock him with free in-game currency at any time.

Guilty Gear Xrd -REVELATOR-, PS4, PS3Guilty Gear Xrd -REVELATOR-, PS4, PS3

Kum Haehyun — AKA the “Turner of the World” — is a special kind of crazy. Looks like an old man, right? Wrong! Have you ever wanted to pilot your very own fighting mech that looked like a super-ripped, grizzled warrior of the apocalypse? Now you can! Kum Haehyun is the name of the girl who “pilots” the veteran looking warrior, a humanoid construct that delivers old style beat downs with a sensei like efficiency.

Haehyun is a power based fighter that’s built for maximum smash-imization (Yikes!) and does not utilize the gatling combo system. Haehyun’s hits deal massive damage and are ideal for link based combos. Her technical tools and power offer a very adaptable solution to virtually any combat situation. Haehyun will be available for purchase after the two-week launch window.

Lastly, you’ll have the ability to download the ultra-cool and impossibly stylish character color pack Eclipse Set for free from June 7 to June 21 as well. The Eclipse Set adds a new dimension of artistic awesomeness to your battles and will also be available for purchase after the two-week launch window.

Guilty Gear Xrd -REVELATOR-, PS4, PS3

Fans of fast paced fighters, get ready to revel in post-apocalyptic 2D glory. Guilty Gear Xrd Revelator and its free DLC launch on June 7 for both PS4 and PS3!

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2 Author Replies

  • I’m so ready for this game. Haven’t played a Guilty Gear title since the PS2.

    • Wish there was a way to upgrade xrd sign to this. With kof 14 and tekken looming this is definitely not worth a full retail purchase.

    • But Guilty Gear is better than KOF and Tekken together D=… Well, I like it a lot more XD.

    • @ AliciaDarky – Lol…that was a good laugh.Better than KoF is already unlikely and then you say better than Tekken hahaha.I’m crackin’.

    • Well, Trendy, you’re in for a treat, lol. XD

      Yeah, but ASW isn’t Capcom, and they really don’t do upgrades in the same way (IE digitally and such), its either get it ASAP or wait for a price you see fit to get it later.

      But yeah, the wave of fighters coming into 2016 is a sure ride, lol. XD

    • @ Welmosca: Well, I’d personally find your tastes as disgusting, but I won’t say a thing nor laugh at them…

    • @AliciaDarky

      I have to agree with SuperJamaican. I’m playing SF5 and MKX now, waiting for KoF 14 and Tekken 7, and I already have Xrd so its a hard sell to buy this game. Honestly BlazBlue is a better fighter.

    • @KazeEternal

      Yeah, I like BlazBlue too. Don’t know if it’s “better”, but I certainly have enjoyed it more than Guilty Gear =/.

    • @Welmosca dunno which criteria would u use to compare them, but w/ Tekken bein’ a 3D fighter guess not much room to compare. and w/ KOF if it’s about graphics… u might want to take a second look, if it’s about animations, again, u might want to take a second look, if it’s about art style, game content… again, might want to take a second look. and if it’s about gameplay… at least at high level, the amount of options sorta make it so Guilty Gear kinda as high level as a 2D FG can get.

    • @KazeEternal guess at least at high level, to compare BlazBlue to Guilty Gear kinda same as to compare NCAA to NBA or so

    • @KazeEternal

      Naw Guilty Gear is far more solid that BB. BB feels like GG’s not as cool cousin

    • @ AliciaDarky – Its funny to see you saying that but okay,and good for you cuz I don’t supress a laugh when I see something that’s worth laughing at.This ain’t about tastes either.

      @ attks2 – It wasn’t really me comparing them…if you take a 2nd look lol.As I said I found very unlikely that Guilty Gear is better than KoF and I mean overall,never affirmed anything though.As for Tekken yup its a 3D fighting game but you can always compare them and yes here I affirmed there’s no way in hell that Guilty Gear could ever be better than Tekken in any way.

    • @Welmosca

      I answered to you like that because you got in my nerves (again), but, if this isn’t about tastes, how can you say Tekken is better when you can’t compare them since one is on 3D and the other on 2D? Besides, you say that “there’s no way in hell that Guilty Gear could ever be better than Tekken in any way”. Wow, that’s taking it too far. I dislike many games, but that doesn’t mean I can’t see when they do something right.

      Well, I think I’ll definitely delete you. Can’t stand your cynical, deceptive and conceited behaviour. I know you won’t care, but I’ll since I won’t have to put up with you again =D.

  • Will the PS3 version be offered at retail of will it be download-only? Also, any news on a CE?

    • Both the PS3/PS4 versions are both Retail and Digital, but sorry to say, there won’t be an LE stateside, although the other regions will have it however (EU/JP).

      But I read/heard things that something might be for the US Physical release included, though nothing much has been said yet.

  • Seriously, if you like fighting games, you SHOULD at least try this saga. But give it a real try: play the tutorials and/or challenges and see what the game has to offer; it hasn’t been as accesible as now.

    Arc System Works games are among of my favorites!

    • I agree. Guilty Gear really helped pave the way for 2D Fighters. I will always be a fan, so long as the style doesn’t get ugly like KoF has. xD

  • Oh man, am I ready for this! I *loved* Xrd -sign-, and am eager for Revelator! The new characters look amazing!

  • Since I saw the name Revelator on the title some weeks ago I got very confused and I’m still trying to understand.Is this a better version of Xrd Sign a la GOTY edition?…or is this a whole new game?

    • In a manner of speaking, yep, its a better version, but truth be told, this is a sequel that’ll continue the story forward from -Sign-. I wouldn’t say its a GotY edition or anything, that’s kinda reserved for games that include all DLC content so far.

      All the modes from -Sign- make a return, along with some new improvements.

    • You really should buy it for the online lobbies though, ’cause fishing and soccer. :p

    • This is not a GOTY edition, this is a sequel. It contains new stuff and improvements. 5 new character (with the possibility of more as DLC) New story in both Arcade mode and Story mode, new system technics (burst overdrive, throw break, blitz attack), new and improved online lobby, New stuff in tutorial, mission and challenge mode, and probably more.

    • Hey there. Yep it’s a new game. There’s been a lot of confusion but it’s essentially a sequel to -SIGN-.

    • @ Danny – Hey Danny thanks for replying…I was really needing that answer.Its good to have an official confirmation.

      @ NeoStrayCat – I never said a GOTY edition I asked “a la” GOTY edition…wanted to know if this was an updated version like SF4 had over the years super,arcade,ultra and etc.I just used GOTY as a reference.

      @ Aegis_high – Same thing as above.

    • @Welmosca then you used the term “a la GOTY edition” wrong.

  • Fan of A.B.A.

  • I just don’t get why fighting games can’t be a service, where the games get updates, and you can buy the new content, and etc…

    Once I have games 1 and 2, and my friend has 3, and another friend only has 1, and another friend pre-orders 4… It gets to the point to where none of us can play together and so you end up just playing something else.

    • To be fair, fighting games like these originate on arcades, and the arcade audience in Japan is ASW’s primary target audience before console gamers worldwide. Playing with a friend in an arcade would be like playing with a friend over local multiplayer, so yeah….

  • Yeah!! Im ready for this game, I need the overdriver reflect for my potemkin

  • I feel like things have been super quiet from Guilty Gear Revelator, which is a shame because I am really looking forward to this. For me, 2016 is the year of the fighting game, namely because of GGR, Tekken 7 and King of Fighters XIV :) And KOF, which doesn’t come out ’til August, has kind of been killing it with lots of vids, announcements, character info, etc. SNK, Atlus, various fighting channels on Youtube, various events in Japan and elsewhere – there’s new stuff almost every week for KOFXIV; it’s really exciting! Wish GGR got hyped more.

    But now I definitely gotta find a way to buy this. MAN; first I gotta scrounge up the cash for Overwatch at the end of this month though. UGH. So hard to manage so many great games. Maybe I should’ve got an Xbone, that way I’d have hardly anything to worry about :P

  • Well, Kum’s premise is certainly worthy. But, if we’re bringing up unintuitive pronouns… when’s Bridget comin’ back (“Kum’ing back”?)?

  • I don’t get it. We’re just getting one new fighter? And his name is Primer?

  • Guilty Gear Xrd Revelator !rollup

  • KanakanaKo_Exia

    As of the moment, GGXrdRev’s demo is, IMO, better than SFV’s full game. In the PH, it still takes 10-20mins just to get a fight, single player content is still very lacking. You’ve seen the dedication of ArcSys with story content and whatever 2 hours worth of story that sfv will have, i doubt that it will be able to win against GG’s.

    People need to consider the amount of content here before judging the game.
    ArcSys games have never been low in content and the rehashes like they did in blazblue were sold cheaper, all characters rebalanced and all dlcs unlocked.

    Think before you speak.
    KOF still looks ugly
    Tekken, release date please.
    SFV is good but with the easy combos, lack of offline content and internet issues, I am regretting my purchase.

  • I’m skipping this hype-train and waiting for the ‘ultimate’ edition that has all the DLC characters plus the odd new one. It’s becoming an annoying trend for fighting games lately…I’m looking at you MvC3, MK, SF, Injustice and what have you.

    • You’ll be waiting forever then. They didn’t do that for -Sign- so it’s safe to assume they won’t do that for -Revelator- either. Besides, if you’re a fighting game nut, you owe yourself to give Guilty Gear a shot. Blows SF, MK and even Blazblue right out of the water. If nothing else, you can at least rock out to the soundtrack.

    • @jayzabala You must be new here.

    • Not gonna happen. Since GGXX, the “updates” are semi to fully fledged sequels. Time, Story, and characters all progress. Balancing and character changes are made and new characters (Usually equal to or more than your average 3D fighter) are introduced. This game is no different. The tier list has changed, the new characters are diverse and plenty, and the Story is picking up immediately after -SIGN-‘s ends (Nice story too!) Ijust hope my “PS4 color pack” carries over :P

  • I can’t wait to play this game myself… I just want to try out the new characters (and hey, thanks for the free DLC!) and see if I can shake some of the rust off of my Faust.

    I also want to ask Danny here since he works with the people at Arc System Works: Any news on Dizzy? It’s been hinted that she’ll be in the game so I was wondering if you knew if she was going to be either DLC like Kum or unlocked with in game money like Raven?

    • Danny Miscevich

      I can’t really get into specifics, but I will say that any characters not released on Day 1 will be available for free for a specified period of time a la Kum and Raven.

    • I’d imagine every dlc character will have their free dl period…Except 1, that is. I would bet good money that Dizzy will be the exception. Hell, she made it in based on a poll asking fans who they’d like to see return the most. Don’t bother me none, though, I’d gladly pay to add her to the roster.

  • any idea if online will be like xrd, i mean like for each region there will be like 100 rooms for each sub region, i didnt enjoy searching each room

  • @Welmosca Crackin’ or Cracked? Tekken, KOF (as much as I love it), and SF combined could not come close, IMO, to the quality, depth, and Character that GG offers. To casually play is fun, sure, but to master even 1 character (Or watch someone who has) Is like seeing Poetry in motion, truly spectacular. Just a shame Testament, Bridget, and Baiken never made it back yet. Here’s hopin’ sometime soon. P.S Blazblue is a lame, crippled, failed replacement for GG. Copyright issues forced it’s creation, but it could not capture the magic. Anywho, Own -Sign- and am Day 1-ing this one. Been waiting since XX to play as Raven (In a fighting GG game) Can’t wait.

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