Nuclear Golf Explodes onto PS4 and PS Vita This Summer

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Nuclear Golf Explodes onto PS4 and PS Vita This Summer

Nothing we do here at Touchfight Games tends to fall under the realm of “normal,” but that’s how we like it. When the idea of doing a 2D golfing game came up last summer, our brains immediately dialed the weirdness factor up to 11.

What came out the other end of that wild idea session is Nuclear Golf — a fast-paced 2D golfing game with explosions, destructible terrain, and boss battles set in and around a radiation soaked post-apocalyptic country club. Wheee!

We’re thrilled to finally be able to share some of the craziness we’ve been pouring into this wacky game, as we prep it for launch on PS4 and PS Vita this summer!

Nuclear Golf Explodes onto PS4 and PS Vita This Summer

Post-apocalyptic… Golf?

Creating Nuclear Golf has been an exercise in layering increasingly thick coats of ridiculousness onto a fun, trajectory-based arcade golfing experience. If you chip away the weirdness and get to its core, this game is all about skill, crazy trick shots, and trying not to melt into a pool of gory, irradiated goo before you beat the boss at the end of each course. Okay, yeah, so that’s still pretty weird. Sorry.

Putting through each course is a race against your radiation gauge, which ticks up the longer you take to complete a hole. Soak up too much of the green glow, and then — Whoopsie! — you’ll find your insides have suddenly become your outsides. With its boss battles, omnipresent threat of irradiated doom, and skill-based gameplay, Nuclear Golf doesn’t hold your hand and wade with you into the kiddie pool. No, it gnaws your arm off and punts you into a boiling vat of brutal nuke stew.

Nuclear Golf, PS4 and PS VitaNuclear Golf, PS4 and PS Vita

Death is inevitable on your first few attempts, but one of the things we love about watching people play is seeing their skills improve with each run. Landing insane trick shots using the arsenal of crazy balls we’ve concocted is super satisfying, too. Just watch out for the buzz saws, crushers, and spikes.

Level Up Your Balls

Being the closet RPG nerds that we are, we couldn’t resist the idea of creating golf balls that level-up and gain cool abilities. Each of Nuclear Golf’s unique balls gain experience the more you use them, unlocking powers that impact gameplay in fun and useful ways. Leveling-up your balls is vital for progressing through the game, but it also makes for a lot of insane moments when shots explode across the screen with unexpected results.

The core “boost” mechanic we’ve given to your primary ball, for example, kicks things up a few notches. Triggering the boost mid-flight gives your ball a blast of extra momentum — and then lights it on fire, which burns grass and causes additional destruction. Once you level it up, you can backspin-boost to pull off some gravity-defying shots and then eventually double-boost in a single shot. Other unlockable balls get even crazier from there.

Nuclear Golf, PS4 and PS Vita

Crafting Nuclear Golf has been a wild and super weird ride this past year, and we’re stoked to be launching as a cross-buy title on PS4 and PS Vita this summer. Stay tuned, because PlayStation Plus subscribers will be able to score a sweet discount when we’re live!

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