Shiren the Wanderer: Multiplayer Details, Uncovered Secrets

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Shiren the Wanderer: Multiplayer Details, Uncovered Secrets

Auspicious tidings, intrepid wanderers! I’ve come to shed light on all things Shiren! In anticipation of the July 26 launch of Shiren The Wanderer: The Tower of Fortune and the Dice of Fate on PS Vita, I’d like to take a brief stroll down memory lane as well as focus on some interesting features in the new game.

Shiren The Wanderer: The Tower of Fortune and the Dice of Fate, PS Vita

Shiren and Koppa’s adventures have spanned many years and many games, with only a handful of them making it to U.S. shores. Of the U.S. entries, the very first adventure took place in the vibrant Kobami Valley and featured diabolic dungeons and enemies that put even the most seasoned wanderers on edge. The next U.S. game saw many changes to the Shiren framework, the most notable of which was the option to choose a vastly decreased difficulty level. Where does that leave us with the latest Shiren?

Shiren The Wanderer: The Tower of Fortune and the Dice of Fate keeps much of what worked and drops a lot of what didn’t while sporting a robust multiplayer mode. Link up with a friend and dive head first into dungeons and danger in co-op or versus mode. In co-op, two wanderers join forces to quest together and win by defeating a boss located on the last dungeon floor. Simple enough, right? The burden falls on both players, however, as one player falling in battle will end the adventure for both.

Shiren The Wanderer: The Tower of Fortune and the Dice of Fate, PS VitaShiren The Wanderer: The Tower of Fortune and the Dice of Fate, PS Vita

In addition to multiplayer, secrets and goodies abound as you traverse retro pixelated environs! I have received this knowledge from on high! There is a certain Tanuki (Raccoon Dog) in Nekomaneki Village. Go to Hotel Nekomaneki and find Pokopon, who will eventually ask for passwords. These passwords are not found in the game, so you’ll have to stay tuned as we dole them out here and there. What do they do exactly? I’ll leave that for you to discover on your own.

The first password is “Nonary Game.” What profound truths will you unlock? Keep your eyes peeled for the rest of the 32 remaining passwords and may the winds of Reeva blow good fortune your way!

Shiren The Wanderer: The Tower of Fortune and the Dice of Fate, PS Vita

Until next time, noble wanderers!

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18 Author Replies

  • I have a feeling that since you said “link up” the multiplayer is local only, but I hope I’m wrong. Please?

    • What does this game play like? Never played one before but it looks interesting.

    • Danny Miscevich

      Multiplayer is done via ad hoc mode. So there ya go.

    • There’s always adhoc party if you own a PS3. I’ve played Dissidia Duodecim on it, a PSP game, using the Vita, so I’d assume it also works with Vita games.

  • Danny Miscevich

    This game plays like an old school RPG with randomized dungeons. Its got towns to load up on items and weapons, inns to sleep off the wears of questing and monsters galore. Hope that helps!

  • I’m interested in buy this game in the first day. How much will cost?

  • Parasitepaladin

    I am excited! Love me some mystery dungeon! Thank you for making the effort to bring this over!

  • TheHerbinator75

    Please also bring this to PS4 at some point!

    • Danny Miscevich

      We’d love to! If this does well enough, expect tons more Shiren. There are 2 main Shiren games that never made it to the states….sadness :(

  • Does this have real time combat or is it turn based?

    • Danny Miscevich

      It’s turn based. Think Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past meets Chess. It’s deceptively complex. You can level grind and Juggernaut through enemies, but there will be a lot of instances where you’ll need to utilize your inventory and your surroundings to get past tricky enemies. Strength alone won’t always cut it.

  • Have this preordered. Can’t wait! Also will preorder Exist Archive for Vita when it’s up on <3

  • Nice super secret password.

    I wonder where your inspiration came from.

  • Does this game have a platinum trophy?

  • eeeeeyeah that password is a reference to zero escape/999. There, I ruined it for everyone and feel super great about it.

    I had to look in the comments to find out what kind of game this was, obviously not my kind since it’s turn-based combat but at least it has nice art.

  • Hey good people at Aksys Games!

    I live in Sweden and I got this pre-ordered from the US since I want physical copies of my games.

    I am very much looking forward to this, but I have one major concern, and that is if you can tell me if there are going to be any DLC with trophies attached to it, because if there will, then I sadly won’t be able to get them on my EU PSN account since the PSN stores are so annoyingly region-locked :(

    So please tell me there won’t be any DLC trophies later on so I can enjoy this game the moment it comes out without fear of not being able to get 100% on this game.

    Thanks in advance guys and keep bringing the physical goodness (and please print physical copies of the games you publish more often for the EU too)

    • From what I checked over the JP PS store for this game, there doesn’t seem to be any DLC for it, so I guess its smooth sailing Adunare! X3 (In short, Import away, no problems! XD)

    • Danny Miscevich

      No DLC for this, I think there were downloadable dungeons and such for Japan, but we’ve included all of that into the game. You’ll have all features unlocked and accessible from day 1.

    • Oh wow thank you so much for getting back to me Danny and NeoStrayCat too. This makes me so extremely happy because I can now enjoy another great game I’ve been looking forward to on PS Vita without worrying about DLC trophies. I’m just sad that Sony locked the PSN stores and made it so there’s only one account per PS Vita otherwise it wouldn’t have been a problem. And I don’t buy games digitally since I’m a collector and want as many games as I can physically for many reasons. So this makes me very happy :) And thanks for your replies!

      P.S. Will Zero Time Dilemma (which I also have pre-ordered from the US) be the same, with no DLC trophies so I can start that up right away too and start playing without worry? D.S.

    • Danny Miscevich

      Of course, happy to help! We don’t have any planned DLC for ZTD, so don’t worry about that~

  • Where will the rest of the passwords be posted?

    • Danny Miscevich

      We’ll have the rest of the passwords available periodically on our social media outlets. We’ll have them all out by 7/26.

  • Thanks for the Platinum trophy in this game. Ill definitely buy it then.

  • Is it compatible with Playstation TV?

  • Hey Aksys, you guys are my favorite publisher out there, and this game is far the most game I’m exited for! I’ve been asking for it for a long time on Twitter, since its announcement in Japan. So thanks a bunch for localizing this!
    LOVED Sorcery Saga, and now I’m going through Code: Realize. And btw, I have ALL your PS Vita games!

    Love you, Aksys.

  • I was thinking of getting the physical version day 1, but because ad-hoc multiplayer is supported, I guess I will get the digital version so my wife and I can play multiplayer on our PS Vita systems. There is no other way to play multiplayer with a single physical copy, yes?

    • Danny Miscevich

      Thanks for all the love good sir! As long as you have two Vitas and 2 copies of the game, multiplayer should be a snap! Doesn’t matter if it’s physical or digital, but it’ll basically be wi-fi/ad hoc. I hope I answered what you were asking, not sure if I did though. Shoot me a tweet/msg if I misunderstood ya.

  • the most notable of which was the option to choose a vastly decreased difficulty level.

    So is this still in the game? I sure wouldint mind if it was.

  • Is the whole story mode playable in multiplayer?

  • Ow wow, the art looks fantastic. The far-eastern aesthetic is very picturesquely appealing. May I ask: Is the story a focus of the game?

    • Danny Miscevich

      The story is a major focus of the game and in addition to the main quest, you’ll have tons of side quests and bonus dungeons to keep you busy.

    • Thank you for your reply. Excellent, that was exactly the answer I was hoping for! Plus one RPG for my VITA then!

  • Got this preordered for VIta.

    Is this two games? The title is a bit too long.

    Hoping there is no Ad hoc trophies.

    Thanks for continuously bringing in Physical Vita games.

    • Danny Miscevich

      Nope it’s just one game. I know, that title is a mouthful for sure. I’ve tried abbreviating it as STW:TTOFATDOF, but it still hurts my brain, haha!

  • Very excited for this Aksys! Haven’t fully played a Shiren game myself, though I did watch The Kacho play through the first game in the series on Game Center CX. Even though I probably won’t end up playing it on Day 1 (dat backlog), I may buy it Day 1 just to support you guys, all the awesome work you do, and these kinds of games in general. Looking at that Japanese trophy list though…. 絶対奮闘ですよ!

    • Danny Miscevich

      Ahhhh, The Kacho! He’s gaming royalty as far as I’m concerned! Totally understand, I’m years backlogged on games XP. The J trophy list…大変だけど、価値あるよ!

  • Great, looking forward to this. Does this have permadeath feature built in and doesn’t require grinding to complete the whole game unlike previous Shiren title on Wii?

  • Mutsu_Enmei_Ryuu

    Thank you Aksys for bringing this game to the Vita. Can’t wait to play it and really appreciate the physical copy! Keep up the great work! Much respect.

  • Channeling my inner Macho Man Randy Savage when I say – OOoooh Yeeeeeah!!!

  • Reminds me of those Goemon games on SNES and PS1. Sadly not many developers make a game like this nowadays. I’ll buy this one for sure.

  • Thank you so much for bringing this game over here!

  • The graphics look good but the UI is reminiscent of the iOS rpg remakes that always have that disgusting flash animation look about them. I’ll pass…

    • @ggTtzLeGiT

      The UI is the same for all these games, the majority of which predate iOS and Android games. It’s got similar UI to most classic RPGs. Final Fantasy is probably one of the most casual RPGs because of how popular it is and it has a UI similar to this and I’m sure you’ve played and enjoyed atleast one of those(unless you played FF13, then you may or may not have thought it was garbage.).

    • Idk if you’re seeing what I’m seeing but when I think of good UI, games like FF6, Chrono Trigger, Seiken Densetsu/Mana series in general, and etc. come to mind. They always had stylish pixelated fonts, lifebars, and menus. These clean-cut, arial-font-looking UI just look so out of place.

  • I’m way hype for this game. Got the physical release pre-ordered and I’m so glad you guys localized it and did one.

  • This game looks amazing, why am I just hearing about this series now? Reminds me of Secret of Mana on so many levels.

  • Hey definitely sold on this game just wondering if there will be physical copy for the vita. Hate spending more than $20 on a digital game :/

  • I was looking forward to playing this game. But when making my own research about this game, I believe I didn’t dig deeply enough and only now it comes up, this is a turn-based game. No online multiplayer.

    A $39,99 turn-based game. If only this was real time, then I could swallow it down my throat, so.. No, thanks.
    Good luck with the release in the US. I guess you’ll need it.

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