Downwell Drops onto PS4, PS Vita May 24

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Downwell Drops onto PS4, PS Vita May 24

Downwell will be making its way to PS4 and PS Vita on May 24!

In Downwell, you descend into a deep well filled with monsters and traps, equipped with the Gunboots — a set of boots that let you shoot bullets from your feet. You’ll be using it to clear your way of enemies, or as a way to slow your descent using its recoil.

On your way down you’ll find different guns, shops with helpful items, and upgrades like explosive balloons or a set of silverware to eat your foes with. The well is randomly generated, so no two trips down will ever be the same!

Downwell started out as a small project that I, a college student at the time, worked on in my free time. It came about as one of many small prototypes (I was making one every week) as an exercise to improve my game design skills. Downwell was my 13th game-a-week project, and as it seemed like it had potential to be a decent game — I decided to work on it even after the week was done.

Downwell, PS4 and PS Vita

As I continued development, it kind of blew up into something much bigger than I had ever imagined it being thanks to a number of people who saw potential in the game and decided to support it. It’s still pretty unreal to me that the game is now being released on PlayStation platforms, the consoles I’ve been playing for a large part of my life! My younger self would be super proud.

I just want to thank Devolver Digital and PlayStation for the support they’ve given me from the start to now — the game could not have come this far without their generous support! Also huge thanks to Red Phantom Games for porting Downwell to PlayStation platforms! I’m amazed that they managed it — I’m sure it wasn’t easy to go through my terrible code.

Downwell will launch on PS4 and PS Vita with cross-buy support for $4.99 on May 24th. I hope you like it!

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  • Awesome! saw some gameplay of the PC version at I wanted to come to ps4. I will buy it day one.

  • Pretty excited to play this on my Vita instead of my phone. Maybe I can get past the catacombs this time!

    Congrats on the launch

  • I played this game a bunch on Steam and loved it, but I kept thinking about how
    great this would be on Vita. I will double dipping on the 24th. Thanks for making a fun game!

  • vita love? super D1P for me! nice concept

  • Will this be PSTV Compatible?

  • This is a cool game but on mobile it’s hampered by the touch-controls, so I’m really looking forward to the PSN release! Especially on Vita.

  • Awesome!!! Thanks for the vita support. Day 1 done. Great price by the way.

  • Heard some rave reviews for this from Caddicarus and Balrog.

    Excited for the Vita release…..will it have a platinum?

    Still getting day 1, regardless of trophies.

  • Really unique design imo. Good luck hope it does well and I’ll do my best to give it a shot!

  • 5$ price means this will be the third time I purchase this, with no regret at all. Congratulations on making a great game!

  • DunningKrugerMD

    This will be on my Vita day one!

  • Heard great things about this on PC so looking forward to checking it out.

  • Awesome! Definitely double-dipping for this one.

    Controls might be a bit awkward, but is there any chance of a vertical mode on Vita?

    • @pete, the 1st Vita teaser for Downwell was in vertical mode. (=

      Cheers to Ojiro & Devolver for the release!

  • JUST got a Vita, so I’m pretty stoked on this! Hope it has cross-save :)

  • Justin Massongill

    Yes!! I’ve been hooked on Downwell ever since I first heard about it, and it’s going to be even better with a DualShock 4.

  • TheHerbinator75

    Looks interesting.

  • I’ve been hoping this would come to PlayStation! Do you rotate the Vita screen to play?

  • Does this game have a platinum trophy?

  • Hey Ojiro.

    Love your game, own it on iOS, but really don’t like twitch games like this without physical buttons. I regularly lose my thumb placement on screen and it leads to mistakes. Boo. I’m soooo happy for this Vita version. \o/ Day one purchase for sure.

    One question: Will there be a portrait mode? Cheers!

  • Fantastic game! Will the Vita version be compatible with the PSTV system?

  • Bought it in iOS and will be more than glad to buy it for vita. Thanks for supporting the vita.

  • Congrats and thanks for the Vita support! Day 1 for me.

  • We want Pong next. Please bring Pong to the PS4.

  • Thank you for supporting the Vita. Day 1 buy for me!!!

  • I’ve been waiting for this announcement for a long time! Thanks for bringing it to the PlayStation family. :)

  • Looks original but…. levels are the same as the old ones games far reach before

  • LOL what a terrible looking game. Come at me Ponies, especially the pathetic Vita owners, all 20 of you losers.

  • Giles Smith why so you come here looking for a fight? Downwell is great! Thanks for making it cross-buy!

  • I just bought Downwell for Vita, which is listed as a cross-buy title, and it still wants me to pay for the PS4 version. What gives?

    • Great game. Enjoying it on the Vita now, but I also am not able to use it on the PS4. Will need to call customer service or go to a support forum if this is not fixed.

  • My PS4 copy also Does Not Work.

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