Shadow of the Beast on PS4 Includes the Amiga Original

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Shadow of the Beast on PS4 Includes the Amiga Original

Hi there, PlayStation fans! We’re delighted to share an element of our game that means a lot to us. This time we want to tell you about the heritage of Shadow of the Beast and the ways we honor it.

As fans of the original, we wanted to make sure that we did everything we could to give new players that same experience that inspired us. To that end we’ve implemented a full emulation of the original game as an unlockable bonus! So you get the entire original game playable on your PS4 included within the new Shadow of the Beast!

Shadow of the Beast on PS4 Includes the Amiga Original

It’s something of a notoriously difficult game, so we’ve added an infinite lives mode and some other helpful features that should give you a fighting chance of reaching the end — these can be disabled for anyone brave enough!

We know music is incredibly important to the atmosphere of Shadow of the Beast. The incredibly talented Ian Livingstone has produced a fantastic dynamic soundtrack specifically to complement our take on this universe, with each level getting its own theme and the music escalating as the fighting increases in intensity.

In his pursuit of finding the right sounds for the game, he has investigated many unique instruments to keep the haunting and alien sound that helps define this universe. Fans of the 1989 game’s music will notice lots of elements and themes familiar to them that are subtly woven into the compositions they hear.

Shadow of the Beast, PS4Shadow of the Beast, PS4

There are even more treats for fans of the original music as we’ve also included the original David Whittaker score as an unlockable in the game. And seeing many requests for one particular feature made us decide we had to include it: once you’ve earned enough Mana within the game, you can unlock the option to play with David’s amazing music as an alternative soundtrack!

If all that isn’t amazing enough, the complete soundtrack will be available to download as a standalone purchase on PlayStation Store when the game is released.

The amazing art of Roger Dean will undoubtedly have made a huge impact on anyone who had the famous long-box originals. Roger kindly provided us with a super hi-res scan of the original painting that was used for the box art. Play the game well enough and it can be unlocked to view and zoom in on so you can examine his incredible work in exquisite detail — an incredible chance for fans of the original cover and Roger’s work!

Shadow of the Beast, PS4

As fans ourselves, it’s been a lot of fun adding all these little nods to the original game (and even a few other Psygnosis titles); some small, some not-so-small. We hope that anyone else with fond memories of that era will find something to reminisce about, and maybe even newer players will be driven to look up a bit of gaming history!

We have still more to unveil, but if this has fuelled your interest then I’d like to remind you that if you pre-order the game you’ll receive a dynamic Theme featuring a creature designed by Roger specifically for our title. This was a dream come true for me to see and I hope it’s exciting for some of you, too!

Thanks again for your interest, it’s always appreciated.

Matt and the Heavy Spectrum Team

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  • Angry_Accordion

    The Amiga version of this game was my childhood. I was terrible at it, but I was also 8 at the time XD. I’ve been watching for updates about this remake since it was first announced, and this has to be the best one. I’m super excited to play the new re-imagining of SotB, but you’ve gone and decided to include my childhood in with the game! Thank you! Really looking forward to the 17th!

    • Glad to hear you are excited about it! May 17th is only a few days away! If you haven’t already, you can still pre-order on the PlayStation Store and get the Shadow of the Beast dynamic theme.

  • AWESOME news! I played the inferior Genesis/Mega Drive version as a kid and I absolutely loved it. Always wanted to give the Amiga version a try. Looking forward to both.

    • The original Amiga version plays so much better than the slew of ports it got. Of course, by today’s standards it’s not going to compare to modern gameplay. But it should be a little more playable than the Genesis version. That one was a very sloppy port that actually ran faster than the original, making it that much harder!

  • Release date?

  • Does the Original Amiga game have Trophies?

  • I was going to get this game already (been watching it for awhile), but now it’s a cemented purchase. Great job, Heavy Spectrum. Wow. Me and my friends will be playing this for months.

  • This bit of info just guaranteed a purchase from me. I’ve been tentatively hopeful that the soundtrack would at least reference the score from the original SotB, but to have it as an unlockable alternate soundtrack is fantastic. That original David Whittaker score has haunted my video game memories for almost thirty years now. May 17th can’t get here soon enough.

  • mommylicious245

    I will never forget when I was 15 years old i got Shadow of the beast on my Amiga. I have finished that game with no cheats all those years ago .
    Wonder if I still have what it takes to finish it again ? lol lets see..

    I will also play the remake on Beast diffuclty from the get go.
    As for David Whitaker soundtrack seriously cant wait to play the remake with it . Beast Difficulty should have just come with it from the the start.
    looks like 17th of May will be a busy day for me. :)

  • As an old Amiga Gamer… THANK’S A LOT .. NO MORE TO SAY <3 *bow*

  • This is such amazing news! I cannot wait. I’ve been anticipating this game since the moment it was announced. Shadow of the Beast (and its sequels) captivated me as a young gamer, and I’m beside myself that I get to experience it again now!

  • Thanks for that addition. May not be much for some, but any kind of archival piece is a big value add for me.

  • Is this digital only or will there be a retail version too because I’d love to own a physical copy

    • Yeah, i second that. Any plans for a retail disc release? I’d love this game on disc! Also use Roger Dean’s art on the disc *hint hint*

    • Asia is getting a retail !!!

    • I hear you on preferring to have a physical copy but Shadow of the Beast will only be available on the PlayStation Store in North & South America.

    • I thought it would be digital only too and was pretty sad… however there is a physical copy that will be released in Asia!

  • EvilMonkeySlayer


    Genuinely curious how this is being done! Has UAE been ported to the PS4 so it can be used to emulate SOTB?

  • And they say where are the games for the PS4 why should I buy a PS4 you don’t see what I see.

  • I, too, am old and owned an Amiga 500!. Shadow of The Beast on that computer was a wonder to behold. Thank you!

  • Thank you and great job Heavy Spectrum!

  • I can only assume we have Shahid to thank for another Amiga classic coming to PlayStation. Thanks, Shahid!

    I’m disappointed that there’s no trophies whatsoever, given that other emulators can monitor memory watch points and break points to trigger trophies at appropriate times.

    Will this emulated version be coming to Vita as well? The home brew community definitely has similarly complex emulators up and running full-speed with audio.

    So glad I pre-ordered!

    • Not Shahid this time around, XDev Studio and the talented team at Heavy Spectrum are responsible for this one…..hope you enjoy it.

  • This is excellent news to me! It’s great to see the original Amiga version of Shadow of the Beast represented on the PS4.

  • This brings me way back , going over to my friends house to play his Amiga, I was super jealous at the time. Cant wait to play this !!

  • andymortalkomba1

    At first I just want to say that I have pre-ordered the game when it finally appeared in the North America PSN store :).

    Second, best animation theme with music and other new textures to the PS4 menu :).

    Third, I’m very happy that you guys decided to include the original Shadow of the Beast game with the upcoming one! I’m 16 years old so I’ve never played the original.

    Even though I’m not exactly sure as to how the game will go for me. But after seeing gameplays, art, music, blood and gore, and the combat system, I was VERY interested.

    Now I get to understand the story a lot more.

    Thank You! :D

  • I love the Amiga Games, if you can’t tell by my name , keep them coming.

  • Doughnut_Love_01

    Just pre-ordered it, can’t wait until the 17th.

  • I have never played the original but have been so impressed with the bit that I have seen of this modern take, that I went ahead and pre-ordered. Nice to know that I will be able to experience the original game as well. Do you have any word on a platinum trophy?

  • Neat! Thank you! I asked about this in an earlier Shadow of the Beast blog post and never got a response – I can see why now :)

    Seriously thanks for this. As an American, where the Amiga was never a thing, I’m super intrigued to check out the classic title. I mean I dug games like Rastan, Altered Beast and WolfChild – I’ll probably dig this too. Especially if it sounds as good as a Turrican (since those games WERE on SNES and Genesis, they’re my baseline for sick European chiptunes from that era, lol. Chris Hulsbeck is the man).

    Looking forward to this!

    • I would love to see some sort of 16 bit system Classics section added to the PSN alongside the Playstation classics someday, actually. I know the PC Engine has it’s own section on the Japanese store, which is awesome. What I wouldn’t give to see the Amiga, the Genesis or the TurboGrafx/PC Engine get a dedicated storefront on the western PSN someday…

  • Great to hear that the original is included. This is something all classic reboots should do.
    Please don’t forget to include the music in the original version like the Flashback reboot did. :P

  • OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is the most incredible news!!! You have MADE MY DAY GUYS!!!!!!


    All of this for only 14,99 € damnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn. Sony is GOD .

    Day one…With preorder….Preordered since when the preorder is available xD.

    Shadow of the beast is MY favourite game with Tekken 3. My bestfriend have give me for my 6th birthday the Amiga with all the games out on this plateform . And the Shadow of the beast game is for me THE best. I’ve played the game my 6year old to my 13year old. (I have 24 now).

    I know nobody cares about this but…I don’t care I tell my life xD.

    Sorry for my bad english,i’m a Belgian with french language .

  • Great news for all amiga fans and all who want to know about classic orginal.
    I can see that Amiga Fans are really happy –

  • Count me in as another gamer disapointed that there won’t be a physical release.. but that won[t deter me ordering it on psn, because you included all the throwback additions.

    There were some great amiga games that I truly miss.. if you have an emulator, why not release some of those for the ps4? I’d happily rebuy Stardust, Flood, and some of the old pinball games for the ps4.

    Speaking of old games that could use modern refreshing… Synapse released a pile of games that would perfect for remastering… Shamus, Nautilus, Necromancer, Gold Rush, Picnic Panic, and Alley Cat spring to mind initially, but almost all their game releases would be perfect for new remastering for the current generation.

  • The game looks amazing,I was impressed with the latest gameplay trailer you guys showed.I would pre-order it if I didn’t have so many games to play at the moment,I may get it after I’m done with them though cuz Shadow of the Beast is a game that deserves support…its truly a “PS4” PSN Game….if only all PSN games were like Shadow of the Beast.

  • Amiga <3

    Gaming at its finest.

    I will gladly accept more ports if they are to come to PSN.

  • It says it all when the Amiga original from 1989 still looks and sounds miles above this uninispired reboot.

  • this game is very good

  • Awesome.

  • It is great to hear about all the love and attention to detail that you are giving to this game. One thing that stood out when I heard you guys talk about developing this game, was your love for the original. I never had the chance to play it, so I am looking forward to having that opportunity now. Including it in your game is a nice feature that will help entice gamers like me to pick it up when it is released.

    I enjoyed what I got to play at Playstation Experience and can’t wait to get my hands on the full game.

  • So looking forward to this. :-)
    one of the reasons I recently bought a PS4.
    I hope it isn’t too hard to unlock the original. I love games but am really not good at them. Lol
    I really miss the old days when we could use cheat codes.

    Up, up, triangle, square, X, R1


  • The settings in those screenshots remind me of No Man’s Sky; are they set in the same universe? :)

  • I will not be buying Shadow of the Beast. I will wait and hope for a retail disk version at some point in N.A.. I play the Amiga version log ago also. I had a long wait for Wolfenstein: The Old blood to come to Disk. Maybe we can get lucky again!

  • I see that there are quite a few other old Amiga users, like me, that was hoping for a North American physical release for this!

    I’m highly disappointed and won’t be purchasing a digital only release!

    I can only hope that move is wholly reconsidered.

  • Commodore Amiga…so many good times. :)

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