Knot Brings Wooden Puzzles to PS4 This Summer

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Knot Brings Wooden Puzzles to PS4 This Summer

Have you ever heard about Chinese wood knots? If you’re not familiar with them, I’m sure you know the Magic Cube. We all went crazy handling the Magic Cube, and it was our source of inspiration for making Knot, which is coming to PS4 this summer!

Knot, PS4

Knot is a 3D mechanical puzzle game with realistic graphics that will fully immerse you into its world. Each puzzle is composed of blocks that are mechanically interlocked. Your mission is to find a way to solve it by moving and rotating the correct block in order to disassemble the puzzle.

Some puzzles are easy while others are quite challenging. But don’t worry, we created the perfect atmosphere that will allow you to relax and complete your mission. You will need to be focused, because the more puzzles you solve, the harder it becomes to move a block.

The puzzles are composed of multiple materials including wood, copper, and stone. Knot will allow you to feel the textures and how differently they interact.

Knot, PS4Knot, PS4

We hope that you will enjoy the brain teasers as much as we did designing them. Don’t hesitate to leave us a comment or question. We will be happy to answer as much as we can.

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  • As a huge fan of tangible (usually wood) puzzles, this is interesting to me, though I wonder how well it will translate to a virtual environment. Is there anything you’re able to do with the DS4 touch pad or rumble (or speaker, I suppose) to make the experience feel more physical again?

    • Hi! Actually both the touch pad and rumble are integrated to the game. The selection of the blocks will be made through the touchpad and the rumble will be activated when two blocks will collide and are not able to move forward.

    • Sorry, Ezgi, but “Paulogy” is just a troll, seeking attention. Best not to waste your time with him.
      Thanks for your information, though. :)

  • My wife is going to love this..

  • Any plans for PS VR support?

    • Agree with this sentiment – this game screams for VR!

    • I agree as well. PSVR needs some interesting things like this.

      Also, someone better tell Tim Schafer about this game. He is nuts for these types of puzzles! :)

    • Nothing official for the moment but we definitely plan to add VR support.

    • HAHA I love it Ezgi. So are you trying to say you want to add VR but the boss hasn’t given the official green light yet?

  • This is right up my alley. At long last my studies of knot theory will be applied! xD

  • Looks fun and relaxing. How much will the game be? Will there be a platinum trophy? And what is your policy in regards to youtube let’s plays, walktroughs and monetizing them?

  • Any chance of this coming to PlayStation Vita?

  • Any use of Move or DS4 motion controls? Stereo3D rendering on 3DTVs?

    I always wished Zen Bound would come to PlayStation, and games like BloxIq scratch a similar itch, but nothing uses motion controls in an intuitive, innovative way like Zen Bound.

    Looking forward to this!

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