Powers: The Story Continues, Exclusive Look at Season 2

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Powers: The Story Continues, Exclusive Look at Season 2

The second season of the PlayStation Original series Powers is quickly approaching, and we can’t wait for you to watch the premiere. Today we have a couple reveals for the PlayStation community.

First, our “Powers: The Story Continues” featurette dives into the Powers universe with exclusive interviews from the cast and creators, plus never-before-seen footage and clips from the upcoming season. If you didn’t catch Powers last season, or want a sneak peek into the incredible world of Powers this season, you’ll want to check this out. Warning: it contains season 1 spoilers!

Second, the poster art for Season 2 transports you into the storyline made famous by the first comic “Who Killed Retro Girl?” The world-famous superhero Retro Girl (played by Michelle Forbes) was shockingly murdered, throwing the Powers world into chaos. When the world’s greatest Power is gone, who will rise to find her killer and fight back the onslaught of mysterious foes who attempt to fill the void?

This poster art features fan-favorite returning cast members like Sharlto Copley (District 9) as Detective Christian Walker, Susan Heyward (Vinyl) as Detective Deena Pilgrim, Logan Browning (Hit the Floor) as Zora, and Olesya Rulin (High School Musical) as Calista Secor. In addition, it introduces newcomers to this season like Michael Madsen (The Hateful Eight) as SuperShock, and Raul Casso (That Awkward Moment) as Sgt. Martinez.

Powers Season 2

As a reminder, the first three episodes of the second season will premiere in the U.S. and Canada on May 31, with new episodes available to stream Tuesdays on PlayStation Store. And PlayStation Plus members can watch it all for free!* For more trailers and behind-the-scenes videos from seasons 1 and 2, be sure to follow the official Powers Twitter and Facebook accounts and visit playstation.com/powers. Share your excitement about Powers using the series’ official hashtag #PowersonPS.

We’ve been working for months with Sony Pictures Television on Powers production, and I know that you’re all going to love this season. I can’t wait to hear from you following the premiere. Until then, I hope you enjoy the Powers art and featurette!

*Only available to PS Plus subscribers 18 years and older.

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  • So how about season one in Canada, then?

    • Please give us better sales and better deals….not lame TV shows that maybe 5 people watch.

    • rudetoy I don’t know what you think that has to do with my comment, but leave me out of it.

      Don’t lump me in with you people who think that this show existing is somehow taking away from the rest of PSN.

      And use your head dude, if only five people watched the show do you really think it would have gotten a second season? Come on.

    • Chill out, disavowed. It’s all good.

  • Just came here to say that that bald guy in the thumbnail would be a nice Agent 47 for a Hitman movie.Damn he looks a lot like him.

  • So – Season 2 is going to be in both US and Canada, but nobody in Canada has any (legal) means of watching Season 1.

    So why bother? We won’t know what the hell is going on. Who actually thought this was a smart decision, to give us Season 2, but no mention of Season 1?

    Because apparently Canadians don’t need to know what’s going on, am I right? SMH.

    • It would be crazy if they didn’t finally bring Season 1 to Canada. They should release is in the run up to Season 2 but Canada definitely feels like an afterthought again.

      There is actually one legal way to watch Season 1 in Canada right now. Amazon.ca is actually selling the import Blu-ray and DVDs but the Blu-Ray is priced at $60 which is even more expensive than Seasons of HBO shows.

  • YES, can’t wait for the new season!!!

  • Looking forward to season 2…..

    Enjoyed the first season, wish we can have more back story this time.

  • Dear Sony,

    Normally when you crowd-fund a project, your supposed to get the product. I paid a full yearly PS Plus membership; yet I’m unable to see the full results of you taking my money to fund this.

    I can completely sympathize with the logistics of digital rights, however, the least you could do is bring S1 outside the U.S…

    *cough* Canada *cough


  • Well, since Sony never responds to questions about Canada and seeing Season 1, I’ll just assume you are saying “Yes, we at Sony are perfectly ok with you downloading Powers Season 1 through any means.”

  • In Europe (with exception of France and Scandinavia apparently) we’re unable to stream the show legally as well. Thank (enter relevant deity) that it’s still legal here to make, or have someone else make a copy for you of something that you own. :)

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