Psychological Thriller Asemblance Debuts Next Month on PS4

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Psychological Thriller Asemblance Debuts Next Month on PS4

You wake to find yourself trapped inside an experimental machine.
A machine built to simulate memories.
You have no idea how you got here…
But to break the cycle, you must look into a past that you may not want to remember.

Hi everyone. My name is Niles and I’m the creative director at Nilo Studios. We’re excited to announce Asemblance, a single-player, first-person psychological thriller for PS4.

It’s the first episode of an expansive franchise inspired by The Twilight Zone, The X-Files, and the Black Mirror television series. These series show a unique ability to pull the viewer into a narrative that isn’t always logical and keeps you engaged by asking what is really true. We’ve also found inspiration in games that allow players to explore different theories and ultimately engage one another to learn the truth. We were inspired by this approach to create a narrative where you’re never quite sure what’s real or what’s not. We hope we’ve accomplished that in Asemblance.

We’re just about done with development and are currently optimizing the game, polishing the audio design, and adding the final touches to the game’s multilayered narrative.

Asemblance, PS4Asemblance, PS4

Nilo was founded in Seattle, Washington, just last year, so we’re a relatively new studio. That said, the developers here have years of experience making games, writing books, and producing music here in the Seattle area. I was a designer at Bungie for almost ten years before founding Nilo. While I’m proud of the work I’ve done on bigger games like Destiny, it’s incredibly exciting to start something new where we can experiment more with narrative game design.

Thanks for reading. We can’t wait to see what you think of Asemblance. Keep an eye out for more updates and feel free to post questions in the comments section below.

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3 Author Replies

  • Looks really interesting. What engine are you using?

  • Will definitely check this out, love these kind of games.

  • Wow, the mood in that trailer is really captivating. If the game has the same tone and sense of tension/foreboding it looks like it will be really interesting. I’ve often said the scariest thing you can find when turning a corner is not the complete unknown, but something that you’ve done yourself but are afraid to face. This game seems to embrace that idea completely :-)

  • This looks fantastic! I hope the game fulfills the potential intrigue posed by the trailer. Is there an estimated price or is that still being discussed?

    • Thanks Chief!

      We’re still finalizing specifics on the price and release date. More information on that coming soon.

  • Long live the single player experience! Will definitely keep an eye on this one, looks really interesting, with a great premise!

  • I am *instantly* interested in this game as a lover of Twilight Zone, and story-driven, first-person, exploratory experiences! Please, please, please consider PSVR support, as it would shoot up to be in my top 5 must have titles of 2016!

  • Looks like a title just perfect for PSVR! ;)

  • This looks right up my alley. Day One for me!!

  • When is the release date? I’d love to do a walkthrough on my YouTube

  • the word Psychological Thriller made me click this blog. (my favorite type of movies)

    the actual text made me quickly read the comments.

    everything got me really intrigued to click the video to view the trailer.

    Sadly, the trailer fell short for me. Some of the wind left my sails. However, I’m going to keep an eye out for this title and check out the official website for more info. If this is an episodic release, then I’m definitely waiting.

  • Looks interesting. Definitely on my radar now.

  • I have many questions, It would be much appreciated if you could kindly answer some of them. Here goes,

    1 Is the Resolution 1080p Native?
    2 Is the Framerate 60fps Locked?
    3 Which Engine is the game running on? Looks like the Fox Engine to me?
    4 Campaign/ Single player Length?
    5 How much will the game cost?
    6 Will there be a Demo on PSN?
    7 Is the game in episodes? If so I will wait until all episodes are complete, and buy them all together.

    • Hi Strangeheaven. Many of these questions will be answered in the near future. We’re using UE4 to build it. It runs at 1080p and all trailer footage was captured directly from the ps4.

      I wouldn’t really use the term “episodic” to describe Asemblance. Each new release will be a self encapsulated story, again, much in the same way as episodes of The Twilight Zone are separate stories. Overall the tones and themes will be similar but the stories will not be continuations.

  • This looks very promising. My interest is definitely piqued.

  • that was a fantastic trailer.

  • Ok, I think I could definitely make a Let’s Play of this. I’m pretty sure I must have seen Two Best Friends Play try a demo or something? I can’t remember exactly but I have a feeling that’s this game.

  • This looks really promising. I can’t wait to experience Episode 1. Graphics look really amazing too, although it’s not the main reason why I play a game, I take it as a nice bonus.

  • This game seems like it is in the vein of a Heavy Rain by being story/character driven rather than action. Games like this are fun but can be limited in replay value. How much will it be sold for at release? What kind of replay value will be present?

    • Hey EpsilonChief.

      Expect answers to these questions in the near future. That said, the experience is certainly story driven and we are hoping to make player choice a factor in how the story is delivered to the player.

  • This game looks like it would be perfect for VR. Any plans to make it VR friendly?

    • Hi Darkrobbery. This is definitely something as lot of people are asking about. Stay tuned for more information on this.

  • I was getting excited about this game until I read “first person.” I immediately skipped reading the rest, and now I’m hear voicing my opinion.

  • You had me a Black Mirror!

  • Looks interesting! I love the X-Files, so I’ll definitely check it out. I’m from Seattle too! Got to support a local developer.

  • Really looks sharp, Niles. Reminds me of growing up and watching X-Files, Twilight Zone, and even “Unsolved Mysteries” type shows.

    I’m not a huge fan of the FPS horror genre, which is odd since SOMA is probably one of my favourite titles since it actually made my skin crawl more than Outlast could have dreamed. If this is as creepy as it may seem. I will be a day one buyer.

    I’ve been digging through press releases (as I’m a journalist and a gamer first and foremost), will your title be supporting PlayStation VR when it launches this fall?

  • So uh…you might want to run that title through a spell check…

  • Is this game going to have a retail release, or digital only? And why do I have to ask this question on every single game now? It’s such an easy piece of information to share, it makes such a big difference, and NOBODY bothers to mention it.

  • My stream thrives on games like this, I cannot wait to get my hands on it. As far as I can tell there is no release date as of yet but I will be picking it up on day 1!! I would love to talk to the Devs when I am done, I think its super interesting to get the developer perspective on these games =)

  • mouthfulofvince

    So when will this game be released? I’m excited for it!

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