10 Ways Deus Ex: Mankind Divided Enhances the Action RPG

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10 Ways Deus Ex: Mankind Divided Enhances the Action RPG

Although we’ve been quiet about Deus Ex: Mankind Divided for the past few months, our team at Eidos-Montréal has been hard at work on the game. We’re excited to be back in the spotlight today with our new 101 trailer, which will give you an overview of what you can expect from the game. Enjoy!

10 Ways Deus Ex: Mankind Divided Enhances the Action RPG

So how does Deus Ex: Mankind Divided perfect the action-RPG formula? Here are 10 ways:

  1. Deus Ex is all about letting you play the way you want. Combat, stealth, hacking, and social approaches will always be at your disposal to tackle your objectives.
  2. Every choice you make in the game will have a consequence, and every decision you make will ultimately have an impact on the ending you witness.
  3. Adam Jensen will have a whole new set of augmentations, and it’ll be up to you to choose which ones to invest in to support your play style.
  4. Weapons are now customizable on the fly with different attachments and ammo types.
  5. Our team has taken a lot of care to craft meaningful side quests. No generic objectives and situations here — every one of our side quests will introduce you to different characters and their own stories, and involve moral choices.
  6. Dialogue choices are also an important social feature in the game, with one augmentation providing you with information on how to best handle certain conversations to reach your objective.
  7. Our hacking mini-game comes with a slew of new possibilities. We’re also introducing a remote hacking augmentation, which lets you manipulate certain devices on the fly.
  8. The game will take you to diverse locations around the world. So far, we’ve revealed Dubai, Prague, and a fictional ghetto called Golem City. Dense and rich environments are our motto.
  9. Layers are at the core of our music system, which will dynamically adapt to what you will be doing in the world — exploration, infiltration, combat, and so on.
  10. When you finish the game, you’ll be able to access the New Game Plus mode. In this mode, we’ll encourage you to make different choices and mix up your play style to experience what you might have missed the first time around.

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, PS4Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, PS4

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, PS4

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided launches August 23 on PS4, with the Digital Standard and Deluxe editions available for pre-order right now on PlayStation Store. As an exclusive bonus, you’ll get access to a dynamic PS4 Theme featuring our game’s unique audio visual style.

Which aspect of the game are you most excited about?

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  • Adored the soundtrack of the last game. Looking forward to more!

    (And the game looks amazing, too.)

    • Michael McCann, who made the soundtrack for Human Revolution, is back on Mankind Divided. Also, we have some additional info to talk about when it comes to the game’s music, keep an eye out! :)

  • Yes i can’t wait to get Deus Ex Mankind Divided. What made me love this franchise was Deus Ex Human Revolution and it was the best game i had on PS3. But please please make sure the Boss Fights are epic but i know this game will become the masterpiece it was meant to be with the Power of PS4! Thank You Square Enix & Eidos-Montreal d(^_^)b

    • This game has nothing to do with the power of PS4,you can clearly see that Eidos-Montréal didn’t bother using the power of PS4.I’m not a graphics who** but just saying,this Deus Ex is screaming x*** game.

  • I wish that deus ex Revolution would be ported over to PS4.

  • Wow…. that trailer kind of blew my mind. Time to go pre-order this.

  • I’m one of those people that pre-ordered Deus Ex: Human Revolution for PS3 in 2011. I found the boss fights to be annoyingly difficult & unfair. Then in 2013, you released the Director’s Cut which fixed many of the first version’s problems including the difficult boss fights. You should have offered to sell the Director’s Cut version at a discount for people like me who had already purchased the first version – but failed to do so. This was not the right way to treat customers who trusted you enough to pre-order in 2011.

    Therefore, I’ve learned my lesson & I won’t pre-order Deus Ex: Mankind Divided. I’ll just wait 2 years & see if you release a Director’s Cut version & then make my decision.

  • I just really really really really want the original Deux Ex on to PS4. Either an HD remake, or a port of the PS2 version.

  • My body is soooo ready! This game is looking better and better; keep up the great work!

  • I won’t be picking this up until it’s in the bargain bin or I can buy it used (meaning the Devs will get no money from it) for the following reasons:

    1. When you released Deus Ex Human Revolution: The Directors Cut, you released it in a broken state (the weapon sounds on PS3 were NOT like the original), there were more bugs, the game could NOT be installed on the 360 hard dribve, you FALSE ADVERTISED and said Smart Glass functionality was a feature yet the game did NOT have it on 360 and, on your very own forum, you said a patch was incoming but there has NEVER been a patch to fix those issues and you just disappeared.

    2. Your online community, specifically certain mods who PM users out of the blue and start ****, needs to be shut down.

    So bargain bin or used but Eidos Montreal and Square Enix will NOT see $60-$65 from me.

  • Wondering if people are getting the message and ideas this game is trying to pass…they’re not good ones,but of course they aren’t they never do lol.

    Anyway since Revolution I always liked Deus Ex…but what kills it is the 1st person sections,this game should be fully in 3rd person this should’ve been a decision from the beginning.Game would be way more enjoyable.

    • I agree with you that the game should fully be in one perspective. But I wish the game fully adopted first person. Whether you like first or third person perspective, the back-and-forth switching really ruins the immersion. It’s not new and not unique to Deus Ex, but that doesn’t make it the less annoying.

  • Looking forward to It! Collectors edition pre-ordered.

    Will cancel in a heartbeat if some form always online or partial online even single player like Hitman is implemented.

    Please don’t find a way to F*<k it up.

    My. 02

  • So 5 and 1 are areas I’m concerned with the most here. As these are some serious promises with serious consequences.

    1) Can we break our character down and build him back up if we decide our choices were wrong in customization? If a player is a Combat/Stealth style, will the player get punished for not focusing purely on either (this sucks when this happens)? As much as I like choice with consequences I don’t feel it should come at the cost of enjoying the game. It’s part of the reason I didn’t finish Human Revolution as my mixed play style didn’t reflect what the game wanted me to do.

    5) Side Quests are almost a dirty word with me and I’m glad this is getting attention. However there are a few games that have tried what is described here. So I’m hoping we see Adam also grow as a character and not just being some hollow entity trying to tie someone else story together. Meaningful has to be just that and if you’re adam jensen, then you need Adam Jensen to be more than a voice in a crowd. Can we expect that?

    • Hey there! To answer your wonders:

      – I won’t go into the details of character customization, as it could spoil some story details. However, the whole game is built to support all different play styles at all times. In other words, the game will not put you in a situation where you will be ‘punished’ for adopting a play style over another.

      – Through gameplay, branching dialogues and choices, side quests will let you express who you feel Adam Jensen is. A bit more specifically, how you would like to handle certain situations related to the state of the world in the game, the characters involved and so on. There will also be side quests focused on Adam himself.

      Hope this gives you a better idea of what to expect!

  • Can not wait for this game. Loved Human Revolution and have since gone back to play the original.

    Also, fantastic job with that trailer. Really a good way to introduce us through the world and aspects of the game through the eyes of our protagonist instead of just a random narrator. Always appreciate the production on these.

  • Making a list of improvements and features is one thing. Claiming that you “perfect the action-RPG formula” is a tall order. This list fails to make that case and really points in the opposite direction! Just consider three points. No. 6 on the list, for example, reads like nothing more than a cheat. If the game is about choices, having an augmentation that will “handle certain conversations to reach your objective” says otherwise. No. 7 certainly does do anything to “perfect the action-RPG formula.” Mini-games are annoying and only serve to extend play time. Look at how mini-games de-evolved in the Mass Trilogy. The developers learned from Mass Effect that they weren’t popular. By ME3, mini-games were basically non-existent and had become a pathetic HOG sequence that you couldn’t lose when you scanned a planet. No. 10 is absolutely nothing new.

    Also my personal gripe, which continues in the sequel, is the perspective. The developers were obviously intending to make a very immersive game. The constant changing in perspective from first to third really breaks that immersion.

    • 6) really cherry picking our quotes there aren’t we? It says “providing you with information on how to best handle certain conversations to reach your objective”, all it does is give you a heart rate and tell you which of 3 personality types the person your talking to is. It was in the last game, and still requires a decent amount of skill to use, it’d be almost impossible to play a charisma approach without it.

      7) mini games can be incredibly fun if they are designed properly. The hacking it shows in the trailer is just on the fly qte, quick, not too hard, still allows the possibility of failure, which is better than just saying “oh hey, you clicked a button, therefore you insta-hacked this computer/device”, that has no depth and it’s boring.

      10) no it isn’t new, it’s in boatloads of jrpgs and drpgs, but it is pretty rare in ACTION rpgs, especially western ones, and I am very happy to hear that this game has it.

  • Why do physical pre-orders have to miss out on SO MANY COOL THEMES?! Here’s a better idea, Sony and Eidos: ANYONE who plays the game on their PSN account on DAY ONE immediately gets the theme for free. Or if you want to be tolerant, within the 3 days to account for shipping delays in some cases.

  • Im still confused about the story. Since this is a sequel and the last game let you make choices one that even lead to a characters death which choices were cannon from the last game and which weren’t.

    • Each ending of Human Revolution had something in common, something that is now referred to as “The Aug Incident”. Deus Ex: Mankind Divided takes place 2 years after this incident, in the year 2029, and we obviously needed to choose a starting point. Rather than choose one starting point that would potentially alienate certain players, we chose to make all of the choices canon… The fact of the matter is, people in the world of Deus Ex remember the events of “The Aug Incident” as something horrific, terrifying, and tragically disturbing. But there’s confusion as to who is responsible, as the truth was immediately lost in a flurry of disinformation and confusion in the following months. False truths were deliberately spread by factions to suit their own, sometimes nefarious agendas… The truth is out there, but is lost among rumors and conflicting stories – which are basically the different endings of Human Revolution.

  • I hate these lame themes these games give there just a wallpaper a normal junk picture , try looking at real themes the ones that have different symbols or moving parts like the startrek theme or oddworld theme , now thats a theme not this junk or destiny or 98% of them .———————-

    why bother maybe Sony should stop doing stupid things and let us use a external drive like all other consoles do or let us use are own pics like vita already allows. sony your already making stupid mistakes , so you are the best console this gen dont go wasting money on ps4.5 its so dumb as most devs have come out and stated this and second psvr why? you will abandon it like alll your products it will not be mainstream it will have less sales then the vita and you abandoned that. its funny 2 years with out your support and the vita has been doing better then the 3ds in the east . But hey you guys are horrible at supporting your products if you look at facts and history you are the number #1 company in electronics and for what ? abandoning your products at such early stages from TVs to phones and game related stuff its so sad

    • Hey! It’s difficult to translate in a still picture, but our theme has subtle visual effects, music and sound effects (select, cancel, toggle). It also zooms in/out depending of if you are in the top or bottom menu of the PS4.

  • Absolutely can’t wait for this!!! Yes the graphics aren’t cutting edge, but the world/level/structure design looks really unique. The art style in games like this is what makes the game look great… not the quality of the visuals. And to me, the art style & overall design in this game looks incredible!! I didn’t play any previous Deus Ex titles, but from what I’ve seen of this game thus far in videos and various trailers makes me want to get into this series badly.

  • Deus Games have always been great looking games. If only there were an option to play from a 3rd Person Perspective. I guess I’ll be missing out on this one as well.

    • If the game looks great, why not have a more open mind? I don’t care too much about perspective if a game is done well.

  • Definitely looking forward to this. Human Revolution was incredible. I was hooked from the very beginning, walking through the hallways, enjoying the great soundtrack and the gold tones everywhere. So many times, when approaching a window in that game, I’d stop what I was doing and just take in the view.

  • Will the combat and stealth be any better than the first? I thought it sucked :/

    • Our team has done a lot of work to improve both combat and stealth for Mankind Divided, for example on the cover system, controls, feel of weapons and augmentations, energy system and so on!

  • Will there be anyway to get the theme without the digital preorder? I’m getting the collectors edition, so I’m not gonna preorder the game twice, but I’d love to have that theme!

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