Uncharted 4 Update

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Uncharted 4 Update

We have some unfortunate news to report that a number of copies of Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End were stolen while in transit. While we are continuing to work with the police to resolve the matter — which is the subject of an ongoing criminal investigation — it appears that a few copies of the game have surfaced in the UK.

We know that very many of you have been looking forward with great anticipation and excitement to the latest masterpiece from Naughty Dog. From what I have played of Nathan Drake’s latest adventure, I can tell you that it is very much worth the wait. As with most Naughty Dog games, the unfolding story is such an integral part of the experience and for this reason we wanted to warn you to beware of the potential for spoilers to be posted by people with access to stolen copies of the game.

An extremely talented team has worked long and hard to bring Nathan Drake’s greatest adventure to life and we would urge you to help us prevent this from being spoiled by not purchasing copies of the game ahead of the launch date. Please rest assured we will be very vigilant to protect you from this as far as we can so you can enjoy Uncharted 4’s experience to its fullest on May 10.

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  • Is this a joke??

  • Thanks for the update Shu! I’ll stay vigilant of the spoilers. I’ve been waiting too long for this game to be spoiled at the end of the road! Sucks to see this happen and I hope the criminals are caught.


  • Brace yourselves. Spoilers are coming.

  • Thanks for looking out for us fam! Keep protecting!

  • Well looks like I’ll be staying off of social media for awhile. I usually have bad luck with spoilers and this game is too important to be ruined.

  • Brace yourselves!! Spoilers are coming!


  • I guess video games need to be transported with highly secured cars these days, like banks transport their money! This is how big the industry has become and this is how big Uncharted is! It’s like a treasure! Can’t wait for it!

  • I hope the ending is something would shock me, like Nathan Drake daughter is actually Ellie and Uncharted is a prequel to The Last of Us XD !!!

  • Aaaand THAT’S why you digitally pre order it!

    • Digital?? I guess, if you hate owning your games.

    • @Lethal_NFS

      No matter how you buy a game, you do not own it. You are buying a license, the right, to play the game. The digital download vs. disc is merely the delivery method. As far as the license being tied to the physical medium vs tied to your PSN account, history has told us tying the license to your PSN account serves you better down the line for future platform support. Not always, but typically. Digital Dishonored gave you a discount from PS3 to PS4, but disc copy did no such thing. If you like to sell your games or let friends borrow them, then disc is better for you. I like to keep my games though, without the possibility of losing/damaging them. Digital is secure. The biggest issue with digital is storage HDD capacity, but that’s still an issue with discs anyways. They aren’t as convenient as people say they are, anymore.

      Imagine if Steam used discs instead of the digital library. But everyone’s of course okay with that. Cause…Uhhhh…Yeah…Nothing to say in response, huh?

    • nicely put drd7of14

    • You can word it however you like, but there are just way more advantages to owning the disc over the digital download.

      One example, of many;

      PS3 Under Defeat HD Deluxe DISC COPY is worth $120+ (if you sold it)
      PS3 Under Defeat HD Deluxe DIGITAL DOWNLOAD is worth $0 (can’t sell).

      It’s sad to see games sold as digital download only because you know someday it’ll be delisted from the server and some people may never get the chance to play them. I had suggested some classic games to a friend of mine; Simpsons Arcade and X-Men. I didn’t realize they were both no longer even available for sale. This was a couple of years ago BTW.

  • Pleeeeease, might as well release it digitally already! That would be great, can’t wait to get started!

    • Yo I just want to ensure that I get the game and cant loose it (unless I get banned) because stuff like this could happen

  • So, yeah, I am pretty mad about this. There will be spoilers and they will make threads in the PlayStation forums with the spoiler in the titles. They did it for TLoU on the night of digital release. Many people were on the forum because the digital download was very glitched, took many hours to download. I was one of those people who went to the forums to find out why the download was so problematic.

    But now, thanks to both thievery and negligence, I can’t wait till May 9th to go off the grid. I have to stop reading every social media site NOW. For sure jackazzes will post spoilers here on the blog, in unrelated blogs, like maybe about Nioh, or No Man’s Sky. I’m only ok with Twitter since nobody I follow will post spoilers.

    And I will have to rush to finish, so I can discover the end of Nate’s story on my own. Very disappointing and very uncool of everyone responsible for this.

    • Negligence? Are you serious? You can’t blame Sony/ND/ who ever other than the thieves for this. If my home was burglarized, it is because of my negligence that it happened? No. I had nothing to do with it. Ther is only so much someone can do to protect against thieves.

  • well….it is A THIEF´S END……maybe thats the way its ment to go…..

  • All i gotta say is. Nathan is a thief right? Therefore the title. Theres a saying in spanish that goes Ladron q roba a ladron tiene 100 años d perdon! Roughly means thief who robs a thief gets a 100 yrs of forgiveness! Hmmm. Befitting that Nathan got robbed??? Hmmmmm. U decide!!!

  • Did Nathan get a taste of his own medicine??? Hmmmm

  • Headline: game thief jailed, A thief’s end.

  • =(

  • Curious to know the ending of the story in Uncharted 4… and if they catch the person(s) responsible, also want to know what happens to the Thief’s End.

  • Bloody Nathan Drake, nicking copies of his own game…

  • Can’t wait till May 10th but the headline scared me at first i thought it was another delay announcement. But why do i have a feeling this is a inside job by Sony a stunt to say to generat more hype for the game. The game is called A Theft End. Just think about it.

  • I honestly think they should release the game now or next week the latest. We are always reading articles, watching videos online, looking at Tweets and it is almost impossible to not have somebody saying something that is going to spoil your whole experience.
    Wouldn’t be better to treat your customers properly and make sure all of us that have been buying and playing this saga, can enjoy the game for ourselves, without knowing anything about it?

  • Spoiler alert…someone will die. I don’t know who…maybe the villain and probably someone else.

    I do not have a PS4 nor do I live in UK so take my rumors with a grain of salt.

  • On an unrelated note but given how popular this thread may become and Shuhei Yoshida is the author, I will be an opportunist here.

    1. Please have the PS3 (and PS4) to support plug and play with external HDD. I have an additional 140 PS3 games I would like to download.
    2. Please remove the 10% OS reserve for the PS3. It is taking up over 150GB of the 1300 usable page of my 1.5TB HDD.
    3. Please allow a pin login into PSN on the PS3 and support 2 step verification. You get hack a lot.
    4. Please support ultraviolet. Sony Pictures is a member and support it.
    5. Please allow games to be filter in your download list on the website and console via games and devices.
    6. Please allow 3 PS3 activation like you already do with the PS Vita.
    7. Please make a PS TV that is just a mini version of either a PS3 or PS4 that support PS Now.
    8. Please allow individual games backup on the PS3. Currently, it is only an all or nothing. So I have to spend 35hrs backing up my entire PS3 HDD when I install a new game.
    9. Please put God of War 3 on the PS3 PS Store so I can buy it.
    10. Please make PS Now more like PS Video. Allow users to buy a game to be played offline and/or streaming.


    • One thing at the time. I do not think that they will be messing with the PS3 any further….

    • you really have no respect for anyone or anything do you?

    • Oh…Is that all? Yeah, I’m sure they’ll get right on that.

      The nerve of some people.

    • Please stop posting this crap in every single forum. There is a place for these types of requests, and this is not it. Also, a number of those requests are flawed, based on incorrect information, and/or not possible. I’ve posted replies point by point to you before, but you’ve always ignored any response you’ve received. You are extremely discourteous to the other users of these forums.

  • Wow. Those guys are like.. professional nerds. I’m imagining “The Italian Job” and Mark Wahlberg leading his crew in a mastermind scheme to hijack a truck full of pre-release video games.

    Sucks, but I’m not too worried about early spoilers since I’m not going to buy the game right away and will probably have it spoiled anyway.

  • reminds me of when GTA had copies of its game stolen while in transit from warehouse to vendor, hope that the issue is resolved without too much hassle

  • I guess when they get caught it’s going to be a THIEFS END. Ha kill me

  • I can believe a shipment of games was stolen. Nothing is sacred. But with that being said. I hope they get a thief’s end.

  • Meh, spoilers don’t bother me… but it kinda sucks that people would go to this extreme to play a game 2 weeks early when there’s so much awesome stuff out there.

    Just play what we have, trust me.. it’ll keep you occupied until Uncharted 4 comes out. And if you’re out of new things to play… Catherine’s on sale for 5 bucks. That’ll occupy you for a while too ;)

  • “we would urge you to help us prevent this from being spoiled by [not] purchasing copies of the game ahead of the launch date.”

    This is a joke, right? You can avoid spoilers… by not purchasing the game if you happen to see it.

    Should have just said, “Stay off the Internet for the next two weeks.”

    Could push that release back up to where it was, but no. Gotta have time to “press more discs”.

  • After all the folks at Naughty Dog have done to craft their (presumably) finest work yet, I really hope the next few weeks go as intended, despite this setback.

    • You are right, it would be a darn shame to have it all fall apart on the last 100m to the finish line.

  • Phew, thought this was gonna be another delay announcement! :P

    In all seriousness though, that sucks about the shipment getting jacked; can’t believe you have people hijacking video game shipments nowadays…that’s just…wow, smh.

    Oh well, I’ve been pretty much avoiding all media related to UC4 except for the PS Blog articles on it so hopefully I’ll avoid anything posted by these sheisty thieving baseturds.

    Still can’t wait for May 10 and thanks for the heads up Sony!

  • Thanks Shu! It’s no problem for me. I have it preordered and I am in Uncharted 4 Black Out mode. I hope you catch the criminals. Thanks again for the warning.

  • The best thing to do would be to release the game early. The whole reason the game was delayed was to ensure the world got it at the same time. With retailers “mistakenly” selling the game early yesterday, and now the stolen copies, the whole purpose of the delay is defeated. Just my opinion. We have just under two weeks to wait. And now I really can’t get on the internet at all to avoid ruining this game. Plus while all the early people are enjoying the game, the honest people run the risk of hearing spoilers. It isn’t right.

  • Uncharted 4: Among the Thieves

  • Thanks for the update Mr. Yoshida. I hope the people transporting the copies are okay. I also hope the thieves are caught and tried in the Hague.

  • Stolen leaked copies are now Among Thiev………..*Gunshot

  • Thanks for the Warning

  • Sucks for u guys I ordered a download code

  • In order to avoid spoilers for a game I am going to purchase and play, I should not purchase and play the game (early). Umm.. of course I’m going to purchase and play the game early if I see it being sold for list price. Who are you trying to protect with that advice?

    • Well, you have two options.

      1- Screw everyone else, and buy the game from the unaware retailer.

      2-Inform the retailer that the game is not supposed to be released until May 10th

      The 1st option is completely selfish and morally wrong. Trying waiting till May 10th like everyone else should.

      The 2nd option does your best at helping to stop spread the plotline to the masses. Less people buying/having the game in their hands earlier than the same worldwide release date. You also aren’t acting like a **** in the process of this option.

      So yeah…There is something can be done by not contributing to the problem. If 10,000 people thought like you do and got just “1” copy of the game, we’d have more than 10,000 chances for spoilers before release. Even if it’s as simple as, the game is good/bad. Any info is a spoiler.

    • Actually, you can do option 1, then do option 2. Its not like they can make you give it back after you paid for it, and you had done your job at lowering the spread while getting the game for yourself. And if you’re not a jerk, also very easy to play a game without posting spoilers everywhere. Many journalists and reviewers do it all the time. It is not completely immoral and selfish to buy a game, otherwise the same could be said for journalists.

  • Why don’t you block the accounts of those that attempt to play or are playing one of the stolen copies?

  • This is a testament to how good the Uncharted games have been. Nevertheles, I’m sorry to hear.


  • You make a whole series about thieves (with the word in two subtitles no less) and expect it NOT to be stolen? :)

  • Not reading comment sections for the next month.

  • Anyone else find it ironic that copies of the game about a thief were stolen?

  • So much for a Thief’s End, Amirite?

  • Lawd haf Mersay! Dis is hworrible! Thank U fo warning us!

  • This is Sad, Its also sad that some will seek out let’s plays and watch them. My question
    is WHY!!! I pre-ordered Uncharted 4 long ago because I want to play it. I want the experience of enjoying the game. Not watch some someone else play it. Other games have been reported to be shown early on many places i do look at online. I would never seek out and watch this garbage to spoil my enjoyment and personal experience.

    I am glad Sony and Naughty Dog is on top of this having any video online removed they can. I also really hope they catch everyone involved and felony charges with strong punishments are given to them all. A big part of the excitement is the wait for it. My love is also in counting down the days to launch. Opening it up on Day one and playing myself. The act of getting it early in itself is a huge spoiler to me.

  • Omg this fn game…..it’s been in development hell ever since. NOW copies have been stolen!. *sigh*

  • The only spoiler I want is the trophies list

  • Thk for this marketing 101… player will talk about the game and spam the web about psn blog. Sales will go up and ….
    Btw Police usualy keep secret, for track the thief, they wont say information about game in Uk..

    If is true.. just post a mandatory small ps4 update and you will be qble to block the game or track thief….

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