Sky Force Anniversary Blasts Onto PlayStation This Summer

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Sky Force Anniversary Blasts Onto PlayStation This Summer

Hello Pilots! My name’s Marek, I’m the co-founder of Infinite Dreams. I’m extremely proud to announce that Sky Force Anniversary, our modern air-based shooter, will launch on PS4, PS3, and PS Vita this summer!

Sky Force Anniversary is a recreation of Sky Force, a title we made more than a decade ago — it made quite an impact on the whole mobile gaming industry. When creating Sky Force Anniversary, our main goal was to preserve the old-school, arcade shooter feeling of the original and make the game bigger, bolder, and more intense than ever. And to be honest — we think we did it.

Sky Force Anniversary features an extensive single-player campaign where your main objective is to save the world from General Mantis — the nasty leader of evil forces. In order to defeat him you will have to blast through hordes of enemies, collect funds, rescue civilians, and constantly upgrade your ship with new, devastating power-ups.

Throughout the game you will have access to various types of weapons, passive skills, and power-ups, starting from the impenetrable magnetic shield and ending with the mighty mega-bomb, which annihilates all visible enemies with a huge blast.

Sky Force Anniversary on PS4, PS3, PS VitaSky Force Anniversary on PS4, PS3, PS Vita

What about enemies? Well, a game can’t call itself a shoot-’em-up without a plethora of opponents and bosses waiting for you around every corner. In Sky Force Anniversary there are tanks, fighters, jets, ships, turrets, bombers — we have them all.

Okay, but what happens if you complete the whole single-player campaign? Well, there’s still plenty to do — you can invite your friends and play the game with local co-op, you can fulfill additional goals like completing a mission without a scratch, and finally, you can compete with other players by participating in weekly tournaments that take place on unique new levels, updated every seven days.

Sky Force Anniversary on PS4, PS3, PS Vita

We’re all super excited to join the world of PlayStation with Sky Force Anniversary — it’s a really big thing for us and we all hope you enjoy the game when it launches on PS4, PS3, and PS Vita this summer. And yes, it will most definitely support cross buy.

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  • Nice. Playstation needs more shumps. And thanks for supporting the vita!

    • Thanks for the kind words! We’re all big fans of PS Vita and we just couldn’t not supported it :).

  • Looks great! Will it have a platinum trophy?

    • Unfortunately not, Platinum Trophies are reserved only for bigger titles. But don’t worry, the Trophies we prepared should be enough to make you sweat ;).

    • Yes, platinums are only for big titles. Games like Pac-Man and Dig Dug.

    • @MrBeens, tbf, the Trophy prerequisites are odd. TWD Season 1 had a Plat, but subsequent Seasons did not. It’s not the devs fault that the Trophy-per-game formula works in strange ways. Don’t be so salty & immature.

    • Back on topic: Marek, I hope your Trophy list isn’t UNREALISTIC!! I’m a casual player & Sina Mora was Brutal!!!

      Thanks for understanding!

  • Looks great, can’t wait!

  • Is it a free to play, or has it being refactored to be pay once and play all game without the grinding of microtransactions? What will be the price range?

    Thanks for the Vita support!

  • Wow, 10$ is a steal for an healthy dose of co-op shmup !! Day one for sure! Will it be available for pre-order / pre-load?

    • We don’t want to promise anything yet, but it indeed looks like it is going to be available for pre-order and pre-load.

  • Marek, let me ask you something:
    As you know, the Vita is running out of time until E3 comes by and psvr becomes official, then we’ll lose the focus we barely have left from this company – so with that in mind and supposing you have developed a 3D Air Combat title instead of this one, with major features, huge maps, platinum support, etc. A game so rich in detail it could have the potential to support psvr. Say something like World of Airships or a “mobile” game like Sky Gamblers.

    Be sincere, would you rather release these games on ps4 and android/ios-based “mobile devices” only or would you make them available on the Vita, for the sake of supporting it (or for whatever other reason)?
    In order to answer this question, you have to take into account the size of your studio, the porting costs and the support from the Vita community. According to THE WAY YOU SEE IT nowadays, what is your answer?

    Just asking away. Thanks for the game. I’ll get this and Last Wings. Yeah, for the Vita.

    • The PS Vita version was hardest to develop, but once we had it there was no problem in making a PS3 / PS4 version. I don’t know if making a Vita-only game would be viable, but because the game was also planned for PS3 and PS4 it was kinda a no-brainer for us to make a PS Vita version.

    • Top question, Rod!!

      And a solid reply from Marek!

      I am also ready to buy Sky Force day 1!

    • Marek, considering the Vita version was the hardest to develop and that the Vita and Vita TV is the same thing, with the exception of touchscreen-based controls – how hard is it do make a “PS TV” version?

      In case that’s too much to ask for right now, would you consider a post-release, paid update featuring PS TV support?

  • I bought Sine Mora, Soldner and Darius Burst day one when they arrived on Vita. It is just a great platform for this genre. I’ll get Sky Force the moment it releases as well. Love the genre and your game is looking great. Any news on framerate and resolution on Vita?

    Thanks for supporting our beloved platform!!

  • Sir I have a question, I’m a fan of this game in Hong Kong, will you bring this game on Asia Playstation Store not only NA/EU?
    If you will release on Asia Playstation Store I’ll be very happy.
    Have a nice day :)

    • I’m not sure if we’re going to publish it in Asia, but I don’t see any bigger reasons why not to do it. I’ll speak to our dev team and see what’s the situation on that one :).

  • You had me at cross-buy. :3 Been looking for a good top-down shooter for the PS Vita. Thanks, Infinite Dreams~

  • Also will this have any form of multiplayer? Like online or local Co-Op?

  • I love Sky Force on my Android smartphone. How are the controls different on the PS VITA? Either way I am excited for co-op play, is co-op play only on PS4?

    • The PS Vita version uses only buttons and analog sticks, no touch controls – it’s a waaaay better solution for 16×9 displays. Local co-op is only for PS3 / PS4, I’m afraid.

  • Great news, loved the PlayStation Mini version, but really looking forward to the new edition. Are there any plans for Sky Force Reloaded to land on the Vita, or is that pushing the old handheld a bit too far?

  • Will always love those games and will probably buy it because it look awesome.
    That said the last time I bought a F2P ported to PS4, it was clear that the removed pay2win wall completly broke the balance of the game so I’ll wait for reviews or comments before making a purchase just in case.

  • Absolute DAY ONE buy for me!!!!!!!!!!! Love top-down shooters like this… and yes the Vita is such a perfect fit for them I wonder why there’s not more of them?!

  • I do have one question though about the Vita version… with the Vita not being as powerful as the consoles, how much of a downgrade in visuals will we see in this game?? And the fps, will it be 60 or 30? Thanx in advance for the info.

    • The Vita version runs at 30 frames per second – there was no chance on getting 60 FPS, but the game still looks really good on the PS Vita!

  • Looks like it will be really good.
    Can’t wait to try it out andbearn those trophy’s.
    And everyone please check out my YouTube channel.
    All you need to do is type;
    and sit back and enjoy many ps3 and 4 games.
    And my $15k collection of radio controlled.
    120mph Car and off-road and crawling trucks, 80mph boat and high, fast flying helis and stunt and pattern planes.
    Thank you .
    And there’s a $20psn card giveaway next month in may.
    So stay tuned.

  • Never heard of this game, but mobile origins or not, this looks pretty fantastic on PS4 :)

  • my best android game ever is coming to ps4 at last !
    day one for me :)
    when is the launch day ?

    • Thanks! I’m really glad we have some fans on PlayStation consoles :). We should have some more news about the release date in about a month.

  • will there be local co op on ps tv ?
    I have it on mobile & enjoy it.

  • Long time fan, been aware of(and been playing) the game since the Symbian days.
    Looking forward to the release!

  • SWEEEET!!!! This oldish style arcade game is EPIC!

  • Hello Marek,

    First I would to let you know that your game looks incredibly awesome, and I definitely will be looking forward to play it on my PS Vita.

    So please make the Vita version support ad-hoc multiplayer (to be played on multiple PS Vita systems), as well as PSTV compatible with a local multiplayer support (single PSTV system – multiple controllers)

    Thank you,

  • loved the game on android, especially the final levels. I always wished for it to come to vita.

    I played sky force and sky force reloaded on nokia phones.Those games were addicting. You guys are the only mobile developer I always loved.

    Since I have completed the game many times over and over, I want new levels. Is there any extra content in this release?

    Thank you guys.

    Hope it will be a hit and I am wishing a new game built up exclusively for consoles or PC

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