Stranger of Sword City Out Today on PS Vita

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Stranger of Sword City Out Today on PS Vita

Today is the release date of Stranger of Sword City on PS Vita, and it looks like reviewers are really enjoying it! If you’re unfamiliar with the game, be sure to check out our previous blog. To celebrate the launch, I thought it would be fun to provide you all with a quick guide to a couple parties recommended by the developer!

Stranger of Sword City, PS Vita

Feeling Safe with Strangers

The first team composition the game’s director suggested is pretty well balanced and includes a bunch of characters from the Strangers Guild. If you’re the kind of person who gets a little nervous playing, this is probably the party for you!

You’ll want to start by setting up a front row which includes a Human Fighter, Dwarf Knight, and Human Samurai. That combination will provide a decent amount of offensive power, along with a solid defense. In the back row, you’ll want to be running a Migmy Ranger, Human Wizard, and Human Cleric. And there you go! You now have a team built to last.

Now, there’s no Elf on this team, but if you’ve got a hankering for one, feel free to change the Wizard from a Human to an Elf. The basic strategy with this party is to work on the growth of the front row’s Knight. He’ll be acting as the tip of your team, so he needs to be tough. At some point, you’ll probably want to class change the Wizard or Cleric to help your progression. As you reach further into the game, it might also be helpful to work a Dancer that can sing into your party to help you make it through the labyrinths as you start feeling more comfortable.

Stranger of Sword City, PS Vita

Testosterone to the Max

One of my favorite things about Stranger of Sword City is that not only can you create a fun and cute team, but you can also create a team of grizzled old veterans to challenge the labyrinths with, and this team is exactly that.

When you’re creating this team, you might want to avoid setting all of their ages to match their looks, that is unless you’re the masochistic sort that is just looking for a huge challenge. If that’s the case, go ahead and make them old, just be careful not to let them get killed in battle since old characters can’t be revived as many times as young characters before they’re lost forever. Most of you will want to set their ages a bit younger to avoid playing what would basically be hardcore mode.

Final Thoughts

Welp, those are the two parties I’d recommend you try out when you start, dood! One for newcomers of the genre, and one for grizzled veterans. Of course, it could be fun to try putting together your own Demon Gaze team in Stranger of Sword City too…

Stranger of Sword City, PS Vita

Stranger of Sword City is out today on the PS Vita. If you haven’t picked it up already, I recommend doing that and putting your own party to the test! If you want to know more about the game, check out our official website.

Now, back into that labyrinth…

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  • Looking forward to checking it out!

  • I need this game now <3

  • Just waiting for it to arrive!

  • The first I heard of this game was back in December with the previous post, and I have to admit despite my interest I shamefully forgot about it during the intervening months… thanks for the timely reminder! Definitely will check this one out!

  • I played the Trial (you’re limited to playing the trial for 8 hours as much as you want) on Xbox One and I greatly enjoyed it, but I was sad there was no English speaking option for the character voices. Will there be one for the PS4 version? Will there be a PS4 trial? I personally love the classic dungeon crawler aspect, reminded me of old school Might and Magic.

  • Looks so pretty.

  • This, Severed, Alien: Isolation Zen Pinball table, Rocket League basketball DLC… What a glorious Tuesday!

  • It’s……just a card game?

    I’ve got to be honest, that is not what I thought this game was, judging by the first picture.

  • Please also bring this to PS4 at some point!

  • Can’t wait to get into it but holding it off till I finish up Operation Abyss and Moe Chronicle.

    Love the DRPG genre….especially exp and Kadokawa ones.

    More polished than Demon Gaze and not annoying as OP abyss. Looking forward to Ray Gigant as well.

  • A Nisa Release is practical the same as censorship confirmed sadly

  • Oh I remember this game from the 1st post….awesome universe,great characters and great art.I’ll be looking forward to try this one out.

    NIS you guys have earned ma respect…always doing new IPs,always supporting the Vita.You guys rock.

  • PlayStation 4 needs some Dungeon Crawler

  • You make me sad I sold my Vita! Keep up the awesome retail releases NIS! Great job!

  • NIS you still have ma respect for all that I mentioned.

    But forget what I said about trying this game….saw a gameplay on YT and damn what a waste of potential this game is with that kind of gameplay.Thought it was something like Dragon’s Crown…thats why I had hopes for this game.

  • Waiting for my LE to arrive so I can try it out!

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