Hitman Episode Two Out Today on PS4

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Hitman Episode Two Out Today on PS4

Welcome to Italy, 47.

The second episode of Hitman sees Agent 47 travel to the beautiful, sun-drenched coastal town of Sapienza, Italy. This episode adds a new story mission, new challenges, new weapons and gear, the Italian suit, and — of course — new targets, opportunities, and disguises.

Hitman Episode 2, PS4

With a whole town to explore, Sapienza really gives you the feeling of needing to plan your hit. There are locals getting ready for work, others relaxing on the beach or fishing in the harbor, and doing some shopping. Many more are visiting the San Giorgio church or watching street entertainers. Sapienza has its own idyllic rhythm and 47’s ultimate task is to complete his objectives without anyone knowing about it. Subtlety is the mark of the true professional.

Those objectives are simple: eliminate Silvio Caruso and Francesca De Santis and destroy their scientific research. If you want to know more, Diana has been trusted with the specifics, as always.

New Contracts Every Week

Hitman Live Content will also continue with Episode Two. We’ve added new content to the game every week since we released the first episode on March 11, and that continues with Episode Two. You’ll be able to create your own contracts and play Featured Contracts that were created in Sapienza as well as play our popular Escalation Contracts. Within the next few weeks, the first Elusive Target will also be available, although we’re not promising that they’ll turn up in Sapienza. We’ll let you know, so keep your eyes and ears open.

Hitman Episode 2, PS4

Alongside Sapienza comes a sizeable game update that adds a host of improvements to the game for all players. Significantly improved loading times, new options for the HUD and Challenges, menu tweaks and updates — plus a whole lot more. Take a look at the full release notes for all the details.

The Sarajevo Six

The second target from The Sarajevo Six is also available with the launch of Episode Two. Gary Lunn, also known as “The Enforcer,” has been located in Sapienza, where he is currently working at the Ether corporate bio lab where he is supervising high-level security efforts. Lunn is a highly trained professional and can most likely be found moving around Villa Caruso or the bio lab.

PS4 players have exclusive access to these six bonus contracts that tell a self-contained side-story revolving around former members of a paramilitary unit called CICADA. A new target will be available with each new location, so we’ll have details on the third target when Episode Three takes us to Marrakesh.

Hitman Episode 2, PS4

Anyone who owns the Full Experience will already be able to see Sapienza listed as a new destination in-game. If you own the Intro Pack, you’ll need to purchase Episode Two separately or buy the Upgrade Pack to also get all future episodes.

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8 Author Replies

  • Awesome I can’t wait to play it.

  • Will there be any confirmation on whether or not this will have a platinum trophy at some point or should I just wait for the disk version?

    • Looks like the trophies are all being added as DLC. So no platinum on this version. I wouldn’t support this episodic platform anyway, wait for the full disc version. If this sells really well, next thing you know quantic dream or naughty dog will be pulling this crap.

    • There won’t be a platinum trophy for the digital version. It’s too early to say whether there will be for the disc release, but it’s definitely something that we would like to be there.

    • Episodic games are terrible. Minecraft Story took forever to get their 5 episodes out. Then you forget what you have done, and how to comfortably play the game. I can not wait for this crappy fad to go away forever.

  • Has anyone been able to download it yet?

    • Yes, but you have to download it manually from the ps store or turn on the game and click on episode 2 and go to purchase it. If you have the upgrade pack it will be free to download.

    • Hope you’ve managed to get it sorted now. The game will direct you to the store and Episode Two will be listed, either as the individual episode price or as ‘free’ if you’ve purchased the Full Experience.

  • The Elusive targets have become a complete joke at this point. This was the main reason I bought this game as early access title and you have yet to release a single one. I will never buy a game in this state again.

  • When will Sapienza be available on the East Coast?

    • Im on the east coast its available to download now but you have to do it manually from the ps store or turn on the game and click on episode 2 and go to purchase it. If you have the upgrade pack it will be free to download.

    • By now, it will already be available! We always post the release timings on the hitman blog, but as a general rule, 8am-10am PST will be when you should expect them. I *think* that’s 11-13 EDT.

  • I’ve not played the first episode, but are there things that carry over, like items, or stats? The episodic nature would lead me to believe that the different parts are standalone, which doesn’t seem like it would feel like a full game.

    • All of the weapons and gear that have been unlocked can be used in both Paris and Sapienza. The great thing about that is going back to Paris with the new gear you’ve unlocked and trying out different strategies and possibilities.

      There are also global challenges where the progress will count no matter what location you complete the requirements.

  • Very reminiscent of the GTA release claiming heists only to be delayed over a year, the clear difference is that companies such as IO most likely should realize they do NOT have the forgiveness “buffer” or brand loyalty that rockstar games or other companies that have consistently release AAA games in the past with no problems. I loved hitman from the first games hotel mission and onward but today it turned into anther company i used to trust that has broken my faith as a consumer.

    • I’m very sorry to hear that your faith has been broken. We’ll continue to release all the content we’ve got planned, including Elusive Targets, and hopefully restore that faith. Elusive Targets only make up a part of the game, albeit one that we know our players are very keen to try. That’s part of the reason that we’ve given them a little more time. Our story missions, Escalation Contracts, Contracts Mode and as a PS4 player, The Sarajevo Six are all there to enjoy, with the first Elusive Target entering the game in the coming weeks. We hope to see you there.

  • Let me know when the whole game is out.

    • We don’t have the exact date but we’re looking at January 2017 for a disc release, if that’s what you mean.

  • And right on cue, here comes the WAAAMBULAMCE. Hitman is not the perfect game but I’ve been playing the heck out of Episode 1 it since it released and I’ve barely even touched the player-made contracts or Escalation modes. Was hoping to see an Elusive Contract by now but if it’s executed well I’m willing to wait (the first PS4 Exclusive target was far too easy and I didn’t get a sense of a story with him, so more time on these special targets would be welcome).

    I bought the full experience but I’m enjoying the episodic rollout as I’m able to devour and fully appreciate the work that has gone into each level. Plus I have plenty of other games to play and finish so this way I’m able to squeeze a substantial amount of Hitman in without feeling rushed to blow through the entire game and move on. Just seems like most of the true Hitman fans are busy PLAYING the game while the ones here complining about “episodic this” and “IO being greedy that” are here whining about a game that they were never going to be happy with or give a chance in the first place. You’re missing out.

    • Im not sure what exactly im missing out on that I wont be able to experience in full like you have/will along with being completely polished a year from now. As a big Hitman fan….. honestly. I get the whole being able to separately enjoy each level, but… I can do that with a full release too.

  • Incredible how you’ve put this franchise to die by using this stupid episodic model that no one is a fan of. As awesome as the game may be, this episodic bs is never going to work for a game that’s sold at full retail price. I wish the team the best, but there’s no denying that this was a huge mistake. You’ll see the results in the sales numbers.

    • If you want to wait for all locations on a disc, that’s definitely an option we’ll be supporting early next year. Whilst we acknowledge some players will be frustrated with the episodic releases, we’ve had lots of positive feedback about the episodic approach, the comment above yours is a good example.

      We know that players want options, so you don’t have to buy the episodes at ‘full retail price’. If you want to buy them all at one price and get access when each episode releases, you can do that. If you want to only buy the first episode, you can do that too and the price is obviously lower. There are even options for players who buy the first episode and want to play more; they can purchase each individual episode or buy an Upgrade Pack to get episodes 2-7 at a lower price.

  • I write from Russia is not working Sapienza episode , the game Full Experiance (PS4)

  • will i be able to play episode 2 without buying the intro pack?

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