One Last Time: The Final Uncharted 4 Trailer

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One Last Time: The Final Uncharted 4 Trailer

Just think: in a mere two weeks’ time, we’ll all be playing Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End. Naughty Dog has described Nathan Drake’s next adventure as his last — I sure hope it’s not! But just in case it is, let’s take one more look at what’s in store with the final trailer.

I adore Naughty Dog. Ever since they transformed game storytelling with The Last of Us, I believe they are the most vital game studio operating in the world today. What’s their secret? Look past the virtuoso art direction, put aside the spectacular action set pieces, and you’ll find characters driven by motivations we can all understand: loyalty, greed, sacrifice, revenge.

The secret sounds so simple, so elementary. But folks — making these vulnerable characters live and breathe so convincingly amidst a mammoth, white-knuckle epic is an extraordinary accomplishment.

With The Last of Us, I argued that Naughty Dog had created the game of the generation. With Uncharted 4, let’s see where they go next.

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  • Time for Unkarted.

  • Surely not “Final.”

    They have to do a killer launch trailer like the last 3 games had, right?!?!

  • One. Last. Time.

    STOKED. The wait is unbearable.

    • I don’t think this is the end, company’s are always saying one last time but look at the fast and furious trilogy they said on their 6th movie, “one last ride” but right now they’re making a 7th movie. I’m not 100% sure they are making a 5th Uncharted but I know that this isn’t the end.

  • Hi:
    I hope this game delivers… For a change. @PlayStation has NOTHING this generation.
    Red 5.

  • That trailer was just absolutely fantastic! Thank you Naughty Gods for blessing us with greatness once again!

  • Looks incredible! What many only achieve through cutscenes, Naughty Dog manages to do in gameplay, among other things. Just incredible, and I can’t wait to see what they’ve managed to craft this time :-)

  • Amazing trailer!!! I’m an impatient person per se, so all this waiting is making me kinda sick.

  • So what exactly is this news ND said they tell us after PAX E

  • So what exactly is this news ND said they would tell us after PAX East and apparently “Will please a lot of people”? I doubt it was this trailer, seeing as its pretty much just a reedited, shorter version of the story trailer…

  • One last time. :(

  • I pre Ordered it when it had 2 months until it released. ITS FINALLY HERE. Tbh i’m not even going to play multiplayer imma be the first person to finish the campaign!

    • I’m thinking of going back and forth between multi and single! Although some of the multi maps might spoil some of the locations in the single player.

  • Really would like to hear about the coop survival mode

  • Naughty Dog! If you are listening this CAN NOT be the last Uncharted with Nathan! my family is invested in this franchise my 7 year old daughter and my 5 year old twins pretend to be Drake Elana and Sully all the time. You have no idea how many familys like mine love the Uncharted family please done stop i’m sure there are more stories to tell! Not multiplayer, they love the stories and characters i don’t think a week goes by where we don’t play Uncharted! You have created characters and a franchise that can last a life time do not stop!

  • I can’t wait to buy that game in two weeks later along with doom game for ps4 that comes out on friday the 13th. I’m a huge fan of uncharted games, that’s for sure. keep up the great work, naughty dogs. =)

  • They will probably bring him back as a kid and will have to reorder the numbers on the games like with what they did with star wars Uncharted 4 might be Uncharted 8 later….

  • I can’t wait for uncharted 4 to come out and play the final chapter of this awesome story and playing multiplayer with everyone across the world I am so exited to play with everyone #uncharted 4

    • Thats what I like too but unfortunately ND made the servers by region meaning you’ll only play with people from your country/continent.Worst thing ever for online games.

    • You must be smoking crack saying that multiplayer match making with your own region or continent is a bad thing!!! I absolutely hate, correction despise, playing with filthy foreign players that have latency slower than a 56k modem. My 100mbps connection should never lag because I’m playing someone across a vast ocean in some dilapidated apartment building by a poor foreign player. All the foreign players can stick with playing each other on horrible networks and stop getting lag kills on my American network. The decision to keep match making to strictly your own region is the best thing to ever happen for multiplayer.

    • Wow… I have never seen such a horrible comment here. Makes me sad to see such baseless intolerance.

  • Not watching,the abstinence from the last UC4 videos are killing me but it’ll be worth and I’m sure its a mega amazing trailer.I just can’t wait for may 10th,its almost unbelievable that its just 2 weeks away.BTW unfortunately I was forced to get the digital edition first…any word on when the pre-load will be available?…..and also the size of the download?

    Eager to see if ND have beaten UC2 really really eager.

  • Are you sure it’s the “Final Trailer?”…because in the description on youtube it just says “gameplay trailer”. Usually there is a “Launch Trailer” a couple days before the release.

  • Don’t want to watch… just bring on the game!

  • I’ve already got my excuse set to stay home from work!


  • So close Yet so far…Naughty Dog PLEASE make another series as good as this one I BEG of you. Not saying that your other series are bad cause your prob the best video game designer in my opinion. You should do something like the story of sully and adventures he went on or eleanna’s story.

    • In about 5 years here, you’ll hopefully be seeing the start of an awesome new series from them ;) I’ve been cooking this bad boy up for half my life now, improving it and adding to it every week. If it weren’t for companies taking degrees so seriously, I’d have already pitched it. It may never happen, but there’s something on the magnitude of Uncharted and inFamous combined that’s waiting to be unleashed!

  • drake better not die dammit.

  • Darn it! Was hoping for some more multiplayer details all day long aswell. Oh well I had a good run…

  • That looks really good and I can’t wait!

  • I’m really looking forward to getting my C.E. in the mail. I pre-ordered way back in September. For a long time Amazon wasn’t accepting any more pre-orders. I just checked and you can pre-order the C.E. again! They’re probably making a zillion copies now, so maybe it’s not as collectible lol. But the price is really good for what they are offering. You know those $200 C.E. sets with cheap junk almost always end up deeply discounted below the cost of the regular edition. Uncharted 4 C.E. looks like a winner all the way around!
    Unlike that other console (which I own) and their big exclusive franchise, I don’t expect Uncharted to disappoint. The tenth of May is just around the corner…awesome!

  • Stereoscopic 3D game or it’s a bargin bin game for me. Sorry but I have had enough of this nickel and dime stuff your doing this gen with your games. Last gen I not only got real Manuals with my games, but I got the games looking beautiful with real actual depth that gave the game a feel that no other game had.

    This gen both of those are taken away and the price is still $59.99 for each game. Even the Uncharted Remastered games have no 3D, nor does Ratchet and Clank. The only games worth buying this gen was Daylight, Trine series, Zombie Army Trilogy, and a couple others. Everything else has been ebay for me, and it looks like this game might end up the same. I vote using my wallet, and so far, Sony has done nothing but drop the ball this generation.

    Simply put, if other games this gen still have 3D support, and games like “The Evil Within” have a manual, there is no excuse for exclusive games not to have these features. Give us a $39.99 worth of value, and I will wait until it hits that price or under and get it used.

    Time to give us what we want, Sony, instead of taking away the best features for the same old price tag.

  • Counting down, 2 weeks yay!! ( Naughty Dog games are the only game I will preorder!)

  • Excited to see how the story ends I hope it will be something spectacular. I just hope the multi-player gets worked on more wasn’t really a big fan in the beta hopefully lots of changes have been implemented and the bugs have been removed.

  • I just can’t express how much I wanna play this game. If really is Drake’s last adventure, I have no doubt it will be beyond epic.

  • I been waiting for this game 4 a while gonna take the day off to play this.

  • Uncharted 4 is available early in quite few locations apparently…wth. spoilers incoming everyone

    • Not looking forward to getting spoiled by some Internet rando. Should think about bumping up that release date.

  • I love the uncharted series wish it was out now and why does it have to be the last one? :'(

  • Hype! 2 weeks to go! :D

  • Im pretty sure I saw all these clips which is ok.I am absolutely stoked for this game.Graphically it looks amazing,I just hope it doesnt burn up my PS4 because it did run a little warmer then usual when I played the MP beta.Heard a few players talk about this.
    Anyway preordered and just waiting to go get it.SUPER EXCITED for Uncharted 4.
    Naughty Dog has done a great job with all the Uncharted series.

  • It’s going to be the best looking game to date on any platform! Not to mention top notch story and gameplay.#naughtydognation#sonynation#goty

  • I sure hope they’ve put back the unlockables, cheats, and tweaks from 1 and 2. 3 really had some neat toys that would’ve been great with infinite ammo and the ability to pick your weapon at any time.

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