Exist Archive: The Other Side of the Sky Launches October 18 on PS4, PS Vita

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Exist Archive: The Other Side of the Sky Launches October 18 on PS4, PS Vita

Prepare to leave your world behind because Exist Archive: The Other Side of the Sky is coming to PS4 and PS Vita on October 18!

Looking to escape the mundane tedium of your everyday grind? Feel like life is lacking in the fantastical, god-slaying, dungeon-exploring department? Fellow RPG fans and professional reality-escapists, rejoice! tri-Ace, architects of the JRPG series Star Ocean and Valkyrie Profile, celebrate 20 years of RPG mastery with Exist Archive: The Other Side of the Sky.

Exist Archive: The Other Side of the Sky

Exist Archive isn’t your standard RPG fare. You die right off the bat in a massive explosion. Boom! Gone. The end. Or is it? While you certainly aren’t explosion proof, your journey is certainly not over before it started. Instead, you awake in a surreal realm, unlike anything you’ve ever seen. Are you dead? Are you alive? Are you now an immortal being that wields the power of an evil god?

The short answers are “Yes,” “No,” and “Yes.” The explosion that ended your everyday life was triggered by the soul of an evil god named Yamatoga. You and 11 other people (who are also no longer living) are now immortal vessels for the soul of Yamatoga. As is to be expected when one becomes newly imbued with evil god powers, you and your comrades find yourselves mixed up in an ancient conflict involving a gaggle of gods and massive stakes.

Exist Archive: The Other Side of the SkyExist Archive: The Other Side of the Sky

Exist Archive features a robust story as well as loads of side quests that fans of the JRPG genre have no doubt come to expect. tri-Ace continues the tradition of side-view dungeons a la Valkyrie Profile. Combat consists of a strategic combo system where each character’s attack corresponds to a button, and executing bigger combos dishes significant punishment to any foes unfortunate to stand in your way. Mixing attacks and changing party formation alters your skill development as well.

Get ready to go out with a bang, RPG fans! Brandish godlike powers in intense combo based battles with unspeakable horrors and vicious bosses all while strategically developing skills.

Exist Archive: The Other Side of the Sky

Traverse sprawling 2D dungeons as you scour the realm for loot, monsters, and answers to your mysterious surroundings. Exclusive to PS4 and PS Vita, Exist Archive: The Other Side of the Sky looks to transport players to surreal landscapes and diabolic dungeons this Fall!

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4 Author Replies

  • physical on vita? if so, instabuy

    • Game will be released physically and digitally here in North America.
      We’re still ironing out details for an EU release, but it will make it to the EU in one form or another.
      So have hope!

    • Please please please PLEEEEEASE, physical in EU too!!!

    • Hello Aksys Games!

      First of all thank you so much for bringing this highly anticipated game westward to ps 4 and ps vita retail!! I hate digital only so thank you.

      And also I’m from Europe actually and I really hope you will release the game in the EU region retail for both ps 4 and ps vita too!! Please say you will there are pqube games and others that would probably love to publish this in the eu.

      Thank you and please make it happen ;)

  • Europe?

  • HYPE, Day one on vita

  • For the love of everything that is holy please release this game in Europe with a proper retail release. And while you’re at it, you could do exactly the same with Zero Time Dilemma and Shiren 5 Plus. Please.

  • Is there going to be a physical release for the PS4 version of the game?

  • Is it going to have English voice over, Japanese or both?

  • I’m really hyped that more JRPG’s are coming to the states. But i have an Important Question to ask will the PS4 & PSVITA get physical versions or be download only?

  • Please physical for vita
    i really want this game

    • YESSS! This is awesome news – I’ve been drooling over this one for a while. THANK YOU AKSYS your localizations are top notch! And a super thank you for bringing it over on Vita#

  • Awesome, was waiting for a localization announcement. Day one purchase.

  • I was starting to get concerned that this might not be coming. Very exciting news. :)

  • Aksys, you rule. Looking forward to this and Shiren on the Vita.

  • Sweet!, Is there going to be dual audio in this game?

  • Glad to see that it’s getting a physical release. I have some more questions:
    – Will the game be dubbed in English or subbed-only with Japanese voice over?
    – If the game is going to be dubbed in English, will there be an option to switch to the Japanese voice track?
    Now, these factors have zero impact on my purchase decision. I’m just asking out of curiosity ;)

    • I want to know the answers as well. However, if the game is dubbed in English then the voice acting will have an impact on my descision to purchase.

  • OMG i cant wait i been looking forward to this gem =D.

  • Will there be a Limited Edition?

  • Oohhh nice, I really wanted this game. I’ll go day one.


  • Vita version on Day 1, here.

    I know the JPN version is PSTV compatible. Will the NA version be as well?

  • cross save?????

  • Cross save?

  • Will the localization include the original Japanese voices + English text?

  • Is this PSTV compatible? Thanks for the Vita and Physical love!

  • People, PEOPLE! The game will have dual voice (English and Japanese) and should be PSTV compatible.

    • YES! Thank you for dubbing it. Now and days its hit and miss getting an english dub. So it just turned to a buy for me. Now one other question. Any special edition stuff in mind?

    • Awesome! You guys at Aksys are the best! Day 1 buy! :D

  • YES! something to look forward to on the VITA.
    Thanks Aksys games!

  • Okay I’m definitely picking this up on Vita

  • FINALLY! i missed valkyrie profile so much, this game mechanics and music is what i’ve been waiting for!
    Some love for my vita.

  • oooooooh!!!! That whould be fun to play Exist Archive: The Other Side of the Sky.
    Almost like Diablo 3. :) :) :D

  • For a moment there I thought it was Roxas from Kingdom Hearts, lol.

  • This game looks AWESOME !!! Thank you for bringing this to us and thank you for supporting the Vita!

  • Physical for both platforms is great news, but please no forced dub. The original VAs did a great job and I’d hate to see that taken away.

  • Thanks for bringing this over and even releasing a physical version, I’m definitely picking this up for my Vita.

    On that note I do have a question, I purchased the physical copy of Aegis of Earth and while I’m having a great time playing I’ve been experiencing some problems. Sometimes the sound effects will go silent during gameplay while at other times the portraits of the operators will vanish during a fight with brief flickers of their mouths whenever they have dialogue. Eventually if I continue to play the game will freeze and crash on me with a C2-12828-1 error. Is this a common error with the game and if so are there any plans to address it?

  • I can’t take this! Why is EVERY GAME UNDER THE SUN coming out this year? I’m up to 47 games scheduled for release this year that I want to play.. there’s only so much me to go around!

    (First world problems ;))

    But really… looks cool. Will definitely have to add it to the list.

  • I’m very hyped for this game to come to the States as I imagined it would. As a long time tri-ace fan of the Star Ocean and Valkyrie Profile games, I am very happy that Exist Archive is finally coming to our shores. I been wanting to play it ever since last years Tokyo game show. So thank you so much Aksys for giving us this wonderful announcement. ;)

  • Thanks, Akysy.

    Keep localizing physical Vita games, I will definitely pick them up.

  • ( ̄∀ ̄)

  • pre-orders are up on amazon :)

  • You just made my day! :D

  • I’m hyped for this! You guys consistently show support for Vita and physical copies which is MUCH appreciated from all of us devout Vita owners <3

  • This game looks so beautiful

  • Physical release for vita? That’s all you had to say! *tosses credit card at the screen

  • Any chances for an LE? Or pre-order items at least?

  • want to play! Since Valkyrie profile won’t be on PSN anytime soon or ever I think this will be a great game to play in it’s place

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