Rock Band 4: Online Multiplayer Coming This Year

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Rock Band 4: Online Multiplayer Coming This Year

Hi everyone! Rock Band 4 is getting a major feature added to the game this year, and it’ll allow you to literally rock the world.

That’s right, synchronous online multiplayer is coming to Rock Band 4 later this year!

Harmonix has been talking about bringing online multiplayer to Rock Band 4 well before the game shipped. We consider Rock Band 4 to be not just a game, but the iconic band platform for this generation of gaming consoles. We’re dedicated to bringing players only the best in music rhythm gaming, and having the ability to play with your friends anytime, anywhere is just another step in this process. We’ve heard our community loud and clear — as one of our most commonly requested features, it’s time to bring online multiplayer to Rock Band 4.

Synchronous online multiplayer will be like Quickplay, modified to provide a fair and streamlined experience for console friends looking to play Rock Band 4 together online. We’ll be implementing enhancements on the back end to address issues for folks who don’t have the same DLC libraries and want a more fluid process for choosing songs together as a band (you all know that one person who would pick a song before you had the chance). Stay tuned for more details at E3!

Now, we’ve been talking a lot about this fall expansion pack, and want to give you just a bit more information about it. While more info is coming at E3, and we can’t give it all away quite yet, we can say that synchronous online multiplayer isn’t even the major focus or feature we have in store!

We’ve got brand new features heading to Rock Band 4 that have never been in any previous Rock Band title, ever. Don’t miss out on all of the news coming soon!

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  • Awesome. Can’t wait to play my previously exported disc songs with online pals…should those tracks ever actually arrive.

  • Is it going to cause it to crash constantly like RB3 on PS3 did for many of us? And then you never bother to fix it after promise after promise of it being worked on?

  • yessssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss!

  • Sounds great! Would love to get more diverse options for character creation, ie: options besides “rail-thin model.”

  • Not sure why you didn’t in the first place!

    • Because delaying a game for 6 months just to make a feature that people in poll after poll, said they didn’t really care for, want, need, as much as other features, just seems kinda wrong.

      This is supposed to be the ONLY Rock Band for this gen. So why would they delay the game for features they can patch in? Why would that make sense?

  • Rock Band 1, 2 and 3 all had online at launch. Seems ridiculous that RB4 fails to have it, waits a year to add it and then treats it like it’s a huge new feature announcement. Been playing since day 1 and this feels more like a fail than a celebration to me.

    • Maybe you should have gotten more people to vote for online in the polls.

    • *This is in reply to Makai’s comments*

      You really think those polls were legit people? Anyone could vote. Even if they’ve never played a Rock Band game in their life.
      So i’m not sure those “Surveys” were “useful” since most of my list from previous RB’s never bought RB4.

  • This reminded me to get the Beatles DLC before It disappears.

    Thank you for making Rock Band 4.

  • How about adding support for that keyboard?

  • Bout time, but lets add face off this time

  • Still hyping up features others games had at launch. I have a feeling after this big expansion RB4 will STILL be less game than RB3.
    I’m still waiting for the ability to rate songs so favorites are on top to come back.

    • Don’t compare a game that they developed for 5 years with a game that they will be developing over the next 5 years…

  • We’ve been waiting 3 months to get rock band 2 content as promised in January, so I expect this to drop in December or January of next year, not “fall”.

  • About time guys, was really frustrating for many to not have a online multiplayer on release including me, but is great that this will finaly get fixed, thanks! Hope is not too late for that!

  • When will PS4 users get ION drum support? XBox One users are getting ION support with this update. I spent a huge chunk of cash to have a realistic drumming experience in RB3 and I want that in RB4. The inclusion of online multiplayer and double kick pedal support is huge, but ION support is what will make me finally buy RB4. Until then, I’ll keep playing RB3.

    • I believe the ps4 supports the midi adapter so you can use a drum kit even better than the ions if you wanted to

  • And as for HMX thank you for supporting this game! Good will towards the community is something that sets Harmonix apart in my eyes

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