ARK: Survival of the Fittest Coming to PS4 on July 19

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ARK: Survival of the Fittest Coming to PS4 on July 19

UPDATE: Hey ARK fans, Studio Wildcard is putting the PS4 version of ARK: Survival of the Fittest on hold in order to focus on preparing ARK: Survival Evolved for PS4 release. While this means ARK: Survival of the Fittest won’t be releasing on PS4 in July 2016, we’re working towards an earlier release of ARK: Survival Evolved.

It’s only been a month since the release of ARK: Survival of the Fittest as a stand-alone game on PC, and already thousands and thousands of people are playing it. Complete with cash prizes, invitational tournaments, and of course, dinosaurs as far as the eye can see, Survival of the Fittest was built from the ground up to be full of competitive action. And we’re bringing it all to PS4 players on July 19!

ARK: Survival of the Fittest Coming to PS4 on July 19

Spawning almost naked with a group of hostile opponents, it’s do-or-die in what we’re calling a Multiplayer Online Survival Arena (The big hats keep telling me to push the acronym until it becomes a thing), where you use your wits, your cunning, a little bit of brute force, a hatchet, an anvil, some arrows, a triceratops, a few guns, an explosive or two, a couple of stegosaurus, a sniper rifle, and — in dire cases — your own poop to be the last tribe standing when the final curtain is drawn.

Tame dinosaurs, craft armor, forge weapons, harvest resources, build bases, make friends, and slaughter some “Bobs” (ARK’s term for newcomers), in what is one of the deepest combat arenas to ever hit PlayStation. The breadth and depth of strategy, and potential avenues for victory, are enormous, and we’re working insanely hard to make sure that no matter what approach you take, you can come out on top if you’re clever.

The PS4 has actually given us an interesting opportunity to bring a different kind of ARK — and a unique type of game — to the platform. Nobody has yet brought a Multiplayer Online Survival Arena (MOSA) to PlayStation, and we thought it was kind of a shame that the space was being neglected.

ARK: Survival of the Fittest, PS4ARK: Survival of the Fittest, PS4

One of the fantastic things about multiplayer console gaming is the huge pool of players all playing on the same hardware, which make things like matchmaking and competitive gameplay far more fun. This allows us to make a lot of optimizations for these players not just in terms of performance, but also in terms of gameplay; there’s no question of whether a user will be playing on lower settings for better frames per second or to remove some essential gameplay element.

In addition to the fact that it’s untackled ground, we’re really looking forward to some of the unique elements of console gameplay: splitscreen, local LAN play, and we’re even looking at introducing bots which you can play against offline to challenge yourself, or to practice, or maybe just to see the world that ARK takes place in. Whichever way you want to approach the game, online or offline, with friends, or against bitter rivals, it should all lead up to one thing:

The Survivor League.

ARK: Survival of the Fittest, PS4

That’s right, we’re bringing the Survivor League to PS4 as well, and that means cash prizes for the best of the best every single month. In addition to these prizes, you’ll also qualify yourself for our invitationals, and for future events that we are planning. We want players to be able to get some return on the investment that they make by playing our game every day.

The Survivor League will track the top players in every available game mode and automatically display their rankings on our official site, so the world can see that you are in fact the cream of the crop.

We look forward to seeing you in the arena on PS4 starting on July 19 — may the best tribe survive!

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  • That’s all great but is the actual ARK game still coming to PS4 this Summer?

    • What Merc09 said…glad you are happy to be bringing this portion of Ark: Survival Evolved to the PS4, but as someone who has no interest in an eSport version, when are we getting Survival Evolved proper on PS4?

    • If anyone is looking for a tribe for when it actually releases send me a message to vN_Petroskey. Played over 1,000 hours on PC/Xbox, but switching to PS4 once it releases. I have a tribe of 13 as of now, looking to recruit a few more as there is so much to do, so the more the better!

    • Yes it’s comino on June the 2nd of 2016

    • Yeah really this is not the Ark I wanted. Daybreak studio is doing the same thing to us. These arena games may be popular on the PC but they have had the original game to play with for awhile and the arena game is just another way to spice it up. Let us have the original game for awhile then release the arena games. We want the Ark: Survival Evolved first.

    • Here here. I have zero interest in this portion of arc. When do we get the actual game?

    • Ha I doubt it’s coming in July just like the game was coming in June. They will say oh well we got to wait till the holidays too to work out the kinks blah blah when all they want is more money from the holidays

    • I was hoping this was the actual game!.maybe if enough people complain that Survival of the Fittest is a bull craps idea,maybe they’ll give it’s what we want! Come on Sony do the right thing. I want to play this do bad I’ll buy a PC if I have to play this game. Even though I prefer the ps4

    • It’s now coming out in the “holiday seasons”

  • Sounds very cool and definitely going to check it out. I am actually more interested in hearing about ARK for PSVR. Not really expecting this Survival of the Fittest version for PSVR. I just want to explore the land and survive the environment in virtual reality…and of course ride a dinosaur.

    Hopefully the ARK PSVR is still a thing!

  • ARK: Survival of the Fittest is a free to play game?

  • Glad this game is still coming to PS4, been playing it for a while now on PC, not a big fan of battle royale myself but this is a nice surprise :)

  • So this is the full game right?
    Also, by the way it’s worded it’s locked at 30fps, right!?! Heard many(And I mean many) issues on other platforms that it struggles to keep a steady fps. When you say you’re able to optimize the game better I hope that means no dip in frames.

    • OK cool but what we all really want to know us is when is the proper game coming to ps4 and please tell me you are still adding psvr support

    • Oops sorry that was ment to be a general comment not a reply, to reply to your question though no this us not the full game, this is the battle royal style free to play spin off, no word on when the full game will be out

    • No his is just a crappy version, there will be no point in building or anything because when you die, you’re dead and also the arena will slowly close in so that it will make sure people battle.

      We won’t get the proper version until November-December, it’s pretty much like a punishment from owning a PS4

  • Grimlock?

  • Please reassure us as to the full games launch window and psvr support, thank you

  • Seriously Sony ? Seriously?

    Please. I’m begging you guys here.

    Go back to developing your own games and stop porting Early Access Nonsense from Steam.

    I thought this game would be okay, but both versions of ARK are now awful ( Thanks Devs for ruining hardwork) and if the current state of the game is going to be released on the PS4, then it’s not worth it at all and you guys will not be ready to handle the torrent of complaints.

    • @ein, what are you ranting about? Bringing a profitable & promising IP to the Playstation ecosystem has nothing to do with 1st party game development. The cost is a major disparity & if your mandate is forced, well, look at Nintendo. 3rd party relationships buffer a console’s library & its future iterations with new content from these developers.

      This isn’t even a co-developed affair, idk why you’re so adamant.

    • Sony isnt porting this. You obviously domt know what your talking about.

    • It’s all Sony.
      Wildcard have actually said that they want to put early access on it for PS but they wouldn’t accept.
      Which is actually complete BS and punishment for owning a PS4, I mean come on they’re allowing a whole heap of other EA games so why not ark?

  • So this is a medieval bc type of multiplayer game.This is intriguing game for sure.

  • The game looks cool, but the people yelling on the “trailer” is unbearable. Definitely will keep an eye on this one. Seems fun.

  • I personally dislike online multiplayer games, this just looks lame and boring.. also the whole cash price tournament thing looks gimmicky as F, even if it is a real thing

    • It’s a good thing then, that the world doesn’t revolve around you. You should also look into learning better adjectives than the cliched ‘gimmicky’.

    • Then why did you write a comment about a game/genre you don’t like and waste your time? I don’t care about this game too, you just want attention. But you’re not gonna get it here, on forums, Reddit or heck even in real life. You are alone as F (see what I did there) and you know it. =)

  • when is ark:survival evolved ps4 coming out?? been waiting forever for that to come out.

  • Wow! You guys are going above and beyond to make this game more entertaining by adding Split-screen, Offline bots and even LAN modes!

    Big developers and publishers could learn a thing or two from your studio. Looking at you Dice and EA.

    My mooching friends and I will be playing this on two Big screens in the mancave.

    Thank you :)

    • Ok well the battle royal thing is good and all but i was led to believe that the hard copy of Ark: Survival evolved the free roam version where everyone wasn’t out to kill you was coming out this june i was really looking forward to it i don’t dislike the survival of the fittest …. I just really wanted to play the other version if you could just update me when that version is coming out ?

    • Wait so you want battlefield ( the most open game where everything basically happens because of player interaction) to have bots in it.

  • So is ARK Survival Evolved still coming to ps4?

    • The question on everyone’s lips…one that apparently doesn’t warrant a follow up? Can we get Ark: Survival Evolved first and your spin-offs later?

    • Im about to start a boycott of this stuff, we all have been waiting for a ps4 survival game, first half h1z1 dud this now ark is too, they cant even answer our question

    • It’ll be on PlayStation around november-December I’m pretty sure guys.
      Which is BS.

  • waste. buy a pc.

    • You actually came all the way to a Playstation forum to say this? How badly do you need attention that you come here and troll people? Sad little baby.

  • A MOSA?

  • Idk i’ll probably just wait for the Culling to come to ps4 before i think about any multiplayer online survivor mode.

  • Love ARK <3 Enjoy PlayStation. :)

  • I’m not interested in this, but I would like to hear if the actual game of Ark will be coming to PS4.

  • I really hope there is an offline mode to this. I really don’t want to spend the majority of my time wondering when some griefer is going to come out of nowhere and attack me while I’m in a crafting menu and steal my stuff. Not to mention the fact that it’s going to annoy and drive away a lot of new players who within minutes of starting the game, get killed by a group of jerks who have tamed and are riding T-Rex’s, just for the lulz.

  • Ok wtf is this? WE WANT A SURVIVAL GAME!! H1Z1 is already doing this same crap, i guess ps4 is never going to get one, where is survival evloved?

  • This is not what people were waiting to hear. The actual main game is what looked interesting, this version looks terrible and just so you guys know, that whole commentating all over videos like these is just terrible and very annoying!!!

  • Yah This is great but i much rather have
    ark survival evolved

  • The number of crybaby whiners posting here is repulsive. You sound like a bunch of whiny little girls. Grow the hell up.

  • The actual Ark Survival Evolved is supposed to be released on the playstation 4. There was a trailer on the playstation channel here is the link to that So yeah the game is rumored to drop 17 days before the tournaments.

  • Bring the actual survival one instead, i want to play evovled not survival of the fittest, realease evovled first.

  • Personally, I do not want to start an PVP fight with anyone, neither start an argument with anyone on the server,
    because I can easily get hurt online, whenever users fight on the PVP server.
    Can I have a private server on Ark Survival, when it comes out on PS4?

  • I thought the same thing as many PS4 users. Seems backwards to give them this game before the original. I just moved to PS4 so I am super excited for it. But it is going to be hard for other ps4 players to play because they don’t have the experience on the game to help them. If anyone wants to tribe up with me for survival of the fittest send me a message on ps4. I don’t have any friends that play yet. I have lots of hours of experience playing on Xbox.

  • I agree with MsNoTouchy I’ve watched my brother play on XBone for a while. The crafting in this game is sick and takes some time to get down. This seems backwards and I see a lot of us PS4 noobs running around with axes hacking each other for the match. I would rather spend my money on what Xbox has now and then buy the Survival of the Fittest as an add on. When I have a grasp on the real game.

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