Shadow Complex Remastered Launches May 3 on PS4

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Shadow Complex Remastered Launches May 3 on PS4

We are so excited today to announce that Shadow Complex Remastered will launch May 3 on PS4.

Delivering Shadow Complex to the amazing audience of PlayStation gamers has always been a goal for us at Chair, and we can’t wait to introduce all of you to the game next month!

Some of our favorite gaming experiences have been made possible on PS4 (We can’t wait to get our hands on the new Uncharted!) and we’re honored to have Shadow Complex join such an amazing roster of games.

Our initial goal in designing Shadow Complex was to create a game reminiscent of the classic nonlinear 2D side-scrollers we’d always loved — games like Super Metroid and Castlevania: Symphony of the Night. This beloved genre provided some of our most memorable gaming experiences, but was abandoned for more than a decade in favor of new games pushing 3D graphics. We love our modern games, but also longed for something new with the flavor and simplicity of something old. We hoped that others shared our passion for this genre and that Shadow Complex might help to reinvigorate it!

It’s been an amazing experience to watch fellow gamers embrace Shadow Complex with such enthusiasm and we’ve enjoyed playing some of the other new side-scrollers that have since followed.

Shadow Complex Remastered, PS4Shadow Complex Remastered, PS4

Our twist on classic side-scroller action with modern design sensibility is presented in an original single-player adventure that unfolds across a range of non-linear levels. Gameplay centers around exploration and fast-paced combat, challenging you to gather power-ups to overcome obstacles, thwart enemies, and delve into a mysterious and challenging world. Shadow Complex’s extensive 10+ hour campaign lives on through multiple playthroughs as you obtain all of the game’s items and power-ups, as well as the bonus Proving Grounds mode, which provides side challenges to help hone the skills needed to become the ultimate Shadow Complex master.

Shadow Complex Remastered gives you all of the original game content, updated with graphical enhancements, and additional Master Challenges. We’ve also added some fun surprises like all-new dynamic melee take-downs, so you can feel even more awesome when you’re stealing the bad guys’ tech and using it against them!

Shadow Complex Remastered, PS4

We’re so grateful for all of your feedback and support that has allowed us to bring Shadow Complex Remastered to PS4. We’re looking forward to introducing you to the game on May 3rd!

We invite you to join us today at 4:00 PM Eastern on Twitch for our Shadow Complex live stream to see the game in action on PS4 and to meet some of the Chair team members.


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  • Loved this game on the 360 years ago and always wished you guys would make a sequel. It would be awesome if this was our free PlayStation Plus game for May.

    • Why would you wish that on this game? PS+ has been so bad that I immediately dislike any game being launched for free on PS+. Sorry, Broforce and Dead Star, but I’m looking directly at you.

    • I second the PlayStation plus comment but either way i’ll glad pay for this remaster

      19 Days till the greatest game ever Made, Uncharted 4 Roll on May 10th

    • DeviantBoi, I do agree that I haven’t wanted any of the free PS Plus games for a while, but Rocket League became a phenomenon by being available for free on PS Plus…

    • I am sure that it will be a free Ps Plus title in May. It has the signs to make it possible. It released on the other systems already, and I am sure Sony might have made it May 3rd to be free.

  • Oh boy, I loved this one on last gen (I really think it was a before-after scenario for digital games). Great to finally see it coming to PS family. Any chance of it being part of PS+ lineup?

  • This is screaming PS+ – it’s (at least it was) available for free with Unreal Engine 4.

  • Cant wait i also played this on the 360 back in the day but im glad i get to play this again on my console of choice this gen the ps4.

    19 Days till the greatest game ever, Uncharted 4. Roll on May 10th.

    • Thanks! We are so excited for the game’s PS4 debut next week! Can’t wait for you to play it.


  • …annnny chance of this coming to Vita? It seems like it would be perfect for it!

    • Considering the fact that the game runs on Unreal 4, and that the Vita can barley handle Unreal 3. I doubt there will be a Vita port

  • What horrible things must I do to get a proper sequel? In any case, I’m glad its coming to the PS crowd.

  • Hey Donald and ChAIR, this is great news. Finally on Playstation, congrats! I know you guys are hard at work on your follow-up but since you reinvigorated the Metroidvania genre, PERhAPS you can reinvigorate Castlevania and bring it back to its glory days. Any thought?

  • So glad this is finally coming to Playstation… just wish I’d had more warning! There’s no way I’m going to have time for this on such short notice haha

    • Shadow Complex launches on May 3, which gives us one full week to play until the new Uncharted. Can’t wait!

  • Well, this is an unexpected surprise! Thanks :)

  • So excited to finally see a release date for PS4! Ever since playing the original, I have fervently wished for a port over to PlayStation so my single-platform friends over in this neck of the woods could enjoy the masterpiece that is Shadow Complex!

    Well, that, and also so I could play it for the umpteenth time and get those satisfying ‘dings’ when the trophies pop. :P

    Now I just have to patiently await the sequel! …Pretty please?? ^_^

  • Why you guys dont want to take a profit of the actual Vita Moment and bring shadow complex for easy play on the go..
    Please consider this, Vita owners use to support very wel every developer who take care about our beautifull handled.

  • One of my favorite game of all time. Thanks to bring it on PS4

  • Throw us a demo and then we will see.

  • Please tell us there will be a Platinum Trophy!

  • I just thought about playing this again on my 360. Then I saw that a remaster was coming. So now I know when, and it is just around the corner.

  • I once bought this on a friend’s Xbox just so I could play it again. I’m really excited to finally have this game on my own console, and play through it multiple times again.

  • 200/200 GS’d this on the 360 back when it came out and also grabbed the HD remaster for PC when it was free. sadly, it seems my PC isn’t able to handle it well. So i’ll likely end up getting this version eventually.

  • I still got to 200/200 GS on my 360 but I’m excited to see this on PlayStation finally.

    I guess I should ask but….is there a Shadow Complex II coming (based on the ending to the original)?

  • Any chance we’ll see Infinity Blade on PS4 and/or VIta? I always thought it would be awesome to play Infinity Blade with the Move controller!

  • Any word on price? Will plus members have a preorder discount? Thanks.

  • Everyone on PC got it for free…. just sayin’

    • And no that wasnt some kind of PC master race bullcrap.. just saying if they can give it to all of us PC players, they can give it to all of us PS4 players free too :D

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