Dungeon Punks Starting a Brawl on PS4 This Year

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Dungeon Punks Starting a Brawl on PS4 This Year

How do you make the most fun side-scrolling brawler of all time? That’s what my brother and I asked ourselves when we started making Dungeon Punks more than four years ago. And we’re proud to announce that we’ll be showing our answer to that question at PAX East and then launching it on PS4!

It’s been decades since brawlers ruled the arcades, but our memories of that time are still really vivid. We’d go anywhere we had to in order to play the hottest new machines. Some of our favorite times were running around New York City to different pizza joints just to shove some quarters into Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles or Tower of Doom. There was just nothing like the feeling of exploring a new world together while fighting our way through hordes of enemies to victory. And scarfing down a great slice of pizza didn’t hurt the experience, either.

Dungeon Punks combines some of our favorite ideas from brawlers, RPGs, and fighting games into one awesome hunk of greasy goodness. We wanted to make a game that has the interesting tactical play you can get from a great fighter, mixed with the joy of trouncing tons of bad guys with devastating magic. And we didn’t want to require crazy reflexes or hidden secret joystick moves just to pull off exciting combos.

So we did something unusual: we took some of the game mechanics from the great tag team fighters like X-Men vs. Street Fighter and shoved them into our brawler. Then we gave every character a bunch of really cool tactical magical spells and a special unique dodge move, creating a play space that’s deep, challenging, and a ton of fun.

Dungeon Punks, PS4Dungeon Punks, PS4

The tag team part of Dungeon Punks is what really sets it apart. Your heroes work as a team, so you can set up a combo by turning your Tempest Knight into a giant spinning tornado attack, and then jump in as the Were-Witch and slam the same bad guys who are caught up in that whirlwind senseless. Not only that, but you can switch control to any of the up to six heroes in your party fighting alongside you at any time. Or better yet, have a buddy or two tap in and join you on your adventure!

Did I mention we have a great cast of really wacky characters in the game? We wanted to create heroes who we wanted to play. So we took some of our best monster concepts and made them into heroes! The result was a cast of six wild characters, each one brimming with personality and a distinct feel you won’t see anywhere else. From an Egyptian goddess called The Hierophant to a distant descendant of Dragons known only as The Drakken Warrior, they each have their own very unique style and flavor.

The game’s story is as unusual as the heroes themselves. The name of the game pays homage to the dungeon punk genre of fiction: imagine all the conveniences of the modern world, but substitute magic for technology. In this game that means flying boats, unwelcome visits from the Feds, corporate espionage, and a bunch of mutants with licenses to kill on a mission to take down the bigwigs of the resurrection insurance industry, all in a medieval setting. Add in a full length RPG that features tons of interesting people, missions, weapons, and equipment, and you’ve got Dungeon Punks.

Dungeon Punks, PS4

We’re going to be showing the game to the public for the first time at PAX East, and we can’t wait for players to see it! I hope you’re as excited as I am about the game and what makes it special — we’ve been working on these ideas for a long time and it’s really inspiring to see it all come together.

My dream is that we’ll be able to bring you guys the same joy and feeling of collaborative exploration that we had back as kids, huddled around those arcade brawlers of yore. Or at least the most fun possible from beating the crap out of everything — that’s good, too. Or pizza. Pizza’s great.

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  • Well I sure loved TMNT, X-Men, Final Fight, Streets of Rage, and other co-op brawlers of that era, and it sounds like you did too! Eager to see (and play) this one for myself at PAX :-) What booth are you in?

    • We certainly did too! They used to have Final Fight and Streets of Rage at a video store right near our house growing up.A lot of good memories.

      We’re in booth #11233 at PAX East. Please drop by – we’d love to show you the game!

  • Game looks like a lot of fun. Unfortunately I won’t be at PAX East to try it out but I’ll definitely buy it when it releases later this year. Is the game going to have co-op? And if so, will it be online or splitscreen? Also how many players can play at once?

    • Thanks, really glad to hear you like it! It’s got up to three player couch co-op. No split-screen needed – the camera dynamically zooms depending on the action. And players can drop in and out of an adventure, so if your friends are over they can play part of it with you, or it’s great to play alone too. We have a fun system where you get to control the whole party of up to six heroes, even in single player mode!

  • This is weird, for some reason this really makes me want to play Dragons Crown…on PS4…*cough…*cough

  • Looks great, could be better animated.

    I mean how is it Guardian Heroes is a decade old at least and most modern brawlers – no matter how few of them there are – look worse.

  • That looks kind of neat. The feature set sounds great, and the art is pretty great even if I will never really warm up that “paper doll”-style segmented body part animation. I get it though; hand-drawn animation take FOREVER to do and it’s not efficient for a small team to work on that. It’s ultimately not a deal breaker for me. If the combat in this is great – here’s hoping for some Panzer Bandit/Guardian Heroes-style juggling and combo stuff! – I’ll bite. I’m always down for a great brawler :)

    • We’re doing our best to make sure that the game-play is the core focus. I think you’ll like the way the tag-team feature lets you combo spells and moves from different heroes!

  • I am interested in it and curious how exactly you will handle all the RPG style elements. Unfortunately it is missing important details for animation. Hopefully it does well enough to get an upgraded version down the road as I am sure with a small team, you had to work five times as hard to get it to look as good as it does, but it would be nice to really see it decked out.

    While I see it compared to Dragon’s Crown, reminds me more of Dungeon Fighters when it came out. I like the characters though.

    • That would be sweet if we get to do a remix or sequel down the line. It’s definitely been a challenge packing in all this stuff with a tiny team!

      If you enjoyed either of those games then I think you are going to absolutely love this. The fighting is non stop crazy action, but it has a sort of tactical depth that I often find missing from other brawlers. The RPG style is done in a less invasive way than DFO – you’re always making forward progress as we try to respect the player’s time and never require any grinding. And there are optional missions within dungeons that take you on other paths instead of always needing to go straight to the boss.

    • Sadly I really like grinding…

      Still it sounds good. I have always loved games like Final Fight, X-Men, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Turtles in Time, Burn Knuckle (Streets of Rage?), The Simpsons Arcade Game, Alien vs Predator (one of my personal favorites) and even the Micheal Jackson game was good.

      Not sure if you will come back and look at this or not, but I will have to get this one.

  • Missions in a brawler sounds super fun.

    Couch Co-op. Me and the wife spent far too many weekends playing street of rage together.

  • The art style is kind of tacky (makes me think of Puzzle Chronicles) and the movement/animations look pretty sluggish. I’m hoping the final product at least makes the movement a bit faster and more fluid looking.

  • This would be great on the vita

    • Pretty much my thought too. Games like these were made for the Vita. With all the big ticket options available on the PS4, games like this really shine through best on the handheld. Not saying they can’t be enjoyed on the PS4, but I’d rather play games like Dark Souls on the PS4. Why not give games like these to a system that could really use them?

    • Yeah, honestly — why is there no Vita version!?

    • I would have mostly likely bought this game have it been on the Vita. But from I see, it’s not something I’d boot my PS4 for. It’s mechanics look fun, but the visuals just don’t draw me in. If it were on the Vita, I would overlook the visuals in favor of gameplay. But on the PS4, on the bigger screen, I just don’t see myself checking this out.

      A Vita port would be great. Hear me devs? Get porting. Even if it’s months after release on PS4.

    • We’re actively looking into doing a Vita version! Hope to have more news to report on that soon…

  • Looking good. I love the art style!

  • Is this like Golden Axe and Streets of Rage? I like action co-op gameplay, but not if it has all that RPG non-sense that make you spend lot of time in managing leveling up or managing inventory.

    • Yep the gameplay is like those games but with a lot more cool magic and interesting tactical ways to combine moves.. There’s a pretty cool RPG along side it, but it’s all optional – if you don’t want to spend any time managing your inventory or stats you don’t have to!

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