Become an Undead Assassin in Aragami on PS4

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Become an Undead Assassin in Aragami on PS4

Hi there! My name is David León, and I’m the studio director of Lince Works. Today I would like to show you our new game: Aragami.

Aragami is a stealth game in which you play an undead assassin with the power to control the shadows. The darkness is your ally and the source of your strength, letting you teleport instantly to any other shadow, create new areas of darkness to stay invisible, materialize physical weapons and traps from thin air, or even summon a shadow dragon to decapitate your target.

Become an Undead Assassin in Aragami on PS4

Your dark journey starts when you are brought to life by Yamiko, a mysterious girl that asks for your help in getting her out of the mountainous fortress of Kyuryu. Freeing her from her prison is the key to uncovering the secrets of your past life.

In Aragami, you strike under the cover of night, when Kaiho — an army of warriors with the power to control light — is most vulnerable. Even with your supernatural powers, your task won’t be easy. The warriors of Kaiho will use exploding traps, ethereal lights, and even supernatural sword techniques to try and stop you from reaching Yamiko. To be the perfect assassin, you will need to know how to blend with the environment, when to strike, and also when to avoid confrontation.

Here at Lince Works we’ve defined two types of players: Demons and Ghosts. The first type includes players who love to kill every enemy and clear the area before proceeding, while the ghosts are players who prefer to stay invisible and beat the level without being noticed. In Aragami you will unlock different abilities suited to each gameplay style. We want to reward both types of players, as a mark of a true assassin is completing your objective using any method available.

Aragami is a game heavily inspired by old-school stealth games like Tenchu and Metal Gear Solid, and more recent gems like Mark of the Ninja and Dishonored. We are huge fans of stealth games, as there is nothing else out there that can replicate that tension you feel when trying to be the perfect assassin.

But we feel that in the last few years, “stealth” in games has been diluted and doesn’t pose a real challenge; the tension of being detected by the enemy is gone. We want to fix that in Aragami, where you are outmatched, outnumbered, and alone. You have no guns, amazing fencing skills or regenerating health. Your main weapons are your cunning, your sword, and darkness.


The world of Aragami is set in a mystical Japan, with influences from other Asian cultures and mythos. We looked upon games like Okami and Journey to create a vivid cel shading art style to tell our story, our re-imagination of ninja tales, and stories of the battle between light and darkness.

So thank you for reading and letting us show you Aragami. It’s coming to PS4 this fall, and we will be showing you more footage as we get closer to the date. We are always looking for comments, feedback, questions, and ideas, so don’t be shy and let us know what you think!

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  • This game looks absolutely amazing! Great job! I love stealth games and this one looks very interesting and well polished. When I play stealth games I generally try to play as a ghost and slip through unnoticed. But the moment I get seen, I go full demon. Glad to see this game embraces both play styles. This will definitely be a day one purchase for me. Thanks for coming to PlayStation!

    • Glad you like the game!

      I usually play every stealth game in ‘Demon’ mode.. – kill everything that moves! After I complete the game I try to beat everything in complete stealth mode. It totally changes the game experience for me and it can play like a different game :)

  • I actually like the option to not have to kill. Like in Mirror’s Edge. The choice was yours to run or to kill. I also like the art. Might have to pick this one up.

  • This looks good. I really like the art style, the kills seem both unique and vicious, and the setting is appealing. Citing Mark of the Ninja as an influence is also a great thing as well.

  • Great art style and gameplay looks great. Definitely will be looking forward to playing this.

  • That looks so awesome!. Immediately added to my watch list of games that I will actually buy on Day One.

  • Art style looks awesome. Thrilled to see this as a third person stealth game. Seems so rare to see this type of game not go first person. Just hope I can find time to play it this fall with everything else looking to devour my time.

  • This i exactly the kind of game I love playing. It is a DAY ONE BUY for me.

  • My god this looks spectacular! The art style and animation is fantastic. Great work! Can’t wait to learn more. Will this be PS4 Neo compatible?

  • Love Stealth games… Love the art-style… Love the Undead. Shut up and take my money!!!

  • Wow, played the pc demo of this game a while back and I really liked the concept. Awesome news, I had no idea it’s coming to ps4! I’ll definitely check this out when it’s coming out. Very slick and stylish!

  • If I can complete the game without killing anyone then I’m in day one. Looks great. :)

    • Considering you’re an assassin, I’m pretty sure you have to kill your target. You just don’t have to kill everyone else between you and your target. Which is still nice to see that’s possible.

    • @AirzawaYuuichi – he mentions Dishonored as an inspiration and you didn’t have to kill your target as an assassin in that game.

  • Thank you Mr. Leon, and Lince Works. I was not having a good day. Your post has brightened my spirits. This game looks great and has moved to the top of my “most wanted” radar. This game looks great and sounds like something right up my alley.

    • Thank you BurntGoliath for your kind words!

      When I think about why I create games the main answer is: to make something else happy. I think there’s something really special about watching somebody enjoying something you’ve created, like you are contributing a little bit to make the world a better place.

  • Love the name, love the art style. Definitely keeping an eye out for this one.

  • Yo! First Shadwen earlier this week, now this!?! AWESOME TO SEE STEALTH GAMES MAKE A COMEBACK! I remember following this, and supporting it, on Kickstarter when it was Dual Shadows or Twin Souls or something; super bummed when that didn’t make it, and I’m glad to see y’all stuck with it :D This is a day one buy for me; DAY ONE. I miss “close combat” stealth games (so not like Splinter Cell where you have guns), and I can’t go back to play Tenchu thanks to antiquated controls. This would get a buy from me just ‘cuz it’s a new stealth game, but the supernatural shadow powers and the fantastic art style really look like they elevate things quite a bit – this looks like some cross between Okami and Mark of Kri. Man, I can’t WAIT to get this on PSN xD

    • Wow! Thats looks amazing! I love new IP and this looks exactly what i like to play. Day 1 purchase for me! Keep up the hard work guys its looks well worth it!

  • Might not be a new Tenchu, but might be the next best thing. Looks very interesting.

    • Tenchu was one of the first games I played when I got the PS1 as a kid, and I loved it. I spent too many hours just replaying the tutorial mission, or running on top of the roofs in ‘Punish the Evil Merchant’.

      Aragami was inspired by Tenchu in many ways but it’s a totally different game. If we had recreated the exact same game we probably could not live to the expectations, so we created a new game formula in Aragami, a mix of things we liked from different games like Dishonored or Mark of the Ninja, a thing which has turned out quite different from its inspirations but staying familiar to fans of the genre.

      What I’d say is, don’t play Aragami expecting a new Tenchu, but try to enjoy it by judging its own merits and uniqueness. In any case, I’m a fan of Tenchu and I’m really enjoying my time developing and playing Aragami :)

  • You had me at “like Tenchu.” Come on, Sony, how is my wallet supposed to bear the weight of all the greatness you seem to be tossing at us lately?

  • You had me at tenchu, day one for me, this looks badass.

  • I like what I see. Day 1 purchase. Hopefully the game’s success will get us a New Tenchu or at least a few Tenchu remasters.

    My. 02

  • This game looks great! I’m very excited to be able to play this whenever it’s released. I really like the fact that it caters to two different and opposite play styles.

  • Looks to have some good potential in the stealth genre

  • Been interested in this since it was just the Path of Shadows student project, and I don’t normally like stealth games.

  • You had me at shadow dragons don’t need to see nothing else unless there’s a two-headed shadow dragons

  • Amazing, i do not know why but for a moment I had flashbacks of PS1 Tenchu era :)

  • its the closest thing we got to tenchu so ill take it.

  • You had me at TENCHU. Day 1 purchase.

  • This looks awesome! I am glad we are getting more and more stealth games this gen =D

  • Day Freakin’ 1. I just saw the trailer, I didn’t read anything.

  • The two Tenchu games are the only PS1 games I still own and Dishonored is my favourite PS3 game. Looking forward to this greatly. I played a demo of a stealth game somewhat similar to this that somebody made as a design/uni project a while ago and was wondering if this was related in anyway? Good luck.

    • Path of Shadows! Yeah, me and the other 2 founds at Lince Works were part of the team that created Path of Shadows. With Aragami we took the original idea and developed it into a full game experience. If you liked the student project you’ll feel right at home with Aragami.

  • This looks amazing and I’m extremely happy that something even resembling Tenchu will be coming to current gen. and the PS4 especially. I’ve yearned for a new Tenchu game and even more so a game that truly tasks you to be stealthy. This looks great and I’m excited to see more. I’ll be keeping my eyes on this one definitely.

  • Looks damn good, count me in..

  • Looks like the old tenchu series which will mean a first day purchase for me. Loved that series and this looks just like that with cool supernatural abilities.

  • The AI in this kind of games(stealth) are often more important than the game itself. Hope you’re making the right decisions, since the game looks great. Good luck!!!

  • I’m afraid if it will be a dumbed down stealth game

    I love being challenged and I love playing without being handholded, is this game for me? or should I avoid this game?

  • @David Leòn
    the game looks good, but it has some flaws like when the enemies see you and you attack why they stop?
    I mean If I see somebody trying to kill me, I will do the Impossible to defend myself
    why this idea of when you approach the enemie for a fight they will suddenly stop ?
    give us a more challenging game, I’m not saying give us Dark Souls, but c’mon a lil bit of challenge will be always appreciated

    • The game is quite challenging and getting detected usually means a quick death. In the trailer you can’t see it really well but when an enemy is unsuspecting you get around 1 second of time margin to attack him from the front without him being able to defend himself (we call that phase the ‘surprise’ phase). Alerted enemies will summon a Light Shield in front of them and knock you back if you approach them directly.

  • Will this game get a physical release? It seems like a really interesting game.

  • Thanks for your reply. The one thing that has bothered me in stealth games over the years is guards “forgetting” about you once you have escaped after being spotted. I’d really like it if somebody made it so guards alert status was raised, that they passed around that there’s an intruder, making it harder to accomplish your goals for the rest of the mission.

  • will the story tutorial be a long journey or short ? because i am hoping for a long.I also want to know if the suit design will be different according to the type of ninja you are weather you are a demon or a ghost?

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