The Last Blade 2 Strikes PS4, PS Vita on May 24

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The Last Blade 2 Strikes PS4, PS Vita on May 24

Hello, PlayStation Nation! Leading up to the return of one of our most legendary late-90s Neo Geo fighting games, today we’re pleased to announce that The Last Blade 2 will be coming to PS4 and PS Vita on May 24 with cross buy support!

Inspired by the success of Metal Slug 3, thanks to all the great feedback we’ve received from gamers on PlayStation platforms, and along with support from Sony Interactive Entertainment, it’s a real pleasure to share more details on this highly requested port and revered Neo Geo masterpiece with you today.

In addition to the pixel perfect emulation from our developer Code Mystics, The Last Blade 2 features local and online multiplayer, as well as cross play and cross save functionality between PS4 and PS Vita.

We’re also excited to reveal details on bonus The Last Blade 2 PS4 and PS Vita Themes that will be available for all our fans when purchasing the game!

The Last Blade 2, PS4 and PS VitaThe Last Blade 2, PS4 and PS Vita

An epic storyline during the Twilight Period of the Samurai…

Hell’s Gate, the boundary between life and death. Four Mythological Symbols are about to fight to the death against an ultimate spirit awakened from the netherworld, and send him straight back to Hell! Taking place during the end of the Edo period, a mystical and spectacular story is about to unfold.

Eighteen characters guided by destiny cross swords!

In addition to 12 returning combatants (including boss character Kagami from the series’ predecessor), four brand new characters and two hidden ones join the gorgeous roster of 18.

Choose the character and fighting style that suits you the most, and prepare for an epic battle to seal Hell’s Gate!

The Last Blade 2, PS4 and PS VitaThe Last Blade 2, PS4 and PS Vita

A truly innovative game system and unique gameplay mechanics!

First, you can select your favorite sword type between Power, Speed, and Extreme modes. Be sure to master the Repel mechanic to counter your opponent’s attacks, and when the right time comes activate Super Secret Slash, Hidden Secret Slash, and Enigma Frenzy Attack ultimate techniques in order to change the outcome of the battle.

Featuring cross play between PS4 and PS Vita!

Through its multiplayer and cross play features, players can now duel against each other between PS4 and/or PS Vita. Furthermore, save data can now be shared via cross save functionality!

Lastly, our beloved The Last Blade Series artist Tonko recently illustrated a new visual of “LB2” for a recently held fighting game tournament here in Japan! In celebration of this upcoming Neo Geo classic headed to PlayStation Store, we hope you enjoy her cute and super-deformed style in this new hand-drawn visual.

The Last Blade 2, PS4 and PS Vita

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3 Author Replies

  • This is really cool, but I have a question. I play on a plasma; is there an option to cycle the letterbox fill-in art options on a timer?

  • Great! One question: Will this be a censored version? The AES version, when put into a US Neo-Geo, becomes censored, and I have seen other “US emulations” also feature the edited version of the game. Thanks in advance!

  • Never played this…sold if the price is right

  • Can’t wait!

  • please bring king of fighters xiii to vita
    thank you

  • Wow… awesome news! This was the best Neo-Geo game hands down. Well, the 1st one was… but if you’re bringing us a Last Blade, Ill happily buy the 2nd.

  • Two things!

    1) Is this coming to Europe?

    2) No preview for the Vita theme?

    • Keisuke Nishikawa

      Please stay tuned to our official SNK Twitter account and Facebook fan page for more details coming soon.

  • can we have KOF series in one bundle for PS Vita ?

  • Awesome! Sure would be cool to have this and Mark of the Wolves together on ps4. *hint hint*nudge nudge*wink wink*

  • I still have my Dreamcast copy :D. Great game! Can’t wait to play it on the Vita.

  • Please keep the Neo Geo games coming to our favourite handheld


    Keep the vita ports coming SNK, and I’ll keep buying.

  • Day one for me!

    Now I am waiting for Blazing star!

  • Sweet! Heard nothing but LEGENDARY stuff about this from people like the Super Best Friends (Sw1tcher’s Friday Night Fights). Definitely will be picking this up!

    Sidebar: Have you SNK guys seen/heard about that mystery Neo Geo Prototype that was found recently? It would be rad if you could identify the game for curious gamers everywhere (although it was probably developed by Technos, not SNK. What with it’s connection to Voltage Fighter Gowcaizer)

  • I love this game!! it´s a shame that Neogeo IP are forgotten by SNK Playmoore

  • Incredible news! I would love to see a King of Fighters expanded library added and Fatal Fury maybe to coincide with the release of KOF XIV?

  • This is awesome!!! Will definitely pick this up. Hoping for a Mark of the Wovles port as well :P

  • This is awesome but I NEEEEEEED Capcom vs. SNK 2 to be available on PS4’s PSN! It’s my favorite fighting game ever please make it happen, it would be my third time paying for it and totally worth it

  • Greatest fighting game ever!
    One day buy for me, thanx SNK.

  • I have a few questions. Firstly, how much will this game cost? Secondly, what style of netcode (rollback or delay) is the game using? Will there be multi-person lobbies with spectating, or will it continue the strange SNK trend of 1-v-1 only?

  • Cross Buy, Cross Save, Cross Play, and NEW characters? Wow, man. I’m dreaming. This is awesome! Thank you, Sony and SNK! I’m VERY excited for this.

    • When they say “brand new”, they mean “debuted in this game”, e.g., Setsuna, Hyo, Hibiki, and Kojiroh.

      Interestingly, they only mention 2 secret characters. There were 4. 5 if you count the bonus character for the NGCD and DC releases. I wonder if they forgot the clone characters?

  • cant wait for my Mukuro salt mail to pour in!

  • This is great. I love Last Blade, one of the bet looking fighting games ever. So nice, so stylish! I hope we can get a Garou port as well.

  • YEAH… please more classic games on PS4 and Vita (with trophies and others features)

    Project Justice/Rival Schools (Capcom)
    Street Fighter Alpha 3 Max (Capcom)
    Capcom VS SNK 2 (Capcom)
    Digimon Rumbles Arena 2 (Bandai Namco)
    Power Stone Collection (Capcom)

    port more fighting games from PS3/PSN to PS4 and/or Vita
    Ultimate Marvel VS Capcom 3
    Street Fighter x Tekken
    Darkstalkers Resurrection
    Marvel VS Capcom 2
    Marvel VS Capcom Origins
    Street Fighter III 3rd Strike: Online Edition

    Please port Digimon PSP games to PSVita with Trophies in US and EU:
    Digimon World Re:Digitize (PSP PJ Only)
    Digimon Adventure (PSP JP Only)

  • This is the censored version, unless SNK confirm to give us the uncensored version I am not paying a dime for it. Also kind of disappointed with the lack if advance 2D filter that was found in emulate like super sai in a lot of 2d ports like metal slug 3. Bilinear filter is no effective anymore for 1080p res screen. Even Vita.

    • Keisuke Nishikawa

      Regarding the blood, please have a look at my reply to #2.
      Also you can add the filer in the game as we did for METAL SLUG 3.

  • I have a few comments:

    – The NeoGeo Station program on PS3 / PSP was great. M2 did an exceptional job with the emulation, and you it had potential to cover the NeoGeo library, but you stopped before some of your best releases (Samurai Shodown 2 and Fatal Fury Special). I think you should do similar programs on each platform, instead of scattering the releases here and there.

    – Samurai Shodown 2 and Mark of the Wolves are two of the most popular games on NeoGeo. Yet, none of them has been released on PlayStation platform in the US since the PS2 days. Please do something about it.

    – As some have mentioned, always include the uncensored versions of the games

    – I would love to see KOF13 being ported on PS4, with improved online play. It’s the best fighting game created IMO and I would have loved to see another version with a few added characters and backgrounds, including those missing from KOF12. (KOF13 Special. Make it happen).

    – KOF14 is shaping up quite nicely. Keep it up.

  • I am 33 years old and i played this game for 14 years… Time to defeat people again

  • Firstly, THANK YOU! This is one of those kindly remembered games, with a true soul and heart. Well deserved and hope it sells like hot cakes!
    Secondly, I beg you, please, please, put [The Moonlight Swordsmen ~Decision at Dawn~] as the background music in those themes! Too EPIC a score to not be played everywhere as much as possible!

  • -PS4 AND PS Vita
    -local and online multiplayer
    -cross buy
    -cross play
    -cross save
    -Themes for PS4 AND PS Vita
    I’m throwing money at the screen but nothing is happening!
    Also, more actual game devs really need to put themes on both AND make them available globally, not just in Japan.
    Oh, and looking forward to KoF14 Trailer Thursday!

  • Amazing news. Now please, PLEASE do the same for Garou: Mark of Wolves

  • Will it be Fightstick compatible? Asking for a friend…

  • Oh Men Thanks so much for bring this to VITA , day one buy without any deserve !!

    Ps. Please consider to bring more games on Vita and you find a great support from our comunity…


  • Ah, the nostalgia. Looking forward to adding this title to my digital class archive. Played this frequently on the Dreamacast and Neo-Geo pocket back in the day. Great job on the crossplay support; cross buy perhaps too? .

  • This is one of my favorite fighters! Yay! Now if I could get an HD remake of Eternal Champions CD I’d be in heaven. Might be time to invest in a PS4 joystick.

  • Please add a “sharp” filter as the bilinear filter from MS3 was terrible for big screen. 2xsal should be a minimum for “sharp” filter.

  • Will this have PS TV compatibility with local 2 player ?

  • You know what SNK, I have been a HUGE supporter of your games since I bought the Neo-Geo in 1990 from Japan and I still own EVERY game on the Neo-Geo AES and MVS and CD to this day. I just want to see you make something NEW for once, make it 2D, and make it awesome! Create a NEW Last Blade game or Garou on the Neo-Geo and PORT THAT to the PS4 and Android platform and I will be stoked. Otherwise, all your doing is selling the good old stuff over and over and over and it’s getting just that to me, OLD.

    All I want to see is NEW stuff from you, new 2D stuff, and all your fans want you to make NEW Neo-Geo systems, New NeoGeo controllers, make second releases of all the rarest games on it like Metal Slug and Last Blade games, so we no longer need to pay $10,000 for them on ebay, and make NEW games for it, and port them afterward. It’s a simple task, just DO IT! You will make your fan base happy, and you will make $$ in the long run because everything you have done since you left the Neo-Geo has been a waste of time and money. Your real money makers are on that console, and even the NGDevTeam knows this and NCI’s making a forture remaking your older games for the Neo-Geo.

  • Please from when you can buy at the store ?

  • Please also The King of Fighters ’98 Ultimate Match in PS store USA!!!

  • Great game. A question the themes even will be available ?

  • People should know that Last Blade 2 is available for pre-order in UK already…..why does the US always get less attention….the game is less than 9 days away….pre orders should have been up by now….really looking forward to this one but I have a bad feeling online will be very bad (lag etc…).

  • Soooo glad to see this game being released on PS4 with online play! If the online is good, I’ll buy this game for sure. Would also love to see Garou Mark Of The Wolves get the same treatment.

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