Survive the Dangers of Mars in The Technomancer, Out June 21 on PS4

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Survive the Dangers of Mars in The Technomancer, Out June 21 on PS4

Hi everyone, I’m really excited to share with you an in-depth look at our biggest and most expansive RPG yet, The Technomancer.

Zachariah is a rookie Technomancer from Abundance, one of the powerful corporations on Mars. Technomancers are formidable warriors harnessing destructive electrical powers channeled through their implants.

Survive the Dangers of Mars in The Technomancer, Out June 21 on PS4

Your journey starts at Ophir, capital of Abundance, erected from the remains of the first human settlements in the Ophir Chasma. Picking from three combat stances, you’ll be able to specialize your style of play, making use of the Technomancer’s special electrical abilities to buff yourself or actively attack the many monsters roaming the red planet.

  • The combat with the staff is based on mobility and damage, using sweeping blows against groups comprising several enemies.
  • Fighting with Blade and gun requires agility, dodging, and controlling the pace of combat with the nail gun.
  • Finally, the Blade and shield combat style focuses on defence, blocking and parrying to inflict heavy damage in response to an attack.

Mars is a dangerous place, with deadly threats lurking around every corner. Whether you’re facing underworld mobs in the slums of Ophir, spy soldiers who seek to hunt you down, Technomancers from rival corporation Aurora, or the many mutated hybrid creatures roaming the canyons of Mars, you’ll have to think and fight tactically if you want to survive.

The Technomancer, PS4The Technomancer, PS4

Of course, your Technomancer talents can be combined to your combat style: electrify your weapon to boost the damage, or create an electricity shield to boost your defense… it’s also important to consider changing stances in the middle of a fight to gain an advantage!

Visit cities scattered throughout Mars and learn of new cultures separated from Earth for many years. We’re excited for you to explore our vision of the red planet inhabited by humans, corporations, and genetically modified monsters on June 21.

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  • I remember this game as one I had my eye on. Will continue to do so… and less than a week before my birthday. Might have to take a trip into the unknown on this.

  • I enjoyed Bound By Flame quite a bit and am looking forward to this as well.

    • The combat in Bound by Flame was better than Dragon Age. I love Bound by Flame and felt it was underrated.

  • Looking forward to Technomancer as it appears to be a massive improvement over Mars War Logs.

  • seems good enough

  • I’ll hold judgment until I can actually see what the game is.

    • I agree. Why judge until you have factual information?

    • There’s a nice 7-long trailer on the EU blog. I’m not sure why they didn’t link it here. The trailer does a good job of introducing the setting and shows off a decent amount of gameplay with a focus on the stances, leveling system, combat, etc..

  • This release date is a bad idea..its the same day no mans sky is coming out

  • Yeah…No Man’s Sky is already reserved for June 21…and I imagine it will carry me through to the fall (when baby #3 is born…No Man’s Sky may literally be the last game I buy for a very long time).

    But this does look really cool.

  • I’m with Thermopyle2 and iamtylerdurden1, I actually really enjoyed Bound by Flame. The combat was surprisingly enjoyable, though the story was a bit thin.
    As long as the combat in Technomancer is on par with BBF, I can see myself picking this up. Only problem is it’s release date… same day as No Man’s Sky, one week before Star Ocean 5? That’s a crowded two weeks already. Gonna have to do some serious juggling to find time for all this.
    Looking forward to more info.

  • Really looking forward to this :)

  • As excited for this as I am i’m not going to get my hopes up because delays are inevitable. I’ll believe it when the developers says it’s went gold.

  • Yet another gender-locked game in the 21st century… NTY.

    • I signed in just to reply to this…

      YET another person trying to IMPOSE on a DEV their point of view.
      Why not let the creator of the game do what they want ?
      When EA does it to BioWare or (any other for example) everyone flips out. But what you are doing is the same thing.

      -gender locked
      – too sexy

      I dont want to write you a novel but you get my point.
      Dont like it? dont play it.
      Stop crying.

    • ***Rolls Eyes***
      Getting tired of sjw crying their way into game development and meddling with the game developer’s artistic visions.

    • who do “people” like the original poster even write such nonsense. this p.c. era bull needs to stop before all games become hug hug no gender bunny watching simulator 2018. a supposed father cried about how tracer(overwatch) butt could be seen from a pose, mind you it wasn’t exposed or sexual….. too bad we cant go back a few years and keep the technology before neo-feminist and all this crap started.

  • I appreciate Spiders’ always reaching for the stars with their work. I really hope this is a noticeable step up for them! It looks real promising – there’s definitely something Star Wars-esque here (something I can’t unsee ever since a PCGamer preview mentioned how it reminded them of The Force Unleashed a bit. Now everything does seem kinda “dirty Star Wars Bounty Hunter-esque” to me – definitely a good thing!). Looking forward to seeing more about this when it gets closer to release!

  • I played Mars war log and orcs and men and bound by flame, they all had interesting ideas and decent combat. The thing that ruined the games for me is the really bad and over use of cussing. It’s just not needed and seemed very forced and out of place. I want to be excited for this game but I have a feeling it will follow suite.

    • exactly how i felt.
      the only personal issue I had with Bound by flame is the cussing. I did not think it suited its time an era. In Witcher3 there was cussing but they researched on the types of curses medieval people would you.
      oh well.

    • Chiming in my agreement. I have no problem with language in say, GTA5. But White_JackaL is dead-on. It was “very forced and out of place.” What he says I’ve read multiple times. Hopefully the devs were listening to feedback.

  • I am looking forward to seeing how this turns out. I own their first two RPGs on multiple formats. I liked them well enough, but ultimately they both reminded me of a half-cooked meal. You really want to enjoy it, but it’s just not quite right.

  • seems like what Red Faction: Armageddon should have been.

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