Grand Kingdom PS4 Beta Details Revealed, Begins May 3

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Grand Kingdom PS4 Beta Details Revealed, Begins May 3

Hey there, doods! We’re gearing up for Grand Kingdom to hit PS4 and PS Vita this June, and we want you to get in on the excitement!

Our online beta will be starting in two weeks and we’re hoping to get a bunch of you playing the game’s online war portion to ensure the full release is smoother than a Prinny’s bottom! As an added benefit for participating, you’ll even get to keep your save data for the full release. Now, I’m sure you’ve got questions, and I’ve got answers!

Grand Kingdom, PS4 and PS Vita

When is the beta?
We’ll start sending out codes to download the beta on May 3 and it will last for one week. The servers will be shutting down in the wee hours of the morning on May 10.

Well, how do I participate and get one of those codes?
Go to the Grand Kingdom website and fill in the beta application form. It’s easy-peasy, dood.

If Grand Kingdom is coming out on PS4 and PS Vita, can I join the beta on either system?
While the game will be cross-platform, we’ll be running the beta for Grand Kingdom exclusively on PS4.

How much of the game can I access?
You’ll be able to use four classes from the game — Fighter, Hunter, Witch, Medic — to complete two quests from the single-player campaign, which will get you used to playing. You will also be able to participate in three battles in the online war each day.

Grand Kingdom on PS4, PS Vita

What’s this “online war” you keep mentioning?
It’s a pretty big component of the game in which you choose a nation to support, then take all the steps necessary to lead them to greatness!

Everything from voting on battle strategies and developing defenses and weaponry to jumping into the nitty-gritty of laying waste to an enemy squad. There’s really too much to it to describe it all here, but we’ll have more info on our official website at the start of the beta.

Do I get to keep my save file for the full game?
You sure do, dood! You’ll be able to keep your squad members and sweet, sweet mercenary money in the full release, but the online war scenario will be completely reset.

Grand Kingdom on PS4, PS Vita

Awesome! So I can use it on PS Vita?
Sorry, dood. In the full release, there’s cross-play for the online war, but there is no cross-save functionality.

So, what do I do now then?
Well, my best answer would be get yourself on the beta list right away, so go sign up right now, and don’t forget to share the beta with your friends! You’ll want as many mercenary captains supporting your chosen nation as possible to win the war when the beta starts May 3.

We’ll see you online soon, dood!

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4 Author Replies

  • Is this equivalent to the “Lite” version in Japan? That was released on Vita …

    • It’s similar. Beta participants will be able to access the online war portion of the game more than in the ‘Lite’ version. We’ll have more details about the Lite version for both platforms soon!

    • What time will codes be issued out on Tuesday the 3rd?

  • Signed up and it told me to check my email to confirm, and there is no email, not even in my spam folder.

  • Who cares? When’s the next Flash Sale? It’s been about a month….we’re long overdue for one, based on Sony’s history.

  • I’m very excited to get my hands on this title on Vita. Looks like the perfect Vita game. I will probably try out the beta as well, because why not?

    • It makes an excellent travel title – glad you’re going to check out the beta on the PS4 though! I’m sure you’ll love it, dood! :)

  • Been looking forward to this title. I might get it for Vita, but will definitively download beta to ps4 to try it out.

  • Nice ^^ But i like the graphics from psp game Grand Knights History more…

  • Finally an update! Looking forward to the Beta and to the full release. Can’t wait to try out the Hunter and Witch!

  • This game looks very promising, hopefully you guys could make a beta for PSVita

  • Looks interesting, signed up. Always up to try any beta so thanks devs.

  • OMG I misread the title as Kingdom Hearts 3 Beta. </3

  • Getting it for the Vita as well as it really seems to fit it. But I want to try it on the ps4 and help you guys out, maybe even switch to the ps4 if I really like it on the big screen. XD

    • Annnnnd signed up. Definitely a perfect fit for vita. Mine has been sitting for a bit, but its time to dust it off!

      Ty nis, for always giving me something different to play.

    • I signed up too. I don’t really know what it’s all about, but I have enjoyed a few NIS games in the past.

  • I’m bummed there is no cross save but that didn’t stop me from pre-ordering both PS4 Limited Edition and a Vita copy. Excited for the game and the beta is a great surprise. Thanks!

  • Well this beta is coming out the same time as Overwatch beta that’s going to pose a problem.

  • Already have the Grand Edition pre-ordered so I’ll be glad to give this a go!

  • I’m not really into multiplayer. Is the single-player component of the game hefty enough to warrant a purchase or should I save my dollars for NIS’s next RPG?

    • I believe it is.

      I’ve been following this for awhile in Japan, and this is the first I’ve heard of an Online War component. I didn’t know it was in there, and it really doesn’t sway my opinion knowing it’s there. The whole game is the spiritual successor to Grand Knight’s History too, which was single player only (and was received quite well). According to MediaCraft (who has a “5 Reasons to Get Excited for…” article for this), they mention loads of content too. I’m pretty sure this is a single player focused game, with this online mode… also there too.

    • Same here.

  • SIGNED. UP. :D :D :D

    I played the demo for this randomly while perusing the JP store with my alt PSN Account, and it was AWESOME! It’s got such pretty art, and the battle system is SOOOO fun! I’m down like a clown for this, NISA!

    Betas weird though. I mean, I guess I’ll find out what the Online War is all about in time, but eh. I just want this for single player content. I don’t know why, but “demo” seems to have become a dirty word these days – even Mirror’s Edge got a “beta” (much to the bafflement of the guys at Giant Bomb who Quick Looked it recently). I just don’t get it – seems like a buzzy hype thing for everyone to do nowadays, I dunno. Still, this is not the time or place to ruminate on industry trends – I’m just excited to (hopefully) play this!

  • AAAGH…Too many betas happening…

  • You’ve got it on both PS4 and Vita (Thank you) but you don’t have cross-save functionality? that’s pretty baffling. It’s an RPG, seeing as we’ll definitely be sinking a lot of time into it, it would make sense for there to be cross-save :\ Not such of it’s a deal breaker yet.

  • Why are he fighter and hunter male, while the witch and medic are female? On top of that, why did you fee the need to sex up the witch? This game already feels sexist just in the beta advertising.

  • Signed up. Hope I get in.

  • I put my birth date and then the page just refresh and reset, nothing happen… Did already end up the registration?!

  • I’m far from being sold on the game since it’s hard to compete with Vanillaware so this beta is exactly what I need to see if it’s worth full price.
    And well, after playing Disgaea 5 and The hundred knight I want to support NISA so they can bring more of those games so hopefully it’ll be enough to make me buy it.

  • I really detest NIS titles in general these days (they just derailed 100% into softcore porn at this point) and this release colliding with Overwatch is going to be an issue, I’m sure. But I wish all the best to everyone at NIS America and all the fun every player who signs up.

  • Is there an NDA on the beta stuff or is it fair game to stream on twitch?

  • Oh no, it’s a shame that I don’t own a PS4 yet (I will eventually), but I’m looking forward to the Vita version!

  • All signed up and ready hope this game looks good so far :)

  • Let’s wait and see how this goes I’m pretty excited myself NISA’s games are really nice.

  • My question is can we still play campaign after beta is over?

  • The beta sign up is bugged, tried with phone and ps4 won’t take my name asked for a value no idea what it wants

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