No Man’s Sky: Sean Murray Lets Anthony Carboni Play, Regrets It

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No Man’s Sky: Sean Murray Lets Anthony Carboni Play, Regrets It

Hello there, PlayStation.Blog!

I’m Sean Murray from Hello Games, the indie team behind No Man’s Sky. It’s a science-fiction game set in an infinite procedural universe, coming to PS4 on June 21.

Last month saw the biggest reveal for the game since our nerve-wracking debut at the VGX Awards. We showed a small demo to hundreds of journalists from around the world, who called the game “breathtakingly beautiful” (Wired) and “insanely exciting” (io9).

It was lovely to show the game to real people, and see so many gamers play in so many different ways (And be surprised by what they discovered!).

One of those folks was fellow sci-fi nerd Anthony Carboni. Once I had finished asking him a million questions about meeting the cast of Star Wars (he hosted The Force Awakens premiere), I thought it’d be fun to let him play.

It was so nice to see Anthony really enjoy the game, and I figured you might like to see what happens when someone other than me plays No Man’s Sky! Note: some alien life was harmed in the making of this video.

Thank you as always for your support! Wish us luck!

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  • Most anticipated game this year! Cant wait!
    Quick question based off the video. Could he theoretically have blasted his name into the planet large enough where he could see it from the space base?

    • I think better question is, if someone were to carve their name into planet that could be seen from Orbit, would other players that travel by the Planet also see it ?

    • Or could there be an animal potentially large enough to be seen outside the atmosphere (Do we know the minimum and maximum size an animal or alien can be)? Or are we finding out our self once we play

    • In response to your reply to yourself, about creature size. Seeing as how Sean says, while they looked down at the planet, that the area that he was running around on, on the planet, was the size of the small dot on the screen, that would have to be a very very large creature, bigger than a mile cubed, to be seen from space.

    • I believe in a different demo from another website of this same planet Sean stated that once you leave the planet and come back it regenerates everything you impacted on the planet like you had never been there…..other than your renaming/discoveries that were uploaded. If it did save a planet state at all, I believe it’s only on your local HDD, so a random person visiting the planet would never see how you changed the landscape. I’m just going off memory….

    • I believe the answer to this question is ‘no’ because from what I remember of the IGN First video, towards the end when he leaves the planet, Sean mentioned that the planet gets refreshed when a player leaves as if they weren’t there. I could have taken what he said the wrong way but that’s the impression I got.

    • Everything you do will always be saved for you locally. Only major events like destroying a space station or naming something gets saved for everyone. There are system impacting events that you can cause as well that will forever change a solar system but that’s all they’ve said on that. Well that and that each solar system will have one.

  • Best of luck finishing up the game for its release in June, Sean! It’s looking better and better with each pass. Hopefully that will be enough time to make it fully Anthony-proof by then ;-)

  • I’m insanely excited to play this game!!! I’ve pre-ordered it a while ago and I simply cain’t wait to play it for myself!

  • Hurry up!!!!!!!!!! This looks life consuming!

  • More than any other game I hope this one succeeds.

  • You’re amazing, Sean! Thanks for putting up with your “fans.” I really look forward to playing your game, and even if it stinks I’ll still support you and buy your next game.

  • I was wondering, if I buy the game in June will I have to buy it again for playstation VR version in October, if it comes out for the PSVR.

    • IF it comes to PS VR (it hasn’t been confirmed yet) then I believe the idea is that it would be added via patch.

  • Seriously can’t wait for this game… awesome work Sean! (and team)…

    Also thank you for putting Photo Mode in! awesome feature that I will abuse hugely and I’m sure facebook won’t thank me

    I think the fact I’ll be the only person to explore most of the planets I’ll land on is the coolest thing ever

  • I didn’t think it’d be possible to want to play this game any more than I do, but every time I see a new video on this, my interest multiplies. I seriously can’t wait for June 21st. So pumped for this.

  • Wow. Carboni was insanely unprofessional and rude to the creator of that game. While it’s understood you can play the game different ways, the opportunity to learn and advertise the game was robbed by the whims of a spoiled child.

    • also showed what will happen when certain gamers play the game for the 1st time, no?

    • I felt really bad for him, his expression was like: “I did not make the game for this kind of BS”

    • I totally agree. After a few minutes I just started feeling like I was watching someone who is VERY eager to be the center of attention and made the video not about the game or the developer but about him running in circles and screaming ‘pew pew pew’ and shooting things so he could giggle.

    • His “rudeness” allowed Sean to confirm for the first time a melee attack. It also showed, again for the first time, how the fauna physics work when they’re blown up. If you were actually watching, there was a decent amount of new info in this video.

    • Well said. I felt the same way. I get that he wanted to see how damage and destruction worked, but disagree with him interrupting what the dev. was explaining and wanted to show. Instead he took the controller and turned into an obnoxious, seven year old, acting like a brat… then continued to do so for several minutes. The game is about exploration at it’s core, and is not a shooter. Unprofessional, and rude.

    • Yeah, I really cannot understand the people defending Anthony. People talk as if it was just some good, clean fun and demonstrated another way to play. Not at all…
      If he wanted to play, I’m sure he could have asked, rather than insist on taking the controller. And if he wanted to shoot some animals, he didn’t need to act like a bratty child. Could have asked Sean about what might happen, if there are consequences etc..
      Did any of you know that you don’t get anything from dead animals because Sean doesn’t want players to be rewarded for that? Well, if you did know that, you sure as heck didn’t learn it here. I’ve never seen any VG “journalist” behave in such a disrespectful and obnoxious manner. I was cringing the entire time, even before Anthony hijacked the controller.

      And I think it’s highly unlikely that Anthony will actually play like that, if he gets the game. He was trying to hard to be funny and it was very uncomfortable.

  • I wasn’t bothered by the way Carboni played. This is the same demo section that is up on IGN right now…it’s nice to see a different play “style.” And the reveal that the sentinels won’t always just attack you was interesting.

    It did make me wonder: Did he harvest any resources from the dead animals?

    Also, I’m not sure I like how quickly the sentinels come when you mine resources.

    As much as this has been (and continues to be) my most anticipated game, I do worry that I’ll never reach the center of the universe…and also worry about how similar planets might be. Are planets more developed as you get closer to the center? Do planets have full-scale cities?

    These aren’t necessarily questions that I want, or need, answered right now. I’m just curious about them.

    • Sean has said before that he didn’t want to reward killing of wildlife so you get nothing from them when they die. I personally would prefer you did get something but its part of their design so its fine with me.

    • Also no cities only small settlements because this is supposed to be the frontier. So nothing but small colonies doing mining work and the like. 99% of the planets are apparently devoid of any life and they’ve only shown us a few as to not spoil whats out there. As for reaching the center that’s a 70-100 hour trek depending on your spawn location so if it keeps you interested during that time you should have no problem reaching it. All this is from past interviews.

  • This game looks absolutely fantastic! I can’t wait to get my hands on it in June!!

  • I thought it was great to finally see what happens when an alien gets killed. I’ve been wandering whether they’d have ragdoll or just disappear. Really glad to see they stick around and ragdoll a bit. I’ve had my preorder in for a while and all these recent videos just reinforce my hype.

    • Haha! Right? Those death physics were so amazing! I think I’ll be blasting holes in the ground and taking some long range shots, a la Steph Curry, with fauna corpses!

    • I cant wait to see how it works with bigger creatures. Like those sand worms that were briefly shown in an early trailer. If possible I want to drag one of those into space at some point lol.

  • Okay that was awesome, I had my reservations about this game but no more, I think it beat star citizen to the punch.

  • How did those trees grow so big at -163 degrees? Must be some kind of super hearty pine. ;)

    Hyped for this game!

  • Can’t wait for this game!

    We are prompted, before leaving a comment, to “be kind, be considerate, and be constructive.” Carboni was NONE of these things, as an adult watching with my kids this was extremely uncomfortable to watch. Seriously “can I poison the water supply?” Not cool…

    • Great video Sean the game looks amazing I can’t wait to play it in a few months!!! This game would be every better on PlayStation VR!!!

    • I totally agree. It reminded me a lot of letting someone that never games sit down and try a game an all they do is laugh while they shoot innocent people or animals.

      I am *all for* different play styles but he was literally playing the game like a 10 year old.

    • Don’t be so offended that the guy was having fun. It’s pretty clear that Sean didn’t mind.

    • On the contrary: It was abundantly clear that Sean was annoyed. He put his passion into this game and was disrespected in front of a worldwide audience. Anthony shoud never be allowed to host interviews again. Not sayin he should be fired – although I think it would be justified – but he should be put on different tasks.

      Sean, your game looks incredible and it will be one that gamers still talk about 30 years from now. Congratulations to you and to your incredibly talented team.

  • Maybe Anthony confused it with Destiny.

  • this is the Next Minecraft im calling it here

  • soo who is the guy on the left? besides being a huge loud imbecile of course, man I just wanted to MUTE him since the the start of the video.

    • Anthony Carboni. He is a ‘professional host’ and does podcasts and hosts things. It sound like a lot of people find him intolerable. IGN has a video going over much of the same material but it’s with an adult person asking interesting and serious questions… “Can I poison the water supply?” Are you kidding me?

  • great video though, this games looks amazing!

  • So is there an actual story line or set of missions to be completed? This reminds me so much of Mine Craft minus the building aspect.

    • No story line. There is a lore, and multiple alien races presented as NPCs that will give you quests, etc. However, in order to properly interact with those NPCs, you’ll have to “learn” their languages. This is done by finding relics, interacting with the NPCs etc. In addition, there is an overarching goal to reach the center of the starting galaxy (multiple galaxies have been confirmed, but they’re adamant about saying everyone starts in the same galaxy). The center of the galaxy is currently, and will remain, a mystery until a player is able to travel there. So, no. There’s no linear story to drive you, but plenty of sub plots and lore to be found!

  • Not sure why I have 0 excitement for this game. But best of luck to you guys! Hope you guys do well! :D

  • holy crap this gqme will be amazing

  • Anthony brought some much needed new point of view, I enjoyed seeing how a chaotic player can have fun in it

  • The reason I bought a PS4 was mostly NMS, That was 2 years ago. It truly is a mind blowing game. Take us away Mr.Murray take us away.

  • Absolute zero interest in this game. Where’s the story? Who’s the main character? Meh. Pass on this one

  • Questions for the developers: How much of No Man’s Sky will be online? I.e. will only our discoveries be transmitted to the servers or are we playing on a server that transmits our every move and what we blow up ect?

    I am really concerned about playability once the game goes live. So many recent games had game breaking online stuff with always the same excuse, namely we couldn’t have anticipated how many people play.

    If the game is only 50% of what I imagine it would be, I really should not buy it as it has the potential to be as big a timesink as Elite II or Ultima Online was for me.

    • From past interviews, we know you can play the game completely offline if you want. The main online component will be uploading the names of creatures and planets you discover. They will only be transmitted once you manually find an outpost and transmit them. Sean has also said that “major events” will be uploaded to the server. If you are on a planet and destroy one bird, that will not be saved, but if you wipe out an entire species or mine all of the minerals off the planet, then that WILL be persisted and any other players to reach your planet will not find those minerals/species. There is also some sort of “thing” to do in each solar system that changes that solar system, but details on this are not known.

      I don’t see the online component breaking on launch, as it seems to be much more a database and log of events/names, rather than a server everyone is playing on (I don’t know if everyone playing on a server or just uploading data to a server). That being said, most games do break on launch with their online component, so we will have to see with this one.

  • Just bought a PS4 for this game, cannae wait!

  • It looks very cool. However, I’d like to play a demo before jumping into buying it. Will there be a released demo?

  • Anyone else think that this game is a test by exterestials to see the effect the human race will have if we ever colonise space!!!!!

  • I’m pretty sure i’ll be picking this up because it doesn’t look interesting and i want to support you guys. I’m hoping there is some sort of lore though and more to stuff to keep chasing so im not just tasked with farming things the entire time. This in VR would be very very cool though.

  • I have to admit my initial impression about the game was oh no another point n clicker. After watching some of the videos and seeing the sheer volume, scale and pure ambition of the game -I’ve been sold. I sure hope this game succeeds. It’s a gamers game and we need more of them to advance the field.

  • WoW.. Sean gives him the controller and the first thing he does is kill things..

    Pathetic.. I hate people like that, live and let live.. another jackass who perpetuates the myth that all gameplayers are interested in is killing and destroying things. grow the hell up Anthony.

  • I really didn’t mind that Anthony was killing all this animals. That said it showed wht happens when you do kill them and if you do want to kill them. Me personally will not be killing animals because that’s just cruel. But it did show how they did die wich was preety cool with the physics.


  • Why isn’t it June yet? Come on Earth orbit faster!

  • Easily my most wanted game of the year! Everything about it looks amazing! Nice work devs :)

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