The Drop: New PlayStation Games for 4/19/2016

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The Drop: New PlayStation Games for 4/19/2016
The Drop

Infiltrate the world’s most dangerous corporations in the latest stealth strategy game from Klei. Invisible, Inc. Console Edition launches this week on PS4. Ready your agents.

Set in a world of high stakes and higher profits, Invisible, Inc. tasks players with using stealth, precision, and teamwork to clear objectives. Customize your team with a variety of unlockable agents, build your own strategies with a host of items and augments, and master a randomly generated world of threats. Invisible, Inc. Console Edition includes the Contingency Plan DLC to expand the heart-pounding campaign even further.

This week’s lineup also features the head-banging action rhythm of Loud on Planet X. Plus, the critically acclaimed Axiom Verge makes the leap to PS Vita. For the full list of new games coming to PlayStation, read on — and enjoy the Drop!

New Releases: April 19, 2016
Arcade Game Series: Dig Dug
PS4 — Digital (Out 4/20)

Dig Dug

First appearing in arcades in 1982, Dig Dug finally comes to PS4! Dig up, down, left, and right and burrow through the earth. Inflate and pop enemies with your harpoon to defeat them, or squish them with a rock. Defeat all the enemies on the screen to advance to the next stage!

Arcade Game Series: Galaga
PS4 — Digital (Out 4/20)


First appearing in arcades in 1981, the masterpiece Galaga finally comes to PS4! Move the fighter left and right, and destroy the waves of incoming aliens in this space-age shooter.

Arcade Game Series: Ms. Pac-Man
PS4 — Digital (Out 4/20)

Ms Pac-Man

Developed in America and first released in 1981, Ms. Pac-Man finally comes to PS4! Move Ms. Pac-Man up, down, left, and right to eat all the Pac-Dots, while avoiding the ghosts, to advance to the next stage.

Arcade Game Series: Pac-Man
PS4 — Digital (Out 4/20)


First appearing in arcades in 1980, the masterpiece Pac-Man finally comes to PS4! Move Pac-Man up, down, left, and right to eat all the Pac-Dots, while avoiding the ghosts, to advance to the next stage.

Axiom Verge
PS Vita — Digital (Cross Buy with PS4)

Axiom Verge

This is the action-adventure you’ve been waiting decades for. After a lab accident, a scientist awakens in a mysterious, alien world. Is this a distant planet? The far future? Or a complex virtual-reality computer simulation? Plumb the recesses of a large, labyrinthine world in order to learn its secrets and uncover your role within it.

Blues and Bullets (Episodes 1 and 2)
PS4 — Digital

Blues and Bullets, PS4

Eliot Ness, the former leader of the legendary Untouchables, wished only to spend the rest of his days working in his diner, not dwelling too much on the cesspit of corruption his city, Santa Esperanza, had degenerated into. But things rarely go as planned. The player must guide Eliot through the increasingly morbid scenarios in the five episodes of Blues and Bullets.

Invisible, Inc. Console Edition
PS4 — Digital

Invisible Inc Console Edition

Take control of Invisible’s agents in the field and infiltrate the world’s most dangerous corporations. Stealth, precision, and teamwork are essential in high-stakes, high-profit missions, where every move may cost an agent their life.

PS4 — Digital (40% Off for PS Plus Members Through 4/26)


Koi is an adventure and exploration game revolving around a little fish on an epic journey. Players will assume the role of a lone koi fish and travel through eight different levels where they will have to explore and discover, avoid hazards, help out smaller koi, complete mini-games, and collect rare items. Can you find your way home?

Lichdom: Battlemage
PS4 — Digital, Retail

Lichdom Battlemage

Lichdom: Battlemage is a first-person spell casting game with all the fast-paced action of a first-person shooter, plus the creative power and strategic elements of a spell caster. Using magic as your only form of weaponry, you wield an almost unlimited arsenal of spells that you craft using eight main Sigils: Fire, Ice, Lightning, Corruption, Kinesis, Delirium, Necromancy, and Phase.

Loud on Planet X
PS4 — Digital

Loud on Planet X

Loud on Planet X is an arcade-style indie music game featuring Tegan and Sara, CHVRCHES, Lights, Metric, and more. Choose from a cross-section of top indie music artists, then defend your stage from hordes of quirky aliens by tapping to the music and using a fun assortment of makeshift weapons like speakers, strobe lights, fog machines, amplifiers, bouncers and custom special attacks!

Masquerade: The Baubles of Doom
PS4, PS3 — Digital

Masquerade The Baubles of Doom

Masquerade is an action-adventure set in the fantasy world of The Realm, centered around a battle for the mythical Druid Orbs, the most powerful pair of balls in all the land. For it was said that whomever possessed the Orbs, possessed the power to rule all.

Pang Adventures
PS4 — Digital

Pang Adventures

The Pang series is a beloved collection of arcade games from the 90s. Guide two brothers around the world to save humankind from an alien invasion! Use your skills to overcome the attack balls pouring from the skies and rescue the world from impending annihilation!

Shantae and the Pirate’s Curse
PS4 — Digital

Shantae and the Pirates Curse

Embark on a brand new adventure with Shantae, the hair-whipping belly dancing genie. When she loses her magic, Shantae must team up with her nemesis, the nefarious pirate Risky Boots in order to save Sequin Land from an evil curse.

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  • A$AP Ferg — Always Strive and Prosper
  • NF — Therapy Session

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  • Fifty Shades of Black
  • The Choice
  • Ghost in the shell: The New Movie

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  • 12 Monkeys — April 18 at 9/8c (Syfy)
  • The Night Manager — April 19 at 10/9c (AMC)
  • Inside Amy Schumer — April 21 at 10/9c (Comedy Central)

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