Episodic Noir Adventure Blues and Bullets Comes to PS4 April 19

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Episodic Noir Adventure Blues and Bullets Comes to PS4 April 19

Hi everyone! Hola a todos! We are Dani Candil (Art Director) and Dani Castellanos (Lead Designer) from A Crowd of Monsters. We’re the directors of this black and white (and red) episodic noir adventure called Blues and Bullets.

We’ve been working hard on Blues and Bullets and we’re excited to announce that the first two episodes will hit PS4 on April 19.

Blues and Bullets, PS4

Our story begins…

Blues and Bullets is a noir adventure set in the ’20s, in a fictional American city called Santa Esperanza. A place where Eliot Ness, the former leader of the legendary Untouchables, wished to spend the rest of his days working in his diner after jailing Al Capone, not dwelling too much on the cesspit of corruption his city had degenerated into.

But things rarely go as planned.

When children suddenly start to disappear, Eliot decides to take the law into his own hands, track down the culprit, and bring him to justice by any means necessary — even if he has to abandon his dreams of a peaceful life and again get embroiled in shootouts with the usual array of assassins and hoodlums.

Helped by various (famous and infamous) characters from unexpected places, the player must guide Eliot through the increasingly morbid and decadent scenarios searching for clues to solve the case.

Blues and Bullets, PS4Blues and Bullets, PS4

A world in black and white…

Yes, we know. The first thing you may be asking when you see Blues and Bullets is… where are the colors? We decided to make an homage to the noir film genre and create a unique atmosphere only using black, white, and red. We used the same old illumination techniques that legendary film directors were using in the ’40s in an attempt to capture this classic but intriguing essence of noir.

And finally, after the hard work, sleepless nights, and dozens of pizzas for the team, we are bringing all of our work to this wonderful platform. We’re so happy with the finished result and we hope you enjoy the adventure, the blues inspired OST created by Sonotrigger and Izä (enjoy the OST here!), and our homage to noir.

Blues and Bullets, PS4

See you soon in Santa Esperanza!

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  • Been waiting for this to come to PS4. Can you give us an estimate on about how long until the next episodes come out?




  • the song is freaking awesome. I love the look of the game. Will it have multiple endings with choices? Dont worry even if it doesint ill still give the game a shot.

  • Been playing these on Xbox. I LOVE the series so far but that nearly 8 month gap between them was a huge buzzkill. Hopefully that’s not the norm going forward =\

    • This game looks really awesome, but I completely agree with you about the gap. Nowadays, I like to wait until episodic games release all episodes to avoid such gap.

  • This looks pretty cool. I might check this out once I finish up DS3. Anyone know what the actual gameplay is like?

  • Not for nothing, but I hate the tagline: “justice by any means necessary.” That’s an oxymoron. Justice, by definition, has to follow just means, or the ends are definitionally unjust. This is a necessary condition for any sort of justice.

    • Justice is a feeling of being justified, no matter the actions you take or whether others would agree with you.

      Someone can think death penalty is Justice while someone else can disagree. Someone can think making a plea bargain is Justice served, while someone else may still be left feeling wronged and not compensated with lack of adequate Justice.

      Justice is a fluffy idea, and therefore can be justified by any means necessary.

    • @cusman: by your reasoning, “justice” is entirely subjective, which means that Al Capone was completely justified, and what Ness did to him was unjust. So you completely subvert the impact of the word “justice,” which is intended to make us take sides with Ness.

      So even if your reasoning made sense, it would make no sense in this context.

      And your reasoning doesn’t make sense anyway. While it is true that we cannot prove entirely what is and is not justice, it does not follow that any means to achieve justice are acceptable. That’s an utterly nonsensical argument.

    • @pudgenet you conflicted yourself. by admitting that justice is in fact a subjective term, your entire argument loses all merit

    • @WingerNu1

      He’s not stating that justice is subjective, although there could be an argument for that. He’s merely stating that @cusman’s definition of justice is subjective.

    • How about this one: just enjoy the game.

      It’s not like this tagline was made just for the game. It’s a tagline used for decades in all fiction and this is a game celebrating noir, where down and out heroes take some dirty ways to achieve what they think is justice. Justice usually in a corrupt city where “the right way” usually doesn’t get you far. Where it usually gets you and your loved ones killed. So illegally trespassing to steal information that would otherwise be “lost” and could be used to stop a criminal would be just in this perspective.

      How about nitpicking this tagline when it applies to real life and just enjoying this piece of fiction for what it is?

  • OH YOUR GOD! This just became my most anticipated game!!! IT COMES OUT NEXT WEEK TOO!! WHAT?!?!

    The art looks fantastic. The setting is just EPIC.

    This looks like everything I’ve wanted in a game since L.A. Noire.


  • Very interested, thanks for bringing this to the PS4!

  • Nice soundtrack

  • I’m a fan of crime noir so this got me really excited.

  • Been wanting to get this on my Xbox for forever! Glad I can just go ahead and get it on my PS4 now instead. I do want to wait for a few more episodes though. Episode 2 seemed like it took forever to come out.

  • I’m starting to dislike episodic games… When I do get to play games, I binge and don’t like having to wait to play each chapter.

    With that said, this game looks awesome! I will keep my eye on it but honestly, probably wait until all episodes are released before diving in (if it stays on my radar that long).

  • I am totally on board for this! Looks terrific. Just a suggestion though… want to drum up excitement even more… post link for a trailer too! Cheers!

  • I am interested in this, but I’ll likely wait until all the episodes are out like I have been doing with recent episodic games. I enjoy being able to sit down on my days off and just binge.

  • Yeah this sounds awesome

  • what’s the cost of the game? is there a bundle for all episodes ?

  • How long is the expected wait between episodes? As someone has already said it took about 8 months for episode 2 to arrive on the Xbone. Just wondering if it will be better to wait until all episodes are out, I don’t mind waiting for a month or so as you do with Telltale releases but if the release schedule follows what has happened on Xbone you could be looking at nearly 2 years before we get our hands on episode 5!

  • Anyone play this game yet?

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