Santa Monica Studio Creatives: Team is Everything

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Santa Monica Studio Creatives: Team is Everything

Our studio prides itself on the balance of technical development and pushing the boundaries of what we believe to be the art of game development. The legacy of the God of War franchise, and every external development partnership game we’ve helped inspire and produce, speaks strongly to this. To stay on this path, as the Head of Studio, I strive to inspire our leaders of today to guide and support our prospective leaders of tomorrow to be constantly aware and ready to leverage what they bring to our future.

I’m thankful to have the ability to help enable and support everyone at Santa Monica Studio with the tools and resources they need to elevate their strengths. We provide our creatives the opportunity to do and be something they may never have thought possible. They have everything they need at their fingertips to be world class in their craft. It’s how they push themselves and, more importantly, how they engage with their team that matters. Because we all have tremendous faith in our collaborative processes, I’m able to watch a studio of amazing people constantly build a strong creative connection together. Those are the moments that when connected, bring out the best ideas, and continue to propel us forward into creating another groundbreaking experience for PlayStation. I love every minute of it and could not be more proud of our team.

Please visit or follow @SonySantaMonica to learn more. Santa Monica Studio Creatives is a series focusing on 4 unique individuals of our family whose journey to our studio is as inspiring as their creative talents within. While their stories are candid, raw, and anything but normal, their expert crafts and collaboration within our creative walls hit the heart of what matters most to our studio culture – the team is everything.

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