Don’t Starve: Shipwrecked Sailing to PS4 This Spring

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Don’t Starve: Shipwrecked Sailing to PS4 This Spring

“Hey, why dontcha take our mega-hit game and do whatever you want with it?”

Okay, Klei’s offer to Capy to work on their Don’t Starve series wasn’t quite that casual, but pretty darned close. As fellow Canadian independent developers and longtime studio buds, all it really takes to get a project rolling is a friendly chat over a tasty beverage. And just like that: Wilson, Maxwell, and the rest of the gang left Vancouver to take a tropical vacation, and Don’t Starve: Shipwrecked was born.

And now Shipwrecked is sailing onto PS4 this spring. Rejoice, Don’t Starve players!

Don't Starve: Shipwrecked

Looking for a fresh take on their beloved survival game, Klei asked Capy if we’d be interested in creating a new expansion. They gave us no guidelines or rules for what we could do with a Don’t Starve game — just a blank canvas in the form of their amazing video game with a wickedly-committed community of diehard fans.

Jeez, pretty trusting bunch, those Klei-folk, eh?

After jumping into the Don’t Starve deep end and throwing around ideas for where to take it, what stuck was the idea of transplanting the Don’t Starve characters and mechanics to a whole new, built-from-scratch world: one of sun-scorched desert islands featuring brand new biomes, creatures, bosses, weapons, and ways to avoid starvation.

Don't Starve: ShipwreckedDon't Starve: Shipwrecked

And then the secret ingredient: just add water. And boats. Oh, and crabbits.

Obviously the main feature of Don’t Starve: Shipwrecked, beyond the change to a sunny locale (Well, sometimes sunny), is the freedom to craft boats and take to the water to explore this entirely new nautical world.

Hop in a sailboat and chart new corners of the mysterious archipelago, paddle a raft through the crashing waves and shout “Land Ho!” when you spot a newly discovered jungle island, find treasure maps that lead to buried riches, or fire cannons at pursuing sea monsters or schools of surface-slicing fins. To us, the rich mythos of shipwreck and pirate castaway lore was a perfect fit for Don’t Starve’s survival gameplay, and the expansion into seafaring offers a new set of challenges to established players.

Don't Starve: Shipwrecked

This exciting new take on Don’t Starve resulted in Capy and Klei Voltron-ing to create this ambitious and huge new chapter of the Don’t Starve experience. It was a super fun developement experience for us, and we’re excited to bring the fun to PS4 players.

To not just survive, but thrive in Don’t Starve: Shipwrecked, players had better polish their compasses, wipe the smudges off their telescope lenses, and find their sea legs in a hurry! A pirate hat wouldn’t hurt, either.

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  • I enjoy Don’t Starve but until you put out “Together” on console, I’ll be holding out on additional Don’t Starve games.

  • Day One.

  • Any chance of a Vita port?!

    • Maybe! We’re looking in to it, but we’re not sure what’s possible yet. If we end up being able to bring Shipwrecked over to Vita we’ll let everyone know.

  • PS Vita version, please!

    • Looking in to what’s possible for Vita now. If it works out we’ll let everyone know :)

    • You were able to bring Giants to the Vita, is there any thing new, that you think is too much for the Vita to handle? Or are you setting the bar low, because you understand how the internet works? :D

    • I share the same sentiment, Corey! I’ll definitely purchase your game for the Vita!

  • Yeah!! I loved the original, bring……..on :-)

  • Cool. Dont starve is a great game and its always nice to get something new from you guys at capy.

  • Awesome. Can’t wait! Will this be standalone or will is it DLC for the main game? Also, I have the same question in regards to Don’t Starve Together.

    • Shipwrecked will be an expansion, requiring the original game (you can connect your worlds).

      Don’t Starve Together will release as a separate game (standalone) that will get its own multiplayer specific content & updates. Also any content from classic DS and the previous Reign of Giants expansion that exists in Together, has been re-tuned for multiplayer.

    • If you have Don’t Starve already is their a discount for Together?

    • Will Don’t Starve Together support local co-op on the Playstation TV / Vita TV?

    • @carabu – Not sure yet, but we are looking in to either a PS+ discount or past “Don’t Starve” discount. Not sure what’s possible yet. We’ll update once we know!

    • @TimMalouff – There won’t be Vita co-op support, but there will be online and local split screen.

  • One: Thank you for bringing this to consoles! I’m super-hyped for it.

    Two: Don’t Starve: Giant Edition was my Game of the Year for 2014. I seriously cannot remember the last time I fell so heavily and completely in love with a game to the point that it consumed hundreds of hours of my life. A masterpiece!

    Three: I have seen screenshots that seem to indicate there is a player-character who is also a monkey. Please confirm that I can run around tropical beaches as a monkey. This is important to me on a deep and fundamental level.

    Four: I know you’ve addressed this above, but permit me to add my voice to the chorus. Vita. Vita. Vita.

    VitaVitaVitaVitaVita Viiiiiii-taaaaaaa! (Please and thankyou.)

    Four: Is it just me or do Canadian indies rock major socks?

    • One: You’re welcome! We’re really excited to finally make it happen on console.

      Two: That means a lot to hear, you will probably really enjoy Shipwrecked. It’s quite a large expansion thanks to the collaboration with Capy!

      Three: Rest easy Chance_Splinter … you can be a monkey, he can throw poop, and his name is Wilbur.

      Four: We are looking at the possibility of maybe finding a way that somehow there could be a chance that one day there might be a world where Don’t Starve Shipwrecked is possible on Vita. Investigating.

      Four…B?: We like to think so, but we’re probably bias. Maybe.

  • Will there be a non-survival mode at any time? The larger a world I build, the less I want to see it vanish upon death.

    • Probably not as part of the core game. Loosing everything and the possibility of loosing it all is a big part of Don’t Starve. But that being said, you can tune your world gen settings to make things more “relaxed” than default.

  • Loved the first game particularly the difficulty but sometimes I think the difficulty was too hard, almost to the point of unfair. Winter seemed to drag on forever to the point you were near death and then the dogs were released. Is the new game balanced a little better?

    • Yep, same feeling here. Not only unfair but sometimes plain stupid. This game makes me want to throw away my vita each time. Every few months I’ll pick it up again and try a few times until i get a good start, and every time it’s the same: one minute you’re rolling with plenty of food, resources, ideal encampment, the next you’re killed by a random monster or another dumb reason. And because of the damn auto-save when you die there’s no way to go back, there go your wasted hours of work. I really like how the world works and the elaborate rules and interactions, but that unforgiving behavior really ruins the experience for me. Unless it has changed in the new expansions/games, then I’ll pass on them. If there was at least some way to adjust the difficulty or behavior on death, right now it feels like the only mode the game has is ‘hard’, and I’m not that kind of gamer.

    • Just upload your saved game to cloud storage. You can then always go back and reload this saved game. It might be cheating a bit but it does allow you to be more adventurous and take risks you normally wouldn’t because you are afraid of death and starting over from scratch.

    • If winter is giving you a hard time, you can modify your world gen settings to make it much shorter or even turn it off. Some people play with longer winter or even START in winter, the absolute mad-men!

      But, you can absolutely re-balance almost every aspect of the game in the world gen settings to make it harder or more relaxed than the default settings.

  • Love Don’t Starve and looking forward to this expansion. So glad the journey will continue. Consider it purchased immediately.

    • I love Don’t Starve! Despite buying Reign of Giants Day 1 I have avoided playing it in anticipation of Don’t Starve Together’s release. I really want to experience the game fresh with my wife. You can guarantee I will be buying Shipwrecked day one as well. Thanks for such a great game guys.

    • @Lainer130 @KidCommando – Thank you! We’re really happy to be able to bring Shipwrecked and Together to console! We know people have been especially patient in waiting for multiplayer on PS4. Working on it!

  • I’m always down for more Don’t Starve. Shipwrecked looks like a great idea, can’t wait to play it!

  • I enjoed the game on PS4 as well PS Vita. Somehow i rather play it on Vita, but sometimes its kinda slow. I would like you to improve speed on vita. I purchased Together for PC, but actually i don’t play games on PC lol, I did to support and to see what it would be like when its released on PS4.

  • You guys should do a non-permadeath mode, I hate dying in this game and lose everything, I would like to explore more of this game, but I can’t because of the permadeath : (

    • You can build items that will resurrect you on death like life giving amulets and meat effigy’s. Also, to get eased in to things you can adjust some of the settings in the world gen options when you start a game.

  • Good stuff, will definitely pick this up if it has a vita port. The original was brilliant.

    • We’re looking in to Vita as a possibility, but we’re not sure if it can happen just yet. If we can do it we’ll let everyone know!

  • the two gods of 2DHD are joining forces!!?!???


    *regains conciousness*

    Really psyched for this! Next you’ll be saying that Critter Crunch and/or Clash of Heroes and/or Shank is coming to PS4/Vita. (please? pretty please?)

    I wish I could go back in time and give Capy/Klei the reigns on Day of the Tentacle Remastered. That game deserved the quality of animation you guys are so great at.

  • I wanted to love Don’t Starve on PS4, but I did not know what to do or how to do it. I am one of those people who needs some type of a tutorial or training level. I gave up. Then I tried it on Vita for a second time and still did not get it. Does the DLC have tutorials?

  • Please bring Shank 1 and 2 to Vita (and maybe PS4). Also, any chances of Mark of Ninja coming to Vita and PS4? Hey, Super Meat Boy made it over from the console, so there is hope for Mark of the Ninja.

  • Just adding my hope that it will release on Vita too!

  • Shipwrecked is solo or multi ?

  • Hey that’s awesome, but I would totally sing your praises if you guys could bring shipwrecked to ps vita along with ps4.

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