Destiny April Update: New PlayStation-Exclusive Gear Detailed

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Destiny April Update: New PlayStation-Exclusive Gear Detailed

Destiny: The Taken King’s big April Update is right around the corner, and that means new things to do, new gear to earn, and a new, higher Light Level to aspire to. As PlayStation.Blog’s resident Destiny aficionado, I reached out to our pals at Bungie to find out what kinds of goodies Guardians playing on PS4 or PS3 can expect come Tuesday.

Let’s kick things off with a note from everybody’s favorite Bungie Community Manager, DeeJ:

Hey, PlayStation Nation!

We’re really excited to provide you with new things to do and new things to earn in the April Update. The Reef is about to become the center of action in the game again, and the party wouldn’t be the same without you. Our friends at PlayStation.Blog have a lot of details to share about the exclusive content coming to Destiny, just for Guardians like you. For more details on the suite of updates coming to Destiny on April 12th, keep those sights trained on

I hope we’ll see you in the Reef in April!

Exotic Sniper Rifle: Zen Meteor

Destiny PlayStation-Exclusive Sniper Rifle: Zen Meteor

“Complete awareness, complete focus. A mind sharpened by diligence to a single deadly point.”

Zen Meteor Perks

Dynamite CQB Ballistics Underdog Fitted Stock With a Laser Beam
Infuse Soft Ballistics Field Scout
Smart Drift Control Injection Mold

Dynamite: Grants explosive rounds. Rapid kills with every round in the clip load an extra, higher-damage round for 5 seconds.

With a Laser Beam: The extra round from Dynamite causes a massive explosion.

How to Obtain: Decrypt Exotic Engrams or Legendary Engrams, or via other sources of Year-Two Exotics

Sparrow: Velumbra

Destiny PlayStation-Exclusive Sparrow: Velumbra

“I face the challenges to come with dry eyes. There will be a time to mourn, but not until we have our vengeance.” —Petra Venj

How to Obtain: Complete mission “Fight Fire with Fire”

Quest: Essence of Darkness

Destiny PlayStation-Exclusive Quest: Essence of Darkness

Destiny PlayStation-Exclusive Quest: Essence of DarknessDestiny PlayStation-Exclusive Quest: Essence of Darkness

See more screenshots here

“New activity at the Court does not bode well for the Reef. Show them the true force of a Guardian.” –Petra Venj

Reward for completing quest: Velumbra Sparrow

Warlock Armor: Barkhan Dune I

Destiny PlayStation-Exclusive Warlock Armor: Barkhan Dune IDestiny PlayStation-Exclusive Warlock Armor: Barkhan Dune IDestiny PlayStation-Exclusive Warlock Armor: Barkhan Dune I

How to Obtain: Decrypt Sublime Engrams

Hunter Armor: Long Tomorrow 9G

Destiny PlayStation-Exclusive Hunter Armor: Long Tomorrow 9GDestiny PlayStation-Exclusive Hunter Armor: Long Tomorrow 9GDestiny PlayStation-Exclusive Hunter Armor: Long Tomorrow 9G

How to Obtain: Decrypt Sublime Engrams

Titan Armor: Jovian Guard

Destiny PlayStation-Exclusive Titan Armor: Jovian GuardDestiny PlayStation-Exclusive Titan Armor: Jovian GuardDestiny PlayStation-Exclusive Titan Armor: Jovian Guard

How to Obtain: Decrypt Sublime Engrams

Destiny’s April Update launches this coming Tuesday, April 12th, and I can’t wait to dive back in to try and snag that sweet Zen Meteor! Of course, there’s a ton of other content coming to Destiny on Tuesday outside of the content listed here — for full details on the update, head over to

See you in the Reef.

Dismantle mines, yesssss?

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4 Author Replies

  • Zen Meteor = Fire. Must get.

  • Zen Meteor FTW.

  • Visual effects on the Meteor are really impressive. I assume the fire grows with consecutive kills or headshots? VERY VERY nice.

    Not too jazzed by the warlock armor – Hunter looks good but Titan wears it best.

  • That sniper looks beastly!

  • The more screenshots link is broken. :( But other then that, everything looks AWESOME!

  • I cannot wait for the April update! Thanks for these items.

  • OMG have to get that sniper

  • Gunpowder, gelatine
    Dynamite with a laserbeam
    Guaranteed to blow your mind

  • Hunters look so dopey in those drawings. Sniper looks BA. Looks like I’ll be playing some more Destiny soon!

  • I want that Zen Meteor, please. Can’t wait for the update. (I am forever 307 until the new update lol).

  • Been following the news of the April update since the beginning but I wasn’t expecting new PS exclusives ha this is awesome,Sony sure did a helluva good move with this partnership.Well I’m not a fan of rifles but Zen Meteor looks sweet,ma eyes are fully focused on that sparrow though,I’m going after it like there is no tomorrow.Also damn sweet Warlock armor,not sure which one looks the coolest though Warlock or Hunter set.Amazing thats a lot of exclusive content…ha good job Bungie and thank you Sony.

  • Love all the new PlayStation exclusive stuff just hate that all gamers meaning Xbox has to wait till September.

  • That sniper is gorgeous and the zoom view looks amazing. Thanks PS+Bungie!

  • That Jovian armor is probably the coolest armor I’ve seen yet. Hopefully it has some cool flavor text :OO

  • Been 6 months since I last booted up this game. Maybe its time to uninstall and move on. It took you guys way to long to provide content and the content you provided while great was quiet limited and short. I’ve since moved onto The Division, Street Fighter V, and other titles and finding it very hard to justify coming back. Wtih Destiny 2 being pushed to next year, I’m finding it very hard to believe in the 10 year vision. Hopefully next year Bungie will surprise me when it finally sunsets Destiny 1.

    • Preach the truth Kaze. The taken king update was cool and it kept me busy. Finally got into raids. Got the end game content done and then what. There was nithung new in 6 to 8 months. Oh wait. There was some new pvp and racing added. And now a wep and some gear and a new mission and some armor. Feels piece meal to me and in no way is convincing me that this game will last 10 years. The division is much better and their new content patch is also coming 12 april. Destiny dies thae same time I killed the taken king. Pity really.

  • Anybody else get the queen reference? bungie is awesome sneaking that in there

  • Warlock looks awesome, kind of like a Mando Neo-Crusader.

  • I love the orange/blue/white scheme on the armor sets. I may not even wear shaders when I have them.

  • I disagree with any console exclusivity, it shouldn’t be a thing at all, but oh well money is greed right? I’ll give it a try when the update drops, it looks pretty cool. Just sad for my Xbox brothers and Sisters.

  • I’m hoping for several things:

    -Separate PVE and PVP weapon stats, so that nerfs don’t affect PVE players.
    -Allow us to freely choose to take on strikes solo
    -Matchmaking for raids
    -More PVE content

  • I’ll take that Zen Meteor.

  • Have they put the Custom Audio Profile for Destiny on the PlayStation Pulse Elites for the Headset Companion App, …the Gold & Silver Headsets have it plus some other profiles the Pulse Elites don’t have! The Pulse Elites are a better headset and they even cost more $$$. I took a lot of time deciding which to get: Pulse Elites or Gold. After tons of compare videos and researching online I just recently bought the Pulse Elites brand new online. I even got a warranty because of that little issue that is easily fixed with 2 zip ties. But why arnt Custom Audio Profiles coming to the Pulse Elites like the are with the Gold & Silver. I even Tweeted Ubisoft Support about the AC Syndicate Audio Profile and why the Pulse Elites don’t have it but the other PS Headsets do. They told me they don’t make or do the Custom Audio Profiles so its got to be PlayStation that does em right???

  • I’m not saying that every single armor set has to be symmetrical but I’m really sick of every single armor set NOT being symmetrical. I know it’s a matter of taste but having legs and arms ALWAYS be different really really really bugs me. Can we just have ooooooone? Please!?!?!?!?!

  • So, i was just wondering… Are they taking away the exclusives we have right now to make room for theese new ones or no, becauseeeee i love my neuroghast set, although I havent found every piece Of it… I need to farm those sublimes right now… Awesome content tho.

  • Sniper looks like a beast. Too bad it will end up nerfed just like everything else after a while.

  • Zen meteor: “She’s a Killer Queen. Gunpowder, gelatine Dynamite with a laser beam Guaranteed to blow your mind.” -Queen

  • Bruh. That warlock set making me think they took a page from ubisoft’s book, AC4 style.

  • Do Sublime Engrams still grant the older PlayStation exclusive armor or will it be replaced?

  • when will it come the night or the evening

  • Bungie has built itself to crush anything that interferes with taking their players money; even at the cost of player loyalty. Congratulations dummies, your brand has been destroyed by your greed and and contempt for your own customers. Burn Bungie, burn.

  • I sincerely hope other companies learn from Bungie’s fatal hubris.


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