Rocketbirds 2: Evolution Soars onto PS4, PS Vita on April 26

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Rocketbirds 2: Evolution Soars onto PS4, PS Vita on April 26

Hello again! We’re excited to share the news that Rocketbirds 2: Evolution is coming exclusively to PS4 and PS Vita on April 26. With the launch date approaching, we at Ratloop wanted to share more details about the game’s new features.

Even though Rocketbirds 2: Evolution has a full six-chapter Story Mode campaign, I’d like to talk a bit more about the game’s new Rescue Mode. Rescue Mode is essentially a meta-collection game. To give players a taste of what they can expect from this new mode, we put together a short video named A Chicken’s Guide to Killing Penguins, starring James McCreadie as Metal Chicken.

Rocketbirds 2: Evolution Soars onto PS4, PS Vita on April 26

In Rescue Mode, up to four friends (online or offline) can go on missions to find hidden items and artifacts while rescuing hostages deep behind enemy lines. Each time you free a hostage, they’ll join your team as a new, fully-customizable playable character. Rescue Mode features four procedurally-generated locations to loot and explore as well as four different weapon stores to buy new weapons and ammunition from.

We created more than forty unlockable weapons — including rifles, shotguns, pistols, launchers, and melee weapons — to use in the fight against the penguin regime! We picked fun, iconic weapons and leveraged the unique traits of those weapons to make each work differently and cater to varying play styles.

Through your inventory, you can select your primary and secondary weapons and can quickly swap between them during combat. The Thumper Gun launches bouncing grenades, but grenades aren’t great for battling in tight corners or for destroying turret sensors, so you might want to use the Sawed-off Double-barreled Shotgun as your secondary weapon. It has a decent shot spread and can fire both shots in quick succession before requiring a break-action reload.

The Mossy Shotgun can fire ten cartridges, but you’ll need to pump the next cartridge into the chamber between shots. The Lead Storm is an automatic shotgun which uses a drum-styled magazine clip to quickly reload its cartridges and can rapidly fire off twenty rounds to destroy anything in its path.

Certain weapon combinations kill enemies faster — everyone starts off with the Famous 5 (MP5) and two Deagles (Desert Eagle pistols). The pistols destabilize enemies quickly and get them into the air, but don’t do a lot of damage. Once destabilized, the enemy will take a lot more damage from your Famous 5. With enough practice, you can graduate to precise, single-shot rifles which do insane amounts of damage when you hit enemies in the head.

Rocketbirds 2: Evolution on PS4, PS VitaRocketbirds 2: Evolution on PS4, PS Vita

In Rescue mode, stacking has a number of uses, such as picking up hostages and carrying them to the extraction point to complete a rescue mission. If your squad needs additional firepower, you can rent a duck mercenary to ride shotgun, stacked on your back during a mission. If you are knocked out, a teammate can scrape you off the floor and stack you on his or her back to keep you out of harm’s way until you regain consciousness. Or you can stack onto another player’s back and focus on aiming and firing — if everyone stacks, you can form a lumbering tower of death and become much harder to destabilize!

Nothing beats pitting your combat skills and wits against real people, which you can do in the Dojo. The rules of the game are simple — bet a small ante to play and the winner takes it all! Between bouts, you’ll have a chance to change the two weapons you wish to bring into combat; however, once the battle starts, you’ll have to rely on your skills and training to win it like a boss! Some tips from the team at Ratloop: take the high ground so you’ll be shooting downwards at opponents’ heads and don’t get surrounded or caught in crossfire!

Rocketbirds 2: Evolution on PS4, PS Vita

Rocketbirds 2: Evolution will feature Cross Buy and Cross Save. Players can buy the game for one price and own it on both PS4 and PS Vita, with the ability to play and save on both systems for finger-licking fun!

Look for Rocketbirds 2: Evolution on April 26 to get in on the fowl action!

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  • I’m sure this is timed exclusive not full proper exclusive

  • Looks great! Loved the 1st game. Sometimes those 3D backgrounds look weird though, I’m not too crazy about that. Is the campaign playable co-op?

    • Story mode is Single Player only, but Rescue Mode can be played alone or with friends – and has a mini story of its own actually!

  • Yes!!! Loved the first game, and the soundtrack too! And thanks for the Vita love!

  • I loved the first one on Vita. One of my favorite Vita games. Even though I have a PS4, I am getting this to play mainly on the Vita. Awesome. Thank you

  • Sorry, I haven’t played the first, but this look awesome, easy gameplay but complete customization of weapons system, nice job. Hurrah! for the cross-buy/save

    (Add a map with zombies XD)

    • It has turned into a different kind of game over the first, but we kept those elements that were great in the first and improved the living daylights outta everything else

    • @tets, the gameplay in the 1st Rocketbirds is pretty fun! The controls are a tad stiff but manageable; you’ll laugh at the odd humor & the setting of the storyline!

  • Nice! Glad to hear it will be released very soon! Been waiting for RB2 ever since I finished RB1! Also looking forward to hearing the new music from New World Revolution! Herwig Is a great guy and was great to talk to him a while back for my podcast!

    So are there plans for RB3??? And will RB2 be a Playstation plus game?

  • Enjoyed the first one bar the Co-Op disconnections.

    Is the platinum for this one obtainable with no Co-OP?

    Is the online better, how so?

    Hoping the music and humor is just as good as the last one.

  • This is awesome! Loved the first one. Will be playing this on Vita.

  • Game looks great, loved the fist one on my Vita! Will the Vita version be compatible with the PSTV?

  • Nice to see someone with the balls to support Vita.

    Cross-Save Cross-Buy Cross-Day-One-Purchase

  • Hell I love the first game !

  • Loved the first one!!! Looks like this one is going to be great too. I hope it also have great music like the first one.

  • Will there be ad hoc support for the PS Vita version?

  • At first when I saw the 1st one as a PS Plus free game I thought it would end up in the big pile of crappy indie games PlayStation used to take up a free PS Plus game slot for that said month instead of dishing out the extra ca$h to give away a AAA title for that said month… But I was wrong about RocketBirds! It may not have crazy good graphics but something about it doesn’t let you set it down. Its a basic side scrolling shooter with some Jet-Packin that has a different feel then the regular side scrolling action. It blends pretty darn well and the sweet music in the game makes you get even more into the plot/story. I’m glad I take the time to try out every free PS Plus game for that said month because to me this a PlayStation Gem! If the 2nd RocketBirds is anything like the 1st it will be PlayStation Gem to me as well! Thanks game devs!!!

  • Sian, while I purchased the Vita original on release, how about a sale for Rocketbirds 1 for the PS3 celebrating your sequel? (=

    I wouldn’t mind playing coop on the tv!

  • I see games coming out for PS Vita constantly they may not be the games people want but there coming out at least.

    • Your comment is 1/2 right; the software attachrate for Vita owners is quite high- there’s hard data that claims this on the web.

      However, titles that are Vita bound haven’t grabbed gamers to purchase a Vita.

      My point is, existing Vita gamers are somewhat satisfied with what is released & obviously want more (who, what doesn’t?) & they have been shown to buy Vita content.

    • Vita has games, but needs games like GTA or even the PS2 classics from PS4. I can’t believe that PSP had tons of NBA games, and Vita has not even one. Bring games like an exclusive GTA game, and people will buy a Vita just to play it.

  • Really awesome to hear about this, the first game was great. I’m honestly mostly excited about a new Soundtrack from New World Revolution though. It fit perfectly for the first game, hope the same for this one.

    • Yeah – we found some great tracks to use again this time – some were unreleased – and NWR created some great new tracks for the game as well – we’ll be doing a live stream on twitch later today 5pm PST over at

  • Still salty I can’t play the first one on PS TV but I have to admit, this looks great.
    Co-op Contra style games are the best soI will have a look at the ps4 version.

  • Loved the first game on Vita, the soundtrack was really cool. I’m getting this one to play it on Vita again, i hope this game turns out to be so amazing as the first one.

    Any chance that we can know the price?

  • the first is insane and the soundtrack was epic will it be the same style music , the first is one of the best games i ever played i still play it daily on my vita and this is great i just hope its still the same great vibe and story telling it was great mix of music with crazy comedy and tight controls .

  • Will the Playstation TV support local co-op? (Support more than one remote on the system)

    That or will it be identical to the Vita with one player & you need ad-hoc or online to play with others?

  • Awesome to hear it’s coming so soon. I absolutely loooooved the original Rocket Birds game on Vita. One of my favorite modern games ever.

    I dig the new control scheme and the look has come together. Will it still have an awesome coalescence of cool music and fight-the-power story? That was probably my favorite aspect.

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