How to Get Started in Enter the Gungeon on PS4

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How to Get Started in Enter the Gungeon on PS4

Enter the Gungeon, our bullet-hell dungeon-crawler — and Dodge Roll’s first game as a studio — is out today! That is a surreal sentence to type after two years of work. We are extremely excited to share our game with you. It has been quite the labor of love, filled with everything we love about videogames, and we really hope you enjoy the game as much as we do. To get you started, here are a few key tips every Gungeoneer should know!

The most important tool in a Gungeoneer’s arsenal, other than guns of course, is the dodge roll. During the first half of the dodge roll, the player is invulnerable and can pass through bullets unharmed. Once he hits the ground he can be damaged again. Our hope was to make the timing feel familiar to fans of Bloodborne or Dark Souls, which is where we took inspiration for the mechanic. Mastering the roll is critical to mastering Enter the Gungeon!

Enter the Gungeon (gif)

The other way to deal with the curtain of bullets coming at you is a type of consumable item called “Blanks.” Similar to a bomb in a SHMUP, these blue bullets can be used at any time to delete any enemy projectiles in the room, and are especially great against bosses.

Don’t be afraid to use them — when you reach a new floor, if you have less than two of them, they will refill!

Enter the Gungeon (gif)

Once you make it to the second floor a couple of times you will find Cadence and her golem friend OX. After being freed from captivity, they run a shop in the Breach where you can purchase new guns and items that will be permanently added to the loot pool.

The currency used to purchase these unlocks drops off of bosses and can be viewed on the pause screen. Enter the Gungeon is a roguelike and rescuing NPC’s is one of the primary methods of player progression. Around half of the game’s 190 guns and 200 items will need to be unlocked in various ways, but the earliest is Cadence’s shop — so make sure to visit often!

Enter the Gungeon on PS4Enter the Gungeon on PS4

After doing a few runs and Cadence’s shop, you will find the Tinker character on the second floor. By talking to him and running some errands for him, you can unlock shortcuts that allow you to start on lower floors.

To unlock co-op all you need to do is play one run of the game in single player. Once it has been unlocked, connect a second controller and have that person sign in. Then just go to the starting area, the “Breach,” and speak to the guy in the purple hood, and he will let you start co-op. You can play the entire game in co-op, though we highly recommend having each player train a bit in single player before diving into co-op. Knowing the game a bit can help you deal with the added chaos of having another player running around and shooting.

Enter the Gungeon on PS4

That should be enough to get you (dodge) rolling!

I can say without exaggeration that releasing a game on PlayStation is a dream come true for the whole team, and I can’t thank the lovely people at Devolver Digital and Sony enough for helping us make this happen.

That said, release is not the end! Post launch we are committed to supporting the game with both bugfixes and content updates, specifically new guns, items, bosses, and rooms, to keep Enter the Gungeon’s replayability as high as possible.

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  • Thanks for bringing the game to PlayStation, good luck on launch. Hope to try it out soon.

  • Hoping, a Vita port is considered. Looks amazing and fun.

    • Agreed, Kish! Please consider a Vita port, Dave!

      Congrats to the team, reviews are quite positive!

    • yess this game should be a perfect fit for the VIta, in fact, it’s hard to understand why it isn’t on Vita at launch, damned developers ignoring Vita.. and if Devolver is involved, it’s even harder to understand, they’ve made great Vita ports in the past

    • I’ve taken a decision…. I was *THIS* close to buying your game at full price…. but I’m not.. NOT until you release this on Vita. If you decide not to, then I will maybe purchase this a few months down the road whenever it has a steep discount. really, we should NOT have to begging developers to make Vita versions, especially indie games. Goodbye

  • Great game, been playing it all morning. Killed the first Boss and then I died. Looks like I have to start all the way over. I have to keep working on my technique. That’s the key as I am getting more and more formidable with practice. The guns are outstanding and the control has been spectacular! This game is a lot of fun and addicting. Well done Dodge Roll!!

  • I haven’t bought it yet (am waiting for a few reviews) but from what I’ve seen so far it looks like something I can really sink my teeth into!

    • You should def buy it especially if you like binding of issac style rougelikes. The game is pretty amazing and addicting. Hopefully the crtical acclaim is well and you pick it up.

  • This games looks so impressive. Definitely a guarantee purchase from me down the line!

  • Congrats on your launch! The game looks like a real blast! (no pun intended… or was it?!… :-)

  • Terrific and highly addictive game!

  • Thx for the tips. Now Imma play it

  • On the store page:

    Game size 1.1 GB
    Save Size 2 GB


  • Looks dope. Looking forward to checking it out.

  • BOUGHT – it’s downloading now once I get out of my real-life dungeon that is work.

  • Good game. Played several runs today; was able to unlock the first shop and defeat a few bosses. Enjoying it.

  • This game is hard, but fantastic and rewarding! I am LOVING it so far! :D

  • I downloaded the game last night and I can’t setup local co-op?! I can enter coop mode but then the other player can’t move. Anyone else having similar issues?

    • My son and I haven’t had any problems getting coop to work. This morning we got to the 2nd boss and got obliterated. :)

  • Just bought the game and it is very addictive and fun! Very hard! I haven’t been able to unlock to first shop, but I have made it to the second floor several times after playing for a couple hours today. Wonderful game! Keep up the good work, I think the game is worth the $15 price. I hope that I can get through it!

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