Uncharted 4: Gameplay Video, Hands-on Report

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Uncharted 4: Gameplay Video, Hands-on Report

Recently, Naughty Dog gave some nice people the opportunity to play a brief demo of Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End. Luckily, they invited me too! Here’s a full playthrough of the demo, but be sure to read on afterward for my thoughts.

Uncharted 4: Gameplay Video, Hands-on Report

First things first: the scope of Uncharted 4’s gameplay and exploration appears to be far, far larger than prior games in the series. Naughty Dog is describing this new approach as “wide linear,” and it allows for more freewheeling navigation without sacrificing the narrative-driven pacing the studio is famous for. Compared to past Uncharted games, Uncharted 4’s world feels truly huge and, well, uncharted.

It’s beautiful, too. Everywhere I looked, I saw the fingerprints of Naughty Dog’s unmistakable artistry. While navigating a rented 4X4 up a perilous mountain trail, the tires dislodged rocks that tumbled down the hillside. Eep! Later, I slipped on a dirt hill and Drake’s jeans and shirt glistened with mud.

Speaking of Drake, the veteran thief has never looked — or moved — better. After dropping from a tall height, he stumbles awkwardly; while pulling a winch, he smoothly passes the cable to his other hand when he changes direction; he even shifts gears in his 4×4 at the appropriate times. These tiny details stack up over time, steadily creating an illusion that you’re somehow controlling a real guy on a very ill-advised adventure. It’s uncanny.

Uncharted 4: A Thief's End

Uncharted 4: A Thief's EndUncharted 4: A Thief's End

In the demo I played, Nate, Sam, and Sully navigated the treacherous backroads of Madagascar searching for outposts where legendary pirate Henry Avery may have hidden his treasure. At any point in the demo, I was able to hop out of the 4×4 to investigate ruins or search for collectible treasures scattered throughout the sprawling landscape.

One detail I loved: When I left Sam and Sully in the 4×4, I listened to them trade quips and compare notes on treasure hunting as I prowled off in search of loot. Uncharted 4 is plastered with these tiny bits of narrative wallpaper, and based on what I played, the game is immeasurably richer for it.

Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End lands exclusively on PS4 on May 10 — if this demo was any indication, it’s gonna be one hell of a ride.

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  • SIC PARVIS MAGNA. I have all the Platinum’sfor this franchise. Can’t wait to see how it all ends. One last time.

    • Did you just mean the original PS3 releases? A profile search shows you’re still missing UC3 Remastered and Golden Abyss, which you barely touched. Just saying, that’s not “All the Platinums for this franchise.”

    • How to get uncharted demo

  • They think sat signals work like cell signals, lol.

    • How do they differ? I’ve never used a satellite phone :3

    • They do tho. If you dont have the one of the satellites you need orbiting close enough to you, you cant make calls, or youll need to move to get signal. Some sat phones have a feature were it basicaly pages you when you have signal again. And sat phones have outage just like cell phones if maintenance needs to be done on a satellite or cell tower respectively.

  • I can’t wait anymore give it to me now!!!!

  • I cant wait for this game to come out!!!! Its going to be so much fun playing the final game of the series and see hows it going to end.

  • I was a little worried about watching the video, simply because I didn’t want to ruin any of the game for me. But I’m glad I watched it. This game is amazingly beautiful and rich in ways I never expected. Naughty Dog has really outdone themselves with this one. This will be game of the year hands down. Potentially one of the best games of all time.

    • Plenty of things impressed me, but I was definitely not expecting the size and scale of the environments. There are so many little details that even the playthrough above doesn’t show… little side exploration areas you won’t see til you play!

  • With all the delays, I’ve really tried hard to control my excitement for this game. With these screens and the release date inching closer, it’s getting harder to do that! Needless to say I’m excited and I can’t wait! Looks beautiful!

  • Looking forward to this & wanting to to what the story dlc will be like. I hope the multiplayer will have measures in place to address the cheaters & finding multiplayer matches don”t take forever that is all for now.

  • Please no multiplayer trophies for the road to platinum! No online play for me. I try finish every single game i start or try to achive as many tophies in the game, but i do not touch online any more. One thing these developers seen to foget is ive been playing games since atari i’m 37 now with 3 kids. A 6 year old and 4 year old twins. I game a hour a day at night when they are in bed. I don’t have time to grind 40 hours online to platinum a game i love, and that part bugs me the most. I feel trophy collecting shows the developer that we love their games and the work they do. So when i love a game and cant get a platimun because of multiplayer i am very disappointed, I do not mind online trophies for trying it or certain modes like Unharted 2 and 3 but thats as far as i go! May 10th cant come soon enough!!!!

    • totally agree with you. don’t have the time or inkling to play against people who live online when i have only and hour to play and get past a Level or challenge. Online only just helps me save my money

    • Amen brother. I recently got Destiny on the cheap but has still been wasted cash. Multiplayer is just far too time consuming. I like story and adventure!

    • Know the feeling too!

    • Methinks that someone–what a lucky soul to play a demo–is preaching to the crowd :D

      I bit the bait for Uncharted 4 way back in September when I preordered the Collector’s Edition from Amazon. The tenth of May can’t come quick enough.

  • Wheres my Demo ND?

  • Add me to the list of saying, Naughty Dog, you magnificent b@$t@rds have outdone yourselves once again! Every time I see new footage, it’s cleaner, tighter, and more fluid than previously thought possible. The cutscenes-to-gameplay transitions are so smooth, you can’t even notice them any longer. The way Sully and Nate’s brother carry on with their conversations while Nate looks for treasures is such a nice, simple addition.

    As is the mud, oh the glorious mud!!!

    As someone who remembers the first time playing Uncharted, (which I believe was in demo form before the full game was released) and jumping Nate into water only to be shocked to see that his clothes actually got wet! It’s the small details like those that truly show how you guys and girls dominate innovation in this industry. May 10th can’t come soon enough!

  • Wow, amazing! Some other details I noticed:

    An enemy alertness / suspicion indicator, and scope-based target marking – similar to MGS. I wonder if the marking can occur without a scoped weapon, and what purpose it ultimately serves.

    With such open worlds, tracking down hidden treasures seems like it will be *extra* difficult, so hopefully there is some in game map/guide that can hint at their locations.

    Sam running ahead of Drake when he was still behind cover. Hopefully the AI won’t trigger an enemy engagement by accident if you were intending to use stealth :-)

  • this video look holy amazing. can’t wait to play this and ride in this jeep to explore open areas from this video. graphic is stunning. we have 4 or 5 weeks left until this game come out on May 10. i gonna play this at 11pm on Monday night before Midnight hit

  • This looks amazing! May 10th can’t come soon enough!

  • I didn’t want to look, but I did it anyways. The temptation was too big. The game is looking sweeeet! I noticed and valued all the same things the reporter said. May cannot come soon enough!!!

  • Dear Naughty Dog,

    Now the evolution studio is no more, take the driving aspect and make us a new Motorstorm game.

    (Yes, I realize this won’t happen, but I can dream… along with Warhawk 2)

    Probably more than just me

    • definitely not alone in that regard! I miss motorstorm so much, (AND ADD MOTORSTORM ARCTIC EDGE TO U.S. STORE!!!!!!)

      on topic:
      Looks amazing, I mean was there any doubt? Can’t wait to get my hands on that limited ed. uncharted ps4.

  • I’ve never played UnCharted before, However, I play: The Last of Us Remastered this seems similar so I think I would enjoy it? Of Course I would play it on PS4

  • Take my money!

  • Really glad to see new footage. Ever since the multiplayer beta we really haven’t seen much. Thanks ND and Playstation!

  • OMG!!!!! I need this game in my life ASAP.

  • I can’t wait!!!!!

  • The pics were spoiler enough I’m definitely not watching that video…damn UC4 is making the thirst unbearable.

  • Trophies for online maybe just extras & not a definite for platinum. But however just don’t play the multiplayer then problem solved.

  • Must not watch
    Must not watch
    Must not watch
    Must not watch

    Must survive… without watching… play it fresh

    plaaay it fressshh


    Dang… I watched… I weak please no more release content… just let me play fresh

  • ThreeLeggeDawgie

    Game looks stunning. To go along with the small details, you can see how Nathan moves his hands around the steering wheel depending on how fast you’re turning.

    This game is my birfday treat to myself.

  • LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! Can’t wait to play this game!

  • Looks beautiful! But I must say, I did struggle hard not to watch it :P

  • I watched bits of the video, and wow… just wow. Can’t wait.

  • Just inject this franchise directly into my veins already I just finished the collection (Again) and waiting for this game is driving me crazy!

  • Why do I need to verify my age for a rated T game?

  • I’m sure it’s incredible, but I have to stay away from any more Uncharted 4 videos. I want it to be a surprise when I play it on launch day! :)

    Sony… Can you PLEASE put these annoying PlayStation “4.5” system rumors to bed?
    Every gaming website says they have concrete proof that it’s real, but then they say “unnamed sources” or “other people”.
    I’m still guessing this may have been sparked by the PSVR’s breakout box, which sits between the PSVR headset and PS4 and contains it’s only CPU+RAM. Or at the very least maybe it’s a new PS4 model which includes the PSVR hardware internally.

  • The attention to detail is absolutely stunning and incredible.

  • Oh man, oh man the anticipation. Looks gorgeous. About a month to go. Playing through the collection in the meantime.

  • I pre ordered it last month and then… It got delayed. This should be one hell of a game. Can’t Wait SO EXCITED.

  • Hype! 34 days. :D

  • Not watching anything. Total media blackout.
    Collectors edition preordered long ago. I’m 100% certain i’ll be blown away on this adventure :)

  • The Phantom Pain managed a 60fps presentation. Why can’t Naughty Dog do the same?

    • That’s what i’m asking myself. Also with the TLOU. 60 FPS is so appealing to the eyes.

      Oh well i’m sure the game will look great either way.

    • If the game provided the option to have the single-player portion run at 900p/60 just like multiplayer does, I would be more interested, frankly.

  • A man waits patiently for this game. May 10 can’t come soon enough. Thanks Naughty Dog for continuing to make amazing games.

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