Axiom Verge Comes to PS Vita April 19

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Axiom Verge Comes to PS Vita April 19

I’ve been looking forward to making this announcement for a long time. When I announced Axiom Verge for PlayStation 4, I also said that not only was it coming to PS Vita as well, but that it would be Cross Buy. It took far longer than I expected to make good on that commitment, but that day is finally near.

Axiom Verge on PS Vita

I’d like to give a little bit of context on what took so long. When I started development of Axiom Verge, I was using a development framework called XNA. Support for XNA was abandoned, so the community created an open source version of XNA called MonoGame. Sony told me they were working to get MonoGame supported on both PlayStation 4 and PS Vita. I knew that Axiom Verge would be great on a handheld, so I jumped at the opportunity.

Tom Spilman from Sickhead Games was in charge of the porting process. Porting an engine to a new platform is an incredibly complicated task, yet he was able to pull it off easily for PlayStation 4. After the PlayStation 4 version was done, however, porting it to Vita turned out to be a lot more challenging. Optimizing an engine is slow and painstaking work. As the months ticked by, Tom was feeling a great deal of pressure to get MonoGame working.

Axiom Verge on PS VitaAxiom Verge on PS Vita

One analogy that I like to use when describing getting Axiom Verge working on PS Vita is that of a lightbulb. For months, Tom Spilman was putting in all of the wiring, but until it was fully connected, the light bulb just couldn’t turn on. And finally, about a month ago, Tom Spilman was able to make the final connection. The build went from not running at all on Vita to running almost perfectly. There were a few bugs here and there that needed to be tweaked, but most of that was fairly minor and easily handled.

We discussed with Sony, and we have settled on a launch date of April 19! And as promised since the beginning, it will be Cross Buy, so if you already own the PlayStation 4 version you’ll get the PS Vita version for free.

Oh, and one more thing – just to thank everyone for their support and patience, both versions will be 10% off for the first week after the PS Vita version launches.

Axiom Verge on PS Vita

Axiom Verge on PS VitaAxiom Verge on PS Vita

Axiom Verge – 1 Year Later

I remember exactly where I was and what I was doing one year ago today. I was sitting in my living room, continually logging into the PlayStation Store to see if it had refreshed, backing back out, and repeating. The reviews for Axiom Verge had come out the day before, and they surpassed all of my hopes. USgamer’s Jeremy Parish, whose writing I had followed for over a decade, called it the best game he’d played in years. Jeff Gerstmann, the famously tough critic from Giant Bomb, gave it his first 5/5 score in about 2 years. In all, I think it got about 25 separate review scores of 9/10 or better! And when I saw the Axiom Verge box art I had drawn up on my TV screen, I knew it was all real. (Well, to the extent there is such a thing as objective reality, but I suppose I digress.)

My life has changed quite a bit from that day, but not necessarily in the way that people might expect. The period leading up to and following Axiom Verge’s release was a challenge, starting with the loss of my longtime canine companion Max just days before launch. I had to sell my car to pay for his treatment, and losing him right before launch put a dark cloud over everything. My son Alastair was born after the game launched, but he was afflicted with a severe case of jaundice that may leave him permanently disabled.

The silver lining here is that, thanks to the success of Axiom Verge and the support of its fans, I’ll be able to be there for my family. I wrote more about Max and Alastair over at, if you’d like to read more.

I know many people have been waiting a long time for the PS Vita version of Axiom Verge. Thank you so much for your patience, understanding, and support. It has meant the world to me and my family.

Tom Happ

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  • Awesome! Congratulations on the birth of your son and thank you for never giving up on the Vita.

    • Top 1st comment!

      Congrats Tom! I’m eager to load Axiom on my Vita ASAP!

      Further, curious to see the coding skillset of Sickhead Games!

    • Despite all of the great, cheap games in the flash sale today I decided to buy axiom verge. I only just started and it’s just an amazing game! Glad to have both the vita and ps4 versions but man oh man do I wish it was cross save. Please, I don’t know how difficult it is to add but cross save would make this excellent game so much better for us vita/ps4 owners. I

      Please add cross save!!! And thanks for the excellent game!!!

  • So awesome. Bought the PS4 version the day it came out, but have only played it a little while waiting for the Vita version. It will be well worth the wait. And after hearing your story, I appreciate the game and all the hard work you and your crew have put into this. Way to rock the puffy hair, too. And cute kid.

  • Tom,

    Huzzah! I’ve been waiting for this moment ever since I met you and played Axiom Verge at PAX East last year! Thank you for carrying on despite all these challenges, and I hope you see a nice bump in sales after this Vita release.

    Thanks again and best to you,


    • Waddup Paulogy! So cool to meet Tom at PAX East! I can’t wait to play this on the Vita. Congrats to you and best of luck in the future.

  • Thank you for your hard work and commitment Mr. Happ!

    Good vibes!

  • Can. Not. Wait to play this on my Vita.

  • Awesome, thank you both Tom and Tom. You’re an inspiration to this developer and gamer alike. I can’t wait to play this on my Vita on the BART at the end of april and pick up at home before I get to work on my own game.

    I feel your pain on XNA and I wish my projects transition to Monogame went as smoothly as yours seemed to have. Hopefully with my engine on C++ maturing on Android/Windows and migrating my game over will see similar success down the road.

  • Thank you for sticking with it Tom and delivering on the promise of a Vita version. I earned the Plat on the PS4 version last year but I’ll play it on Vita again for sure. Best wishes to you and your family.

  • Took so long I’ve lost interest…If a vita physical ever comes around, I’ll get it just for the collection

  • Tom- my best to you and your son. There’s a very dedicated VITA fan base, so we appreciate you sticking with us. I personally don’t usually buy any PS4 digital downloads unless they’re also on the VITA. Sony seems to have forgotten the VITA but very grateful you guys never did.

    Looking forward to this very much…..thank you!

  • Thanks Tom! I’m another day 1 guy, and I’m excited to play it on Vita now. Now, time for a sequel announcement :D

  • Sweet, I’ll definitely pick this up on vita.
    Thanks for the support!

  • THANKS Mr. Happ THANKS SO MUCH for the hard work and for still believe in the VITA! and his owners..

    Now we going to show the supporting as the same way you did for us..


  • hells bananas!

    bought it day-1 but held off playing it because it was suppose to come to vita which feels like the right way to play this kind of game. i was about to break down and play this soon but now i’m looking forward to downloading and playing it on vita!

  • Finally!!!
    I’ve been waiting for this to come out on Vita :D

  • Man, am I psyched to play this on Vita. I’ve watched the trailer many times and I love the music. Thanks for seeing it through to the end.

  • Justin Massongill

    Can not wait to play through this game again. Congratulations, Tom!

  • I’ve been looking forward to this for a long time, and I’m happy I can play it on the Vita. That is the only reason I have waited to purchase the game.

    As a father myself, I understand the worry and the stress that can come when your child is ill or not feeling well. I can’t imagine the stress of dealing with that as well as creating a game. Now that this project is finished, enjoy that little kid as much as you can. While he will always think of you as a hero, when he is old enough to play your game he will appreciate you even more.

    Keep up the awesome work! Can’t wait to see what you do next.

    Also, hoping for a Limited Run Games run of this game. I’ll double dip!

  • Great game, great developer. Keep pushing forward!

  • Loved this on my PS4 and will love playing this on my vita, thanks for keeping with it. But I only see a post on US blog and nothing for EU blog, does this mean we across the pond will be missing out on the vita version?

  • This was a heart wrenching blog post to read. For months I’ve read of people screaming for a Vita version “why isn’t it out on Vita yet!? What is he doing to take so long!?” Etc. the fact that you chose to disclose such reasons and share your moments with us is touching and honest. Then to hear what those reasons may be? I’m glad to hear the games out. I hope the sales of this game can help you support your family!!

  • Very happy for you! And stay strong. It’ll all work out and I’m glad you can be there for your family. Thank you for your contribution to gaming history!

  • You expect me to be happy a year later? the game is good but not that good to wait one year and be trilled, i like many others trusted you , and yea new player get a discount but what about us that buy the game and wait one year for a vita version? Not even a tshirt or soundtrack? Like i posted in your page i demana a compenstiom not a discount for new players

    • Kige, that’s pretty cold-hearted. Did you bother to read all the way through, to where Tom mentions his son’s health issues.

      Have some friggin compassion.

    • Yeah, it definitely took way too long. You can send a mail to support “at” axiomverge com and I’ll see how I can compensate you.

    • @Kiqe CLASSY.

    • Entitled idiot. Please do give them what they deserve, which is absolutely nothing.

    • Get over yourself.

    • Haha jesus, you expect compensation because your an idiot and didnt wait to purchase the game when it was released for your preferred console? Yoyr a pretty irrational dude

    • I would’ve expected Sony to put a team on the VITA port, AV was nominated for awards, it sold well. Regardless, AV is a truly astounding achievement for one man (basically). I finally bought it on PS4 a few months ago while waiting desperately for the VITA version. The game is absolutely sublime and the soundtrack, color palette, and bosses are like digital candy to my senses.

      I’m glad the success of AV has helped you and your family Mr Happ, i’ve been a vocal supporter of you and your game for quite a while. I hope Sony is funding your next project, anything from you is an instant buy at this point. Long live the VITA.

    • @Kiqe

      Do you know what you’re doing right now? I mean this makes you look like a beggar here…no I’m mistaken, even beggars have some class. Did you even read the entire post or did come here to beg for free stuff? I for one am really grateful that Tom actually kept his promise and released the vita version unlike some dev who cancelled the vita version at the last moment and announced an ios version (yes I’m talking about galak-z).

    • Come on now, Kiq…

    • Kiqe, you’re a complete piece of trash. Garbage person.

      So excited to be playing this on Vita soon. Worth the wait!

    • Pretty much everybody on this thread is happy, supportive and understanding. Then there’s you. Grow up.

    • Kiqe, Mr. Happ may have to be the gracious host to your cold-heartedness, since you’re a paying customer, but the rest of us here DO NOT need to put up with you.
      This blog shows you one short message before you can even log in and post comments:


      I won’t presume to speak for everyone here, but I feel the game IS still great and STILL worth the wait and WORTH playing all over again. Your “demands” may be met because Mr. Happ is man enough to do what he can to try and make things right with you, as an initial supporter. The game is an obvious labor of love to begin with, even though it involved many hardships to make happen. Let’s see YOU not buckle under the pressure of it all, doing everything that he had done and going through everything that he had to endure.
      Whether you can sympathize with him or not doesn’t matter, though, because on MY end, I’d tell you to take your “demands” and go straight to hell. Your huffing and puffing puts NO fear into anyone.

    • To all of you, hes on the big leagues now, i bought it for the 2 consoles, and one version came one year later, he has a responsability with the customers who purchase the game when it came out, not with the new ones, and yes i was aware of the things that he wrote in the axiom verge page, alot of people asked everyday about the vita version since the game came out, and we bought the soundtrack too, thousands of players did the same to support the game, is not personal is bussines and deliver late is bad for bussines

    • @Kiqe

      Yet I don’t see anyone unhappy here. Tom initially did say that the engine he’s using isn’t supported by the vita and that he was working on it (I know that you’re a bit slow to catch on so I’ll spell it out for you – getting a game engine to work for a platform isn’t like clapping your hands and watching everything magically fix itself. Grow up please). He kept his promise and released the game. Seeing/hearing what he’s been through, it would’ve been much easier to cancel it and give some sloppy excuse like a lot of devs these days are doing. And yet…Yet we have you here practically DEMANDING free stuff like some entitled good for nothing scum a**hole. Good job on showing everyone what type of person you are and I pray something like this happens to you as well so that you can understand and feel what’s it like.

  • I will be buying this the day it comes out for Vita. Thanks for the hard work!

  • Can’t wait to finally play this after owning it for a year. Thanks for all the hard work and dedication.

  • Can’t wait. Thanks for supporting the Vita

  • Thanks for bringing this to Vita!

  • Excited hearing there’s a definite date now. Still more than a little disappointed it’s almost three weeks away yet. But at least there is a real launch date, and I can stop checking the PlayStation store twice a day like an idiot.

    Is that an artificial date, is there a reason it’s so far out? I have no clue now publishing works, I’m imaging Sony has a controlled approach to releasing new games on a schedule, so some games don’t get lost in the “noise” so to speak. Maybe that’s not it at all. What’s been happening since the certification process started?

    At any rate, keep up the good work. I’d love nothing more than to see a continuation or follow up of some sort in the future. And if not… keep the game alive by porting it as many platforms as possible, starting with Android and iOS!

    • Yeah, the reason it’s so far out is all of the games coming out in the coming Tuesdays…Assassin’s Creed Chronicles on the 5th, Dark Souls III on the 12th, and at least one indie game with an unannounced date that gave us a heads up as well.

  • Aw, the baby is too precious.

    Axiom Verge is such an amazing game. Can’t wait to play it on Vita, and don’t forget about LRG ;)

  • Lookin kool man, thanks for bringing it to the vita. Looks like it’ll be a lot of fun!

  • No worries Tom, I would’ve loved to have this on Vita earlier but I understand that **** happens (to all of us!). Congrats on finishing up the project and thank you a million times for making this beautiful game and for supporting our beloved Vitas!

    All the best.

  • Tom, Thank you for not giving up on the Vita version. Your time and dedication to this game is greatly appreciated. The Vita is my primary gaming device because my career keeps on the go. I hope your son makes a full recovery.


  • I thought the whole vita plan was cancelled, thx for adding it to the vita. Sorry for your child.

  • Thanks for giving us this amazing game Tom, i loved every bit of it when i played it on my PS4. I might give it a go again when it releases on Vita. Congrats on the birth of your son!

  • I had not bought the game because it was not on Vita. I will gladly buy it as soon as I see it on the Vita store. God bless you and your son.

  • Picked this up months ago in anticipation of the Vita version (never installed the ps4 version, Vita all the way!) and have been checking your website regularly, waiting for this announcement. Thank you so much for seeing the Vita version through to the end, especially with everything that has happened.

    I totally understand where you are coming from re the loss of Max, and best wishes for your Son.

  • Thanks so much for coming through on the Vita version. I’m sure you would have preferred it have been much sooner, but better late than never. I’ve been holding out finishing this because I wanted to have this treat on my travels. Such an awesome game.

  • Your game has a permanent block on my limited drive. I strive to find indie darlings, but the whole community buzzed about making it easy to track and find once it emerged, and I truly hope that community has been able to bolster you through your tragedy with Max and your tribulations with Alistair. While the release was darker for such events, conversely, that release has hopefully put you in a position to better accept and persever in the face of such overwhelming events. I, we, love your game, we love the people that make our games because we can tell you love them to. Thank you for sharing your vision with us, and may you always find the strength you need.

  • Definitely buying this game ASAP. Thanks for all the commitment for this. I understand that is very time consuming but believe me real gamers will always appreciate the extra effort from the devs that really take the extra care to delivery an awesome experience for the Vita!!.

    By the way is 2016, and just bought my Vita and had discovered that is an amazing console.

  • I’ve been waiting for the chance to play this game ever since I saw a friend playing it. Looking forward to its release!

  • Thanks Tom. That you stuck with this after all you’ve been through is a testament to your character. I wish you great success in all you do.

  • Cant wait to pick this up when its out on vita, and it was really gracious of you to offer a discount to make up for the wait! Congrats on the beautiful baby boy.

  • Thank You Very Much Tom.

  • Good to hear about the Vita version.
    I wasn’t interested to play the game on a 50” but I definitely in for a portable one!

  • Bout got’dang time. now Salt and sanctuary needs to be release on vita.

  • Wow, I was happy to support this but I’m even happier now that I’ve read the blog post. Can’t wait for the 20th!

    My best to you and your family!

  • High five Tom! You’ve been a great sport with all of the haters and were playful on twitter when I have joked around with you myself (@jaymkenney). I look forward to picking this up ASAP and getting into it on the go. I think I’m going to fall in love with it.

    P.S. Shuhei let us change our names

  • Wow, it’s finally here! Great work Tom and Tom! Thanks for your perseverance. So many people have cancelled their Vita versions lately, I don’t think it would have surprised anyone if you guys had given up. Also, thank you for sharing your personal stories, and keeping us all informed these many months.

    Axiom Verge is one of my favorite games of all time, and now I can play it on my favorite system of all time. So pumped!

  • Axiom Verge was and still is one of my favorites! Thank you for never giving up on Vita! I will spend many hours with this!

  • This was a fantastic game. It’s a shame it took so long to come to Vita, but I’ll likely replay it there.

  • Buying this game, day one. Thank you for supporting the Vita, its the only console I play now.

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