PlayStation Plus: Free Games for April 2016

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PlayStation Plus: Free Games for April 2016

Hi everyone — we’re happy to announce the PS4 Plus games for April. Pilot a warship escaping from a dying star in Dead Star or survive a zombie-infested London in Zombi on PS4.

First up we have Dead Star, a team-based shooter with RPG influence that we are excited to have launch as a Plus game. Dreamed up by the folks at Armature Studio (Founded by key members of the Metroid Prime team!), Dead Star is the result of a “Wouldn’t it be cool if…” process that started with a space shooter foundation and includes elements of strategy and MOBA-like titles.

The result is a 20-player online experience that’s easy to pick up and play, but also offers a great deal of depth (skill trees, ship upgrades, team strategy, and more). Dead Star has been a big hit at shows like PlayStation Experience and PAX South where players are finding something really special.

The second PS4 game this month is Zombi, a first-person survival-horror experience. Zombi really was at the forefront of the resurgence we’ve seen in recent years of genuine survival-horror games. The London setting combined with well-paced gameplay sets Zombi apart from more action-oriented titles. Add in the extra challenge of permadeath and it’s easy to see why this game became a cult hit.

In the last several years we’ve seen a lot of experimentation with the blending of genres. This month’s PS4 titles are shining examples of the kinds of mashups that create a lot of rich and layered gaming experiences.

So, in addition to your opinions on this month’s PS Plus titles, I’d also like to hear about your thoughts on game genres, what you find appealing, and why.

Full Lineup:

  • A Virus Named Tom, PS Vita
  • Dead Star, PS4
  • I Am Alive, PS3
  • Savage Moon, PS3
  • Shutshimi, PS Vita
  • Zombi, PS4

See you in the comments section. Enjoy.

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  • Awesome!

    • Why not release some titles like: Knack or Infamous second son? These Indy games are starting to wear thin.

    • Last I checked Zombi wasn’t an indie game.

    • I agree awesome! In response to the guy who wants knack and infamous, many gamers already have those games. I like that they offer us games that most people haven’t already purchased.

    • It’s OK but I want to see some good ps4 and ps3 games like Tekken tag 2 lbp3 NBA etc you have to put good free games

    • Yeah, I’m interested in trying Zombi out and while I don’t know much about Dead Star I think launching a multiplayer-focused game on Plus is a really good idea to build a big initial userbase and give it a chance to shine.

      Definitely no interest in Knack – it wasn’t a great game when it came out, plus it’s quite old now and has been on sale for a couple of quid several times anyway. They did include the DLC for Second Son on Plus so that’s a fair way to try a decent chunk of the game out and see if you want to buy the full thing.

      I’d much rather have newer titles and ones I might not have otherwise tried out than very old launch games which are often available very cheaply in sales anyway. If I know I want a game I tend to pick it up either at release or when it’s first on sale, so I find Plus most useful when it introduces me to things I didn’t know I’d want or might not have been prepared to take a gamble on.

    • Zombi, nearly bought a WiiU for that. First decent line up in months. I am alive on ps3 was one I never got round to. Happy days.


    • Does anyone know the age rating for dead star?

    • Uhhhh…no. Not awesome.

      For me, the REAL game each month is to try to see if I recognize any of the IGC titles. Most months, I don’t….and I’m a hardcore gamer.

      Once again, my decision not to resubscribe to Plus last year has proven to be the right one.

    • I don’t have a ps4 which sucks but the PS3 line up isn’t good. I feel like I’m getting ripped off because I am alive was free the first week of March. Savage Moon doesn’t look good. I’m really disappointed.☹️ Come on Sony step up your game.

    • So sad were not getting E.T. or Desert Bus… lol :) /s

    • Why doesn’t Playstation plus offer big titles anymore? Well the answer is simple.

      When Playstation plus was voluntary not as many people got it. And game developer were ok with a couple hundred thousand players to a million subscribers getting there game for free. It helped get word of mouth if those subscribers liked the game. However, PS4 made Playstation plus mandatory for online play. The lastest numbers I could find were 10.5 million in Jan 2015 that was 50% of the PS4 owners. As of today the PS4 has 30.2 million sold so if that ratio held we are looking at close to 15 million PS plus subscribers. Now many developers are unwilling to give their games away to that many people.

      See giving the game to 1 million PS3 PS Plus subscribers gets you future sales to the remaining 80 million PS3 owners , but 15 million subscribers is just too much. So sony convinces indy developers especially multi-player games that need players.

      But will this mean no great games? No. See as time passes a game sales drop we might see some PS4 bigger titles when they are 3 to 4 years old. But asking for titles that are only a year to 2 years old isn’t reasonable. And AAA games like GTA5 is pure fantasy.


    • Ok soothe game that was accidentally given out for free last month is now in this line up? WTF, more crap this month for me. Already got zombi and that the only good one on this list for me. They really need to step up, atleast if not for ps4 then atleast give AAA on PS3.

    • Wish they added something different like xenoverse instead of another 2d space shooter.

      at least it isn’t both indie games or more pixel garbage…

    • I feel like when they made it so u need PS plus to play multiplayer on ps4 the monthly games got kinda crappy and its rare they give out good games like injustice gods among us that was the last good PS plus game for ps4 in my opinion. And then there’s the last gen ps3 which is getting hitman HD remastered dishonered and its just very frustrating that a 400 euro console is getting worse monthly games then one that is probably now worth 125 euro if next month all they give is crap indie games I’m going to be really ****ed off

    • people need to stop complaining. im finishing every game no matter what. if you really want a game why dont buy it. these days everyone wants their **** for free.
      if you think xbox crap is better what your doing here…

      go sony

    • Wait, wait, wait… Wasnt I Am Alive given out in place of Super Statdust just this month?

    • I feel like every month I type this out but I’m still disappointed about the game choices. Zombi would be the only one that interests me, but I already bought it months ago. Maybe it’s time Sony te evaluates how they handle PS Plus free games and who or how they are chosen. Sony can do better :(

    • If I get one or two excellent games a year such as rocket league I am happy.looking forward to zombi and dead star.

    • Not impressed. The other guys are offering 4 AAA games this month. My subscription is up in 2 months. I don’t play online so this last year as been pretty unfruitful if you ask me. I don’t think I’ll be renewing.

    • Wartech, it is completely reasonable, PS4’s PS+ has taken a huge step backwards.

      Infamous 2, Little Big Planet 2 – June 2012 (1 year after release)
      Saints Row 2 – July 2012 (1 year and a half after release)
      Just Cause 2 – Aug 2012 (2 years after release)
      Read Dead Redemption – Sep 2012 (2 years after release)
      Ratchet & Clank All 4 One – Nov 2012 (1 year after release)
      Arkham City – Dec 2012 (1 year after release)
      Bioshock 2 – Jan 2013 (3 years after release)
      Sleeping Dogs – Feb 2013 (6 months after release!)
      Mass Effect 3 – March 2013 (1 year after release)
      Hitman – May 2013 (6 months after release)
      Uncharted 3 – June 2013 (1 year and a half after release)
      Battlefield 3, Saints Row 3 – July 2013 (1 year and a half after release)
      Spec Ops: The Line – July 2013 (1 year after release)
      Assassin’s Creed 3 – Aug 2013 (one year after release)
      Far Cry 3 – Sep 2013 (1 year after release)
      Borderlands 2 – Dec 2013 (1 year after release)
      Bioshock Infinite – Jan 2014 (1 year after release)
      Tomb Raider – March 2014 (1 year after release)
      PES 14 – April 2014 (6 months after release)

    • Cool looking forward to playing the zombi game

    • Zombi, I too considered buying a Wii U for it and then realized it was a WiiU. Saw someone say why not titles like knack. Have you played knack? It is mainly juat big rooms with few mobs. Knack sux sack.

    • Yeah, finally at least one game that’s not a crap indie. I grew up on NES don’t want to go back to that era with how far games have progressed.

    • Not a bad month for ps4. Thanks

    • You guys don’t even realize that I Am Alive, and Savage Moon were free for Plus on PS3 alooooong time ago. This a second appearance for both games.

    • First good month in a long time. Armature is doing some great stuff let’s all download the game and get them some recognition. Also if you never got a wiiu zombie is pretty sweet!!

      As far as genres go, all us gamers like are AAA and you should deliver that for ps4 plus users every month. Why not give us even an older PS3 title and let us try the streaming service out??

    • I just think it stinks I buy a Superior gaming console called the PlayStation 4 But it seems Microsoft gets better free games.

    • is dead star or zombi a 2 player game? i almost buy zombi yesterday for 99sar good thing i didnt since its free now. i hope next month would be a good 2 player games or at least not a 2d games.

    • Hell ya!. Another great selection for plus members. I wanted to try out Zombi. Dead star reminds me of a PC game from the early 90s I played. It was a great game.

    • Plz can you put black ops 3 as one of the monthly games in May

    • Wasn’t I Am Alive already free on PS3 last month?

    • When they dont show videos for the PS3 and Vita games, you know its a terrible month.

    • What a crap! My happy thoughts from the past, when we had GRID, HITMAN, TOMB RAIDER, for ps3. Now that psn plus is mandatory, ps4 free games are Just trash. Those days are gonne.

    • I actually like the line up this month. But Sony does have to come with some platinum titles in the future.

    • I am not complaining about the game choice; once again Playstattion has pulled some more interesting indie games out their hat but I think that the PS Plus games should be games everyone can play. I am fine with violnece and of age but Zombi isn’t extremeley appropriate for the younger users of Playstation.
      I admit the scarce few follow the age requirements but I think more thought should go into this. Broforce wasn’t that bad but Zombi’s full on rising from the dead and eating your face strikes me as slightly off the hooks. Anyways just my opinion.

    • Finally, Not a total pos. Dead star is kind of addictive looking, and zombie is just awesome. I can’t wit, hopefully ps plus is starting to turn around

    • If I were only buying PS Plus for the free games I would cancel. These are just awful. I remember the days when the games weren’t crap. And to the slag who said “everyone wants their **** for free”, well, idk about you but my PS Plus isn’t free. Idiot.

    • I almost wish they would get rid of the free games and just charge the same amount for online play. That it what xb360 was doing for years and I still had it.
      I only really have plus for the cloud saves as I don’t play online but these free games each month are a nice bonus. The reason there aren’t AAA games these days is obvious and I won’t bother repeating it. but honestly, why would any developer give away games that people are buying anyway? Half of these free games aren’t worth the hard drive space but they are free so who cares? Some of them are good, so just cherry pick them.

    • Dude… I haven’t downloaded a free ps plus game in like 6 months. If you would just give me one good game I would be satisfied for a while. If u remade socom 2 with multiplayer… I would be happy for life

    • Seriously, Sony? I’ve been playing PlayStation since PS1 and these are the games I get when I’m paying you $50 for a PS Plus membership every year? Even Microsoft gives out better games than these. Since I’ve owned my PS4 the ONLY PSN game that I’ve played that you’ve given for free is Rocket League. Get your **** together or I’m getting an Xbox. I mean come on. We don’t have to get brand new games but at least give us some A titles. Not many people want to get indie titles EVERY. SINGLE. MONTH.

    • Why is it taking so log for these games to be put up? I want to try zombi.

    • This is garbage lmao. At least I don’t pay for this

    • I thought having ps plus gave us benefits?

      Getting tired of useless indie games.

      Indie games belong on steam

    • What a bunch of baby’s… go to Xbox if you don’t like what ps+ is offering.

    • When will these game be available?

    • I was just checking in to see if I was missing anything. I’m not and glad I made the decision to trade for a 1TB XBOX ONE. Now I get a good title or two plus I can also get the free xbox 360 games on top of that with the backwards comparability. Both systems have their ups and downs, but now I have more options to choose from. Bye bye Indie Station 4.

    • I don’t understand all the people whining about not getting better games! It’s free for heavens sake. If there is a certain game you want, just buy it.

    • For the love of all things holy give us a triple AAA already. I’m tired of waiting and the other guys are getting them left and right, I don’t want some fancy new game, just something to bring back the spirit of ps4 making the plus members feel special something like black flag or last of us cause keep spending cash on my ps4 and I want to be rewarded in some way

    • I understand everybodys point of view but ps4 really need to up their game!and free games if they have any chance of meeting xbox one head to head a good start would be to offer better free game titles!

    • When checked on my PlayStation store I didn’t see the April lineups

    • Anyone having an issue where these games are being listed with a price still? Dead Star wronwon’t even show up, and Zombi isn’t showing up as free for me.

    • robodevastation1

      does anyone know when its going to be released for free? i know in April i just do not know what day.

    • Super happy about the change from the barrage of indie nonsense for what seems like literal years with this game Zombie. I won’t pretend to assume you guys know what I think is a good game. A suggestion for a little bit might be that you put up a ps2 on ps4 title along with an indie at the least, and just release two of those titles in that month. A first couple of suggestions would have to be Star Ocean: Til the End of Time, The Suffering, and Black. I feel those games aren’t popular enough to break the bank, but would still introduce new blood to that generation of games. Probably get a few more customers in on that era. Anyway, that’s my 2 cents. You guys have an awesome library of non indie titles to pull from. Just need to look under the right rocks.

    • I miss the days when PS plus was optional and they gave people an incentive to subscribe. Now that’s its mandatory for online play on ps4, the free games have all gone down hill. The stuff they give out now isn’t terrible, but it pales in comparison to the offerings when it was an optional service

    • I dont expect anything good from ps plus subscription anymore – all they give for free is games that look like they should be played on a phone not a GAME CONSOLE with DDR5 RAM…… >_>

      And yet, Sony keeps forking over games that the majority does not care about at all. Its all about money in the end, they dont care about us – the customers….As of this months releases for PS plus on PS4, I am no longer going to even look at what is free from now on – its always a let down. And I have to question why I bought a PS plus membership to begin with….

      A message for Sony:

  • Plenty of games I haven’t heard to much about. Good in the way of expressing me to what’s other types of games there are.. I am looking forward to Zombi for sure.. And dead start sounds really cool.

  • Sigh. No thief? No Lords of the fallen? Come on guys…


    • We got Thief on PS3 and the game isn’t that good. At least give the games a try before you pass judgment.

    • It’s crazy how much people complain! If you think Xbone is a better alternative… well you’re just delusional.

    • Lol srsly?. If you think PS+ is still better than GWG then you are DEFINITELY delusional.

    • Wasn’t Lords of the Fallen that Dark Souls wanna be?

    • Why do people want mediocre or bad $60 games instead of actual good $10-$20 games? So you can say you saved more money on a game that didn’t have fun playing? Baffling. Thief stunk. Lords of the Fallen is a sad Dark Souls ripoff.

    • Thief is bad.

      Lords Of The Fallen isn’t that good – but if you want it that bad, you can likely get it for $10-$15 from a used game store, I bought it for $10. Played it, it was beaten in 8 hours and never touched it again. You’re not missing anything.

    • Greatness still awaits, mediocracy however is firmly rooted. Every month I get to regret my decision to buy a yearly subscription of PS+… never again. Pathetic line-up compared to the competition and past quality of PS+ offering. Will not renew. Would not recommend.

      Really disappointed with what Sony has done with the PS4 so far. The list of quality titles (that aren’t remasters) is incredibly thin, the Ps+ offerings for PS4 are a joke, and playstation NOW is an overpriced emulator (you’re better off getting a second hand ps3). Got the PS4 based on the great experiences I had with the PS3, but in retrospect I should have just kept it (it’s STILL doing better than the PS4… amazing).

    • You got to be kidding me, right ? thief was $3 on the flash sale just recently. You ppl be tripping Aha.

    • why do you want bad AAA for free when they are giving out GOOD indie titles out for free??

    • To you and other people asking for specific games from PS+, you should consider buying them. If you really want to try a game, you shouldn’t wait for it to be handed out to you.

      For me, the variety of indies is really starting to wear thin. Dead Star looks like it’s a clone of Galak-Z and Super Stardust no matter how you spin it (10 v 10, wouldn’t it be cool concepts), at its core it’s a flashy space shooter and I find it extremely unappealing. What happened to supporting all the clever puzzle indies like Stealth inc, Swapper by Curve. If you are going to offer indies only, please consider some variety mixed with games from renowned publishers/developers here and there.

  • Trash trash and more trash. Dead Star is probably the only one worth downloading. Come on Sony, there hasn’t been a good game on here since Rocket League. Don’t be lazy, Microsoft is kicking your ass with their free games right now.

    • Oh come on man stop complaining be happy this is still a thing with a ps plus.

    • He as all the right to complain, We pay for PS+ if it was like PS3 where you didn’t need PS+ to play online trust 99% people would left by now, They know they can give us crap games cuz we can’t leave unless we don’t wanna play online! To me that is messed up! Then you have xbox giving great games out every month!

    • Stick with micro$oft then. Job done.

    • this month is awful but there have been games just as good or better than rocket league since for example
      super time force ultra
      grow home
      broken age
      super meat boy
      kings quest
      grim fandango remastered
      hardware rivals
      nom nom galaxy

  • “I Am Alive” again? Please check.

    • I am Alive was available for free for only around a day. Then replaced back by super stardust. It was an accident that it was free on plus. It was meant for this month, not last month.

    • Thank God I saw the Kurolegacy7 comment! I almost lost the Super Stardust HD, because in the first day the free games were available, I downloaded the “I Am Alive”, instead of Super Stardust HD! Either way, I Am Alive is a good game, even though it’s quite old…

    • Thank you, Almost lost Super Stardust because I did not know they “fixed” their mistake. Only reason I keep Plus is so I can play HUT on NHL 16 otherwise I would let it expire.

    • Yup, super lame!
      I downloaded I am alive last month and it wasn’t that good. Not my fault Sony f’d up. Shouldn’t have to suffer this month for it too. Savage moon looks like crap too.
      This month sucks for PS3!

  • Not very impressed

    Also, very tired of buying $20 games just to have them join Plus a few months later

    • Then don’t buy them?

      I rather get 20 dollar recent indies I’m not buying, than 2+ year old AAA I bought already.

      If you know they are going to give you indies either don’t buy them, or don’t complain about them.

    • @wish – yeah because not voicing your opinion bc you want some change is the right way to go. Not to mention you’re basically telling someone to not do what you just did. Complaining about someone complaining. Just saying.

    • Yeah, let’s stop buying games, that will surely help the system

  • Haven’t played any of these with the exception of Zombi, but that was on the [redacted] ;). Can’t wait to try these out, they might be Kinda Fun (!).

  • If this is at all like Zombi on Wii U then I think I’ll pass on that, but the Dead Star hype is real! <3

    • It’s the same game.

    • Zombi U (on Wii U) is considered better than the re-releases on PS4/XOne. Just saying.
      I got it already on Wii U. Its still a worthy title for someone who has never played it already on a Nintendo system.

  • Some of us have I Am Alive for free already because it was mis marked as a free Plus game at the start of March, but glad others can get it for free now

    • @brak014 I saw that they put I Am Alive by mistake in March, and a couple of days later, they changed to Super Stardust HD again… So, if you – like me – didn’t download Super Stardust HD, you still have the chance to do so! ;)

  • WOW, what a great lin.. NO wait, i ain’t at Games With Gold post. Sorry for the rookie mistake of chosing Sony.

    • it is true that games with gold april 2016 is better but overall system ps4 kills xbone

    • “Sorry for the rookie mistake of chosing Sony.”


    • Hopefully you don’t bother renewing plus so there will be 1 less crybaby on here every month =) enjoy SsO and Wolf Among Us! At least WAU is good lol

    • ^^Tried to make a joke but can’t even spell right. Good try though!

    • The shear amount of entitled crybabies who think they deserve anything, let alone AAA titles every month for a mere 50$ a year is completely mind blowing.

    • +Vyprstryke yeah, no problem there, as Sunset Overdrive and TWAU are both phenomenal games, as is Dead Space, which GWG also gets.

      +Kalloused some of us remember when PS+ set the standard for subscription services and Microsoft was the one delivering laughable line-ups. By all means, though, keep blindly supporting whatever Sony does. Nothing ever goes wrong when a gaming company thinks its customers will swallow whatever is shoved down their throats.

  • Mediocrity awaits.

  • Cue compla

  • I actually wanted both PS+ PS4 games, so I am happy. Guessing there will still be lots of complaints from others, though. To each their own.

  • Sorry to the developers of any of these games, but it really seems like you are just phoning it in on the Vita now. There is such a large and amazing library of games for the Vita. You don’t need to be scraping the bottom of the barrel.

    • Have you SEEN Shutsumi? It’s goddamn beautiful. That said, I would rather actually have something like XCOM: Enemy Unknown Plus, or something larger like that.

    • I’ve heard Shutshimi, is a lot of fun if you’re playing it co-op, which I wont be doing on my Vita

  • Zombi makes this month worthwhile for me.

  • Garbage/10

  • please give me KNACK

    • Sorry to say this man but good luck, just wait till it hits sale again I got it for a I believe $8 on sale a year or so ago. Also it’s not the best title, pretty good but not spectacular.

  • This has got to be an early April fools joke right? These games are horrible

  • Sunset Overdrive
    The Wolf Among Us
    Dead Space
    Saints Row IV

    • I was going to say the same thing. Sunset Overdrive is a year and half old, and was a huge title for XB1, why can’t we have at least Knack or Killzone for PS4? This is getting a little ridiculous.

    • Xbox has been killing it lately with their monthly games. You would think Sony would respond with better games too but I guess not.

    • Thing about opinions.

      I would rather play almost any game besides Sunset Overdrive. I have a Xbox One and that game never interested me in the slightest.

      Wolf Among Us is a title most PS people would complain about on the blog as we got like 4 different games similar to it in a row.

      Dead Space kind of interests me.

      Saints Row The Third was free on PS3. Could not stand it. Just not into those types of games.

      Zombi is a game I thought about buying on my Wii U and now is on PS4 for free and so I can finally try it.

      Dead Star sounds interesting.

      The others I really do not know much about.

      Despite the Games with Gold line up, I still never turn on my Xbox One. Most of the games I am interested in, I have either already gotten from Plus on my PS3, or was previously given on PS4. Admittedly the ones they tend to pick I do not play when they are “Triple AAA” games. Theif and the goblin one are great examples of games that just hold zero interest to me.

    • Pathetic. This is Xbox Live Games with Gold’s best month yet. 4 Triple A retail games! Including one of their biggest next gen exclusives, Sunset Overdrive. And all 4 are playable on Xbox One. So PlayStation Plus responds with 5 indies most people have never heard of and arguably one retail game (Zombi, a digital-only port of a Wii U AAA retail launch game). Well, there’s that “next gen AAA launch game” we’ve been begging Sony for!

    • At least Wolf Among Us and Dead Space are good?

    • Dead Space is the only decent game there – but lets face it.

      Anyone who was interested in it has played it since it was released in 2008…

    • @phadedwun all 4 games on GwG are great in their own accord. And yet just cause they were released so long ago do not mean everyone has played it. Personally I have all of the dead spaces but never finished them. Along with that I have a 3 mass effects and not touched them yet either. I know it’s just your opinion. Yet GwG killed it this month as much as I hate to say it. Sony needs to step up their game to compete. It’s not just the PS4 games that lack it’s also the Vita and PS3 games. Not saying all are bad but most of them I’ve never heard of or are games that have been in flash sales for a $1 or $2 at some point.

  • Have to agree. Zombi for the PS4 is awesome. It was the Wii u version of Zombi u and that game was awesome. Played it on the Ps4 and it did not disappoint.

    I am alive. Did we not have that already ? Can’t comment on the others as haven’t looked into them.

    Wouldn’t mnd a decent game like this every so often as it restores my faith in a company that isn’t big on customer service.

  • @Andy_Lum Why does the blog post doesn’t mean include any comments on the PS3 and PS Vita games?

    • Because for Sony if you don’t have PS4 you sucks. I mean, they don’t care about dead platforms anymore, and they don’t care about those dead platforms users.

  • Give people who have ps3 some good games those games suck you think they could give some older triple a games

  • Glad to see Zombi on that list but that’s about it. Can we please drop the PS3 and Vita games and get better PS4 games? I havent played my PS3 since PS4 came out.

    • Well, I guess since YOU no longer play PS3 then it’s fine to drop support for it. Good thing Sony only caters to your needs huh.

    • I doubt it. They’d probably give us 6 PS4 indies instead. I’d rather stick with 1-2 AAA PS3/Vita games and the rest indies like they do most months.

  • Another sub-par line up… Don’t really know what I expect at this point. Also, is it that hard to throw some PS Classics in for the free Vita games? I’m sure everyone would eat that up.

  • hey guys I have a crazy idea, give us just 1 miserable good game instead of all this **** and is better if you leave PS3 and Vita out of it because is starting to feel humiliating. I rather have a PS one classic than that crap on vita

  • Trash games

  • At least Zombi is ok.

  • Zombi is a 6 year old wii game and it sucks so bad -_- really sony really? I don’t mind the indie games, i havent minded that hald the titles ive already bought, but these low rated game with bad reviews from nintendo wii, really?

  • Not the best line up. But free trophies and a chance to try out games I normally wouldn’t pay for. You think we can get rhythm game? We don’t get non of those.

  • Kinda weak this month. Has been for the past few months. Broforce was cool, I guess.

  • Here comes the monthly garbage. Time to flip the coin into XB1

  • Dead Star might be a fun game to play, as long as it has solo/offline campaign.

    • It looks fun for sure, but it feels weird that they’d throw another shooter like that two months in a row. Since we got Galak-Z last month, and that games amazing. But I played a lot of it and I’m not sure I’m looking forward to another game in the same style this month as well. Should have maybe skipped a month and given something else instead this month to vary stuff up. Thats the only weird thing about this month.

      All the games (but savage moon, played that game close to its release, its bad) are great. Looking forward to replaying through zombi.

  • Zombi is cool and i didn’t care too much for deadstar definitely need to drop some better titles. I don’t mind if it’s indies but deadstar just doesn’t interest me personally. Zombi i’ll try just cause it’s free trophies and possibly an easy plat. But Playstation you guys gotta do better. This is underwelming on the PS4 side. PS vita gets better titles as well as PS3.

  • Uninspiring lineup. Zombi is worth playing for those that haven’t, but the Vita and PS3 games are probably not games I’ll be downloading.

    Here’s hoping for an improved May lineup.

  • Great games cant wait to try Zombi.

    I like getting games that i would normally not buy. It highers the chance of getting something that i dont already have.

  • Pretty good month. Looking forward to checking out Zombi and A Virus Named Tom. Always enjoy Day 1 games like that. Dead Star is cool that it’s Day 1, but not my genre of choice at all.

  • Why are you leaving out descriptions and footage for the PS Vita and PS3 titles?

    • They’ve been doing that for a few months now, can’t use youtube to figure out what’s coming any more.

  • Wow, not often I’m negative about the games, because Plus has to cater for lots of different tastes in games…but Dead Star has been pushed for pre-orders for months now on the store. Seems in really bad taste to offer it for free when it’s been available for pre-order.

  • The vita and the ps3 are both dead, it’s time to focus on ps4 games for this subscription since it’s the ps4 players who are required to have it. That said, the 2 games in the lineup are infinitely better than any of the other offerings we’ve had this year it’s just bad timing that you have 2 decent(not amazing mind you, I’ve played both) games when microsoft is offering 4 very good titles. The live service is has been outshining the psplus service for a good while now and it’s getting more dramatic as time goes on.

  • April 2013 line up:

    Demon’s Souls (PS3)
    SOULCALIBUR: Broken Destiny (PSP, Supported on PS Vita)
    Malicious (PS3)
    Labyrinth Legends (PS3)
    Zombie Tycoon 2: Brainhov’s Revenge (PS3 and PS Vita – Cross-Buy and Cross-Play)

    April 2014 line up:
    Mercenary Kings (PS4)
    Batman: Arkham City (PS3)
    Stealth Inc. A Clone in the Dark (PS3)
    Castle of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse (PS3)
    Velocity Ultra (PS Vita)
    Pixeljunk Monsters Ultimate HD (PS Vita)

    April 2015 line up:
    Tower of Guns (PS4, PS3)
    Never Alone (PS4)
    Dishonored (PS3)
    Aaru’s Awakening (PS3, PS4)
    Killzone Mercenary (PS Vita)
    MonsterBag (PS Vita)

    April 2016 line up:

    Trash (PS4)
    Garbage (PS3)
    Rubbish (PS Vita)

    • exactly.

    • Plus April 2017
      Tetris ps4
      Whatever indie ps3
      Random game psvita

    • We need cold water for Sony, this burn is a next level one.

    • @deedee1287 Perfect illustration.

    • @deedee1287 Thank you for posting this. For all the devil’s advocates who say that PlayStation Plus is still a great deal, giving 72 games a year for $50 – they’re correct, but just look at the caliber of games we used to get. And I remember many months with stronger lineups than the April lineups you posted. Like January 2014 when we got BioShock Infinite and DmC: Devil May Cry. Or December 2014 when we got Injustice Ultimate Edition and Hitman HD Trilogy. We used to get blockbusters, and now we get indies that go on sale for $3 within a year after release.

    • #firstworldproblems

      So in 2013 we got what would be considered “garbage” by 2016 standards plus Demons Souls

      In 2014 we got what you would all consider “garbage” plus batman

      In 2015 “garbage” plus Dishonored

      2016 “garbage” plus Zombi/I am alive (depending on your opinion)

      Whats the problematic trend exactly?

  • I don`t believe this, i`ve just bought Zombi this month. Not a happy guy.

  • Xbox wins…again… And again…

    • What is Xbox winning. PS4 sold roughly 30 million Xbox 15 million in January. Overall selling more and making more money. Oh no they are winning Free games with your 4 dollar a month for online. By giving you games that were either already given by ps plus or are old.

    • As a customer, the quality of PS+/GWG games is more relevant to me than the total PS/XBox units sold. Leave the company executives to get excited about sales numbers.

    • Then go play on xbox? Maybe cancel + and stop having to worry about just awful free things! Bye Felicia!

    • Wins what? Giving people $10 games that are years upon years old?

      And people care about those games?

      PS4 is the superior console from a performance perspective.

  • More trash. Zombi is the only good one. I love PlayStation but these games are trash!

  • i forgot the last time i’m so excited about these PSPlus free games. More flagship games, please.

  • I would rather have Sony credit my wallet 1 penny than all of these games combined. Another failed month. Congrats Sony!

  • Looking forward to Deadstar.

    It paid off avoiding zombie because ubisoft didn’t even attempt to add a second screen app on the PS4 version.

    Using the PS Vita as a second screen would’ve been cool. Laziness costed them a sale. Playing it free on the PS4.

    My .02

  • This zombie stuff is just too much. So many are cashing in on this bs it’s ridiculous. Now it’s just repetitive
    Can’t wait for this trend to disolve already. But I called it. Bunch of indies. Besides Zombi. It says ubisoft but looks like an indie dev did it. But I need something new so w/e I’ll try that one and put I am alive on for my ps3. But seriously no theme to your way of doing this anymore? It’s easter and your giving us horror theme games? Lol… funny. Unless April fools joke for the 1st? Then all indie games? Lol… hate yall launch indie games for plus now specially they all seem to be the same game just different colors and themes to it.

  • Maybe I could suggest getting rid of either the ps3 or ps vita game since I see no intention of sony adding backwards compatibility for the ps3 and sony doesn’t make any games for the ps vita so maybe getting rid of them would lead to higher quality games on ps4.

    • They still make games for the vita XD a lot of them also gets released on the 4 but I still like playing a lot of them on the vita more than the 4.

  • Not a horrible line up, but I already own Zombi (it’s very clunky and unfair) and probably will end up downloading I am Alive only, which barely makes the free games worth it this month. I enjoy the discounts being a plus member.. that and the ability to play online when I feel like it :) 5/10 for this month

  • Nice line-up, big improvement. Zombi and I am alive are cool games, I have them both but still good choices. I really dig horror games, not that there’s been too many good ones for awhile. We get a gem here and there but most are just poorly disguised action games. Atmospheric tension with a sense of helplessness is key to good horror.

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